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RPG Asdivine Cross

RPG Asdivine Cross for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo, Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The pop up ads were not a big deal to me, I'm all for supporting the dev's. But seriously that on screen ad at the top? That's a buzzkill man. The game is REALLY great, but 7.99 is a bit steep for a mobile game in my opinion.
Super fun game. Great story line and decent graphics. Plus having turn based combat is always a plus. Seems like every mobile rpg is action based these days. If you're a fan if games like chrono trigger or FF then I suggest u give this a try!
I have purchased 600 acp and payment was successful via GCash but after receiving tje text confirmation that it was paid, went back to the game and voila, no 600 acp was added. What is this? Goodthing that was just a small amount that i tried to purchase to see if it will push through....need to be refunded. That is a bad thing for business.
The game is pretty good. The quests are fun and so is the storyline. Only supplement I would wish to have is to be able to zoom out the mini map
Best phone game Ive ever played. Entertaining story, easy to learn to play, Great old-style JRPG. Very few ads too. These guys really make the best mobile RPG games, hands down. Highly recommend
This is a very enjoyable game however once to the Guild the ads do become very tiresome, caused my phone to lock up on about every load screen, also not a big thing but you have a lot of misspelled words
great game great graphics love the nostalgic look chars are great and very funny nd gameplay is smooth as can be expected. over all amazing experience.
It doesn't freeze or have constant updates just to crash later on. screw flashy mobile games, at least this one works from start to finish. Story and dialogue is a lil cliche cheesy but its cute and it WORKS, so take that wannabe game designers out there.
I have to say I both love and hate this game. In regards to story it is one of Kemco's best titles; but the gameplay was a bit monotonous. Notably this us also a remake I believe, and yet screen flicker for power saving is an issue. Possibly this might be worth playing if a good sequel is made to it; otherwise it is perhaps slippage if you are looking for a decent playing experience.
A real cool old school rpg. Lots of convenient features that make it more user friendly. Entertaining and humourous dialog with little character interactions like the private actions in star ocean 1 and 2. Great game well worth the play like several other kemco titles I've played. One problem for me tho is the banner ad that starts midway through the game and covers the top 1/2" of the screen. The thing is a brutal eyesore and they wait til after you left a nice review and have hours invested in the game to spring it on you. It's only a few bucks to remove the ads and the game is well worth it. Maybe if the ads were just a still frame and slightly translucent when you walk like the other icons it wouldn't be so bad
Good story line, smooth gameplay, old school turn based battle system, and you can customize and enhance weapons. I like that you can also play this game offline and it does not require you to spend $$$ to progress. This game is a classic RPG and well worth the download. 9/10
I'll be uninstalling this game due to the developers including in game ads it's bad enough that everytime I save I'm forced to watch a commercial but now they added in game ads that distract from the game and want me to pay for ad blocking. I don't do strong arm tactics. They should have just charged for three game to begin with.
I really love the game, I've been grinding 12-14 hours since I downloaded this. I'm expecting for more update like upgraded story plot or additional story after the end game. Still this game is just so much! πŸ’•
This game is really good specially if you want a rather old stylish games like gba on android this is the best for me
The ads get absolutely ridiculous. I get the need for ads for a "free" game, but a constant banner ad as well as an ad any time there is a loading screen is just plain stupid. It's definitely not worth playing after you get to that point in the game and the game isn't good enough to justify buying the adblock.
Interesting way to get me here ^_^ Great game so far. Intertaining, funny, smooth transitions and fun :)
good and addictive offline games. Just buy the Ads Eliminator + 800ACP to support the devs if you enjoy the game before the ads become so annoying.
