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RPG Band of Monsters

RPG Band of Monsters for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is cool but why do they make it impossible to defeat the robotic monster after killing red fan its impossible to kill it plz help I'm stuck
Meh. Kind of interesting, but didn't seem worth my time, and the tutorial/beginning dialogue was a hate crime it's so long. I must have skipped 300 sentences of who-cares and another 200 of when-will-this-end. If you can't tell a story without writing an entire book, maybe just write books? But, while I found it boring, offputting, and frankly amateurish, maybe it's your thing. You do you, but I didn't care for the storytelling structure.
I used to play this game a long time ago. Redownloading it now because I miss playing it. I will always say the when it comes to phenomenal F2P rpg's that you can basically master without paying a single cent, KEMCO is number 1 in my book.
Not sure this is even a game. 5 minutes in all I see is text. If I were to read it probably take 30 minutes to see any game play as after spamming through text for 5 to 10 minutes gave up without seeing any actual game play.
This game is super fun. I've played this before and I think this game has great potential. The storyline is a little bit generic but that makes you get hooked to it. Merging monsters is super fun to do and if you're into it, you should definitely download this game. Boss battles however are pretty hard.
good pokemon type game. Love tye cute graphics and the story. I only hope that quest guide are more clear so pointed out to make things easy to understand.
I really wanted to like it. The story is nice, the graphics are decent, and the mechanics are soundly balanced. But with the turn delays before any battle action can occur, the annoyingly small unit inventory, and especially the menu ("Are you sure?!" Yes >No ... Of course I am NEVER sure!). I finally mistakenly clicked ">No" at the wrong moment and my entire team got one-shot at one health even though I had fully healed team members in reserve. Game over? Screw that. I am not save scumming because of poor menu design. The in-battle, party swap, and fusion menus also leave much to be desired... but they are not as annoying as that confirmation menu. It's a shame because I've played most of the pokemon games, dragon quest joker, the old Jade Cocoon and some other generic capture/fusion phone games. This one simply manages to infuriate me in all the wrong ways.
I found a bug when saving the game. It suddenly bugged like disconnected and I can't do anything. Please fix this and I'll give you 5 stars
Its a ok game i pesonally enjoyed it but think it needs some improvements such as being able to change monster skills mid battle eg.I was figthing a boss and wanted to swich my monster only to realize my reserve monsters had a healing skill in slot A and the boss killed my attacking monster so i needed a nother monster to attack but that monster could only heal because i didn't equip its attack skill in slot A that monster had 1 healing and 1 attack skill (Slash from Killsword monster)
i spent $5 on the game for 450 bmp before and bought some items and i lost all my bmp and items when i go to update in shop all i get is cant connect error. on top of this i cant even use my old save or anything i lost my most recent save cause i thought i was on wrong account so i uninstalled and reinstalled on other account and just lost all my save which i spent 5 hours already on
The opening music in scene one was so gratuitous that it genuinely made me sick . It was offensively repeative . The opening was also very poorly written . There was too much focus on the ' 500 years' aspect. It failed to be captivating at all. Way too much exposition . I understand that it's difficult to craft a story , but this game lacks the simplicity it needs in the opening sequence . It feels like an automated borefest with way to much emphasis on story .
This game is a joke, it has the longest unskipable intro I've ever seen in any game ever. After 15 minutes of tapping my screen non-stop I just gave up and uninstalled the game.
Holy Hannah! I don't mind dialog, esp for background, but after 10 minutes of full on blah blah blah (with no end in sight), I had to uninstall. I don't get the enjoyment if this one...
The good thing in this game is you have the right to choose whether you want to encounter some monsters or not, but I'd rather choose to fight some enemies to become more powerful Monster tamer HAHA 😍❤
It is actually fun... But please find a way to save the progress so we users won't have to start again from the beginning when we delete and reinstall it
this game is cool it has an great story i had this game 2018 ago i stopped playing this gane when i go to collage and i played it again and nothing change but it stopped freazing i rate 4 star out of 5 its been a years since i played tgis game and theres nothing new about it thank you
loved it but it needs a google save or a cloud save since i did play this gane before but deleted it and i thought it was connected to my google play so now all my progress is gone (>﹏<)
So far as one of my favorite games is pretty close easy to play easy to grown free roam I love enjoy the explorer best RPG ever
To all that are complaining about the game's story this game isn't your typical Pokemon game. This game is good for those who enjoy a Pokemon based game but a bit more focused on story. The only thing i didn't like was i lost my progress but im not a hot headed person so I gave this a 4 star.
