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RPG Bonds of the Skies

RPG Bonds of the Skies for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not bad at all. Appeals not so much towards mature graphics. More a game for children yet an education is necessary for comprehension of stats.
Great JRPG. Free to play till the end, basic graphics, pretty intuitive controls. Yes, you get a 3 sec ad after every 3rd fight or so and ad pic after saving, but the strong story and lack of grinding needed kept me hooked. Well done devs!
Its a nice fun game but there are some issues like: No way to change difficulty No way to actually track the current main quest Ads every other fight
Nope....thought it would be good, just lacking the math behind a battle...nothing makes sense as far as weapons, armour, and magic.....no rhythm in battles, way too many battles, way too many ads....items suck , crafting sucks as far as getting good items....shops mean nothing after the first couple. Were you producers of this game smoking stuff while producing it? It's the type of old school game I love....just not done very well. 3 stars only because it's old school.
I like mostly everything but when i reached the ground thing mission i find random pictures wicht says to see it i have to wacht an ad but when i close it i don,t see anything else just back to the mission please fix it
5 stars for this game, still trying to win against the last Goddess in the game as her final request to join another god in the other side of the world. Best story any JRPG would have. Keep it up!!!
I think this game is great, but there are slightly to many adds and for people who don't have the money to buy the ad blocker it gets kind of frustrating. I know you have to make money I'm just saying a little less adds would be nice.
Too many ad and a lot of farming to getting stronger against stronger monsters but, overall, this game is pretty sweet I love games like this.
I think it needs to at least display the regular Quest that way you know what you're doing and you don't have to sit there and go through boring speeches
because of a glitch I stop at fighting with that first monster it attack level was 66645 please fix it
The ADs in this games are very aggressive even when you buy the game. yes you expect a few if you buy a game but this is ridiculous. It turns me off when games have ADs after every battle or when you save. Also the controls have major issues as a lot of people have complained about. I dont like using the manual controls, but you have to if you want to pick up something or talk with someone. Also at the beginning of a battle you dont know who you are fighting until after the first move.
Really wanted to give it a shot, but a stupid popup hit every few minutes. Maybe if I had been able to try the game for a bit to determine if the $8 to remove adds was worth it I would have rated it higher. A real shame. I was looking forward to enjoying a nice retro styled rpg.
This game is incredible . It is easy to play and has a great story line . It is similar to a game I played called machine knight
Old school rpg. Reminds me of the games I grew uo with. My only complaint is to many adds, they interupt the flow of the game. After nearly everg battle is a littlr excessive.
Good game just hate the fact that you have to change formation to do the most damage. It could be the difference of winning and losing a battle.
Please close the ad removal pop-up I like this game because i have play a game like this before it called machine knight and aspiration f and i want to finish this game to.so please remove the removal ad pop-up🙏
This game is so good in 33mb we cannot get this type of game in 500mb this game is awesome but can you add the feature that we can catch other monster or use the other three grimoas that would be great i would really appreciate if you add that feature Thanks.
It has solid gameplay, but the leveling up for this game is a chore. If the characters could level up just a little bit faster, that would be appreciated. The game could also use more opportunities for the characters to level up before throwing them into an extremely hard boss battle. Give the characters bosses they can handle for their particular levels.
Seems like a pretty good game so far, but there are points where it wants you to watch an ad for no visible gain. For example the sparkles for collecting crafting materials will end with an offer to watch an ad but doing so doesn't give you anything so there's no reason to watch the ad and a good reason to just skip it. If there is some hidden benefit, you should unhide it and tell players that there is a reason to watch.
Game is good . Would be a great game if it didnt crash every other time an ad tried to open which is every other fight.
This game is very fun to play while boring. But if only this game can be upgrade into the modern type, that will be grade.
This is an awesome game but the earth god guy is unbeatable😒 and it's so unfair they're three against two 🙁 and plus one of them is a god ☹️
Yes! finally i can say that i finished a rpg. I just cleared the game well actually i cleared it a few weeks ago but never mind about that the game is great but progression does slow to a crawl close to the end but all you have to do is level up and watch as you tank the boss.
Great game you guys are going big, it be better with videos instead of reading because once you start reading it you kinda wanna see a video of the their emotions and such what goes along as to what their saying , great detects can't believe it's on xbox too it be awesome on ps4 too though I sold my ps4 if not I knew sooner I'd play on my ps4 which I had before awesome game love it I give a 4.9. 5 with the videos sooner or later either way I'm still playing it. Played machine knights, now bonds
The graphics,story and music is very good but it gets a little bit annoying when the ads comes again and again every time I save or after every two battles
This game is the first mobile game that I play like it's a console Gam. Great story good artwork all around well done
So far, so good. A better version of Dragon Warrior, a smaller scale of Final Fantasy. Both work well for me.
An ad every 2 battles or after every time you save? Come on, I know you guys need to make money and I was willing to pay but was put off by the amount of ads during my trial run of the game I decided not to buy it.
A standard quality RPG from Hit Point. That said, I am sorely disappointed that even Kemco has resorted to putting play-under ads in their games.
Good graphic. Relaxing music. Exceptional enemy. But the story is something that player could predict. Please put more effort in the storyline for your game. Like asdivine series it has a good story I might say that one of the best. But I love this game creativity on the character. Story line is exceptional.
