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ROME: Total War

ROME: Total War for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Feral Interactive located at 64 Kimber Road Southfields London SW18 4PP United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its the game I remember from all thoughsbyears ago.....interface is a little odd but one full campaign and you will have it down
Great port, games have moved on and become far more complex and so this seems almost perfect to migrate to a phone. I don't enjoy the battle controls a huge amount but I think it's a best solution and after a few goes I've changed my play style to suit.
Loved playing this game on PC as a kid and love it just as much on my phone. It's a bit harder controlling at first but once you get used to it it's just as good as on PC. Only complaint is there aren't more of the total war series like shogun and midevil to download. Definitely worth buying.
Fantastic port, even on a mobile screen it's enjoyable and very sufficient. Spent hours playing this when my internet went down. Highly recommended
Love this game. One of my favorites on PC back in the day and they've transfered it over to mobile beautifully. The actual battles can take some time getting used to and be a little clunky at times but it's the best that can be expected on a mobile platform. I hope Feral does all of the other total war games eventually!
Constantly encounters issues with new Android software updates! The game itself is fantastic- an excellent port of a PC classic. But does not play AT ALL on latest flagship models. I've owned the game for about a year- was faultless on my s9, but didn't work on my new s20 for about 4 months until they released a patch (would just crash before main menu). Now after updating my software, it loads the main page but screen becomes unresponsive and no options can be selected. FIX THE GAME AGAIN!
It has a few issues they should address. There may be no more cost effective expenditure in money or time on the Android free to play or pay to win market. This game's thoroughness makes it's competition a joke. However, it could be much more pleasrable to command and learn it's system. Tips: loosing control of the ui spears not to be a bug, but a user missclick, iirc. Triple tapping the upper right corner, then double tapping the upper left brings the UI back, iirc.
This is amazing I do not have a pc so this is the only way for me to play. I play on oppo a9 and it works great my oppo a9 is not supported but it still works without lag and crashing. I am asking if the barbarian and Alexander Rome total war will work on my oppo a9? By the way I think the price is totally reasonable for all the mobile total wars.
Excellent game, controls are hard to get used to and sometimes can be frustrating. However it's the full pc game so it's impressive they mashed a keyboard and mouse controls into a touch screen only set up. If you have a tablet the larger screen makes the controls much easier to use
Don't listen to the bad reviews. It's actually a quality game and hours of fun...takes so.e getting g use to but once u get the hang or it....its amazing *****
Good game but whenever I try to start a battle it us always freezing on me😑. This has never happened to me until now.
I am a HUGE fan of the Total War series and I never had the opportunity to play Rome. I fell in love with Empire though, so I really enjoy this game. I do wish that putting troops into formation was a lot smoother, but what can I expect for a mobile game? Might i suggest controller compatibility? Also, sometimes the UI disappears during battle or during deployment. It isn't unplayable, but it sure is annoying. Otherwise, really great port!
Been playing for a year, grew up playing this as a kid. The controls took a while to get that hang of on a small screen and you need to do a lot of pausing to reposition during battles. But this is way better than I expected for a mobile experience, it is the full game, no content is missing at all so I'm very pleased. Would love it if medieval total war 2 could be ported as well.
Big fan of Total War, I have been playing for two decades. Great game overall. I don't regret my purchase, but, I have some issues. 1) I lost several days of game play, when I wanted to reload to fight a battle 2)using the two finger method to manipulate the width of my army can be frustrating. When I release the army, they will not be facing the right way or will not be within the width I have created 3) the two finger methods doesn't allow to fill in close gaps between personalized formations.
I'm loving the nostalgia but multiplayer should have been a thing because $10.00 is not a cheap app and this game as old as it is should sell for at most $5 or justify the $10 price by selling it with the expansions but no they're different games that also cost 5 each so if you want a semi full experience it'll cost you $20. Multiplayer would not be a hard thing to add, games can be saved and sent through the cloud to open as each player takes a turn. (Look at "Age of Strategy" for guidance)
Amazingly adapted. Total War fan my whole life always enjoyed the originals the most. Hopefully you are thinking of publishing the best- Medieval 2 Total war. Thanks for bringing such a great game back to life in such an accessible way.
I played this game allot in my youth, and I'm so glad it's available on phones. It has every feature that my PC had. I'm so glad I found this game, not to mention it won't kill your data time, all is played offline.
Amazing that we've got a game made for PC 20 years ago that now plays well on your phone. This reignited my love for the game.
