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Royal Crown

Royal Crown for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by LINE Games located at 8F, 479, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06541. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Partial Nudity) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Crafting system sucks and makes the early game so boring. Not to mention that characters are not balanced in this game. Braindead bruisers like Sonya have little to no counterplay. Performance also sucks.
1.hope gets hot 2.even in solo mod not enough players waiting time goes way up u literally have to wait 5 min for 5 min battle. Otherwise good game will recommend to play. 1 star for those 2 reasons above .
Super fun game plagued by bugs and server issues, I keep getting abnormal access detected closes the game
The best rpg Battle Royal out there, it is actually fun to play the only downside is small player base(and thx to the devs not spamming games with bots, very cool!) So come play this game and enjoy it!
I just found it is so complicated to play. Maybe it would be fun, but not to me. You have to farm and craft for the equipment, u don't know where to collect those things. Not a easy game, and I have no time to study on it.
So far all good.. But why not let the player have more freedom in tutorial? Tutorial should be exactly that
I like this game sadly there is not enough of training to learn the game. So im getting in matches with people without knowing alot of the mechanics.
It's a fantastic idea for a battle royale game. A nice mix of moba and BR make for a fun experience. My only criticism is that the matches are over to quickly, the magnetic field should have a larger time limit. Other than that it's well worth downloading.
the game is nice, concept very good, i wish that there is more player to join and we can get the match matching faster
After the new update, I keep crashing, can't even enter the lobby, what's wrong with you dev? How to fix this?
Unfortunately there is no north american server so ping is super high, very good game but maybe with decent ping and it's a shame not many know about it so ques take forever to even start a game. Please create a NA server, great game just nobody knows about it.
After a certain minute it just completely freezes...I haven't even made a progress or even start a matchup. This wasted my time. It'll be helpful if u could fix this but for now uninstalled.
After i download this game it shows 400 m.b update and then once update done this game closes automatically.does this game dont work on 1 g.b samsung phones??? Please solve the problem regarding lag and disconnection... And this review is from 6 March 2021. If u need 5 star solve my problem first
Wow!! I am so Amazed about this Game Its Has Change Alot!! No more Longer match que No more Lags They Fixed Servers not like Before You will Wait 5minutes to Play Now Its very fast I am very Addicted to this Game!! Better than any Battle royale Moba!! The Best!!! Hope to see more on the Future updates!!
I've played the game and the gameplay seems relatively entertaining. Though certain heros are pretty unbalanced for example there is a hero who is a warrior who has high damage dealing stats and has the stats of a tank which can lower your defenses. This is an example of an unbalanced hero. The matchmaking in this game is very poor due to low player base. Solo matches can take up to like 2 - 5 minutes just to play one game and squads take even longer.
The game is pretty good and entertaining but its player base is so dead and they don't seem to be doing anything about this. Its really sad because in my opinion this game is much better than many other games in its genre.
Match making take too long... Lag and sometimes Ping is high... Please fix it this game have potential and fun too play...
Just now.. The game closes 2 times in a single game.. The second time I re-enter the game, I was already killed.. If this keeps up.. There is never a chance for me to win. Other than that I think it's great...
Terrible performance with intermittent stutters during combat, unacceptable. Crafting is interested, but way to complicated and item recipes are far to small and looks similar to each other. Otherwise, similar to moba style battle royales. Also, why time gatekeep the squad/duo? Completely unessecary
The concept is really good. Characters are diverse and you can choose your style of play. Playing as s team is a good mode to play with. I really want to give this 4 or 5 but I keep waiting a long time for matches. So 3 stars.
I don't know if it's a bug or not. when I wait to enter solo mode, I open the guide menu in Google Chrome, when I return to the game, I enter the map but don't select characters and planes only through the map so I have to force close the app. It take so long time to play.
What a wonderful game, well this game has very unique mechanics such as gathering a material for crafting which is an unusual mechanics for battle royale game, and for some reason i like this mechanics, overall this game its amazing, but i think this game need to be optimized more because sometimes the game close by it self and also sometimes i can't back to lobby after i finished the match, i hope this problem can be fixed in the future
Absolutely love this game I just want you to advertise it more so hopefully the playerbase can be larger. Of course it needs lots of improvements but I love the fresh idea and the art style a lot!
I'm user oppo(2ram), I love game in first play now account lv5,but this game really lag! choice load hero lag(in Solo/Duo15/8/0fps), in airship lag(duo13/7/0fps), jump and land lag(duo11/5fps),attack enemy lag!(duo!14/3/0fps)... pls fix that. can I change my profile picture my own picture?...