I'm expecting this game doesn't involved in the Bible and somehow the battles before hand are not unfairly over doomsday against the heroes and I hope your game will not be corrupted or having penalty because of old classical game that is going through and these will be a high experience for the gamer. The force of heroism shall arise once again and this will be set and fulfill!.
awesome game! brings back memories from childhood, My husband and I are playing this together, we started the same time and he flew right by me πŸ’œ
as always, this other chapter in the "Asdavine" worlds does not disappoint! i love the "trust gauge" feature. it adds a bit more excitement to the already entertaining battle system. you've got the classic turn-based rpg down to a t! and once again, I'm in love with the main characters! and the return of Madam and Jolie Curie always makes me smile!
Another wonderful game, the story is good("nice script"), nice control, nice graphic, this game is one of my favorite hahahaha this made me cry this one have a good ending nice work hope to see another game like this can't wait.(Olivia is cute when she smile and when she's embarrassed😍😍😍)
Good game but then ads appeared on top of the screen and every time I entered a place. I can understand having ads when saving but constantly can get annoying and distracting. I won't play the game anymore.
I LOVE THIS GAME, seriously ive played near enough them all i think and this one is right up there, great story, great characters who are hilarious, cool turn based attack system, boss's look great and our protagonist is really likeable...download it
Lol this doesn't even work at all! It does absolutely nothing! Says "now loading" then goes to a black screen and never does anything after. On the plus side, you can touch the black screen and make little cyan colored sparkles follow your finger! I'm running Android 9, have nothing but RPGs on this device and they all work flawlessly, except this! Garbage! It's not even an app! Uninstalled!
The worst or same bad as Asdivine Hearts 1. Too much unimportant dialogue, it so cringe. Magic so hard to learn. There is event where you can choose fight soldiers with Harvey alone or not, if you do maybe it will increase trust meter. BUT the battle it's way too hard. Exp & SP is very slow meanwhile another Asdivine games are not like this. Tactic auto battle setting, when it says on command "all out with magi", but the party won't all out, they just randomly cast spell or doing useless skills
Ive only gotten to the guilds exam main quest but from what i can tell, overall to the point im at, the game is fun. A little bit of nerfing on the monsters stats could be helpful but otherwise, as i said above a fun game.
So, a killer set of abs, an idiot princess, a masochist shapeshifter, and a sadist priestess walk into a bar... It's a very good game. The character writing is surprisingly engaging, and often funny, and the mechanics are very generous. Almost too much so--if I had a criticism, it's that it's too easy, even on the hardest setting. Forging weapons is consistently fun, and it's a perfectly playable and enjoyable game, even if you don't spend a cent on it. I'd highly recommend it if you like RPGs.
im having a great time. im just getting a little worried the story is going by fast and it is making me think the game is short. i really hope thats not the case and i can continue to enjoy it for a long while.
Great fun game so far, but Harvey for some reason only auto attacks now after i got to the hideout, is there a way to turn that off? Its only him none of the others do that
YESSSS! Another masterpiece by KEMCO! I actually played this on my New Nintendo 3DS XL and boy was I in for some fun. The only difference between them is that one has ads which isn't a problem whatsoever. I will always treasure your games.
Perfect game for me, i use it to kill time at work. Also these games are quite long so each one lasts me maybe two weeks. If you're into final fantasy this is a decent substitute πŸ‘
While I wouldn't say it's a perfect RPG game, personally I'm quite satisfied so far. The main characters and the interactions between them are pretty comical and at times unexpected. The story is kind of predictable but that shouldn't hurt much. The skill combo is sometimes annoying since it's aimed at one target so it's not possible to buff self then attack an enemy in one go, but having the freedom to make a skill combo itself is nice. Also the option to manually alter encounter rate anytime is a big plus for me, as it saves time for grinding and lowers disturbance while traveling.
