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Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RTS & Castle Builder

Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RTS & Castle Builder for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Flaregames located at KaiserstraรŸe 146-148, 76133 Karlsruhe. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm a long time player, the game turned into a FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE for many. The players that spend more real money earn most and no not paying player can reach their level. There is no balance, only players that pay expensive perks and are able to beat players that do not invest much therefore most players and most likely you, are there so that high paying players win, skills do not matter much.
One Of The finest Games I've played ever. But still face some problems in the Network will connection. And the accounts are also not secure here..it gets hacked easily. But still I'll say It's the best game if you are at a good level.
Your festivals are ridiculously difficult. Game should be difficult but not as stupidly difficult as the festivals. I am 130 level, top 300 player, 5 years experience, I spend 50 tries to make 15 points! All players hate the festivals, all hate you for that. You do nothing. Make a poll you'll be surptaser what the players think of your festivals!
I have played this alot then I stopped for a year because it got boring but it's a really good game. The only thing I don't like is the bread situation I wish it was for free. Maybe there could be an ๐Ÿ†™date or something. ๐Ÿ™‚
Flare does not response anymore to my emails. I send multiple email for the bugs experience in rr2 but they no longer response on it. Rr2 needs to fix the current bugs first before inputting another feature that might have another issues in the future. Overall the game is good but some unfair trophy reductions and increase is not really good for my experience. Still congratulations and been playing rr2 for years.
I love this game it is so fun it has some bugs I'v been playing it for my whole life and I am not sure if I can get things that costs money but I don't care that never stopped me from playing it it is so fun if you don't play this game you are a noob thank's for making this game l love you ( plus I don't know how to get the giant) but again thanks so much for thinking of this game peace out โœŒ๏ธ
Its u fun game and it's really easy you can make friends in a community. It's also easy to get coins and further in the game as days go by I started 2 weeks ago and I'm getting really good.nice game๐Ÿ‘
I am enjoying playing this game๐Ÿ˜” Bute when I lost connection it end me to lose lot of trophies ๐Ÿ˜  even I get a victory in a battle. When I connected again. I lose my trophies. And I hate it. It's ok if I'm reconnecting in the middle of battlefield I accept it. But in the end and I get victory then I lost connection I lose alot of my trophies ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜  I hate it.๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 
I am back to play this game after 4-5years,because it is one of my favorite game, but 4-5 years before also this game is not popular and now also not to much popular, plz make this game popular bye advertising or something else,because I know this is to OP .today also people don't even know that this type of game is exist. Please do something.
I destroyed all the towers and gate in a dungeon chamber but still got raid. Please look into it. Otherwise everything else is good.
I like the game but it will be good if any event like it will decrease the upgrade s time because it is getting hard to upgrade any tower
Best game ever it's so fun I spend most of my time playing this game! And my gave update they made what the ninja opocolypse it was so fun I had my ninja squad just to recommend just to download this game it's totally worth it!!!
Love it! It's a great game to play when you want to get rid of anger and frustration. The only thing I dislike is how my earnings are taken away should I lose.
I've been playing RR2 for over 5 years almost everyday. The game continued to impress me with more content every update, this game was great, but then it happened, somebody probably got fired and they ADDED! a ~battle pass~. This may seem like it's not a problem, but its a very big one. Recently the developers have been slacking.
The best game ever, the gameplay the everything, all is great, except one thing, we can only change our name once, i have a mistake in my name so i want to change it, but i cant, would be better if we can change it 2 times, i already spend alot of money in this game as i have faith in this game that one day it will be the greatest game, and i will keep spending money, all i want is the option to change our names 2 times...
It's a fun game but I do wish I had a button to push for movment, like a joystick type that some games bleach have. As it's weird feeling to move with having your thumb covering most of the screen. Thank you and god bless
The game is pretty fun and addictive, and the gameplay and graphics are pretty smooth and amazing, good experience, definitely give this game a try, recommend it 10/10 ๐Ÿ‘
No strategy. Simple and repetitive. Designed to make you watch ads. Good graphics. Controls are just okay. Deleting after 2 months due to lack of depth.