Best game. Best story with heart touching characters. Many monsters to catch. Fun mechanics and free to play. Best monsters collecting RPG download and enjoy.
Best monster taming rpg in google play so far, if you like DQMJ then you'll definitely like this game and sure it comes with ads but not in any way annoying at all and while monster fusioning is fun it would have been better if there's a record book that list every possible fusion and your fusion history to make it easier when you needed the specific monster again. Sadly, the online battle seems to be dead. Hopefully, KEMCO will make a sequel to this or make a similar games with better features.
my only complaint is the story line... they just talk so dang much about poinless things.. oh and add a map or something to show the monster mixes you already done.. trying to memorize them is a pain.
Buggy. I was having a good time until I tried to save. Game crashed. It still saved but I'd have to reload every time. So I continued until my latest attempt to save, and this time it failed completely. Not worth continuing.
Not bad game, but not enough gameplay too many dialogues, it needs a skip option for dialogues, controls block things on map and in battles, overall Game has great potential. So I would love to give it 5 star's, but need improvements.
One of the better kemco games. Very heavily story driven. The combat is a-okay. The ads for every save is annoying tho. Better play it offline.
The creator was more interested in making a movie than a game. I sat for 5 minutes or more cling next to get through the story set up without even seeing the game. The pixel art is nice though.
I rate this 5 star because its fun and i enjoyed it i wish it has another version because i finnished all version
Love this game but everytime I save it crashes and takes ages to open again I got a Samsung a520 please help don't wanna lose my save
Finish the game.. Only the last... How the hack to beat Alestor. He transform into big monster and..its impossible to beat him just like arena mode.. Everything is random move and I hate it at least.
I was wondering why does the game being deleted the fact i have been saving it as always. This happens twice which means i need to play the again for the 3rd time. Im not so sureif this is a system error or bug.
Loved this game. Very heavy on the mixing/breeding mechanic, which personally I enjoyed. I would love to see a sequel of this game, I bet the developers could make it even better the second time around.
Overall, not bad, but I was hoping that the monsters wouldn't just be recollors of each other, sadly, they were. Every monster of the same category looks exactly the same save for how they're collored. It's unfortunate because aesthetics and other such things that set monsters apart from one another is a key aspect of monster collection games. Or any collection game for that matter. I mean, I know that this is free, but you're not doing your game any favors by cutting corners like that.
LIttle bit not satisfied by the ending. over all great game, good story, much fun mixing monsters, I play for 30 hours til the end
excellent game,for me , i think this is the best game of KEMCO production, i hope there will be more season of it :-)
great on screen d pad with no annoyances with it. somewhat boring opening story with a not so great story plot so far. the fighting is very simple and the monster combining is fun. make sure u capture alot of monsters early. the starting max level is 10 but as u combine ur monster goes back to level 1 with increased stats based on "parent" monsters. so far ony ad has been upon saving which is amazing. hope that does not change to an ad after every fight, ill quit if it does.
Its fun, easy to grind and decent story, finished it in 20hours++.. But every monster have a limited stats, so many of them just wont increase more stats even they still in their mid level tier (lvl 50/99)
This games biggest glaring flaw is they really push you to buy the in game currency. If you want to tune the later game monsters forget it! I've tried. The percentage rate is either so low it feels impossible or, you have to buy the item that let's you 100% of the time(or be lucky enough to find it). That and I feel like there is just SO MUCH unneeded dialogue. If half your story is exposition your story isn't going to hold people's attention. If I wanted to read the wheel of Time I would go read it. Geez!
I would give this gave 5 stars if it didn't wipe out all my data and I have to start over from the beginning and I yes I did save properly
This was one of the best games I have ever played 7 years later I still try to find a game that is as fun as this is like it's just so good to play the final boss is a bit hard to beat but it was still fun to figure out
The game would benefit from a shorter start, simpler story, and choice between female and male player characters among other things. It'd almost be better to have you start as unknown characters in this sort of game and to give player control much sooner. Story points may point towards player being male, but it wouldn't be hard to tweak that. I ended up skipping through most of it, anyway, as it wasn't all that interesting and they're was way too much talking. I like the concept for the game, though.
Really liked the game. Would really enjoy a multiplayer co-op mode . Meaning a 2 player mode that's connect able with bluetooth
The intro goes on WAY too long, even for me (And the writing isn't great, too much fluff too). There's a battle IN that intro, but the game teases you by not letting you actually play the fight, so once you actually get to a battle, it's even more of a letdown cause the game just kinda plays itself. Literally. Your monster(s) just automatically attack after you press the "Fight" button. Unless I'm missing something, there's not a lot here to pull you in. I like the musical creatures idea though.