Excellent port. The only gripe I have are the formation controls, I personally have a hard time getting the desired formation for my troops, the drag technique isn't very accurate. However, despite that this game is well worth the money.
Great game, like other have said once you get use to the controls, been playing for a few days now and at first I was constantly pausing due to control errors but now its second nature. Reason for 4 stars NO online play and battles can only be set to large we know you can push it to huge;) lastly had a few issues with that app crashing.
*Original review* (Your game crashes everytime I open it) *Updated Review * I love this game its just like the Original PC game except for controls but its on your phone so yeah. Download the game you won't be disappointed the problems fixxed after uninstalling and reinstalling the game has worked perfectly the only problem I've run into is load time for battle saves but apart from that its perfect but please will you bring the First Shogun TotalWar game to android I've played all TW available
Awesome! Feels just like on the PC and Im using Samsung S20+. Although the game warned me that this device is not compatible and that it might cause stability issues - I didn't experience any. Quite the contrary: The game is amazing! If u love total war u will enjoy this on your phone.
I bought this game a whole ago and was very dissappointed by how clunky and non-user friendly the tutorial was. You can very quickly lose track of the game instructions by clicking else where and not really learn the true mechanics of the game. I restarted twice and have gotten lost in the mix and not really been able to follow a step by step plan as most tutorials give you. I should ask for a refund but doubt I'll get it at this point.
Still getting crashes on galaxy s20 and can't continue a battle that I was playing. I just get an infinite loading screen. Thank you for responding. If the issue persists I'll contact via email.
While I had been aware of the Total war games for sometime, this is my first actual experience with it and I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys strategy games. It runs smoothly on my Pixel 2, the graphics are good, considering when it was released, and the gameplay itself is in depth and well done. The controls are a little difficult at times, particularly when trying to rotate your army on the battle screen, but for the most part it works well enough as a phone port. Worth the $10 price.
love the game. have had no issues with the game so far. love that I am able to continue a battle or campaign hours later even after closing the game. would give 5 stars if unit deployment controls were a bit better. my only major issue is no multiplayer. even if it's like a room code invite or just online lobby. it NEEDS MULTIPLAYER!
Save your money until they bother to revamp the control interface. It's an exercise in frustration, especially since they haven't bothered to add proper keyboard and mouse support to make up for the awful touch controls. You'll be selecting and deselecting units unintentionally in the heat of battle, then the whole UI will disappear at random. I haven't regretted a game purchase so hard since I pre-ordered Empire: Total War before seeing what that ended up like. Feral "support" is useless too.
Love it. Quite different to other games that look like it, even the rts' of the time. Really makes you think - that was a hurdle that took me a while to get over but it is intuitive and good fun. And if you are a bit of a history geek like me you will appreciate the little references to famous Romans of the Republic and empire in there
If you love the original PC version, this is definitly for you. Its perfect. The only downside to this? The combat controls are absolutely atrocious. Now, anyone who's experienced the OG knows sometimes the simulated battles are just terribly unbalanced and incredibly biased so for some battles and some smaller factions, you basically get shafted by the RNG system. Solution? Stylus. You wouldn't play flight simulator without a joystick, you need a stylus to correctly play this unfortunately.
Love the game and probably wont delete it for a while, the only thing I have a problem with is how fast if drains the battery, but I have an easy way to deal with that so its a great game!
Good game but false advertising with the screen shots of the game on the play store. You advertise as being made for android and in the same photo all the units are huge unit scale. This is outright false as the units only to to normal scale at the maximum. If you're going to advertise it as units with ultra scale then actually have the game use ultra unit scale. We all paid $15 for this, you've got plenty of money to optimise it and add higher unit scales.
Game works like a dream, very few crashes, any glitches or AI problems are basically the same from the original game, a characteristic that should sell this game off the bat. If you played this game as a kid, you can know what to expect, if you haven't, real time battles with large armies, easy to control the units, characters you can really understand and develop with traits and retinue. Bottom line is you can sink hundreds of hours into the game, and its worth every penny.
Awesome!!! Setting a formation sometimes jumps to widest but you can sort that out with the game paused. other than that its everything youd expect! 5 stars.
Good game, nice campaign. Only issue is that if you play offline for too long or go from offline to online it will mess with your save file for the campaign, making you lose progress.
Classic. Forever a Favorite. Rome Total War is my favorite in all of the franchise. Whether you want a custom battle, imperial campaign or a Historal battle it is all at the ready. The imperial campaign is to conquer as much of the know world as possible. This game has soo many different mechanics to it that time just Flys by and there never seems to be enough time to play! Overall I highly recommend downloading this. Fantastic game play!!
