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RPG Asdivine Dios

RPG Asdivine Dios for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was really the kind of game I was looking for. Good old fashioned jRPG. Nice mechanics, nice story, etc. I like it a lot so far and have so few ads it doesn't look like it's free. Awesome game!
No way to save progress but excellent game still! Also, to avoid the ads just disconnect from wifi and all internet.
A very good game with a great story This would be my 2nd Kemco game that I finished. Band of Monsters being my first one which gave me quite a nostalgic feel to my childhood games.
No way to transfer progress but excellent game still! Also, to avoid the ads just disconnect from wifi and all internet or go into airplane mode
Edit: I'm updating my review, sorry for the bad one. This game has truly grown on me to the point where I wanted to experience it again! Thank you for updating the problem I will be continuing to enjoy your different games and explore the different storylines. Thank you so much again and I hope you continue to develop well!!
Perfect. Worth playing for sure. Graphics, nice. Characters, lovable. Controls, smooth. Difficulty is fair. Id recommend playing normal than jumping to hard mainly cause its grind like in the beginning, but once you start roling it becomes easy. Best part is that this rpg follows a story path, so no unesscesary grinding, you grind along the way as the story unfolds so you are always making progress. - Just a Kemco rpg player now
The second kemco RPG I played. An awesome game, I like the character, story, the monster not too hard, able to finish the game without spending money. Also it is offfline, just that after the while the ads is a bit annoying. A game I enjoy playing a lot
Really love this game. Im stuck at the light spirit's (forgot her name) ygdrasil but with a lil bit of grind its cool. The story and the characters are just really loveable, especially izayoi. He is one of my husbando now ๐Ÿ˜‚. I've never had such feelings for a fictional character before lol. If this had an anime i'd def watch it.๐Ÿ‘Œ
I was okay with the ads popping out after saving but to have it shown on top of the screen all the time really drops my motivation to play this game. For you new players who want to play for free, the ads I mentioned appeared after I played pretty far so you might want to reconsider before playing this. For the game itself, I give it 4 stars coz I like its simplicity and it has a good storyline.
It was fun and interesting at first, but there is literally an ad after after 5-10 clicks. Not loading screen or action, literally clicks, I could be walking and an ad will pop up. I understand the game is free, but throwing a million ads at me is not going to make me want to pay for a premium version.
I think it is a really good game only complaint is easy mode is too easy and normal mode is too hard early game
Kemco is great! They make games the way they should be..you can select easy if you don't want to be frustrated out of your mind with all the overbearing frequent monster trigger attacks so common with these, causing you to lose your bearings in the caves, etc., and instead enjoy the game while fighting the monsters...I love the RPG Maker type games. great format and gameplay. Kemco makes the best Android and PC 2D RPG games, and I plan to play every one of them. Highly recommended!
I really like playing the Asdivine RPG Games alot and I hope New Asdivine RPG Games will be developed and I hope there will be a Completely Free To Play To The End Version for people who can't afford to buy the games as well๐Ÿคฉ
this is my best choice of vintage rpg offline game: i already hit the maximum level but i dont want to finish the game yet because i want to perfect my weapons with good attribute, but the problem is theres no more weapon drop when i farm on the last stage even though i equiped all the heroes of my accessories with weapon+ ring.. i wish you can update this game so i can farm more of weapon to add additional damage when i forge them.. id like to finish this game with satisfaction.. thnx
Entertaining fun. A tad wordy in dialogue sometimes, but it's pretty good. Monster attack every few seconds, which is weird, but it's doable
This game for me is awesome great story and gameplay is smooth not so difficult that it makes me frustrated and want to delete it! Very nice graphics and controls are super easy! Thankyou so much developers for this wonderful game! I would like to play more like it in the future.
why do every i play this game, everytime i walk one step always see the enemy and never stop came Maybe i found bug in this game, please fix it
Asdivine Dios is in many ways not a bad game but an average one with some minor flaws. I found that the story was good but the gameplay was generally a lot of the same skills being used and over. I will note though that I was getting a slight nostalgic feeling for other games, but that just makes me feel like playing the other games. Playing on hard difficulty featured a substantial grind later on. Note that this game may not play well on new phones.