This is the worst game i ever played.. I spend lot of money.. And today this game show connection lost... My net connection is very good how is it possible.Soon this game rating decrease beolw 3... Due to connection lost problem. Dont play this game and dont spend money... If u spend money its not give any special item. Play clash of clan and also buy because that game give u permanent item. And plz give my all money which spend last night on this worst.๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก Bugging game. ๐Ÿ˜ not solve yet
Goodish at heart, but save your time. You can never win. Clarification as requested by the developer. You can't win this game, it's an endless updater that one can never win. It's for masochists and those with OCD. It's not totally healthy. Alternatively to can pay an absolute fortune for gems and still not ever have a chance of catching the older OCD players. I always get depressed by the way games have gone when I play Royal Revolt 2. It's a moneymaking idea with a game wrapped around.
I really love this game very very much I want to give five stars but I gave only 4 stars because there is no pro league I really love that pro league can please please add the pro league and I definitely remove the four stars and give this best game a 5 stars can you please add pro league please.i wish you would add pro league . Thank you.
Why does it force me to login with my account? I don't want to give my email id for login anywhere. I uninstalled it immediately. If you (devs) respond to this comment, please don't write the annoying things like please share your problems on this email id blah blah blah and so on. I stated the problem clearly. Fix it or not! It's none of my business. ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž
I like how people are forced to battle your Castle but I would like an option that cost triple fees in order to skip to another player to attack if you're not happy with the one you got. I also don't like the fact that there's magic involved when playing this game. I would prefer more realistic fighting skills and would prefer a moralistic medieval scenery as well as characters instead of cute colorful characters that only attract kids.
I had this on my computer and now what I want to download it on my tablet all updates are done it said that all updates for done software update was up to date I download it it said was connected and every single time it says connected it logs me out of the game I completely and I had to go through again and it logs me out go through it again log me out I don't know I don't I don't know I don't know why ###:
Great game but there is a glitch that when you delete the game and reinstall it let's you gain all your GEMS from acevments again and liking your game players won't t need to buy them so thats a warning from me so look Into that.
I only review games that i like and this game is exactly that . Its a strategy game that i played since i was 5 and the best part is i reached realy far without paying a cent
Really the best game!! And its one of the game in which the devs are responding well๐Ÿ˜„......its just that some glitches are there which need to be removed like the invisible kimg glitch, and some festival shud come which offers us nemesis every year once. Also when normally i lost against a player at 0% i got -40 but when my game crashed against same player at 0% o got -60. So these also need to be removed for 5 stars
Not sure why it wants access to your profile picture and full name, email, etc. Access to "Google play games" account should be enough
It's my top 1 favourite game it's fun and also plz add the pro season to the game again I'm ready to try if you do I'll give 5 stars but if not it stays also plz continue the battle pass and the pro season I was Ready to try the pro season out but instead it was removed by battle pass edit: well pro chests are fine for daily chest but lz bring back pro season
Literally the best game ive ever played....wars and conquests are cool....real teamwork required ...lots of nailbiting moments and nice miz of strategy.... Edit 1 : Its still good but god knows how many hundereds of years will it take for a free player to get a lv6 rune. In the next update please grant an option to choose the daily runes...
The pro legue was much more better than..... easter season.... after ther new update the game is only money worthy... you have to spend money to buy pass to get pro pals..... there isn't another option now.... Sometimes the game disconected when u just starting a battle even though u have a good network connection. There are many bugs in the game. It's too hard to get that some players reached 10000levels in new season.. From where they get enough gems??? ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ™„
This game is not for free player's ,, , No Nemesis pal since 2 years. They're not giving Nemesis to us, without main pal it's impossible to raid , then why and who will gonna play this game without nemesis pal, it's impossible to survive without it.
great game flaregames it's wholesome awesome one thing you must add feature of selling obstacles towers which have been in my inventory. i have so many barricades and bomb towers want to sell them i hope developers would read my review
Good game but Impossible to ply. Only 1 server, so you have to wait 1 hour before play. Slow slow slow. 1st game i see like that.
The game is very nice and interesting but majorly it is for kids and thus some ads are inappropriate which should not come as it will have a bad impact on children. Please check into this that such shameful ads should not come as the game is for kids.