While playing the game I've noticed that in order to continue through the quests you have to upgrade weapons only issue is is that the game does not provide adequate weapons to upgrade outside of purchasing a p aside from that the storyline so far seems fun and the fighting is not too difficult so beginners can get the good hang of it
Really enjoy the graphics, the story line, and the animations. The game is a JEWEL itself, truly enjoy the battle tactics, and especially the weapon functions and attachment combinations, although it could be better than 5 stars if you could add attributes to your armor too, and be able to put on at least 4 gems instead of 2, also not sure yet, but if it only has 4 playable characters, it'll be awesome to add some extra ones, and if possible to ask for, a character customization mode lol. 5stars
Lots of fun! I'm looking forward to finishing this game before the month ends! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ£πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈπŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈβ™₯️ I would've liked to have a "skip cutscene" button so that when I died in a boss battle, I wouldn't need to rewatch the whole cutscene again. Thanks for the free rpgs, kemco!
I like this game but the metal is very difficult to defeat metal and magic not effective but i use normal attack and auto attack to get critical hit thats should be level up
Excellent story, I have always heard good things about the series, and it really does live up to expectations!
This is one of the best rpgs i have every played it reminds me of the old school final fantasy i also liked the 4th wall break
The game seemed okay for the most part but I uninstalled the game when it got to explaining that you can upgrade weapons by sacrificing other weapons. I've played MMORPGs and am fine with this type of mechanic for those games but that doesn't belong in this kind of game where things should be simpler. The only reason why Kemco shoved it in here is for monetization. Pretty much all of their games have stupid things like this thrown in for micro-transaction purposes.
Love the story and the sense of humor of this game! I recently completed Machine Knight and it was just nostalgic and awesome at the same time! This is quite the enjoying game and sometimes breaks the 4th wall if you ask me, (Lucile just asked me to write a review so here it is)
I like this game... i mean their storyline and the game play is make me really love play this game no matter what time... the option they give about control really make me satisfy with the game... i give 5 star...
I like the gameplay and even hardest mode still decent, but for translation when laughing better keep use same text like when they laughing gyahaha or ehehe, don't change it to hmm because this word used when thinking or agreeing 'mhmm'. people who never play atelier with VA will get it wrong. I think i start seeing hmm when va said eheehee in atelier ayesha or its full dusk series...
It's everything I was looking for in an android rpg! Graphics are very fine...storyline is compelling, and I like the sub quests. Ads are minimal, and only when you save your game...no interference while you're playing! Love it!
I think that battle system is great one like ff XX it is so simple and interesting.. I mean a lot of unstable status will be more and I hope that someday this game will make debut with online mode and thin capacity for the game thanks.. ~mangroof69~
Nice graphics, pretty fun characters, semi- interesting story so far. This has a nice balance for fights and a really cool skills system. Combos are a stroke of genius. Navigation is nice and maps make it easy to keep from getting lost. Dialogue is not skippable and is a bit too much unless you play games like this just for the story like I do. All in all, pretty good! But after around 4 hours I couldn't proceed in the story by sleeping at the inn.
Lucille is so cute, and because of that I'll rate you guys 5 stars, Lucille is so M Good thing ACPs are cheap to the point where I could just buy 5 Warehouse keys and open every warehouse for loots I think that The hard difficulty needs some Tweaking because the drop rate is the same as normal but whatever works, Great game tho
Super loved the game I love the graphics the control and also the story is amazing..i just done playing this game.. I thought after i defeated the light deity it will be boring but im wrong..its an amazing game..
This game is actually good, you don't have to buy something (microtransaction) if you want to play it. You can get a gacha ticket after any 6 battles, except if you want to remove the ads, you can buy it. It's kinda ez because you can fully restore your health anytime you want(FOR FREE). This game is worth enough. PS: After you clear Guild Tournament, the ads will show up more often than before and a sticky ads will always show.
interesting story plot, just like any old school rpg it has easy control,I totally recomend this game for those who like game with storyline πŸ‘πŸ»
I don't know how to load my data from my other device, I've logged in with Google Play Games and I've saved it there, but now I have a newer device and I can't load my data. It seems it doesn't let me log in with my account.
This game was AMAZING, The graphics, the storyline, and the amazing characters! My only problem is that defeating the light deity and Nullus was way harder then it should be.