Story is quite interesting, and I love how you guys snuck in a quick "review if u like scene". Each character has their own unique personality, not to mention how they interact with one another. Look foward to continuing after I post this.
I really do enjoy the story thus far and I think some of the music that plays is really catchy (mainly the battle music). For a model port of a steam game it's pretty solid: the sprites are great, combat is pretty enjoyable, and there are shortcuts to different things on the right side of the screen making different actions rather effortless (healing mainly). I love the metal versions of monsters, since it brings back memories from playing dragon quest due to metal slimes being a pain to kill.
Great jrpg. Nice character and enemy sprites. Decent story. Average battle mechanix. Engaging enough to complete.
It's honestly a really good rpg. I didn't mind the ads when I saved but after about the halfway point of the game, the amount of ads is just ridiculous. I get why ads are there but I don't think it's really necessary to put them after each cut scene as well as when you enter or leave a town. The bar at the top doesnt really take away from the game so that's fine. the ads doesn't make me want to buy anything but rather to delete the game instead which is sad cause it really is good.
The game itself is okay, what has been getting more and more annoying is all the useless dialogue that one can not skip nor does it move the story forward. Just before one is asked to write a review that dialogue must have taken a half hour to get through.
Asdivine Dios is a wonderfully entertaining world, with a story that unfolds quite well! At first, having played other RPG titles, I opted for the 'Hard' difficulty and must say the challenge is there! It almost made me throw in the towel too after seeing how small experience gains were, but how heavy enemies were hitting. Not until I continued on and had an opportunity to grasp the mechanics better did I start noticing a change in my battle outcomes. I'm locked in and eager to see what's next!
Asking for write review is hilarious! Great game and story. Cute women character. Very easy to play. Hope there more games like this.
Hope you never change the way these games are done! I own almost all the asdivine series,great games and lots of humor in the dialouge!
The game is amazing. Ive finished it through to the normal ending, and it has me wanting to play through the other endings as well!
Another great RPG from Kemco. It has quick combat and an interesting way of getting new weapons. You basically get tickets from random battles and use them to get weapons from a draw. Those weapons have different effects and you can use them to upgrade each other or use them to transfer skills. I also like how it combines 2D art with 3D art.
Very enjoyable RPG with a good spin on making all the mechanics and gaming elements part of the story, which is also good
5s controls, 5s gameplay, 3s graphics. i love the 16-bit ezperience, amazing moves, amazing story, cool animationsn BUT! please please please please! update the animation of other npc's! like when they are standing, geez those feets man! overall nice game, just a bit of graphics improvement here and there.
Seems fun so far and I love the way the game asks for a review very different and far enough in to play to judge whether you like the game or not.
This is very reminiscent of the old JRPG story telling. You guys did a wonderful job, I lose hours to this game. In regards to the type of the game you were making 5 stars
Less 1 star for the very long and slow conversation, it makes me bored, but still nice game, just the convo is the problem for me
I really loved this one,this was one of the first Kemco games I've ever played ever since I've discovered them and immediately fell in love. I love the graphics,the voice acting,the battle system and everything else.The characters are pretty much lovable and each has flaws of their own.The map is very huge and I love that its open world.The ads aren't intrusive and I fine with them.All in all really love it 10/10 highly recommend you guys play it and If you are done try playing the second one.
for me this game is perfect for offline games, for adventurous people inside games, I like so many places to go...more to explore, the boat the flying I like it all specially the story this is perpect this game never failed to amused me, I wish, I hope other KEMCO games are like this more amusement, pls... we really enjoy it its like I'm in their world so pls continue your hardwork this app for me is a work of art . Job Well Done so again I'm going to download other kemco with this thought. :)ty
This game reminds me of rpg games I played in my youth. Original Final Fantasy etc. I find this game to be very playable and challenging at the same time. 4 stars
I was really enjoying this simple game then Bam! Drowning in adverts making it impossible to play. I am not the first person to say this I'm sure. We all get ads are needed but you are shooting yourself in the foot with this level of pop ups. Delete
Nice game I got to the point where this is a very nice game and the point to where the review the character and rpg style is very nice please keep making games
Great game as always! I think I like this better than Fernz Gate. That's the first one I played because I fell in love with Alex (I love white/grey/guys in anime and rpgs that's why) but I think I like Izayoi better lol. He's too sensitive sometimes despite being a deity but I find it endearing and hilarious lol. And ofcourse his voice gotta love his voice! Anyway, because of this I downloaded Asdivine menace, asdivine hearts 2, asdivine cross, antiquia lost and wizards of brandel.