I've played this game for a while and I enjoy it. Its pretty straight foward and its not easy but its nkt too hard. Thats my oppinion but i like it.
Giving 3 stars now. I have been playing this game for 4 years. With the upcoming of seasons the game becomes very boring. Due to non- availability of pro-shop, we are not able to buy good items. New players are not able to find Nemesis pal. So we humbly request you to kindly provide Pro-shop in which pals and items can be purchased with gems. It will be a good relief for players. If possible bring back pro event and eliminate seasons. Thank you
After new update of 2021, game is tacking too much time to loading and its Approximately 5 times more, it's not good please do something otherwise i'll leave tbis game
This game is very nice and better than the first one (Royal revolt). You can build your own empire,join alliances and unleash new powers ,gears and weapons...
This game is awesome, its very unique and fun. But please, everyone uses phoebe, perhaps its time you do something about her ? All the good defences include her, and combined with werewolves, shes unstoppable. Nerf her! Also please allow us to upgrade more than 1 defense wave at a time, 3 is more than reasonable.
I gave this five star before,because I've played before. But for some reason I'm only getting 14 medals and little trophy per battle. This makes it impossible for me to compete in tournaments. I contacted customer service but all they did was tell me to join a clan and gave me some tips... this did not help! I'm still getting the same amount of medals and trophies... Please fix this because it's not fun for me.
Hello. I just made 2 in game purchases, then the game stopped working once it announced that an old lady arrived to sell stuff. Is this a common issue or should I ask for a refund before uninstalling??
All these games main trick is that they only show the good reviews while all the honest yet negative reviews are never shown. All the so called positive reviews are just to MISLEAD the new customers n I m one of its victims. In reality its 2days since I tried opening but it just won't open. There should be a NEGATIVE ratings system also for MISLEADING PEOPLE.
I love this game and the best thing is it's not a ptw game you get high end gear all the time out of the chest s easy controlles it's just an awesome game past time that's y I give it 5*
Awesome i have played this game since it was first here. Even though i lost my first account im happy its still as amazing as it still is today.
I played this game around a few years ago but I remember it as clear as day I didn't have any internet problem and it wouldn't kick me out plus this isn't a copy this game is quite different yea has a few things in common but this game is different where you can equip Armour and loot plus you can try and get pets or pet I forgot that one ๐Ÿ˜… but this is a good game overall
Please make the war season more fun.. I am playing this for 4 years. But the war season is not interesting enough after the new update.. Plz do something
This is the best game, i have played this game for 2 years now, and it is Fun! I love everything about the game! Thats why i give it 5 stars. And i have invited my friends to play, and they liked it also.
Love this game.......Different items.....tower defence.......what more can one ask for? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Awesome!
It is a very nice game. If they introduce autoplay (like in Olympus Rising) it would be like a cherry on the cake. And obviously I think they will get more stars for that.
For developerplease fix what i have experience. Yesterday the game was fine. But suddently earlier in the morning. The game connected then when i tap the screen it suddently disconnected the game said "connection lost" but i using wifi and my connection is perfecly fine. I think its the game that has problem. So sadly i need to uninstall it because it no longer use for me
Matchmaking sucks now. Given that it has become almost fully pay to win, the matchmaking of alliance in Wars and Conquests has become terribly grotesque. Your tiny alliance will get matched with supergiants, rendering your efforts perfectly worthless in those crucial events.
