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Rope Around!

Rope Around! for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by SayGames located at 220088, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Antonovskaya 14b, office 300. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
after playing the game for like 20 minutes the game just makes you replay levels over and over. I've played all of them like 3 times each to see if anything new would come but nothing. great game if you have nothing to do for about 20 minutes. after that, never play it again. it's very clear that the company just wanted a game with good reviews to get a bunch of ads. considering they ask you to rate the game after one minute of playing. so some will give it a good rating. ends up being a bad app
The concept is fine, the execution is terrible. First to start off, the motion sucks. The "person" (the finger cursor) is either too far or too behind your finger, and very fast. Really annoying. Second, the delay for the "Continue" button is really terrible, unoess you *really* want to waste your time. Of course, the choice to play the Ad pops up before the "Continue" button. Same with the "No, Thanks" button if you want to rate the game or not. Finally, screw the ads.
Well, where do I start? First of all, ads. This game has a ton of ads. If you completed a level without seeing an ad - you are lucky. Second, difficulty. This game is barely challenging. I reached level 40 in ~15 minutes. Third, levels. There are around 37 levels. After that - it starts over. It looks like they expected that a user will delete it without even reaching level 30, since these ads are extremely annoying. I think that I will avoid SayGames, since their products are full of ads.
worst game I've played.. and on top of ad, oh i mean that, on top of that*, this crappy app is absolutely infested by ads. I'd say this ad, i mean this "game" is for those who love to sit on the couch and watch ads on their tvs back to back. oh wait, no one really does that you retarded and greedy developers. at least make a proper game that makes it worth watching ads...
Good game to pass the time but I get to the last stage after 35 and it doesn't let me progress. I can't interact with my character but I can however select the skip by watching ad button but that just brings me right back to where I was. Fix this.
There's nothing much to this game, just wrapping rope around poles and just different skin with your character. Don't see much development in this game other being able to purchase skins for the rope and poles. Besides the game there's WAY to many ads for this game, it's not optional too, almost an ad every level, some ads are optional after a level to get "in-game" money, but if you don't do it then it'll just do a forced one, so might as well go with getting the "in-game" money from it.
This is a fine super casual game. it works well, the concept is easy to undersyand. There are ads every 30 seconds, but that's not new. The biggest issue is that the game is too easy, there's no progression as the levels go up and at level 35 or 40 they reset and the beginning levels are started again, which makes it boring. There's also no "select level" option at the end of a level, and the skins shop seems only accessible through watching an ad, so navigation could be improved.
ONLY INSTALL THIS IF: You're looking for a game that would satisfy your three year old. Anybody who is over 5 years old would get bored of this game within 10 minutes. I kept playing assuming it would get harder, but it's by far the easiest game I've ever installed on my phone. There is no learning curve. There is no learning needed. This game is basically connect the dots, except you can do it in whatever order you choose, and have to watch ads for more dots. Hardly even a game. It's a waste.
The ONLY way to play this game is offline, otherwise you will be bombarded with banner ads you misclick, unskippable ads literally every level and having to wait an extra 3-5 seconds after each level for the continue button to show up. Once you actually play the game which is good fun, you realise the levels just repeat over time and it's insanely easy. Like there seriously is no real challenge whatsoever. This is purely ad farming. Uninstalled. Would not recommend.
It's a low effort game The puzzles aren't difficult at all. there isn't a limit to your rope or incentive to use less rope. there's an ad every couple of stages. continue to next stage buttons are locked behind an ad or waiting 5 or so seconds. permanent ad at the bottom of the screen. I felt like I spent more time looking at ads than trying to work out these 'puzzles' It's a terrible joke of a game. don't bother download it even for the toilet. Maybe for a 4 year old child they might see value
So easy a 5 year old could play. Game just locks up after level 35. Good concept, wouldn't take much to make it challenging, but it probably only exists to feed us an obscene amount of ads. Just like their other games.
