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RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom - Trial

RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom - Trial for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game where u can craft your own and find your own material. Bought paid version and few gems to support. Ive been playing jon stop
Fun little game that I've already put hours into and am not bored yet. The full version is worth it with many customizations that provide a lot of replay value (though i haven't finished the game yet, i know I'll go back in and try it again in other ways)
I got the free version and eventually the full game. Sorry to say Kemco, I've tried a lot of your games, and this puts all of them to shame. Make more like this please. The quality and freedom is amazing.
Played a million RPG games got stuck just after doing the first request. There is absolutley no tutorial whatsoever anywhere. Most people that create games create walkthroughs or tutorials. Its annoying liking a game and getting stuck within 45 mins of play. Keep being told " I must go back to the workshop" and am being prevented from going to the dungeon and yet there is no extra dialogue or any clue what to do in the workshop. Maybe someday if Kemco creates walkthroughs...uninstall
First off, I don't normally review games, but this game is awesome. The controls are clean, the crafting system is easy, and the right elements are a blast!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
First paid app I spent just after day of playing. The formula is so simple but so perfect. Only gripe is that it has a lot of references to pagan gods. Only Jesus is the real God. Similar to Saga Frontier and does not have the lewdness of other wanna be RPGs.
I like the premise of the game. I like how in depth the crafting is, the rpg elements, story and the various interactions with the townsfolk. The one gripe I have so far is the lack of variation in the dungeons and how the monsters in the field, before you get in a fight, are all the same.
A breath of fresh air, no gems to farm, no stamina bar or gatcha bs. Play at your own pace, unlock and equip passive from multiple job class and a straight forward storyline. Hopefully more job classes are released
I've played the trial version for a few hours today, but my thoughts since I'm ready to uninstall the game already. I want to like this game more. I really do. It combines a lot of game play features I love in this type of game. Shop sim, smithing/crafting, dungeons with party based combat, job system, adventure guild, etc. But this game lost my interest when I realized the dungeons are always the same. Randomized maps like a rouge like would keep it interesting rather than just a grind.
I'm really upset I paid for the full game inside the game. Now I still have the demo but not the full game. I want what I paid for or my money back. Once this gets worked out I'll change my rating
After playing the trial version i paid to get the full version of the game. Im still stuck on the 2nd dungeon and i dont received any request anymore. Please fix my problem. If you need proof of the payment i can send it to you. Ill change the review once my issue is solve. Thank you kemco.
I was going to buy this game until I saw the "Auto" feature. This feature literally ruins games to me... Whats the point of playing a game that plays automatically for you? At that point there is literally no strategy in the game... I could just not use the feature, but its still there... So no.......
The only bad things I can say is the ad banner or (news thread) on the starting page after you pay for the full game. And blacksmithing after a while is just a lot of clutter, regarding all the extra stuff that you need to make. Besides that that it's all good, and if you plan on playing don't think that you can take a boss without HP MP and attack bottles.
Not bad game wise, but needs polish. The game takes up a lot of MBs for a trial game, and all the extra downloading time is just a boring black screen, no mini games, no background download. The beginning is a bit too text heavy, luckily there is skip button. The class/subclass system provides some decent variety, and seems forgiving enough to switch mid game so you can play around to lots of combos.
Great clasical RPG with inovative concept. Excellent introduction of playing style with tutorial and complete manual. Motivating reward system. Good music. I would pay for this game even if the develepers did ask. Great job team.
Was fun but now I'm stuck. Got the quest to fight the black wolf. When I get there and go to fight it the game gets stuck. My character just keeps auto-pacing back and forth around that area. No fight screen appears. If I've reached the end of trial then please create something saying that in the game. If it's not the end of the trial then it's definitely broken. Also, not a fan of the faux joystick. Would be better with character just going where I touch.
Went into the dungeon. Came out and crafted. Tried to go back to the dungeon. Game constantly tells me I should be in the workshop. Can't figure out why. I have used up all materials. No b more crafting to do.
Good art, good music, good character. But surprisingly boring gameplay. In the end, I just auto the battle with all attack.. Can be better with pacing too, because too much memory dump in beginning, Dunno about the paid one though
My phone is not old. But the game lag on normal visual settings. I hope they can fix this issue someday. I can run many higher resolution games like epic 7 with no isues and frame skips.
