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RPG Chronus Arc

RPG Chronus Arc for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wow! i realy realy love the rpg game like this one, the story is cool and the puzzle are kinda hard it makes me almost angry if i didnt solve the key puzzle specially the puzzle in the last...forgive me if there are many wrong in my eng because am still not use of it...
Sometimes there can be a little grind in kemco games but this one takes the cake in terms of it. You will have to grind not only experience but also 'materials' for crafting your gear - oh, and you don't get stats before crafting. Another thing that seems off as well is how the story unfolds - it doesn't really mesh with the fantasy kingdom theme. There are other issues as well but I also want to note that it really seems no underlying effort was really out into making a decent game.
I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't so difficult. Maybe it's just me but I've just started this game and already I've gotten so many game overs.
If there wasn't so much darn talking I'd call you one of the best. 2 stars cause there's way more text than game.
Good system BUT.. my only complain is in the ad system.. Since it's a free game, it is fair to put ads in the game. I can even handle the fact that ads appear not only after every save attempt but after every few battles. The problem is the long lag that takes for every ad to show up. That is robbing the time of the players, and the moment the ad shows up we just close without even paying attention, meaning the business paying for the ad pays for nothing. It is better a no lag but timed ad.
Very good game thus far. I get the purpose of the adds; yet, they are in over-abundance. After saves and boss fights... ok, but, enter and exit cities, and fights and dungeon floors, and item pick ups and random battles, and monologues, and menu page uses... easy people plz ease up on some of these.
Battles and menus are always laggy on my phone. Also, enemies that frequently inflict poison showing up before I can buy antidotes or have a poison-healing spell? Not fun.
the game is at excellent the the creatures power level live at lower and give little bit more experience to level up little bit faster a helpful for the characters it kind of hard to find some weapons armor to attach them but the game is good
Got a bug where I dealt 0 damage no matter what kind of attack I used on the first demon watchman on the first tower.
Great game! as usual from Kemco. Too many ads, but if it means you don't steal my information to sell, like other games, then I'm fine with it. :)
While the storyline and controls are solid, the enemy/exp ratio is lacking otherwise I'd give it 5 stars. The enemies are ridiculously over powered, dealing 1/4 damage of the characters total HP and the experience/gold thats given is less than than what one would expect for enemies that take more than a turn to defeat. To even have a chance at beating Geppel the first time I had to grind to level 15 to even have a chance at beating him.
Great game from Kemco. Most are too easy, but this one provides a decent challenge. I really enjoy the puzzle aspect.
Good graphics, good story, good set-up as far as the game goes so far no bugs or problems in downloading the game to my android.
I finished the game in 5 hours with 3 Full Unlocked Classes of Characters it was great puzzles at all.
Addictive and has a wonderful story,, I hope that kemco can update new story line after beating the game,, I beat galbure,, the final battle and king milka after the 1st story line, now it's kinda boring.. I hope that kemco would release Chronus arc 2,, or probably an update. A new story line after beating the game.
I remember playing machine Knight and fernz gate, this lived up to my expectations as well. Keep up the good work Kemco!
I really love this game. But the only reason I didnt give it the 5 star is because of the autobattle. It appears autobattle is you're characters using only normal attacks. And ohh.. One more thing. I Love the way the creator manage the equipment in this game. After level up your equipment then you can transform it to another one. Good game. Thanks for this great game.
Great game in general but 2 major turnoffs. The battle speed is so slow even on fast mode and the class system. You need books of discipline which there are very few of in the game and require lots of AP. This makes class changing a whole lot more complicated since you can't experiment, also there is some grinding for better equipment but that is more bearable
Love the SNES feel and graphics. Takes me back to my childhood. The ads are numerous and take a long time to load, but that's not too bad.
Well made JRPG. Loved the story line, the quests, how class changes strengthen the characters and how it's free to play. Game does give ad pic 20% of the times you change map, save or finished a battle but hey that's why it can be free to play (paying can give bonuses though). It would be an improvement if the ads can't be within 5 secs of eachother, if they loaded faster and if we got a reward for the ad at mining spots. Overall I enjoyed playing through the whole game.
there was way too many ads everytime I would kill an enemy or even save the game I would be fronted with an ad if there wasn't so many ads that game would actually be enjoyable
I know that the game freezes after a few screen transitions like after battle or going into or out of a location even going inside a building or up some stairs this would be really nice if you could fix this
Cloud Saving should be added. I would definitely invest into Premiun versions more often if you added it.