usually I'm very critical on games but holy hell this one got me. combat is awesome, brings me back to old-school final fantasy days, so many skill combinations and I love how the level cap is high you never seem to stop growing in power, arkstone system is unique, dialogue is quirky and funny and I even went as far to buy the premium because I think you guys deserve every dollar for this game and the rest. keep it up. p.s needs more magic types
One of my favorite of the kemco games. I like its battle systems super nintendo feel. I like the equipment upgrading. While it doesnt have equipment crafting i like it when kemco includes that. Cash shop stuff is always good in kemco games. I hope kemco includes new game+ content in their games similar to super nintendos chrono trigger. The story of this game caught my attention because it is naturistic and i like that. I must also admit i like that this game is honestly quite a romance novel.
Honestly, you will not be able to find free games so well done without ads making them a menace. This game only plays an ad after you save for about halfway through. After the halfway mark it will play an ad when you leave and enter significant areas. (Like leave a town for the outside world.) And even then you can X out of it at 5 seconds. It is hardly noticeable. If you still want to whine then pay for the game. I plan on doing so even though I finished it simply because they deserve it.
Very Well done. This ftp game is very well done with its structure and solidarity. I like how most ads are timed and not intrusive. Also, the fact you can remove ads easily with a one-time purchase. Very good design. I'm not into the story much right now, but I can already see the plot line. Love the fact that the Curie sisters are here as well. Makes it more fun. 5/5
Only been playing for a few hours but so far so good. Could have a little more diversity in monster graphics.
A really good, old school RPG experience. The weapon combination system helps keep inventory management to a minimum and the characters are likable. And it's free! Ads only appear when you save as far as I have seen. Overall, very good!
Stuck up with that one island. Enemies too strong like more or less 10000 damage. I didn't even had the chance to attack or flee plus enemies got to attack first.
The ads make this game virtually unplayable. At first the ads are not that bad but after an event in game, a banner ad is placed at the top of the screen and you get an ad every time you enter or exit a town/dungeon. It would not seem so bad if the ads were like this at the beginning of the game, but it happens after you have been drawn in by the story. It comes across like a bait and switch.
this game is addicting,what i dont like is the long dialogues. i hope there is a skip button for these dialogues...
I always love to play anime rpg games like these. I will always look forward for more amazing anime rpgs like this!
awesome game. spent hours playing it offline! story is great and the progress of each characters are possible without spending money or playing a super hard stage. ul forgeg ure in d real world.
Story is mediocre, and gameplay is fine and challenging only if the player plays a certain way. As soon as I got a few metal monster kills (which gives stupid amount of EXP and SP) and had Izayoi learn burning slash (an OP skill that 3-4 shots bosses), I became over leveled and mopped the floor with every boss (even the final boss) without challenge. Take this to heart though: once you've played one of Kemco's RPGs, you've played all of them. The other RPGs reuse the same enemies and mechanics.
This game is a great throwback to the old snes rpgs of the mid 90's. Add to it that fact that it's free totally from start to finish and all the content and bonus content, this is a must download for any rpg lover. I almost forgot to comment on the ads. They are very minimally invasive and hardly slow down your gaming experience.
I had a well time with this app I don't really mind the ads but they pop up when you go into the cave that's okay but it happens EVERY single time but the okay this is good and the game it self needs 5 starts so here you need to keep making games
TOTALLY AMAZING.Also played the sequel of this and could you please add a sequel of the sequel of this? This has a good storyline, a nice plot balanced combat so it is a perfect series of the dios and menace also good graphics. I also love the music on the menu so relaxing.Keep it up kemco, we will support you with all our hearts and money. Also add more magic Elements and please make more games like this you know, not boring and very exciting.
