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RPG Clicker

RPG Clicker for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Epic Pixel, LLC located at 1721 Dennis Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Decent Clicker. Could do with earning gold while not playing though, that most other Clickers do. Not very balanced either, going the magic route easily trumps over weapon and is a lot cheaper too. And some of the gear stats are flatout useless... especially the CRIT Damage one -- ought to be % based.
This game is an amazing time killer. On multiple hour drives there's nothing like trying to race to the portal, through multiple legacy's and many hours I think it's possible in about 6 hours. The magic system is fun but there's a huge damper on it in the last few levels of the dungeon section that makes it practically useless, as your tap attack gets stronger. Also sometimes the enemies are holding elongated versions of random textures (I have some hilarious screenshots of this). Great game tho
I like games of a simpler nature. I don't need flash and flair I just need gameplay aspects that tickle my fancy such as an RPG with loot, a level up system, bosses, magic, and progressing levels. This game hits all those just right. As a husband and a father a game like this fits my life well. I can play it to kill time in between being the man. The clicker aspect give me something interactive to do. Love this game.
It starts off amazing, is fairly well balanced, but at a certain point it becomes obvious that the game has been abruptly abandoned. Don't pay money for it, and while it's worth a little bit of time, don't spend too much on it.
Very simplistic. Just tap the screen to advance. There are IAP to make it so you can just press your finger and your guy attacks. Only this is that it is TOO easy. There is no consequence for death. Just a 10 second timeout and unless you are fighting a boss you restart the fight with the enemy still injured. I know this game does not get updated but it would be nice to see a death penalty such as a loss of experience of coin.
the lags of few second of minute if is via sd if could to be do more perfomance fast like much. when starts right now it goes first book. its ok..game but didnt know thats too much clickin it makes me meh after few. for now when i thinkin or for better could be to be some stories like storyline n some other to no be unimpressive..could more features that like as connectin like multiplay n friends n so..together coop.
Very cool clicker game. It's got great loot drops, plenty of upgrade options, and the bosses are actually challenging. This game is easy to get addicted to.
I love the game but I get a glitch sometime when I open the character menu. It just goes black and I have to restart the game TWICE to fix it. I hear the dev's don't work on this game anymore, I just want to tell everybody that is having this problem how to fix it.
Ads to support developer? Sure! but it's a big no from me when the ads pop up while tapping. Simple clicker with simple mechanics. This game was much better back in the days. Will revert my rating in few months if the pop up ads are gone
i love the pixel graphics, reminds me of arcade games! and its sooo fun! but i hate that we miss so much hits ..
This is an awesome time spender and you will have a good time playing this. I played this over 6 years ago and is still as awesome as I remember. This game is amazing.
Game is easy to play and isnt very grindy for clicker standards. I like it very much, Im bad at keeping track of tons of stuff so makes it easy to keep playing.
the best tap I've found. simple and fun but super addictive. the legacy system is interesting too, allows you to keep playing
It's a good game but I keep getting rings from chests and when I try to epuip it or find where they go I can't find them
Perfect if you're looking for a simple rpg with randomized gear and just a general difference from usual clicker games
all that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost, the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.... this game is worth your time.
I have been playing this game off and in for a couple years and everytime i come back it doeant get old and for a game that hasnt been updated for 5 years its really good I hope it gets updated again at some point
Absolutely wonderful keep up the great work maybe you might be able to add in quests so you can gain xp faster in those later stages
Awesome game, makes you feel like you progress, doesn't feel like it gets too hard. Would love to see more updates, as this game hasnt been updated since 2015 lol, still holds up, though.
The gameplay is great, but I wish the developer would remove the advertisments at the bottom of the screen. It's not as bad as other apps, but still annoying regardless. If there was a way to permanently remove the advertisements for a duration longer than 60 seconds, that would be wonderful. Thank you.
This is honestly one of the best games I've ever played, the design of the user only needing one finger is extremely well done, and the art style is very fitting. My only issue is that the treasure chests sometimes drop very strong pieces of armour, but more commonly extremely weak ones. A major principle of the game is that the amount of money you receive, swords and magic get larger/more powerful as you progress but your armour doesn't nearly as usefully. Still, great game dev team, recommend.
entertaining game, but ads are longer than resetting the game and no option of skipping most of them, so I simply restart the game and not look at the ads. If you don't want us to do this you should out the skip option, at least we'll have seen a part of it
good concepts, full of potential and can be improved for greater and wider audience Looking forward to the next update!
A game made so simple is what makes this game so great, the developers were brilliant in the execution of the game mechanics. If you build your character right you won't have any problems, I really enjoy this game for being so different, great job devs!
Good until the random ads start popping up. Instant 1 star. You already have IAPs, and a damn ad banner in-game. Don't need to push it. Was enjoying the game itself.
its a decent past time game, normally play weeks at a time before putting it down, but somehow i always seem to find myself coming back to it for more. 😅
ive played this game for years. i wish they'd update for larger screen resolutions, but honestly thats all this game needs.
Great time killer whether its 5 mins or an hour! Simple controls and the gameplay is very easy ti understand. Great Job on this sinple but fun game!!
It's a wonderful game, I just wish there were more stats to increase, like luck (armor quality), block (avoid damage), and so on.
This game is so fun I'd love to see more updates, even if my fingers hurt I will not give up for more and more damage, hope I get to see more thing in the future of this game, even though this is my brother's iPad, I won't stop playing. I love this game!
I really think it's a great game I love the pixel art and the quick progression at some points keep up the work and the ads don't bother me that much I've had the fair what's of ads and this isn't as bad as some people say compared to other games keep it up
It's a great clicker because it mixes my 2 favorite things and its one of the most unique clickers I played (I play a lot of clickers) I totally recommend this game to people It's super satisfying to kill an enemy before it hits you back, the level transition is amazing where you would have to fight a hard boss to proceed but yes its a 10/10 game you need to play it
Ads pop-up automatically while playing. That's an automatic 1 star for you. You should make watching ads an option.
This is an amazing game where you click on the enemy, kill it and get gold. You can find chests at some point with random possibilities. But that can change, can may find items in chests which also have attack and magic charms. Not only that, but find helmets, chest wear, boots etc. They have random boosts which involve exp boosts, chest possiblitys increase and attack, magic etc. My opinion: I love this game because u can grind coins and stuff. Download now!
Why do you "NEED" to access photos and media and storage and why is thare an add covering half my screen this game is trash devs fix this why do you have any danloads