Developer & customer support are not upto the mark. Support for free players is ruthless & they don't care as free players are banned without any reason. Multiple mails communication initiated but no reply or system generated replys that's all. Respect of free players is not worthy enough in this game. Be aware some incident might impact your progress in the game as development team can take some action in the influence of some high spenders. In short spenders are valued more than a free players
They dont have that much ads but it feels like they have tons. Let me explain. It's that stupid loading time. Gosh every time in and out of different screen for example from dungen to castle, 20seconds of loading time. Every time after you're done with the invasion and want to come back to your castle, almost 30seconds? Of loading time.. It's a big problem man. My phone is not even old and it does this. I know this game is old and Original. This game created lots of copycat games but loading i
Your transition into switching from your king into your guarding is so delayed at points that it so frustrating to continue to play the game.Theirs been times I click the guarding symbol But somehow I die.Ask for a revive. I come back and I'm on the ....Guarding.How does that make any sense.The amount of wasted gems over the year it has costed me alone is unbelievable.And aswell you offer paid advertisement to try out new games to earn free gems I completed & they don't want to pay (KingDmoney)
Haven't been able to connect for a week and a half Update: almost 2 month later still cant connect to server on my phone
1. King finally heals by Tammy/Phoebe while on Guardians . Start Guadians with same ๐Ÿ‡ 10sec initial cool down 2. Merge 2 spells in one slot, (hybrid spells) 3. View Kingdom in 360ยฐ, streetview zoom & Taverns mini Games (darts). 4. Villagers Walking. 360ยฐ on/off toggle for GPU Tablets/PC mode 5. Visit Neighbors in 3D Royal Revolt Map. Add Robotic CrystalGlass theme. 6. Buy items in Pause Menu like Royal Revolt1 7. Add 4th Spell similar to 4th Troop. Ninja's Lightning kick / crossbow for King
My child hood was these games and I thank you for the experience if there was a third omg it would be great and even better if the devs reacted omg ๐Ÿ˜ฒjust love the first and the 2 was a banger also although side note thought it a little pay to win but idk thanks for your work
I remember playing this when I was 10, so when I saw it on the play store I had to download. I was not disappointed there are multiple features and constant updates that keep the game from being repetitive or boring along with a couple multi-player features if you want to play with friends or just solo run. 10/10
Game developed by Greedy people of money ๐Ÿ’ฒ how better you play dosen't matter how much you can pay only matter this to win the game.
I wasn't the only one experiencing issues that morning, my whole team was experiencing issues that day. No worries though, the gameplay is back to normal now :) sorry that I was complaining about your server overload problem. I'm a veryyyy old veteran of this game. I want you all to know at flaregames that you all have done an amazing job at developing this game :))((: keep on making us happy. You all have done so much, & happy to have started playing this game.
This is the worst game, i hv ever played in my life. Just waste of time. My serious suggestion to all the new visitors is just don't download it. ๐Ÿ–•๐ŸพThis is for the devloper and controller of the game
Guys ,I request you that you should spend money on ads too. Our lovely game is getting smaller day by day.๐Ÿ˜ขYou can compete with world class games ,but take some serious actions from your side. I personally get very borring when there is no event. PLEASE BRING A NEW EVENT!!! I also don't understand why you are getting afraid in giving NEMIES,is it not a balancing factor , when you can ban the accounts to make game balanced...๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’
I used to play this game a lot, and it was fun! Then it started crashing a lot, maybe because my phone is old, I don't know. Then I stopped for a year and the next time I logged on it worked. Overall, pretty good app. I recommend it, and remember to join alliance Papi gods!
You should really make a faster way to dismantle runes... I've been doing it for 2 hours and am not even close to being done. Maybe put in a 'dismantle all' feature, please.
I love this game. Very addicting and very fun! Sometimes it sucks when u want more gems but don't want to buy them, but u can still do a lot without purchases and game is good
I have a problem with pals pets, every time I try to unlock a pet, nothing appears, I've already tried to reinstall the game, but nothing happens, someone help me!
Very good game but i dont get my skulls in war season if i have victory.They give me only 20 skulls even if i get victory on 900 skulls player pls fix this issue
Hope Flaregames will consider this humble review. I had played this game before and I stopped playing for a few years and I'm back again. Undoubtedly, it's a good strategy game. However, not much has changed over the years and it is HIGH TIME Flaregames consider concentrating more on the game and make it a little more dynamic to prevent churn. A lot of my friends quit simply because the experience is the same for ages. Bring in more events, challenges, enhancements, etc. Thanks!
Game is very good and interesting fun to play but please flare games you should add nemesis pal we really want it
Really disappointed. My wife and I had been playing the game for a really long time. We really enjoyed it until today. My wife was completely banned in the middle of war because she has multiple Characters. But she has multiple characters because she loves the game. Yet none of the other people we play with that have alt accounts were banned. It's a real shame that you would do that to someone that was a big fan of yours for so long. Extremely disappointed.
