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Rope Slash

Rope Slash for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by SayGames located at 220088, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Antonovskaya 14b, office 300. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game seems to have a fun and interesting playability. But, the ads that pop up often take over the game and I cannot return to it. Same thing happens with some of their other games like Sand Balls as well.
After 5 levels I uninstalled the game. Seriously great game, but I refuse to watch so many ads when just downloading anything. That was a waste of time. I don't want to be forced to watch 3 long ads in the first 5 levels. Give people incentive for watching ads. Like gold, gems, hints, or extra time, however the heck you have the game set up.
The ads are superfluous, there are way too many. Every level ad, want to open that? Ad! I was also waiting for it to get challenging. 50 levels in you have to try hard to lose. Games ok but gotta ease up on those ads a little.
Rip off of cut the rope and too many ads if ur interested in this kinda game download cut the rope its the same except less ads and it was made before this one so its not a ripoff of this game.
I love this game! There are a lot of ads (and sometimes ads won't load when trying to get a reward), but this game is soooo addictive! I play it to wind down after work.
RIDICULOUS amount of ads. You've seen the games with too many ads, right? Well, multiply the worst example of this by about 1 billion, and you won't even have scratched the surface of the amount of ads this game has!! It's completely unplayable. These designers don't even seem to understand how counterintuitive the tactic is. So embarrassing
This game os cool but i wish there was a little more improvement.BUT LIKE THIS GAME IS REALLY FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ’—πŸ’žπŸ’“this deserves a πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Seriuosly??? Slow loading, then after a few levels, I start a level, swipe, and I get a 30 second ad. The levels are ridiculouly easy, many don't need anything special. just slah the rope and yawn. To top it all off, I can't quit without forcing a stop in the task manager. If I could give you a negative rating, it would be -10. Uninstalling this piece of garbage.
I like it however the adds are annoying. I just paid to remove them but still I'm seeing bloody adverts!!!
I've never complained about the amount of ads in games before but this game goes above and beyond the over use of ads. You'll spend more time waiting for ads to run their course than actually playing the game. If I could give it zero stars I would. This is why I'm uninstalling it. To everyone else, if I were you I wouldn't waste my time.
The worst amount of ads I have ever seen. If you don't do one of the optional ads it well give you an ad anyways no matter what. The gameplay is really easy and when a ball slightly touches a can they all blow up as if you hit it with a bomb. It does distract you for a while, until you get tired of all the back to back ads, it goes round, ad, round, ad, and repeats in this manner, if you are lucky enough to get a lucky chest to pop up, you might as well just watch the ad to get a reward.
I really like this game!! its challenging as well as fun to play ..however I'm giving it 2 stars bc EVERY SINGLE TIME I earn an achievement award or wutever, I can NEVER select the "watch an ad" for this prize button ..NOT 1 TIME HAS IT WORKED!! ..at least I dont have to watch a 60 sec ad I guess.. wuteverz.. so, unhappy advertisers+annoyed players= -$0.00 for develppers
Would be a lot more fun if after the first few dozen puzzles it didn't just repeat itself. It's only a couple of bucks to buy, but still disappointing that as I progress, I'm just doing the same couple basic puzzles over and over again. Getting tired of them since I already know exactly how to solve them. If I could go back, I wouldn't pay the money since after the first hundred, it's just rote memory and doing the same thing over and over. Good for a quick time killer, but not worth the money.
Simple yet levels become VERY repetitive. Not a lot of challenge from one level to the next. It's very easy and almost bleh. It's like drawing circles on paper but after making 2 circles, you get an add. The point system is also pointless.
Way too many ads. Everytime I was in the middle of a level and ad would start playing. Very annoying. All in all a fun game and great time passer but the ads are horrible. If that issue gets fixed, I'll change the star rating and reinstall th game.