Rubbish. Don't give this company more money. They re use assets from previous games, they hardly spend any time making their games and they just don't care whether or not they make good games. Also the game advertise them as hard puzzles. You can hardly call these puzzles. They are not puzzling at all. Instantly you know how to do them. I honestly hate that companies like this somehow make millions of pounds by doing pretty much nothing. They clearly spent minimal effort on the game
Too many ads and it's not even a good game. I took a look at the comments and saw that they all said what I just said but for some reason I got it any way... I really wouldn't bother if I were you, I wanted to get to the harder levels but I dont want to watch the same 3 ads like 500 times just to get there. A lot of people say the controls suck but after a few levels you get used to it, it's not that bad. I kinda like it so you dont have to reach so far across the screen... but it still sucks
this game was literally one of the worst gamea ive ever played and i only played it to show that the ads are literally horribly fake, you wont get stuck on them like they show they take literally 3 seconds to complete max and then you get a prize rhat is wither unlocked by watching an ad that lasts for 1 minute or you wait for 3 minutes and dont get the prize and then theres a chest every 3 levels that gives you nothing really and after the eighth level theres a choose a path that leads to ads😤
I played up to lvl 50. For the amount of ads that they make you go through, the game itself repeats a lot. After lvl 30 I felt that I reset the game since it they were so similar to the start and that was the case for the rest of my experience. The skins are subpar at best with unlocking them with "gems" being crazy expensive. In conclusion, this game is great if you play it on airplane mode (NO ADS!), But other than that I wouldn't waste your time on it.
Great game, but I have a problem on level 35. When I complete it and it asks me to open the characters, even if I do or don't it freezes, if you press the back button, I can't move the character, it still happens if I reload the app. Edit: My phone is a Google Pixel 2 XL.
I like the concept of the game but its slow paced, like any mobile game it asks you to rate it but it forces you to rate it and doesn't give you an option to "rate later" not much ads which is great but it is really slow paced. At the end of every level it takes at least 10 seconds for the "next level" sign to pop up making you think you need to watch the ad at the end of the level to get to the next level.
This game is just a mobile advertisement. It's goal is to make you watch ads. After a certain point you're just repeating the same levels over with one goal: unlock skins. The user interface is designed to get you to watch ads and spend those coins the moment you can. An abysmal experience for slivers of entertainment.
Gameplay is fun, but... Each level has an interval of 6 seconds before you can continue, this is not good considering the game is fast paced. Each 2-3 level, an ad will show up, always, some of them have the "5 seconds to skip ad" thing and each time you get a box, you need to watch another ad, it's just annoying. Another thing is, the levels of this game are repeated constantly, making the game very easy to get bored to. Playable, but has too many ads and easy to get bored to
yet another mobile "game" that tries to cram as many ads as possible into their very simple game. "open this box by watching an ad" "watch an ad for a random skin" "you said no to both of those so we will give you an ad anyways while there is a permanent banner ad at the bottom of the screen and also a banner ad on the end level screen."
The game itself is a fun idea and after playing the first few levels I enjoyed the introduction of new designs. However, half of that time was spent watching an ad I didn't even know would show up, a gift box that came after clearing level 5 ended up opening an ad, or waiting to go to the next level. I understand you want to earn money, but please don't make me wait to play YOUR game.
It's okay. There are about 30 skins in the game, but the only good ones require you to watch like 20 ads to get them all. The problem I've got is that after about set 25 levels start repeating. I guess it's good for about 2 real hours of content before youll basically beat the game. I'm at set 28 and so far nothing but repeats for the past few sets. It's fun but not very challenging.
So, as per the "Free to Play" code of conduct; F*#k immersion, buy NOW!! 🖕😁 Jesus oh how this game is straight murdered by ads.. I feel "guilty" for it now. It's a bad, BAD game for the flow and immersion. They're both completely blown out by ads. So much so that after only 7 solid minutes of gameplay, it started to feel as if the game had prolapsed its anoose. ..Why? why so many ads.. and so cucking "necessary" to the game. This game, like so many others, would be fairly fun otherwise.
This game had a good premise however the extreme amount of ads made it unplayable. you couldn't go one puzzle without at least one ad if not more. keep in mind it took 10 seconds Max to solve one of these puzzles. The game's potential was destroyed by the overuse of ads. Don't get me wrong I'm okay with an ad here and there but to have so many ads that you're spending more time watching ads than playing the game it's a bit ridiculous.