It's pure genuine RTW. Hope they make more of these! Only issue is it's sometimes difficult to do the two finger stretch and get your troops lined up where you wanted or even facing the same way.
Annoying frustrating, The rebels biggest pain in the game , you could have a city/town completely full of troops , push the next turn button and bang your whole army removed from city and rebels have your base , utter shite , too basic aswel with the running of the cities ie taxes, on the pc version u can do alot more with running settlements. Disappointed
Dev response to my valid criticism is rude and unhelpful. Thanks for nothing Why isn't the note 10 in the list of supported devices even though note 8 and 11 are? ? 1. CAMERA IS WAY TOO CLOSE! 2. Auto mutli select constantly ruins my commands 3. Troops set in groups lock their formation 4. Need a move in formation button 5. Can't see agreements made with other factions! 6. Controls are horribly clunky, and due to the camera being so close it's impossible to keep track of the battle
Controls CAN be a bit of a pain, and they do take some getting used to. However after some time, its all simple enough. Great game and great port to mobile!
This is awesome and great game it's amazing they could fit this into a mobile device i know most of you see that imperfections of the game but I consider how far this game has come since the beginning i remember buying this in a bookfestival back in my middle school i remember it had about 5-8 dics to install so for them to fit this in a phone is mind blowing
Very fun, controls could use some tweaks in battles, kind of weird deploying troops sometimes, also telling troops where to go can get clunky every now and then.
Good game, similar to the pc version. However, controls need to be improved during the battles as setting up a formation is quite fiddly.
The game crashes everytime it transitions from one screen to another, i.e. from the battle screen back to the strategic screen. Everytime this happens, any progress not yet manually saved is lost. I've only played it for a short time and have major buyers remorse. For a mobile game, it is pretty expensive and shouldn't be this unstable.
I'd say 2.5 stars. The campaign map is a blast, sending your armies all over the world and managing cities is fun. My biggest complaint with that aspect is how often rebels will randomly take over one of your cities even with a full garrison and lots of buildings to boost happiness. Battles are unplayable due to controls. I was expecting an RTS but I find myself auto resolving every battle as it's easier to win an auto battle with a poor army than control a great army in a manual battle.
It really grows on you. At first I hated the controls and while they're still often frustrating I've learned to work with them. It helps that the base game itself is as fantastic as ever and the devs did well to get it to run as well as it does on mobile. If you have the patience RTW can be alot of fun on mobile.
I don't play many mobile games anymore as I am wary of the pay per play thing and don't trust myself not to get hooked and lose the house. Therefore, a classic game with a one off fee is perfect. The port is excellent, it is just as enthralling a game as on the pc, it looks really good and will keep me entertained for months. Please do more of the Total War series. The original game, Shogun Total War, would be excellent. Thanks!
Everything works ok except the battle controls that are sadly underdeveloped. You misstouch, then the positioning doesn't work well. Hope it gets reworked.
I love total war game... I was doubt this is from legit total war game but its legit like on pc. The bad is the controll to maintain the position and add/increase row. Its hard to use two finger hold tap. Is there any easy method will welcome.. so far the battle will playable on half speed.. please reduce the speed on normal because the AI so fast to manuever..
Loved this game on the PC back in the day and love this android version as its exactly the same as the pc version. The controls take a bit of getting used to but they work. Any chance we could have Empire, Kingdoms or Napoleon TW on android? Great job.
Overall, the game was pretty fun. Battle controls were a bit clumsy compared to pc, but still playable. My biggest complaint was I had two armies (large and powerful endgame army) spontaneously disappear when I tried to disembark them. Please fix this bug asap.
Very nostalgic Controls bit tricky at first but you'll learn fast. I still think its an amazing game but I would like to play on large unit scale because my new phone is the Samsung A71 and I think it could handle large unit scale.
Love it, great port although a little difficult to control sometimes. But any chance we can get the original mouse support? My phone supports a bluetooth mouse and it would be great if i could play it normally with that.
I played a lot of this game on the pc years ago and loved it. The experience on your phone is nothing like it. Nothing but nonstop frustration with the interface and buggy to boot. I'll give it the good old patrician πŸ‘Ž
The game experience is fine, it can be glitchy, but the main issue is when saving the game. I would save the game, and when loading up a saved game after a period of time, it would lose so much progress. Very disappointing!