Very laggy. I have to wait a couple minutes for it to load. Once I'm in, i have to wait another couple minutes for each individual tab to load. I'm tired of having to wait for it to load, and sometimes when ur in, u have to wait so long for the tab inside to load that it kicks u out and u have to start over again
Played a lot of on this game spend money and its okay gave it 5 star but now how awful you have it be rich to beat most players. using real money is the reality to really boost your forces like crazy or you will just be stuck stuck stuck ... SAD
Played since 2019-I like the game, but the knights should look differently and be more powerful. And, we need more types of armour, but, this game is still very good.
I love the game but somethings happening, is this happening to enyone else cuz when I click it says connecting but a while later it closes. Supper Cell idk whats happening can you help me fix it It, it just started yesterday.
Whats up with this game its so hard for lower level players to get gems I play the game but my friends wont play some played but stopped playing,how would i earn vouchers Gem chest and voucher chest should be added frequently especially voucher chest
Bad experience .. been playing for 4 years.. microtransaction based game.. money fare.. no much fun left in the game.. must pay to achieve goals.. do not recommend this bad experience to any one who wants to start it. You have been warned!
Used to only be able to play every Sunday when we went to church and it had wi fi now I have data and can play all the time. So very nostalgic 10/10 controls do need work though.
This is the best game I've ever played in my life and its so addictive. My cousin played this and became a pro. I wish you could add features like multiplayer king vs king face to face and that would be fun.
Hello team , I have been playing the game for quite some time now... Really like the game.. Since 10 days I have noticed a lot of lag when we start the game. The game shows black screen for quite a while. Kindly let me know the solution..
Connectivity issue is very rampant. I can play other games no problem but this one dont want to connect most of the time. Oh, and one more thing, IT IS SEVERLY PAY TO WIN.
I've never played a mobile game so much, i discovered it 5 years ago and I'm still enjoying it a lot. i absolutely recommend this game to eveeyone, I don't it gets the respect it should have
This game is very challenging to me and this game has very improved graphic I like it .at last I would like to. Say keep it up with more features thank you
They ban players without any information ,why they are banned.20 players in my team has been banned and they made us loose a event deliberately.Flare cheats user.I have been playing this game for 5yrs and spent a lot of time and money in this game.If flare don't want old players atleast return our money back.My game id "pavan_545"
I love this game but pls fix that if any updates come in this game they force to update and bcoz I can't open this game please fix this and i will give 5 stars. Thank you...
come on that's not fear I am in level 200 in season 10 and didn't got nemesis please make guaranteed way to get nemesis please and thanks
I gave it 5 starts bcus I use to love playing this game with a passion but I got so many new phones as I got older I kinda forgot about the game then while I was watching a movie about war I remembered it and spent 5 minutes trying to find it only ITS NOT LETTING ME DOWNLOAD ITTT( this an edit, I finally was able to download after deleting royal revolt 1 haha)
-2star for your" growing? Watch my ad first, no diamond for you if you dont watch ad". I dont mind watching ad, i know you need to suck gold but this is way too much ad(30++?). I will uninstall you first.
I'm glad this game is still going. Now that I have BlueStacks, I want to try to stream this game a little bit on Twitch. The enhancements with companions and special abilities offers many ways to take down enemy towers and units.
Hey developers the next time you bring out a game be sure to indicate additional file data to be downloaded inside the app once installed.... don't leave it out in your comments in the 'about game' page....you could deliberately/undeliberately cause inconvenience to gamers such as me.
Too much waiting, unbalanced and spammed to buy gems. Also, that banner invite friends is annoying. Could be much better. Edit: i went unfairly on the review...there is no game like this one...altho i stand behind the words earlier i wrote.
I liked the game most from my other games it makes me happy and cool down my mind. Just I found a single problem that no body can see a live battle of his friends or alliance members if it could be like that then it will be the best game of my life. Just make a update that we can see a player's live battle, PLEASE!! Also please return the pro league battles because that was the most interesting one, it's my request to please return the pro league event.
fix your goddamm severs its annoying me every time time open the game and open chests it say connection lost
The game is awsome. You can build your own defenses and attack other bases at your skill level. And most of all they added new ways to get more gems like the monthly seasons were you can get new items and even gems if you work hard enough. There also some dungeons that give you gems depending on how far you are. You can also participate in alliences which can help you out with boosts and troops you can deploy on battle, you can also participate in ninja events and at the end you can get prizes.