Do NOT get the app. Levels are very, very easy and quick and ads show up every single time you finish a level. After levels, if an ad doesnt show up right away, it will show something right in the middle of the screen and if you click it, another unskippable ad. This game is just to grind for ads. If you enjoy watching ads every thirty seconds, get this game.
The game offers a full 40 or so different levels to complete, and then loops the same levels in the same order over and over again. You could easily fly through all the levels in 10 minutes, but the game forces you to sit and wait every 2 levels for an ad or for the continue button to appear after 5 seconds of doing nothing. Once you complete the set of levels, the only thing left to do is grind gems until you unlock all 17 other skins with them, and then unlock another 9 skins by watching ads.
Got bored in 3 minutes. Ads appeared all the time. When you finished a level, you have a choice to watch an ad to get something, or wait 3 seconds to click that GREY AND COLORLESS (dark pattern) "No thanks" button. Sometimes, you get a gift. I was really excited when I got it so I clicked it. BUT THEN IT APPEARED A WATCH AD ICON AND I watched an ad for a pointless gift. I didn't find this amusing at all. I hate myself for playing this game now and giving money to the greedy creators. Don't play!
Filled to the brim with ads. Not fun or challenging at all if you have more than 3 braincells. No satisfaction for completing a level when it takes only 10 seconds tops to pass a level. Doesn't even have the basic music that's in the ads. Only reason I downloaded it was because I was pissed off from seeing the ad all the damn time and downloaded it in a fit of rage, and uninstalled it 5 minutes later. Didn't even pay for this damn app and i want my money back. 0/10, not fun.
Far too easy and there aren't enough levels. I constantly found myself flying through this particular game with absolutely no difficulty; as well as this, the levels repeat after themselves a lot of the time, meaning that some levels are exactly the same as others, giving the game no real level of difficulty. I understand that adding more levels may be a potential update that may come within the coming weeks, but god damn man, make the game harder/more challenging!
Game starts to repeat levels very quickly and never increases in difficulty. Every other level involves an ad either optional or forced. If you choose not to watch the ads you still must wait 5-10 seconds for the "no thanks" button to appear in order to progress. The wasted time begins to add up quickly considering levels take less than 10 seconds to complete. I did enjoy the concept of the game. It would've been great if they put more effort into level design and not ad revenue.
Would be a good game if the controls weren't so bad. Manoeuvering the character is an excruciating ordeal, and truly painful: it doesn't react like you would expect, and it sometimes feel like there's resistance from the rope, while other times the character will just glide through the screen. Definitely not recommend until an update
I read all of the reveiws and decided to see myself, if this game is truly "horrible." What do I think now that i've played it? HORRIBLE. Read the reveiws and listen to them! There, in fact, was an add after completing exactly 2 levels. The controls were slow. And after the third level you were forced into rating it! No option like, "no" or "maybe later." No, it just said, "RATE US" And there was no way out. (That I took the time to look for. I was busy clicking off to write this review)🙅smh
Levels repeat themselves OFTEN with just different color schemes. The difficulty never changes after the tutorial level and the game breaks at level 35. I gave it as fair of chance to prove me wrong as possible but the game is trash overstuffed with ads. Even if you pay to remove them to get the "bonus" characters you have to watch an ad.
The amount of ad in this game is unbearable. Once every a few levels come an ad, if you use a phone that has its back button in the screen, you have to wait until the 'x' button appears on one of the top corners of the screen. The game is great, but the amount of ads need to be reduced in order for us gamers to actually like the game. Unless the amount of ads is reduced, the rating will remain at 1 star
ugggg. lots of ads to start with. i turned on airplane mode and that seemed to get rid of them. as for the "game" they are super easy puzzels that REPEAT after 30 or so levels. There is no AA so the game looks like a donkeys anus. there are charecter changes you can purchace so your 2 pixel sprite will have a few different colours. This "game" could probably entertain a small child, but for anyone looking for a pass time, keep looking. also the ads were aids. "IcAnTbEAtThIsLeVeL" SHUT UP
This is the opposite of where mobile apps should be heading. This "game" is basically just an excuse to place ads literally everywhere throughout. The levels are so easy a 3 year old could do them, which is pretty transparantly JUST so you can watch more ads in less amounts of time. Do not waste your time on this game, or more importantly: don't support this type of greed!
while a fun game. if you leave it, it drips you back 1-2 levels when it reloads. also, if you pay to remove ads, it still has unskippable sections where you have to wait, or tap to play an ad to get rid. the dragging drifts, making it difficult to control on long courses in one movement.