No game should be 90% ad time and 10% play. You literally play a level that takes about 2 seconds to solve and then are forced to watch a 5 - 30 second ad before you can play another stage. Think about this, you slide your finger one time on the screen to cut a rope and then get to watch a 30 second ad for your success. Stupid!
don't like this game at all because this game can't be play at like it's we will plane are there is one row we have to cut it that one I don'twhen we cut the rope it goes anywhere bol that's why don't like this game I only give a one star to this game
Relaxing but not boring. The two things that are really frustrating are: 1) in the chest room once you have used your three keys it asks you if you want to watch an ad to get three more. While this option pops up every time most of the time it is not available to click on and the only thing you can do is click on the "no thanks" option. 2) for the full battery it's basically the same thing. The option pops up to claim it but its not active. You have to choose the "lose it".
Horrible horrible horrible way too many ads you literally have to watch an ad every third game...... I probably would have given it three and a half Stars maybe 4 for the gameplay what little I did play before I got frustrated with the ads but to have to deal with an ad that many times!!! You can keep the game not worth watching that many ads just to play.
The game itself is fun, but the ads are just too much, if you lose ad, if you win ad, if you want to open a chest ad, etc. etc. I wanted to keep the game but essentially got fed up with the ads and uninstalled.
I hope this game gets deleted from the platform. You get ads every 15 seconds, the game does not require any skill and all you do is cut the rope and finish the level(it finishes by itself). And on top of that, if you want to continue playing after 5 minutes for free, you have to watch more ads. Don't download this game as it's a complete waste of time.
I liked it well enough, and I understand to keep it free there have to be ads, it just wasn't challenging enough to keep me interested when every couple of levels I had to watch an ad.
Great game, easy enough to get through without having to skip any levels. If you can get around the ads, the game will be very short. Two-hundred and something levels before it repeats randomly - about an hour or so to achieve this without ads. Was fun for one evening and a toilet break at work! The almost-realistic physics adds an element of comedy. I'll play other games from this developer, fo sho!
It's necessary to make the same thing over and over again? Why Say Games have games that are identical? Many games of them have a lot of ads, you can get in the games 3 keys or 3 something to open 3 chests or boxes that gives you coins or a "skin", it's necessary to make the same thing again? For example, if you compare this game with popcorn burst (from Say Games) it's the same thing except from the thematic of the game. Say Games is trash, the same goes to Voodoo games, Playgendary, etc.
Like every other review it seems I have the same gripe. It's a fun little game, but the fact that ads are longer than the rounds played, became too annoying. I could actually feel myself getting frustrated with watching the same ad for the 100th time, it felt like. Seeing as every review has pretty much the same problem, you'd assume the developers would take note, but no, too busy lining their pockets.
This game is really fun but has one glaring issue which are the ads. They are very annoying. I kept getting "lucky chest" but opening it was ridiculous because you're forced to watch a 30 second ad. This is in addition to an ad in between each level and it's always the same ad. Looking to find out what it cost to get rid of them was a waste of time because there's no obvious option to pay.
It's fun but not challenging at all. There is no progression of the difficulty level as you go. Becomes boring quickly.
Fun concept, terrible execution. Not only is the game swamped with ads, it is buggy as hell, and I constantly found myself losing bonuses and skins, because those times you are forced to watch ads to get those bonuses, the "Get Bonus" button doesn't work, yet you can hit "No thanks" to move on, but then you are bombarded with ads that won't give bonuses at all.
Quite good but some errors! At various places - normally when you get a prize of some sort - the button just stays greyed out do you never get that prize / upgrade.
I've played 100+ levels and now the game won't open unless I grant access to my personal data! That's pretty low!
I was a little kid I have this game and then I went to 1000 in the game it was over and I can play it again so I re-downloaded it and it's a really cool
The actual game is ok. The problem is that it has TOO MANY ads. Almost every other level you have an ad. Sometimes from one level to the next. Even worse that is not a 3-5 seconds ad. Sometimes is a 30 seconds ad even if I'm not gaining anything in the game itself. Got frustrated within the firsts few levels.
I am not against watching ads I get it, that's how you make money, but when the ad is longer than it takes to beat level that's when it gets to not being right. The biggest complaint I have is the hitboxes to get out of the ads when you're done watching it. They have made them purposely small so it forces you to go to the play store and then you have to back out of that. I know this is the case because I purposely use the stylus to test it. You also have to watch the same add over and over. πŸ˜₯
It's a good game but it asks do you liked the game but that's not fair at all sorry to say that this this game is it needs to improve so I wana say that people who are playing this game pls be alert
Good gameplay, app is flawed. The games are fun and creative. But when it comes time to open a prize box or use keys or make any selections, the functions don't work. You can click on items until your finger falls off but nothing happens. Frustrating.