Game is 100% P2W. Skill used to be involved, but developer got greedy over some heavy spending lunatics, and now game is made to milk them the most. It's sad really, used to be great. Expect P2W on all game modes. Expect to spend 1000 dollars on packs and not feel a single difference, since the heavy spenders do it on the tens of thousands. Avoid it. Seriously. 3 years playing and sad to say it, but the game is broke now beyond repair.
I really like your game and please could you update more and put more features like you can increase your map and to the kingdom and can you please add another level please please please and please could you make the ruin cause gold because i got so much gold
This was very best game . I loved it very much and at every updaye it max our excitedness. But beyond this why you make to get pro pals we have to get an season pass of currency plz make season pass of gems so that we can buy it by gems. Thank you From INDIA๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ
This is the best game I've ever played in my life and its so addictive. My cousin played this and became a pro. I wish you could add features like multiplayer king vs king face to face and that would be fun. Anyways I also found the BlackSmith soooo annoying that I wish the BlackSmith wasn't there. I don't upgrade the BlackSmith anymore it's lvl 2.
Everything is Good, but more heroes or commanders to choose from would be a great addition! More choices than just the starting guy. Then 5 STAR all the way!
The game stuck on name selection, no way to go on (data clear, uninstall and install again, other device).
I have been playing this game for years. At first it was awesome. I'm tired of it now. The updates and changes made are awful. There used to be a pro event and it was fun and challenging it has been replaced by a season event. The season event is a way to make users spend money. You can collect default rewards or purchase a season pass for slightly better rewards. The season event is boring and if you don't buy the season pass it's really not worth wasting your time on it.
Can u pls fix your server? My alliance members and I kept getting rejected by the game in the last 24 hrs.
Confusing for newcomers. Hard to find where to unlock what..there should be a link in the quest that takes you to the building where you upgrade, craft, build, train, etc...right from the quest list. Second, your food and gold income is not automatically added to your silo or treasury. Third, every building upgrade needs to be manually finished. Duh. Fourth, in the statue of glory, you get 14 players to battle with...all of whom are 2x, 3x or more stronger than you. I tried but didn't enjoy it.
It's a good game .I liked it so much. In game you can add some humans in the palace or guards .It will definitely make the game better .And in the farm house like farmers working or cows etc.And the way to palace you can add guards like they are guarding๐Ÿ˜…
The game sometimes just doesn't log in. My internet connection is perfectly fine. But the game is just stuck in "connecting"... Then "fail"
Only if there was 3.5... Anyways!!! I could not log in to the game for some reason cuz it said connecting/loading ALL THE TIME!! Yes the game is fun and it has an interesting concept BUT! It gets relatively Pay 2 Win in the higher stages(castle lvl 7 onwards).Besides that, i would love to continue playing.
Great game but ruined by the constant nagging to spend diamonds and pearls, which is annoying. It shouldn't have to be always about spending money...
I just maxed my tower and I have proof when I re-entered the game it showed I am at level 14 I don't know if I am the only one facing this problem. Please make my alliance tower maxed
I really like this game but the only thing the game needs for now it's to make some better art for the loading screen !
Please Bring Back The Old Quest System For New Players Also And Pro Events Too.., The Quest Thing Disappoints me too much my old account have it and not the new one
I play in my mom's phone. I love this game. But after finishing all the seasons,could you please restart the pro league so that I can get the nemesis pal?