The game is good after all, but the problem is match making it takes like 6-7min before match, and thats so long for players to wait. Hopefully will fix it, and make it better.
The game is good . But playing this game it shows abonormal access.please fix the bug. the duo mode is not working
Like the gameplay and the graphic style. But its seems the matchmaking taking way too long.i know line games have the resource to promote this game properly, and if they do, this game will be big hit.
Anyone that's being kicked out of matches your char is bugged.. you'd have to disconnect it for a day and use a 2nd account and try again this normally fixes it for me ... Or you could mail devs for them to unbugg it .. Up vote if this helped
Game is very fun, but technical glitches make game unplayable... Last two matches, no deploy button and character screen did not load :(...
The game is great!! It just needs some improvements like putting voices in characters and having story backgrounds in all of them so players can wait patiently in auto-match.
I'm giving it 3 stars because every time it updates I have to delete and re install because it won't make it past the initial loading screen the game itself is good the crafting system is a bit to r&g based for my liking even while looking in the vicinity the items should be in it's almost impossible to find what u need most games to craft weapons and armour the game would be 5 star if it ran properly more frequently eg frame rate lag and such
Game crashes every select, i really want to play this game but if the dev won't fix this problem im not wasting my time on this. WHAT A WASTE
I like the game soo much but I think you guyzz need to buff or nerf some champions to balance the game because its so unfair for the other champions who dont have extra passive in their skills like kaiba that have a passive armor reduction.
The game is great and pretty fun, actually casual with little competitive. But the fps drop tho. I got mid budget device but still experiencing fps drop even playing on low res. Man you need to adjust this more.
Really a game with pontential... But here's the problem... THE GAME CRASHES FREQUENTLY and IT LAGS VERY MUCH even in low graphics.... Please fix these... Coz i really love ur game concept and gameplay
It's a really good game except for the fact that I have to wait a really long time to play a match and it really ruins the fun. Please fix it
Love the controls and artstyle but the crafting system is lame. This would be an easy 5 star game if the crafting was only a minimal part of the game. Lets be realistic here a bunch of brown chests filled with materials is BORING. Make different tiers of chests let players find good items and if they want to craft the specific items of their dreams they can do that as well. The current system is way too obtuse for this game to attract the amount of players it needs to survive.
Good game...its like pubg battle royale...but no real player...you should put world chat and voice chat....its so good if have so many real player...
It is totally a great game. But it has got a lower system to the battle royale. It's new game so there is problem . In the future, this game will be cool.
Overall i love the game and all its mechanics but this game has a major issue which i think is already being worked on to be fixed i.e Frame rate issues/lagging and also crashing during play. Even after tweaking the graphical settings it doesn't seem to improve whatsoever. Its sad that i as a mobile user can't play this game. I hope this gets fixed ASAP so that i can play a game i find to be really cool. Kind regards to devs.
my game crashes even if i have better connection... during game on solo my hero wont move due to lag and right now constant crashes of the game and rampant frame drops... i played wild rift which has bigger gig than this but never experienced this occurance...
I want to love this game. The fantasy MOBA spin on the Battle Royale genre is neat. The controls are great. But it is unplayable for me for one reason; ping. I have exceptional internet and yet I'm seeing roughly 150-200 ping the entire game.
Crashing all the time: When I insert a transfer code, navigating through the menu, on queue... Didn't even have a chance to try it mobile
The waiting time for match takes too long, I suggest adding more Bots especially for new players. It's hard to learn the game when you're againts a veteran player while you're still a newbie
Survival + MOBA, super love it. All systems fine. Cool Heroes, Awesome Skills. I'm so Excited on more Next Future Updates & New Heroes. Make Balance Always. Keep it Up Thanks 😍😍
This game is freacking killing me!!!!!!!!!.It takes too long to start a match i have waited 10 minutes for the matching.I suggest you fix it or are you too lazy😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
A frontier dive into what I'd like to be explored more. The identity of a moba on the boilerplate of the BR genre has been a thought on my mind for a long time. This game is good, but there needs to be more artist expression tied to the game to succeed. This pseudo-Disney style won't be getting swarms of people to it.
1# The color of survivors show how strong are they start from green(weakest) > blue > purple > red(strongest) and green players are impossible to beat red players in a fight which is the worst, they have no chance of winning unlike PUBG which player who only has a pistol and still has a chance to kill someone in a fight 2# When you play as a team, it was a mess. Everyone focus on farming their stuff to get stronger and it's hard to keep team work
Taking time to match.. upto 4 to 5 minutes.. ater new update it doesn't even match up lol what a game. Deleting it..