I tried the game. I love it. I supposed purchase the game before doing that i saved my progress and linked my account now when i start the game it stucked at 66/100. Great game if i could only play. I am hesitant to purchase now the game just doesn't load.
Advertised as free app after a certain time you have to buy the full game oh, that is the reason for the two stars. Besides that the concept is very interesting.
Awesome, as Always! Great game guys. Love the story and the game itself! Just right! A little grind but not much.. though having some hardships in collecting monter material even with multiple drop up.. and I've got so much to sell but can't display or sold yet.. haha I'll keep playing. Thanks!
I think i should go back to the workshop, where you could try and make this game work. Idea is good but something feels off while playing...
Combining adventuring and blacksmithing into one is a nice concept. Need materials to get them yourself. Of course you can buy them if your lazy lol. But to be able to continue to level up your team without even going on adventure is a major bonus.
It's fun. A little grinding and crafting makes some fun but it's a game of repetition. I'm still not sure of any objective or plot line 12 hrs in.
Not to bad for the most part, the only draw back is that once you beat so many quests you cannot sell things in your shop to make money unless you buy the full game. Over all fairly simple, as well as making a party and reaching level 10 in any class unlocks sub classes, and for those of you who don enjoy the basic Warrior, Priest, Theif, Mage, Archer starters you get Tamer and Mink not to far into the game so that's a big plus. So all in all, 5/5, enjoyable and getting the full game.
I don't know what happened, but it keep saying need to back to workshop everytime i want to go to dungeon and i get stuck, never ever able continue my adventure again.
Fun retro RPG with solo gameplay. Job-based party combat with main/sub combos and material grind for crafting. Non-randomized maps may be a bit repetitive for some. A nice change of pace from FtP/PtW gacha games.
Game is great (for what I've played so far), sneaky attempt to get you to try it a paid game is not. You want to give a demo, fine, but make it clear when you install from the app store that it is a demo, not a full game.
This game isn't what I'd call amazing because it's extremely repetitive and grindy, but I have a lot of fun playing it. It's a good way to relax, and the characters are likable. It's definitely not for everyone though.
Could be a good game but I don't know because I never made it beyond the additional 276+MB download. I've wasted over a day and a half on this. Download game, try to download additional files, get stuck partway through or, if I'm lucky, I make it to the second part "loading game files 66/100" and it stalls again. Over and over.
Alright. I finished the entire game. Dang it was an enjoyable ride. But dang. After capping the level limit of 99, the final boss wasn't even worth breaking a sweat. Even the boss in the final dungeon in the hidden floor wasn't even cutting it anymore. Please, if you're gonna make a sequel to this, make sure that players are gonna have to use every single game mechanic that you guys built. The second job of my characters didn't matter anymore after getting the best equipments.
The game is so addicting. I can play it for hours without getting bored because of its gamestyle and features.
The game is very enjoyable. But I do have one concern; I played the trial version and upgraded to the full version. BUT play store still shows that I haven't purchased the game. When I tried buying the game separately, it asked me to start the whole game again. The upgraded trial version still work. But I don't want to buy the game again when i planned to play it on other device.
Its fun, but can you change the upgrading so you can upgrade multiple items at a time for selling in the shop. Get rid of the extra orbs and stuff.
I like this game .got over 30 hours on it and as many to go. If you like this kind of game you will enjoy this one very much.
A fun followup to Adventure Bar Story and Mereum Tavern Story. It lacks a few features compared to the others; party members are created rather than recruited and have no dialogue or personality but the customizable classes are a nice addition. The hub being a menu instead of a map streamlines shopping but removes exploration and sone character from the locale.
You can't change your party genders. It makes no sense, since all purchases are permanent you should be able to edit your team as much as you want.
Fun game, you will need to pay for it eventually for $8. Consider it a free trial until you get further in the game.
Should be free it, this is not a console game if it is paid make it a full payed or make it free with in app purchases don do both because it makes players upset and feel like they are paying for something incomplete, it a good concept the game idea is nice but it should be free or payed period.