10/10 Hands down the best game i ever played. but there is one problem when i turn off my phone while in game the music keeps playing but other than that its cool
The only thing that I don't like is the ads but you can have them removed rather cheap. It's the best rpg that I've played in a long time.
Great game indeed, but the story was too short and my other problem is very hard to get all the treasure boxes?!
this is hands down one of the best games I've ever played. it has a superb story that gets you hooked, great character progression and cute designs. the gameplay is very intuitive and easy to understand. if there's one thing I dont like about this game, it's probably the fact that you cant actually buy any useful equipment on any shop. i wish the shops were progressing with what weapon they have in store but they do not. i finished the game with about five million gold because of that
Great offline game. You have the options of connecting to playstore but not necessary for play. Good story line, quirky characters. An rpg game that doesn't have new content every week, just a game to pick up and beat at your leisure. Do not need to pay to play/win.
The game itself is great, it's just all the ads that are a pain in the butt. Everytime I save or exit a menu an ad pops up. Can I ask for just a few less ads so that game flow isn't interrupted as often, please??
fantastic! the adds are tolerable and only happen when i save. the storyline has me hooked and im absolutley in love with the gameplay!
I hope asdivine kamura will be free to download (not trial) just like asdivine dios and other asdivine games so that I can appreciate more of the story. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
A good-looking JRPG with a heart and decent story. Gameplay is very easy to pick up. It's very approachable with the difficulty and save-anywhere mechanic. Story seems a bit too simple but there are some entertaining moments. Ads are unintrusive as well. Music and voice acting (in battle) sounds good, but the music itself could use some more variety. UI presentation specifically on the equipment menu needs some improvements as well. Nonetheless, it's a highly recommended game for JRPG seekers.
So far, I'd have to say... This game is WAY TOO similar to Antiqiua Lost. Although I liked AL, I hated the gem aspect of it game. But happily you nixed it from this one. WAY cooler characters too. thanks. I'll update my review once I've beaten the game. So far it's great!
Was good till all the ads started. You get a good ways into the game and then boom ads and then they want you to spend money to remove them. Just find another game not worth the BS
This is an enjoyable game to play and quality programming of this game is real quality code and I have not seen any runtime errors.
The first ever game I've played from you guys! I was blown away. I love all your other games but this one. Asdivine Dios with stay with me for a very long time. Thank you.
Totally worth it! I love this game, its a great role playing game. Easy to learn and play unless you go with a higher difficulty which would be for challenging gamers who want more thought in their fights.
Finished playing this game .. Just search Dungeon Awaits on YouTube to see my gameplays.......... Btw, I found a way to reach Lv999 very early in the game (when I was Lv40)..๐Ÿ˜......... The story is great.......... The skill and magics effects is not good, they all look the same.......... There's only few extra content.......... Achievements don't show on Google play..
Pretty poggers so far, although I have noticed some grammatical errors. For example: Stealed is not a word. The past tense of steal is stole.
Loved every bit. I loved the storyline the most. The game play is def interactive. I keep thinking this game has an infinite play but sadly it doesn't, still curious I am wondering if there will be a sequal. I feel like there are cliffhangers.
This game almost seems like a parody of my life and thoughts currently, that said - the Developers did a fantastic job of the game and created an interesting world and story! One thing that should be improved, is the availability of more powerful weapons with ability to manually add stats (e.g. sleep / critical / strength) Thank you for the game
I enjoyed this very much. Even with a few extra features, it brought back good memories of playing Final Fantasy.
it was a great game but it's not perfect at all. there are some bugs that the developer can't serolve.
This is so amazing! I honestly can't believe this is a free game... The only ads are after you save the game, and that isn't necessarily too often either. It's perfect and really considerate for the player really. But the storyline and the gameplay are just sooooo good. Thank you for this game!! It's beautiful โค