Very good art direction and gameplay design... Only problem is Royal Crown keeps crashing and not optimized for mobile devices. Maybe if another publisher handles this game it has a future. It's doomed to be at least 3.5 rating. Rename this game ROYAL CRASH! Bye
Need some improvements on the graphic wise, but also try to make it compatible for low-end devices. For gameplay wise, It's good but I would prefer shoulder-camera than up-top camera.
The game concept are great. Unfortunately i have some issues about the connection, it's too lagging for me. I've played many battle royal or moba game, but this one is especially the worst. Please fix this issue
4⭐ Sometimes let's you not exit the match after being defeated. Tried using phone's back button but does nothing, I had to use recents button just to close the game. The graphics is good, RPG-like design
The game is great I like the Moba + BR genre mix this is fitting into, my concern is there seems to be a issue when playing with people on the same wifi network since when team fights starts the game immediately starts freeze/lag please take a look into it when you can as this is ruining the experience of duos and squads for me. This easily can be a 4-5star game and what is stopping me from giving it a 3+ is because of the network issues I have experienced among other things
The game was fine and all and I had quite a fun time playing it yesterday, but today when I tried to open it the app just fails to start and I've tried restarting and reinstalling but nothing is working, I'm on a xiaomi pocofone f1, please fix this.
Good game, just a little laggy but I'm definitely enjoying it, i hope you guus improve its performance....
Game has great potential. Needs more users, quicker matchmaking and lower ping internationally. Make A(attack) quick cast option on steam please. Keep it up devs!
Greetings Royal Crown Devs, I would like to tell you about 1 week experience of playing Royal Crown 1. I play because watch Meg Tomato Nim streaming on twitch. 2. I play as major MAGE hero. 3. Mage hero all is very weak and never able to win against physical team end game. 4. Mage hero is impossible to beat strom dragon alone 5. Unfair magic vs physical equipment. 6. Sonya is broken, delete her or buff all other weaker hero. Can you imagine 30 people play OP Sonya at a time? 7. Be fair
This game have so much potential. In all seriousness, I really love the concept, its unique. *but its quite laggy (maybe its just my phone?😞) I'm looking forward for this game's improvements in the future when I have a new and suitable phone for gamingπŸ˜€
Your game is good but I notice that it is only played by few anymore, please continue to upgrade and invite new players specially southeast asia server
I love this game it's really fun and easy to learn. Hard to master crafting but better to learn the map .
I really enjoy playing it. But it sometimes kick me out of the app when i was in game and it causes me to lose quickly. And its happening more often recently.
Battle royal moba at its finest. A lot of awesome games from line..game crashes from time to.time though
Match making is very long. It will take 3 to 8 mins to start.. And There is a Overpowered champion.. Fix it please.. Just put hard bot or something just for faster Matching making if ever.
Great game, but finding a match takes too long...... Also, try to fix some things especially the numerous amount of items which is confusing.
I love Moba I love Battle Royal I love Cute Characters and this game have all of those, the only downside is that not many people playing so matchmaking took forever... But the game itself is awesome!!!
The reason for the one star is not about the gameplay or the idea about this game. Is about the time who you need to play one game, probably is not popular...and second about the server...the European server is all the time closed...no reason to have this game in my phone.
I really like this game but it's too much lagging on my phone.... And ping is not satisfying yet keep it up...!!! [β™₯ from India]
I love the idea of this game, however it takes 5minutes for que sometimes it takes forever to be in game. there's no players community is dead and that's understandable please put AI bots in game so that we can play even without players for now. so far the game is good.
How are people even playing this on phone? I'm on an LG V30+ with a solid connection yet the lag in game is terrible, even on the lowest settings. Worst experience I've had in an online mobile game. Its a shame because the game looked pretty fun. Disappointed.
Good concept. Unbalanced characters, extremely long que times. It's unfortunate, there is alot of potential here.
Hi the game is awesome but their are a few things that makes it hard to play in teamfights it suddenly lags and you need to advertise this game so that the loading ques won't take that long This game has potential and if anyone is reading this review give this game a try and you will enjoy it!!β€πŸ‘Œ
This game is good and offers a fresh take on the exhausted battle royale theme games. My notes are, the graphics in game could use a bit of sharpening. I'm on high graphics but it's still blurry to me. Also, what's up with the scheduled game modes? I don't get it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Remove it please. That's it. Aside from those things, I can say that I won't be removing this game from my device any time soon. Thanks!