This game is fun but i hate the royale progers why? When your throne room is in level 4 and i still have missions on trone room level 3. Royale proges 4 i cant do the missinos on royal progress 4 because i didnint have the chance to do the throbe room 3 now icannot collect the rewards on rotale prgrees four and i cannot progres now on royale missions plz fix this
The game is completely awesome, great gameplay, outstanding graphics and moreover the best customer service, many people say that it is copy of clash of clans, but no this game is lot more better than clash of clans and it is the perfect combo of strategy and role-playing game, if you didn't install it then you didn't live life to its fullest
Wonderful concept, amazing graphics, and timely updates has left me no choice but to love it. Thank You
ads are OPTIONAL! mtx are unnecessary and those are both great things. really fun game ive played since 1 came out with the 1st ipad. best part of this is how much variety there is in attack and defense setups. the defense you can customize to hard to believe levels, and there are i think a dozen or more spells and as many troops. pretty sure i watch more ads on purpose with this game than i skip through on every other game, never change that devs, please
Ive plaied this since i was 5 but i lost my save...restarting is annoying but i love this game so much that ill gladly start again even tho everything was level 15.. Everything lol
I love the game, but I have found that the community is getting smaller every day. I also totally agree with whoever said the loading takes forever because it does, and it is an absolute time waster. Can you fix this please?
im a long time player, i hqve had so many problems,like so so so many but i still like the game very much, but recently the pp just started stopping, it will go to the connecting phase then go back to home screen, pls fix this now,i am having an alliance war.pls pls pls pls pls,its the only game i play๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Recently, RR2 has been a good game, but having removed nemesis and other pro pets from sale means we can't get them anymore, making it really unfair for those who have it. Especially after level 100, you need a decent pet, but if nemesis isn't in the shop I'm not buying gems for a possible chance on seasons. I'd put the rating up to 5 stars if only nemesis was available for gems again.
Been playing this game for about 4 years this game is great!! I like that you don't have to pay in order to progress. I ESPECIALLY love the fact that it isn't onenof rhose games where the higher level players take advantage of the new players. There are two things players lose when they are attackes, gold and trophies. You don't lose any resources. You don't lose troops. You don't have to heal troops. And you don't have to rebuild. This game is the best!!
Best game ever!! It has good armors i look like a legend but i dont know why Nemesis pal is not there if u removed the pal then the top players still have nemesis please add it and when i open game it takes 36 sec to open if u open this game on pc it takes only 20 secs please fix this.
Recently, RR2 has been a good game, but having removed nemesis and other pro pets from sale means we can't get them anymore, making it really unfair for those who have it. Especially after level 100, you need a decent pet, but if nemesis isn't in the shop I'm not buying gems for a possible chance on seasons. I'd put the rating up to 5 stars if only nemesis was available for gems again. It would also be nice if we could have name changes, but that they cost increasing amounts of gems.
A classic pay to play game. A game declared as free where you either must wait or pay to play isn't free. 0 stars from me.
This game is so great! I played this type of game before but was nothing like this! The fact that you can equip armor and control your hero along the way is a great feature! Also i like that is not that much p2w... You can easily progress, just it will take a bit more time. Overall, I strongly recommend this game! Great work!
I love the game the graphics and the little cute noises that the units make once they are defeated this game is perfect for five stars
I've been playing royal revolt 2 for 3 years but my account got rested but I kept on grinding and I'm about to be where I was before. This game really makes me happy anytime it gets a update
Great game but a few problems. Can you make nemesis less rare and but him in token bazaar or for a really hard quest or in collection or magic potion shop. Make ninja, war and conquest only happen on weekends. Add a new special event and top places gives nemesis. Loading time takes too long. Ads don't work it says there not available.
Embarrassing game by FG. Since 3 days the game is crashing and no solution for it. Useless team of FG.
Worst game ever. Flaregames manipulates too much game events. Nothing is random, everything is set so in the end you lose and pay money.
The game and devs both are very gud. But please devs add nemesis for 150k potions please , nowadays game is becoming pay to win coz of season levels and pass. Nemsis is now a money game.
I love this game Soo much I played the first version when I was like 5 years old so I wanted to find the game it's been 2 years and now I found it and I am happy I used to play it Soo much I love it
I'm a long time player, the game is focused on getting players real $$$ money, that it is done at the expense of players getting frustrated. Especially before a ninja event there is a server maintenance when the game becomes harder this requiring gems thus requiring more spending. Me and some others, we used to be able to beat a certain level of players, all of the sudden we do not get close to finishing them, it happened, before a ninja event after the server maintenance, this is often.
Without nemesis top bases cannot be defeated they give nemesis in seasons at high level for that levels you should pay money to earn gems,soon offer nemesis for all players