The world map campaign has been converted to mobile really well and it even has a few more features that are great. The battle mode is unplayable on a mobile though, I used to love the tactics of battles on pc but now I have to auto resolve every battle. I wish I didn't buy this game on mobile (third purchase, cd and steam)
This is the best game I ever play! Still feeling off that we still need data for this to keep playing while being offline but I hope their will be more of this type of game! I'm hoping for the shogun total war to be created, please for the love of god I hope that game get created for mobile
Just like the original, well ported with excellent touch control. First campaign kept me entertained for over 50 hours! Truly brilliant, hope the rest of the series gets converted to Android!
All in all a great port. However, while in battle map, the game directly jumps to battle and there is no chance to deploy my troops.
Have always loved it. Enjoy the historical drama that can get created out of my actions. Maybe a bit more improvement on the family tree to really get into it. Maybe the character information card can also give the relationship in the family. Enjoyed making some great warriors out of young men.
Its rome total war and it work's πŸ˜‹..the only two problems is screen rotation on the battlefield and setting unit facing..devs screen rotation is easy..just put an 8 sided button on the screen every time you press one of the 8 arrows the screen rotates in that direction..it would be a lot better then the 2 finger unresponsive and hard to use screen rotation system your trying to use at the moment.
Loved this game growing up, and have continued to play it over the years on different computers. I'm glad to have it on my phone now as it continues to be the game I loved as a teenager. The controls can be a little wonky at first, but they're not too hard to get a hang of after a couple practice battles. Over all it's a pretty great experience.
Best open battlefield warfare ever!! Been playing Rise of Kingdoms for 2 years and it feels soo good to play a game that isn't pay to win for a change.
Great game. The controls are hard to get used to at first. But well worth learning. Ill be buying the next installment once I play this a bunch more.
Works very well even on budget devices (Motorola one action). The controls are a bit finicky, but that is to be expected from a full PC game ported to phones.
When I found out that this game was for Android I literally squealed with joy and bought it on the spot, but unfortunately my first phone couldn't handle it so I got a new gen phone. and while I was on my way to work I redownloaded it and heard those opening credits those sweet sounds of marching...stuck... It's like the computer version and well worth the hours of my life I'll spend on it,who needs a social life.. not this guy!!
One of my all time favorite games here on mobile. I couldn't have asked for more. As a seasoned total war veteran the controls and layout came easy to me and the game runs great on my Razer Phone 2. Some of the unit placing controls where tricky at the start but with some much needed practice it became quite simple. The game is well optimized UI for mobile. I can get 4 - 5 hours on full battery charge. This is honestly probably the best $10 I've spent on the app store.
This game is amazing I love the factions and diffrent units.the promblem I have with the game is unit positioning but overall it's good a little work with the graphics then this game a hit.i also think that romans should have war elephants but you don't have to add that it's just my opinion.Also you should make this game muiltyplayer, if you manged to do this i will be very impress and be very happy to able to have real cool seige battles and able to play with friends and conquer the world, :)
Great game just like the computer edition. Only a couple small problems: 1. Doing the double tap to form unit lines it very glitchy/unrefined can never get it to do what I want so I basically gave up on that. 2. (Edit) Had an issue deleting save files. Contacted support and the solution was as simple as turning GDrive Sync off in the settings. 3. Squalor is weird and makes almost no sense even though I know how it works. Still. But aside from all that I still love it as the classic TW game it is
This is for everyone who does NOT recognize this game. Do not be fooled by the fact that this is on the app store, this is no app caliber game. This game is a cornerstone of the genre, an absolute LEGEND of PC strategy gaming. The control are tricky without a mouse, but do not pass this by because of the graphics, it's un freaking believable that this is on my phone now, and not as app store knockoff q
Really enjoy this game it bring RTW to the mobile device in brilliant ways but I find that the save feature fails a lot. I will save a game and then come back and the save has failed so I lose a few turns which is not always a problem but very annoying
Great game just like the pc version. A little tricky to get used to the controls. Accidentally placing troops in positions and difficulty selecting the right troops but overall they have done a good job πŸ‘
This is one of the most addictive games I've ever played and is has great strategy to it the only thing I would say is some siege towers get glitches and don't work but is an easy fix!!
Went a really long way in this game, saved my games loads of times and the autosave feature was ON yet when I came back today to play, it had OLD saves for so long ago, all of my progress is GONE, a great game but when you lose all your hard work, just a waste of my time, absolute trash.
Have to give it a 1 star for the horrific controls. Update: Found some more things hilariously broken. Seige towers DO NOT WORK, and is the same bug since the PC VERSION! If you can't fix bugs from almost a DECADE ago what's the point in buying it.