I was enjoying the game but whenever I save, the game crashes. I'd like to give the game a higher score but this almost makes it unplayable. I really wanted to play this game too so this is unfortunate :(
love the game would really appreciate an update with some more monster and a why to enter the first part where the stones with music notes are
I love this game so much please update it to a new level im very excited😎this game is cool please add more monster and storyline and quest
Gave up while still in the hand holding, no player control beginning. That kind stuff is for 5 year olds. Hint: They dont have credit cards. Uninstalled. Wont try another game by this company.
First thing that pops up is this app is not meant for updated versions of android. It may not run properly. Check for updates. Or contact the developer. Greeeaaaat start...
Really enjoying it. I love games where you can tame and fuse creatures. Has a pretty good story, and the game concept is easy to understand. It would be nice to have a fusion diary though, so when you fuse a creature you can check it's parent and such so you can recreate it easier if need be. This game is definitely not a cash grab for those who are worried, and it doesn't use energy so you can play from start to finish if desired.
this is a very good ga,e although its reallty tough but WOW, this game is awsome ty for making me have fun
The introduction just takes too long. The battle system is weird. It's not clear and it takes awhile to know what's going on. I like the idea of mixing monsters that you capture to make it stronger, which is similar to Jade Cocoon.
great experience and my favorite by this company a new story with new monsters and skills would be great for a new adventure hope there is a second story with a custom character and super story is all i want i see this company doing great things
If you enjoyed the Dragon Quest Monsters games, you'll enjoy this game. It's a pay worthy game, but you can play for free. Ads only show when saving and aren't even especially intrusive then. A few minor changes could have made it exceptional, but is still great.
Good but not much... It's missing something to become 5 star maybe the graphics but thats only one... No bugs so far thats all
Overall, amazing storyline and amazing ecperience just because of the concept of the game and it makes me feel like pokemon is useless because leveling is easy and once again with your style of open world games makes this game a fun and enjoyable game that everyone should play.
When I try to save my game, my screen becomes black. Please fix this. I wanna play this so bad. Fix this asap. thank you
to tune make enemy hp to atleast one,using three woof with one hit kill in shop if your onliner as combo but one thing i was able to discover is you see stats if they re almost filled to extremes or petit care bolt or ice with percentage percent era or full guard from mixing or any other of tbese combo or woof plus woof plus corethunder or two woof one corethunder with percent age and era.plus high healer on woof dur to magic .one of the best option also is white panchos with percen era age.
fantastic game. fun gameplay, like an old-school DS game, without having to spend much cash. a bit short, with only a bit of replayability (if you play completionist), but good while it lasts.
Don't bother playing. It's one of those games that uses a few base models for their mobs & giving it different colors. Not much monster variety. It's a few base models colored differently.
The story is interesting and the game mechanics have a lot of potential, however, the controls are difficult to use and the process of mixing monsters seems to be almost random and irritating as you must catch multiple monsters, raise their level and then mix. Repeat. This game has a lot of room for improvement and if one day it improves I'll play it again.
This game is amazing!!! I've been looking for a game like monster rancher. It reminds me of zelda, with a rich storyline. The battle system is excellent and easy to learn. The music helps carry the story along and gives you a calming effect.
I love it. It is a fantastic game.tuning monster using a flute!!.create the strongest party.mix monster to combine there power etc. Fantastic things are there.
This is by far really great. I installed this way back 2017 then installed it again in 2020, but still can't defeat Alastor HAHAHAHA I almost defeated him but I went through the door time travel and then still I can't. But still great game, not defeating Alastor is my flaw not by the game so this deserves a 5 star
Good story, fun dialogues, I'm still at the beginning (my strongest monsters are around lvl.15) and I really like this game !!!
guys this game is the best i didnt even pay to finish it the only problem is once all your monster gets defeated its game over but its fine im used to it i also went trough the time door 21 times thanks for creating this game hope you guys will add more monsters
The game is bad.... the intro is way too long this game is just another abandond game which is a shame because its pretty good beside the fact that i always lose to red simba and the game hasn, t been updated since 2019 very disappointed in the grammer and more definitely not giving it more than 2 stars.
I really wanted to enjoy it, but the first 20 minutes of the game is just endless text. I didn't even get to actually play the game for more than 2 minutes.
fun game but has a long story of speech and has a problem with difficulty spike being so high so fast
Too much beginning dialogue. Gives you "tickets" for something but doesn't really state what they are used for or how they are used. Overall I'd say the menu options look pretty boring as well. Not a game for me.