I've just started playing and its hard to rotate the line to the tubes . actually its a good game but tough so i do not prefer this to people who are not that good at typing by the way i am 50 50 . if someone is a really good in typing it'll be a really easy game so not preferable but by prsonally i'm 50 50 i prefer this game this its a 3 ☆ game :) ;) :p anyways its a good game and the preference is effective truthfully
Overly simple game, no limit to how much rope so every level is a joke, if you wrap around things enough the rope will actaully pull free from the tube it pulls from, and SO MANY ADS. You can pay for no ads, which I considered due to the ridiculous amount, but the game isnt worth any money spent. Ad banners at the bottom of the screen 24/7, a window in the upper right with an ad playing mid level, ads to collect any bonuses, ads for skins, ads between every level. No skill, all Ads. Trash.
brilliant I love this game and I would give it 10000000000 stars if I could it's so fun and challenging but it's satisfying when u pass the level thanks to whoever made this game it's the best game ever I just can't stop playing it . I told my friends about this game and they loved it to. I really reccomend this game DOWNLOAD NOW👍🏆😁😍❤❤
I understand you have to make money from your apps and if I don't want ads there's a paid version. The amount of ads I experienced during the time I was testing you game to see if I would like it made it unplayable. I will be uninstalling your app.
This game is obviously an ad-based cash grab, I knew that before I downloaded it. And yet, it still managed to fall below expectations. The puzzles are boring and too easy (the rope is unlimited, so there's not actually any kind of puzzle element to it). The ads are incessant, 1-3 in between each round (protip: you can get around this by turning internet off). Also, somewhere around lvl 40 I realized it's recycling levels. They start reusing levels and hope we're too stupid to notice. Awful.
I saw this game as an advertisement that made a statement that can be summarized simply as, "this game is extremely difficult." Now I have to say that I was immediately curious as to the true difficulty of this app, and I have to say that I was thoroughly disappointed after downloading it. I enjoyed laughing at the same 20 levels over and over again that actually take less effort on my brain than eating an apple. If I had more than 500 characters to write this response I would gladly write more.
I actually started to enjoy the game, but then at level 35 it freezes midgame, tried to turn off/on with no benefit. Also the Ads balance is messed up, you can't seem to enjoy the game with them and the frequent interruption with "watch ad and get this".
it was amazing!!!! never seen such a relaxing and an addictional game in my life!! just amazing,that is ALL that I can say about this app. just the characters that they need to work on. That is what I noticed about this app.
I did like the game but it has some errors. First of all, the person with the rope was very fast and I couldnt concentrate on where it was going. Secondly, the advertisments did NOT have an exit button. Third of all, I feel like the people that made this game did not put any time and effort into making it. This is my overall rate and my opinion. I still have this app installed just incase the upgrade it. This is what I think so you can check the app yourself because you may have a better device.
This game is very satisfying. Though you dont really get to have creativity. You cant make art out of the ropes. It's kinda basic. But otherwise fun!!! I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do. :3
I tried to enjoy the game, but after being forced to watch an ad every board and having yo wztch an ad for the bonus (there is no option to say 'I don't want the bonus) I uninstalled the game. If possible I would rate this game in the negatives.
it's so easy you can do it easily. I have finished this game and I've it's made my life a bit easier and it calms me down. I love going around the little lines it's so fun. you should definitely try it. the levels are so easy to finish I think everyone could beat this game. By Bë Watson you need to get the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unplayable due to the absurd amount of pop-up video ads. Within the first 5 min or playing this game I was forced to watch 9 ads!? That's ridiculous. 3 of those ads were DURING a level! Not before or after, but while I was in the middle of solving a puzzle! If you play this game you will spend more than half your time watching advertisements for cheaply made, pay2win mobile games. Do yourself a favor and download something else that actually lets you play it.