OMG!!! im glad u ask me to describe why I like this game .. I love this game so much because its fun you can get different type of ball it also challenging you into a harder level so thats why i rate this 5 stars πŸ‘
Fun, but there seems to be a game occasionally interrupting my ad watching enjoyment. Seriously, when will developers learn that a few ads here or there will mean more ad revenue in the long term? I will play games that have occasional ads for a long time. I delete other games after just a few ads. So, don't bother with this one.
An ad after every second level and I would not mind ads but if a level takes 10 seconds, that's a lot of ad watching.. There is an offer of an ad to play to watch and it's very obtrusive while the game is going on. Obnoxious. Uninstalling.
This would get 5* from me if it wasn't for the usual problem: GREED! I love 'Cut the Rope' style games - & this is a good one, BUT... THE ADVERTS! There's one after Almost EVERY level, so it's in the bin for me. (And I'm not being over-sensitive; I don't mind an acceptable level of ads - after all, the developers have to get paid for their work - but this is JUST TOO MUCH...)
The game is fairly easy. Way too many ads. Because the levels are easy to achieve you end up spending more time waiting for the ads to finish than actually playing the game.
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This game is amazing. This game can be named as the most relaxing game ever. When we play, we have to collect the keys. If we have 3keys, then we go to a chest room to win a prize, like gems and balls. When we win a chest, we get some gems and if we are lucky, we get to win a ball. The balls can be changed. But we can't change the cans. Please change it. Otherwise this game an amazing game!
The game is decent. Almost level 700 and there are a set amount of maps and you always play them and not new ones. Besides they show ads all the time. Not really worth it if you aren't super bored
Just play the game in airplane mode for 5 Minutes and you'll know what it will be for ever. It's just a "cut the rope"-like game which is not even close to "cut the rope". Most of the levels you don't have to do anything to win and even after level 120 there is almost nothing new in mechanics. I don't even want to know how many levels they have designed because I'm sorry for however had to do this.
I love these type of games, if you're allowed to just play them, too many enforced adds and even when you press no to an add an add pops up ffs??? Even the trolley button for the shop doesn't work? So you can't even pay to get rid of them, what's the point??
I would like this game a lot more if the ads weren't so intrusive. You have to watch an ad each and every level. In other words you have about 5 seconds of game time and then 25-30 seconds of ads. If the developer can reduce the ad amount by more than half, this is not so bad. I would then rate this game 4 or 5 stars. So, to finish up, game completely ruined by ads. I hope developer can address this.
Fun, but can you add a section where you can pick to customize the cans instead of waiting to "win" the chance to change it, like use gems to buy can customization as well as the balls
Hey Saygames... I have 3 of ur games. The first one had a lot ads. The second had a ton of ads. This third one is nothing but a barrage of ads. Yes, they're fun games and I know u have to make $ somehow but the ad vs game ratio is ridiculous. Thanks but no thanks. Uninstalling all ur games.
Uninstalled because of ads. Love all these games I'm finding but hate the amount of ads they put in. I get they need to make money but it would make more sense to put the ads out at a slower rate so people dont get annoyed and delete the app shortly after downloading.
Very enjoyable very nice game. Very unique levels. Best graphics. Best sound. Powerful control. Very superb.
I LOVE this game!! The gimmicks are very classic and the gameplay runs fine when you turn off wi-fi. (If you have a slow phone or tablet) Sure you might miss out on the new cans and all but still it's a great game!
Absolutely ad infested no fun at all 5 ads in less then one minute what a joke more like frustration then fun. Immediate uninstall.
❀ I like this game because there's balls that knock down soda cans. I like this very much!!! See the stars above? Those are 5 stars. My name is Eep_the_Mouse. Every time you win the much levels you get without getting back. OMG. How cool is that? I just install this game. Corey is right. You can customize the balls. Just click the balls section & it will take you there Bye!!!!! ❀