I wish there were more games like this, the style is very the kind I like. I didn't check the background of the game but feels a lot like a classic eroge. If this is a port from PC then I wouldn't even be surprised and I would also play the PC version for the "extra" content.
Game was fun and very reminiscent of old school RPG's and had ads when you saved, which was fine. But at one point of the game, the ads changed to everytime you left a building and saved and it got to be way too much. I tried to buy the option to have no ads, but game kept freezing at the connection screen. Uninstalled!
When you decide to make a character able to turn into a cat just do a cat impression, what's not to love? It's just one example of the humor of the Shorty! (I'm only calling her by the height nickname because it was recent and I can't remember how to spell her actual name, specifically the number of the letter "L")
The programming code works. Programmers I think it's odd for the same total number of experience points to be gain throughout different areas in the game. Increasing the number of experience points and jewel points by 4, 8, 16 please.
Every game you have is awesome and the I like the most of part in your game is the story.The Story is really awesome and all your RPG game that you created has a great story asdivine, dios, menace , etc all of this is great. I'll see your new game that you will create again. by the way your ad is not a problem tho cause I really enjoy your game
I would have given this 5 stars because this game is awsome but i am not because there is a glitch on the $20 acc. Right now where it will charge youbut not give you your 2600 acc.
Fourth Kemco game I am playing in a row, all the way through. Loving them! And the characters and stories. Magic can be underwhelming and could use more songs in soundtracks are among just a few improvements I would request. Overall very happy with them.
I really like playing the Asdivine RPG Games alot and I hope New Asdivine RPG Games will be developed and I hope there will be a completely free to play to the end version for people who can't afford to buy the games as well🀩
another great installment by kemco. refreshing story with all the good components from previous titles like the battle system to character growth. the challenge is adjustive and customizable. try it out :)
good game. Great story. only bad thing is ads popping up makes the game forever on loading screen until I close it.
Lucille is cute a little odd but cute and jolie is cute this time and more friendlier and Madame Curie is older looking but still scary and super strong as well but the game is Good and intense but real fun as well i enjoyed beating Duncan's behind for what he pulled and i can wait to whoop zigs ass for getting me in jail oh will i ever enjoy doing that and then beating the shadow diety for revenge for that monster he let loose on us after beating Duncan afterwards ill defeat the shadow diety!!!
little disappoint with equipment system. this the first thing i see Offline RPG with Gacha equipment. Even you can buy it ingame though, but not strong as gacha equipment. for gameplay i reccomend it.
I really love this game. It's so much fun. Here's a review for Lucile. Lucile is so adorable... Her personality is good too...πŸ’ž
Having a great time!!!!! The asdivine series is a must play for all rpg enthusiasts. Keep making these great games and I'll keep playing.
The game is good and the ads are not that bad at first. Then after an in game event the game is almost unplayable due to ads.
Amazing. At first I was skeptical because of the longated gameplay but that just made the game more fun for throughout. Love the option to tweet for ACP as it helped me a lot when playing the freemium version. 10/10 would play again
I have to say I both love and hate this game. In regards to story it is one of Kemco's best titles; but the gameplay was a bit monotonous as a result of one of how one of the characters worked. Notably this is also a remake I believe, and yet screen flicker for power saving is an issue. Possibly this might be worth playing if a good sequel is made to it.
Interesting storyline,funny characters but why the bp is too fast draning pls fix this,and i love to see more of this games in the future!i deleted this game because the boss is too hard to defeat and it the characters took more damage than i expected,pls fixed this,thnks and i would liked to see the future improvement of the games!
Excellent game, requires being played through twice to get everything. With that it adds more content so beating it once is just practice. Love games that have a NG+ mode and story.
I am about 10 hours into the game and still really enjoying it. I would buy this game if it was not free to play. there is no play to win components I have seen so far. I highly recommend if you are a classic RPG fan.