Game has a good concept and is fun at first, but they recycle the same levels over and over. It's also an ad monstrosity, however can be easily avoided by turning on airplane mode
It's to easy to play it could be a bit more challenging. in my opinion I don't really like the game. after the reviews I read I wouldn't pay for the no adds because its a waste of money you still have to watch the adds to get the prizes anyway. This is just opinion
There's no real direction. There's no limit to how much rope you can use and you don't get penalised for using too much. The gameplay also lacks challenge; the "puzzles" lack depth or complexity and take less than 5 seconds to solve. On top of this, the sheer number of ads between levels makes it damn near unplayable, and that's not including the 3 second wait times before allowing you to move on without watching an ad for some inane prize. Art style is pretty though. TLDR; Its an ad farm.
In my opinion I think it is truly & fairly easy so I reccomend for all those parents who have children 3,to 4 years old for thier children to play this game as it teaches them problem solving skills & gives them a little bit of a challenge, but it isn't too hard & it isn't too easy so that's why I reccomend it to children of 3, to 4 years old.
I was inundated with ads and being asked to rate the game within a minute or two of opening it up. I wouldn't have let that get to me, but then when I actually got into the gameplay, none of it was challenging. I got all the way to level 16 without even having to think about it (which is pretty sad for a puzzle game) and there were so many solutions to each puzzle that it didn't even matter how you solved it. all around weak game, I don't usually say this but devs should be ashamed
Where do I even begin? There's too many ads, the controls are garbage (like come on, he should just follow my finger but he instead goes ahead which makes turns more sensitive and the level harder to complete), and it's super slow as well (I just wanted to play the game, but I can barely do so). It has a good idea with it but it is executed very poorly. It does not deserve more than one star. Uninstalling 10 minutes after installing.
This is the laziest programming job I've ever seen in a game. At about level forty I noticed that it seemed like a loop. It's a loop. About 20 minutes in and you've done every level about 3 times. Then there are the ads. A LOT of ads. No biggie because I turned on airplane mode and they went away. Also why the 6 second delay before I can go to the next level with a button that leads to an ad above it with no delay. Fix it.
It's probably a great game. Why "probably"? because out of the first 10 minutes in the game, I spent 7 minutes watching intrusive full page no escape ads, 2 minutes waiting for the "please don't show me ads" button to appear, and the actual 60 seconds I played was extremely easy and no-way-anyone-cannot-pass levels. I guess the company should get an award for completely ruining such a great potential for a fun game! Uninstalled.
A vapid game which is simply a vehicle for ad delivery. The game features an interesting idea but does not offer any challenge or reason to play. It is impossible to fail this game, impossible to avoid ads and impossible to enjoy beyond the first minute. Unlimited rope, unlimited time, offers to skip a level with an ad after playing for 3 seconds, offers presents with worthless contents for watching ads, really makes me sad to see games used like this.
Too many ads. Too easy to play (literally no challenge). I've finished 100 rounds and all I can see is the same levels I've finished some time ago (so like every few levels you just rotate through the same stuff). Good as a one-off time killer, but only if you play offline, like in a plane or something.
This would be an ok game if someone designed more challenging levels. Would be a good game for a small child perhaps. The ads are a little over the top, I wish they were skippable at least. There aren't many levels, around 40 they loop back to the first levels. I liked the idea of the rising and lowering pillars, but the execution was poor, it was still just as easy as before. I like the idea of the game, but the level design really ruins it for me.
Laziest programming on planet earth. This game is stupid. Literally easier than anything you'll ever play. And I got to about level 40 in ten minutes, well guess what. The levels are on a loop. It will repeat levels 1 through whatever again rather than progressively getting harder. So it reverted back to the original levels you play through. Hence why I say lazy programming. Terrible. Should be removed from the marketplace. As a programmer myself I would be embarrassed to claim this as my own.
I got so many adds for this game i just got tired of it and tried it out. It was fun at the beginning but just got boring after the first 5 levels. There is no sound to the game and if you want to go to the next level, unlock more "skins" (which to get most of them at the end you would have to watch an ad 2-3 times), or obtain more "gems"... Watch more Ads. Not going to lie the concept of it is good... but it feels like its lacking a big majority.