For once, it looks like good value for money with the potential to be bigger. Translation quality is alright and storyboard is better than average, but actual dialoge is lacking especially at the start. Has the right idea with commodities and equipment, but has too many flat upgrades and "this but different material". You could get the same thing done more elegantly with fewer weapon types but more unique individual weapons. And funnier tools. Rune slotting is a huge hassle and mostly statbulk
LMAO they broke the 4th wall to ask for a review. BEAUTIFUL!!! This game is a callback to the good ol days when RPG games didn't mean tap-tap, buy-buy. 100% good find. You won't regret it!
Story lacks but game play is enjoyable. Glad to find a game that isn't micro transaction spam. 0 ads is nice.
I love this game! The story is funny in parts, and some of the jokes are of the pantomime type (i.e. they have a different level for adults).
First and only game i've bought on play store, imho it needs some cleaning up and quality of life changes like a "repeat" button in combat and some spelling errors but nothing too crazy or distracting. The character drawings are great and the blacksmith mechanic is interesting.
In the blacksmith, it will be good if we can buy/exchange the ingredients there. Instead of going to the arena/item shop directly to get it.
Very entertaining. Great mix of playing an rpg with and blacksmithing. Could use some tweaks to make some of the grind for mats less tedious but otherwise its fun.
So I was enjoying the game until I tried to enter the suburbs a second time and it won't let me. It keeps saying I need to go to the workshop. I have done everything. Completed the first quest and tried to start the next. But nope blocked. Nothing I can do. If I cannot enjoy The triel game why would I waist money on a full version that might not work either. I just waisted an hour of my life trying to figure this out. What a waste of time.
Grindy but good...offline, no pressure to log every day so you simply fire it up whenever you feel like it. For some it might become a bit repetitive though. Still would recommend for the ones that are fine with a good old grind.
I can barely play. I've launched the app 3 times now and every time it needs to download 250mb of extra data. This takes 15 minutes for some reason, even on my 100mbps connection. For a mobile game that I just want to boot up for a few minutes it's impossible to play.
Just trying to start this demo is legit comedy. Takes forever to install but if you have to put your phone down for a moment the game needs to REINSTALL! I know it's a demo, but you need to convince me your game is gonna work right.
I'm glad I tried the free version first. Usually I'd jump right into a Kemco game and buy it (at least I have in the past) But there is an annoying error this time around. Everytime I go to run the game, I have to redownload the in-game download every....single...time. Which wouldn't be bad if the almost 300mb download wasn't so damn slow. Everything else downloads super fast. Even downloading the game off of the play store. Fix this and I'll buy and change my review to 5 stars.
It's a bit grindy hunting materials, but over-all still an enjoyable game. The translation is spot on, which is far from a given with mobile games. One thing I would like to see is more content to spice up the adventuring side of the game. Maybe unique randomly generated dungeons that pop up from time to time, or more rare monsters like the haunted chests. Also, a side by side comparison option with the gear you are using and the one you are considering equipping would nice.
Really wirth the £8 I paid after the trial phase. I really do like how its rpg style and the gameplay is superb no freezes and is well worth it.
Great game, worth every penny, cheeky bastards included a cute little quest about writing a review that was pretty clever.
Pretty fun game about 11 hours in. Graphics are good. Gameplay is pretty great and so far, no bugs or game crashes. Can absolutely play the game without buying gems but if you are so inclined to do so, they seem fairly priced. All around fun. Easy to put down and pick back up.
I really want to like it, but...I think I'm stuck? Came back from my first dungeon run, but nothing happens. I feel like I'm supposed to have some kind of workshop based event, but I can't get anything to happen after she gives me the x10 materials. I really want to play this. :(
Seems ok for game play, but every time I open the game tells me download needed. Also I would recommend the joystick to float in the left side of screen.
Pretty good they def need to have an option to just craft all sub materials for items. Otherwise its pretty good for a mobile rpg.
This is an expansive list of CRAFTING strategic RPG.the ARENA DUNGEONS, REQUESTS gather your own materials sell and upgrade strengthen the gear you make in your SHOP for profit awesome :)
Pros... Not a gacha game. No stamina or daily system. Swapping gender, name, class, ect. is free. No need for additional purchases. Cons... Class balance. Few models. Not great visuals. No voice acting. My suggestions... Customization for how units look such as selectable color or model. Loadout options. Option to hide skills within combat menu for less scrolling. Options for equip all or remove all equipment, passives, AI skills.