I can't play it because the FPS always DROP to 0 and pls fix this idk why the FPS always drop even though I have a fast internet line.
battle Royale for all to enjoy. basic enough for you to get into, yet complex enough to where min maxing can get you to the top. originally found on PC via steam where it's dead, but the mobile version is a blast
dear developers. this game is actually pretty cool, but i got some of bug and it says "abnormal access detected. this game will be closing". would you like to fix that bug please? thank you and good luck
This game doesn't download after the update! It has nice graphics but the game play is not easy! I've gotten all the characters, and still have problems with collecting what I need to take other characters out! I will give it one more try, and that's it 4 me!
Advertise this for pc please So much more better on pc please just drop the mobile scene. So much more excitement
The game is good but, the fps keep dropping like crazy even setting the fps to high it barely got 40 fps Every time enemy come.the fps drop to like 10 - 15 And when exploring the fps only got around 20 - 40 fps My device had sd 855 in it
This game system is really broken. CRAFTING FEATURE IS SUPER USELESS because so many item you can make and so many item you should gathering. Gathering in battle royale is not ok (WASTING TIME), because you better find equipment than gathering. Leveling up is kinda useless too, because not many monsters and if not doing teamwork with full team, your team will unbalance which mean can be defeated easily or too long defeating 1 damned monster. You should have LOCK ONE ROLE FEATURE for random team.
my connection are strong, my data too, but in game my connection always lost, even my signal was good enough
Enjoyable and fun.. it's really fun to play and get the winner, unfortunately it's only limit duo player, I'm waiting for the squad opened..huhu and the waiting time before enter the land some time takes too long.. hahah can't wait to play anyway.. it's really great game for low memory like mine, can't download moba but it's similar with it..
I'm trying to log in to my steam account on my phone. When I login with FB or google, it says it can't import another account because I'm already logged. If I go in as guest, it says a guest can't transfer a different account. And you have no way to transfer an account without logging. Is this a joke?
Its good. The art is lovely. The only issue is matching a battle taking too much time. Should add more feature in the game such as champion's background story, and voices. And please, improve the enemy's ai in training mode. 3 stars for now.
It's a good game over all, but a bit unbalance between champions and equipment. Even though I had better equipment and are the same level as the other person, I would still lose in a all out fight. On pc would be better to play this game on for better graphics and better movement operations as well as skill use. On the phone is kinda trash.
This is the absolute best Battle Royale game out so far. We have 3 game modes You can go in Solo, Duo or a 3 man squad & even queue up as a solo getting 2 more players or a Duo getting 1 player when queuing up for a 3 man squad match. The biggest issues are the game has released and is still unfinished especially regarding Mastery Rewards. Matchmaking is horrible regarding time waiting over 10 minutes to never for a queue especially in squads. No North America server extremely laggy. :-( promote
What is the specific sys req?. Why does the game frame rate so choppy?! I run other games with max setting on my Redmi note 9 fine. But this is unplayable ileven with lowest settings....
Its a good game i hope you can fix the lag and the bug its a unique game and i love it seriously i was hoping you will. Make this game a huge improvement and one of that is the lag i always playing mobile legend and its dont have a problem with my wifi but when i play this game its always lag i hope this helping you out thank you
I would like to give 5 star but when i go to the second tutorial the game crash pls fix this and i like this game.
To dev. Well,for the first time i think this game is actually sucks when i encounter some potato graphic in this game.For some player who don't know how to change the graphic is,haha i think this game is very very awesome thought.But im literally really really love it so much β™‘ this game is like harvest moon 3 and i love all characters and heroine in this game.Oh,well i hope you doing good dev. See you on the next update.
Great GAME πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ!!! A mix of rpg moba and battle royale style. Keep up the good work Devs!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ But PLEASE FIX THE PING ISSUE IT'S CAUSING LAGGNSESS OR LAGGY IN BATTLEFIELD. That's all thanksπŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ‘and Follow up PLEASE PUT A 5V5 EXPERIENCE to be able to enjoy your game a lot like me an F2P THANKS
The game is visually appealing, there is a slight imbalance between characters but it can be mended theoretically by skill. But the netcode is ao horrible that you can't kite anyone, or anything in this game. Plus, matchmaking takes too long.
This game is waiting matching along. After lv low vs lv high can't win. Low lv to fight high lv not can. Moving not fast. Can't not run see ememy high lv.
The mechanical are great and all. I just have a one big problem. When I try to search for a Match it take more than 5 to 8 minutes to find a so or duo or squad. This is making me stop playing the game. Also I keep getting kick out of the game when I I am in a match. Please fix the game. I love the game. Can you reply to me please