This game has an interesting storyline, easy controls, and contains the nostalgia feeling of old retro game. The only problem I had is just the ads.
Worst rpg ever. Iven been in this maze for 8 hrs and hit every portal and im still going in circles. No hits no maps no nothing
One thing I am hate this game is too much apps. Yes there is an app remover but minimalize it please.
I got bored by the story and dialogue and characterization in the first couple minutes. I like kemco games and I've played three, but this one isn't even worth it for free.
yeah, this game is challenging for people who wants to play offline RPG but also want to get riddled by the formation thingy
I'm impressed with the old school style and feel of this game. it has a very smooth game play and story pacing.
It ooks like not a game, its like a story telling app. So long conversations that you couldnt enjoy the game. And the ads are so annoying that it pop-ups every other fight and every save. Anyway the game is not that bad.
I really really enjoyed the game The story and the journey is true amazing I really wish I had downloaded this game years ago and for that this game is worth 4stars and nothing higher
good game. As you progress the bosses get harder. Only problem i found was the insane cost for no adds eight dollars. other thab that it is great .
great game at first i couldent interact with touch menu also make easier to get to earth grimoa plz thanks
This was a fairly interesting game that had a lot of good going for it. There was a decent story, items are fairly balanced, tactics and skills mattered, and there was some personality in the characters. The main problems though is that they didn't really explain a lot of things in the game, the gameplay felt a little bit repetitive after a while, and the fact that the game seems really advertisement heavy. Regardless of the cons though, this is one of the few Kemco games I would recommend.
Good story love the game ya alot of adds but enjoy playing it and the adds don't really do anything to the game play after a fight its just there until you can leave the fight screen but in all good game good time passer and if you like a good rpg story this a game for you
The game was like a game I ever wanted to play but some enemy named fire something he just killed me with one attack only and the game dosent go on they say to retry and 8 again 're tried but again in one attack he won so I am uninstalling the game now what ever I miss this game to end it plz help me say that it is fixed then I will download it again
I love this game... I wish they would make more like this with the same gameplay Style as this one and machine Knight for free
Good story Combat and control could use some improvements This game has amazing potential This should redevelop in a new story line with a bit better graphics. But over all give it a try
Often, the game freezes on save? Currently occurring once every three or so saves. Screen dims out and I can no longer do anything. Swype animation on terrain with the sparkly sprite still occurs, but no input is registered. I'm assuming ad was supposed to be displayed but somehow failed to properly load. Device: Motorola e4, Android 7.1.1. Hopefully this gets resolved. Other than that, retro graphics and audio is pretty good. Movement animation is a bit blurry though.
It was good but there was no connection with the characters for me,and the boss battles where to easy but that's how kemco does it sometimes.
Game great lots of fun, the only thing i hate is when you change equipment the color that show the change to stats are wrong, red for negative blue for positive
Graphic is good but the controller is quite different than other games Still trying to get to the controller and quite interesting game. I'm enjoying the best out of it. Thanks
🍒I love the "leave" feature, so I don't have to waste time finding my way back through dungeons. Been awhile since I have enjoyed playing an rpg, well put together!
This was a fairly interesting game that had a lot of good going for it. There was a story, not usually something you see and kemco games. Items are fairly balanced, tactics and skills mattered, I need to think a little bit I'll have to play. The main problems though is that they didn't really explain a lot of things in the game, the gameplay felt a little bit repetitive after a while, and the fact that the game seems really advertisement heavy. Worth playing but not necessarily recommending.
if the point of the desert maze was to get the player stuck for 3 hours and grind to level 30 before giving up and uninstalling then great job.
I really enjoyed the game. One problem though. The crafting is nice but it would be even better if you could show us the effects before we craft it. If that was implemented I would give it a 5 star. Good Job either ways.
ads aplenty theres so many ads like one ad every other battle and that would be fine if battling wasnt so constant but it is so the ads are way to much so i give 2-3 stars if ads were gone I'd give 4 but there's alot of ads so it gets 2-3
I love the classic RPG style. Game is easy to follow but still has some secrets to find. Challenging at times but not frustrating. It was enjoyable 12ish hours of play. Kemco does awesome work.
This game has put my soul into adventure mode i really like it. Its very challenging but i trained hard to defeat every boss in my way and thank you for this game i wish i was sucked into my phone and experience the adventure
Everythings alright but please make lifebars of the enemies visible when fighting others are good good game offline one more thing to remove the ad of 'ad remover'and this is the best offline game without emulator i've ever played.pokemon's also good ok
the only problem i have is the advertisments cause when the video advertisments pop up they make the game crash and it's insanely annoying so if you could remove the video advertisments that would be great.
Amazing game. Just what i wanted. If you like the oldschool RPG turnbased games like FF, etc then this is for you. Story keeps you engaged and its doesnt require a ton of grinding.
I like this game very much . this game has good story and amazing gameplay .ButI have one question . How to defeat final boss ? I always get defeated by Lumina .
The game is ok just the others I have played are so much better and less complicated. The formation mechanic is terrible. It is way more difficult then it should be. I don't even know how to have more then one party member battling. I keep losing my skills and only having one member fighting. No way near as good as the others.
I absolutely love this game and I hope there will be a new completely free to play to the end game just like this game 🤩