The guild master's gonna hug my character if I don't give a review, so here it is! Pretty good game, if you're looking to grind stuff, craft stuff, funny interactions between adventure, this is it. I'd love to see more bosses, that would be a little suggestion. Combat reminds me of ogre battle 64.
This game has it all! Resource gathering, in depth party settings, equipment and modifications just to state a few.
Fun way to pass some time, a bit repetitive, nothing exciting happened so far. Classes and skills are a bit disorganized. Would be nice to view a class and skills before taking it on. But not bad overall.
Kemco reminds of the old school games I would play on NES and SNES. This game has a great grind mechanic, developing the materials to make your own gear. Only advice I can give, plan ahead for your boss fights.
Decent game. I have not ran into a paywall yet but i feel like the difficulty is increasing a lot each different level. Expecting it to start getting more grindy pretty quick.
Kemco did a great job on this one. The crafting grind is real and the gear is always changing. Full power over your characters classes, and through the trial of the game I played far enough to where I HAD to buy the game because I wanted to keep going. EDIT. Onto the lvl 25 area and the guild master literally said I had a request to write a review on the game...
Good stable story, a bit awkward but nonetheless easy to use controls. My only issue after buying the full game was there werent many additional perks. And its a little repetitive, but thats how it goes in this genre.
Game wont even let me battle keeps freezing at loading screen. I would like to buy full version but not till bugs are fixed.
Really solid cellphone RPG, doesn't even push microtransactions, and feeds you a trickle supply of premium currency for just playing the game. Highly recommended.
Surprisingly good. Like some people said i was a bit disappointed when it wanted me to purchase after maybe 2-3 hours of gameplay but honestly, it was worth it. Idk what it is about this game but it just works, from the rpg style fighting to only being able to explore dungeons once a day and having to strategize on how you collect materials vs buying and making them and making your own weapons and armor to running your shop with things youve made.
Got the full version. Sub class, advance classes, insteas of buying weapon/gear in shop. I get to craft to unlock more stronger gear. Rune weapon/gears to become invisible. Offline game. Cant ask for more. 👍🤙
Im quite enjoying the game the only trouble im having is with following/leveling up the blacksmith tree for new product also having an auto equip best would great and when you auto equip it also transfers the upgrades that is replacing what they have based on quality and stats.
This game is amazing. But i have a concern: i bought the full game inside the trial game, but when i looked at the full game on google play, it still said i need to buy it? How am i supposed to play the full game when i get a new phone sometime soon? Will i have to buy it again? I dont want to test it, but hopefully it works after getting a new phone. Also, is there no way to transfer game progress to other devices? I don't want to waste the $58 ive spent so far. Please help! Then ill give 5*'s.
I will never give a good review to a game that lies about download size. Instead of letting Google play download and install in the background, stuck staring at screen while game load 290mb of content :(
This game is amazing! Simple yet gratifying especially the farming aspect and running your blacksmith shop, managing a party with job class mechanics, KEMCO, this is by far the best title you have churned out, thanks to RIDEON as well! More QUALITY games like this please, and also, get this on the Nintendo Switch and I will buy it in a heartbeat!
What a perfect little gem of a game! It ties in several fun games like shop heros, but also has a dungeon crawler to obtain materials which you then use to equip your 1000% customizable party of heroes. The games not p2w but has SERVERAL upgrades you can buy that make the game 100% more enjoyable without godmoding the games. Give this game a shot and you won't be let down!
Based on Valeria's appearance, I thought that this game was going to be one of those weird sexist games, but after reading the glowing reviews, I decided to try it out. THE GAME IS NOT SEXIST. Sure, Valeria has a weird outfit (why have a corset with no breast support?) but she's actually a really fun character. The game reminds me of Nintendo DS games.
It is a fun game and has a fair bit of strategy to it. I found the review request hilarious, so why not? Save up your gems and buy the pickaxe, makes everything easier.
Great game! Only thing I wish they did was automatically provide new recipes when you rank up in the blacksmith shop.