Ads are ridiculously frequent. Game is OK otherwise. A typical kemco game. The controls are clunky and awful, regardless if you choose touch or game pad, storyline is boring, fighting is annoying in that it requires unnecessary clicks. I uninstalled it. I've never been a huge fan of kemco games (too much talking and zero originality) but this is by far their worst one.
I have mixed emotions about this one. The over-all game play is great. However, The constant going back to the same area for materials is terrible. You really have no choice if you want to upgrade gear. It kills progress and will knock the will to go on, right out of the player. The material piles need to be increased or the ai needs to be more in-tune with what the player needs to collect. Its a challege for sure. Adds show about evey 4t5 battles. Can buy them off. No p2p agenda. Over all 3*
Great gameplay. Classic feels. Played for some days until im so pissed and cant take the ads spamming even when playing offline. Every other fight it pops up. It really suck. Uninstalled
Very nice old-school jprpg, brings back old memories of me playing Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire II, Star Ocean, FFII etc. etc. If you are going to copy a game yeah sure copy one among the great ones. Not saying the game is perfect, animation great, history engaging, music great, the combat and scenery could use some polish, remember the games I mentioned before? Yeah...all in all worth giving it a chance. PS Made it to Geppel (second boss)with lvl 11 team and he is just unbeatable.
I am enjoying playing this game. The story line is great. The graphics are okay for the era it was created.
You know after opening this gane i feel like its goin to become a good game cause like im a fan of the great works of KEMCO and also i am just a bit off about the game RPG Dragon Liege it does not work on my phone and oh im using Samsung Galaxy J4+
So far so good, i havent played all of it but this is one of many good rpgs by kemco inc. Although fernz gate was the best ive ever played i wish i could find one better.
Where to start?. My team is LVL 45 and yet it has only 8 techniques, 9 skills and 10 magic moves in total (basic and medium), difficulty is inconsistent, some are easy and some are way too darn hard. Chests often have mundane stuff instead of good things like techniques or rare items, boost manuals are absurdly complex, items cost a lot as it progresses. Good thing I can warp through visited zones. Still, in LVL 45 I could have expected higher powered techniques/skills/magic, but nope.
It's a great game. I've given 3 stars, but now I'm giving 1. T O O M U C H ads. Everywhere. Unbearable. And the game is slow, like bugging constantly.
Kemco always delivers a great experience. Stories, and character development are great. All rpgs have grinding, but here you are rewarded with useful items and upgrades.
I used to love this and I still do. But there are things that need to definitely change, because of the following: 1. Character Movement is slow (so needs speeding). 2. Battle is way to slow (needs high boost speeding). 3. Way to difficult to obtain points because it needs 10 for 1 (it should definitely have 3 for 1). 4. All Boss Characters use to many skills and magic and powerful versions of both, whether they're the 1st few Bosses or Higher ) 5. Normal enemies are too hard to defeat.
Like the story so far. Hate that you have to buy the ad remover but that's become a standard for all games unfortunately which makes it worse but enjoying neverless
Love this game just like the majority of Kemco's. On this one I really love the mechanics of the gameplay as well. However that does not make up for the numerous amount of ads that pop up(even more than other KEMCO free rpg's.) Ads come in on every save, every 2-3 battles, and every time you enter an area. Would give more but the ads killed it. Uninstalling as makes game almost unplayable.
Chronus Arc is an absolutely delightful entry, recalling the bustling fantasy worlds of Chrono Cross, or Secret of Mana, but with a far larger(!) buffet of character customization options. Absolutely worth checking out!!!
I really am e enjoying this game but I have a couple of issues I dont like that I haven't gotten a map yet and I've been playing for a while and when you purchase stuff it doesn't tell you how many you have in stock of that item also very poor fighting skills at first for me and my team can't figure out how to add more skills either! Otherwise good game!