Decent little game but one star because the amount of ads are ridiculous. I understand there will be some in any game. But after every single thing you do and double if you want any of the rewards is just too much. Deleted the app after 15 minutes.
The controls are IMPOSSIBLE. The character is constanly moving, so you can't move at your pace. The options for a "no thanks, I'd rather not watch an ad for more of the currency of the game, or a mystery box that will GIVE ME MORE energy." Honestly, I would NEVER reconsider getting this game.
These "harder than you think" ads are basically a give away that the game will make you think for a solid two seconds maximum, and then you win. this game's idea was a 3/10 and the execution was a 1/10. This ad littered, sad excuse of a game, is slow (although that could be my phone), and the controls are horrible. The only thing that made this game hard in the slightest were the controls that were probably made in less than a minute. I would make this a lot longer but sadly I'm limited to 500.
I shouldn't even have to say this, but if I'm prompted with "Watch this ad for a free thing!" and click "No thanks," I shouldn't be redirected to ANOTHER AD ANYWAY. I get that it's a short little 3 second one, but I don't care about watching ads. I want to play a video game. Quit disrespecting players' time, and maybe you'll have more players.
Ad fest! No point in trying to enjoy a game that shows an ad every single level, offers rewards for watching ads, and then shows an ad after the "reward ad". It does have a "no thanks" button for the reward ads, which means that you have to watch an ad anyway, just without awards. Silly.
Dull gameplay. The concept of the game is too easy. Got to level 100 within 1 hour of play time and all skins unlocked. If you drag your character around long enough the rope disappears so you can tell the game was designed specifically with money making in mind off of ads. Broke the game at one point where the rope detached from the pipe and had to restart the level to complete it.
Waaaaay too many ads in the free version. Every 2 or 3 levels theres an add. Basically every 30 seconds you're watching a 20 second ad. The game is fun but holy hell the ads just made it not even a little bit worth it. If you want people to buy it that badly just make it a dollar and get rid of the free version altogether.
there is an ad every 2 levels, not to mention pop ups, banners and redundant screens that create room for more ads. this wouldn't be so bad except the game is far too easy. unlimited rope means you can just spam your way through the level, and even if you do figure it out, each level takes less than 10 seconds, meaning you get the interruption of an ad every 15 seconds. ridiculous.
Ads between literally every level that get you skins for your little character, making no difference to the game. Also ads about every 3-4 levels that you have to watch for a few seconds before you skip. The "puzzles" themselves are a poor excuse for a game, they are way too simple to be worth putting up with the ads or spend more than 15 minutes on this game.
So from the looks of it, it is a simple puzzle game where you have to connect the dots with the rope in order to complete the level. The problem is that after every level there is a prompt to watch an ad to collect a bit of currency/prize in the game. After you decline the offer an ad will still play and you wont get anything but you still have to wait for it. I mean if you want to waste time download the game and check it out
Both myself and partner are atuck on level 35 it wont go past that. we have tried normal procedures that you would and it takes us back to the start of the level. This has now gone on for one week!
Rope Around is just another mediocre mobile app that's ridden with ads and has gameplay that's only mildly interesting. Some of the puzzles may be challenging and well designed, but the joy of beating those puzzles is often snuffed out by seeing an ad pop up right after you do beat it. I would not recommend this game to anybody and frankly I think it's nothing more than a waste of time.
Every box and unlock, which happen frequently, are ads, as well as ads every few rounds, and the 'no thanks' button to skip the optional ads takes a few seconds to appear, even after hitting it many times. if it were ads for extras or after a handful of rounds it would be playable, but I spent as much time clicking away from ads as I did playing
I love the concept, but DEAR GOD it's ads are frustrating to get through. It just feels like a game to sell you on more games to download in where they will also have ads trying to do the same thing, it's real disappointing. The game itself is ok, it's just the levels repeat themselves a lot making variety at later levels non-existent, and the character skins aren't that interesting or fun to work for.
Its terrible there are too many ads its awful there are ads between each level it's so annoying it's like doing something you love then having to take a forceful break in between or someone talking to you when you're trying to focus its annoying I hate this game
Ads ads ads ads add ads ads ads ads and guess what! MORE ADS!!!! Horrible glitchy controls, ads galore, graphics are minimals which usually isnt an issue for me but with all the glitches makes it almost impossible to play. you havento watch an ad between every level and every "bonus" round. useless.
Riddled with ads. had to go into airplane mode to be able to play the game for more than 5 seconds (not even an exaggeration). It'd be okay if they didn't start recycling levels after the first 10 areas but no. they just want to grind the money out of idiots who are too dumb to go into airplane mode and pay for ad removal.
This game is too easy. there are no rules on how you can connect them and you have unlimited rope so you can always get all of them no matter what direction you go in, also the game does not give you the right amount when you watch the ads for a reward. forty two multiple by five is not one hundred and sixty eight.
Only point is to get you to watch ads. Its a shame, cause the game is very relaxing itself. Unfortunately, every level is a 30 second ad following it whether you choose to accept the bonus or not. "No thanks, I dont want 5x energy." Too bad. Should have taken it. Heres an ad anyways.
The games concept is actually quite good, but unfortunately the company behind this game wants it only as a money grab. there are only about 36~ish levels (all of which are very easy) and after that they loop. PRO TIP: You can finish the 36ish levels in about 25 minutes. if you just want something to destress, turn off wifi and cellular data after you download the game and you can play to completion with zero ads, which apparently are everywhere. After that just uninstall it and be on your way.
The game was alright, but fairly brainless. I didn't see much of a difficulty change from level to level. Honestly, the most difficult part of the game turned out to be controlling the little person, as the control sensitivity is super high and the person will shoot off more than your finger actually moves. I also wasn't a high fan of the obvious ad drive of the game. They ask you to watch ads for everything, and even if you ignore them, some ads are still forcibly played.
I could have enjoyed this. TL;DR: ad after every level. Why? There is a serious problem with mobile games these days: Advertisement Density. By this, I mean the frequency of ads in mobile games is becoming so compacted, a player is spending more time watching ads than playing the actual game. If you have optional ads, you dont need to force more, non-optional ads down our throats. We will watch the optional ads. I had to watch an advertisement after every level in this game. Unacceptable.
This game was boring. There was no music in it whatsoever and the only sound I got was from the constant stream of ads. You practically have to watch the ads to do anything in game, let it be opening a surprise gift or getting a free skin (not to mention an ad after every level). I understand that it takes ads to keep a free game running, but please consider your userbase when using them. I do have more to say about your game, but there's a character limit. Good game concept tho! Could be better
This app could be fun. Right now, it's mediocre and obnoxious. They prompt you for a rating after the first three levels or so and the entire game is more focused on ads and revenue for the developer than it is gameplay. A video ad pops up about every three rounds and the real challenge in this game would appear to be avoiding clicking on ads or invitations to watch or remove ads. This game could be fun, but it needs a little bit of work and lot fewer ads and ad-baits.
way too much "ad pushing" everywhere. they ask you to watch 2 ads between each map, and here and there you get a forced ad too... the came have no form of difficulty what so ever, several of the "levels" is re-used again and again. the hardest part of the game is the simple controls due to them not being that precise. 0/10 do not reccomend and a waste of your time.
The concept I quite like, a simple little puzzle game with a simple but relatively unique mechanic. However, the game as per most free-to-play mobile games is riddled with ads that are longer than it takes to complete a level. It also is very easy. There is no penalty for simply using lots of rope/time and a lot of the levels can be solved by simply running in a circle or single path.
This game is absolutely terrible. To start, while playing the game two or three adds in a row would play after every other level. Also to add on to that after every level it asks you if you want to watch a video for a skin or gift that you can barely see in the game and you have to wait till a button pops up that says "no thanks". The graphics are bad, the gameplay is laggy, the controls are horrible and the levels could be done by playing fruit ninja. please don't fall for this potato
Overall, it was a nice little game. It was very easy, but was add- central. I got an add after evey round, which only takes like 10 seconds to complete. After around five games i got those annoying adds that are 30 seconds to one minute long and couldn't skip. It was very irritating, and i wouldnt recommend this game if you want something fun to do. But if you do download it, i recommend using a stylus since the actual game is so small. the rest of the game screen is adds.