As perfect of an older PC game to mobile as you can get! I bought the original PC version back in 03 and I absolutely loved this game, spent so many hours on it and I haven't found another like it since until now. Takes time getting use to touch screen over mouse/KB but its exactly how I remember it except it loads and plays faster than it did on my custom rig from then. Worth every penny! Now just need the original Command and Conquer up to Tiberian sun and my life would be complete!
The game was good on PC decades ago and it is nostalgic fun now. Solid game once you get use to the combat controls
Hi. I've a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S. Purchased the game but unable to play. Please add the 9S to the list of playable devices. Update: This is now working. User error πŸ˜…
As a veteran of the Total War series having first played Rome back in 2004 and every game since I'm extremely impressed with just how well this game was ported. With that said, maybe its because I'm just not a mobile gamer but it feels slightly awkward to control at times, the campaign map is fine but battles seem to be more of a fight with the controls than than the classicly dumb AI.
very happy that there is now a mobile version want them to release rome total war 2 for mobile so I can play the Spartans would also like a complete world version, game of thrones, lord of the rings and star wars. Would like to try an online version, no micro charges only strategy, play against real people not able to properly talk to them. True strategy
I love this game on PC but its obvious it doesn't work on phones at all and the people that say it does are used to playing the click on what they tell you retarded toddler games, I have a Galaxy A21 a pretty nice phone and this game won't even allow me to do anything but get a seizure. Why dont you guys find a better way to make money than being sausage stuffer mouths.
This is exactly as I remember it playing it on the PC! Amazing game honestly. Im doing 10 hours a day on this, its super addictive. Best Β£9 I've ever spent
I have always wanted to play rome total war since as long as I can remember I just don't have a pc. I am so happy this was ported to mobile as long as these are on the store I will continue to play. Please bring total war shogun to mobile please.
It is a really great game. I wish you all would make a mobile version of the other total wars like Rome 2 and napoleon total war. But as this for this, I just wish the graphics were a little better. Thats why I gave 4 stars but I'd have to say 4.5 stars.
It's great because of its strategies and Its historical accuracy now yes there is a few bugs but overall I think it's good
Keep losing progress no matter how many times i save it takes me back to when I was playing weeks ago Making me lose all of of progress πŸ˜‘πŸ™ƒ
Absolutely love the game always have done since its original release back in 2004, just one thing needs to be tweaked and its the drag and move system for units during battle sequences, its so time consuming trying to place units in the correct position. Other then that perfect for me! :)
Was excited to see this on mobile! Have played these since the beginning and love it so far! So much fun and entertaining! Would love to see more of the total wars on here!
Launched me back to 2006 like i was sitting on a Roman Onager, its the classic brought back to live and now mobile! I think i'm enjoying it more due to the nostalgic value of the game. But regardless of that or the dated graphics its just as fun as it was when i first got my hands on the game CD. 4 stars feel fitting because like most games this ain't perfect, the controls are bit problematic at times, the game is heavy to run on older phones but overall it is playable and enjoyable! [⭐⭐⭐⭐]
Very nice game! I cant for the life of me figure out the battles though and how to re-arrange my lines but I'm sure they tell you in the tutorial (which who plays ha). I'm probably going to pick up the expansions as well. It works very well save for 1 time on my S10 where it just kept on crashing but that has seemed to stop It's a shame the SPQR isn't unlocked.
The complaints about the user interface are accurate. The game simply is not fun due to the amount of time you must spend finessing the touch controls to get units to do what you want. For the price I was hoping careful attention would be paid to making the experience mobile friendly but unfortunately the controls feel like an afterthought, making the price for this port a hard pill to swallow. The game also freezes occasionally if you don't have a constant internet connection, so beware.
I downloaded this game on my samsung A20 it works fine, the armies are about 80 - 120 per army. Then I downloaded it on my TCL PLEX it is working quite smooth. But the armies are quite few 20? per set? I went into advance settings and picked the largest armies. It only became 40 armies per set? What kind of war game is this if their are such puny armies. Please fix this cause I really love this game.
Love the port guys. Im a huge fan of this game. My biggest complaint is not being able to customize the unit formation as far as direction and width/depth. Also, when units are in a group they will not go across bridges or through entranceways like gates or crumbled walls. Other than that it runs smooth! I would also like to request a 60 unit size for the LG V30 or similar spec phones. The v30 handles 40 unit size easily. I think most of us would sacrifice a little fps for more units.
I absolutely love this classic.. What's brilliant is you buy the game, you own it.. No in app purchases. I really can't fault this game, it runs perfectly on my Huawei P30, no freezing or stopping. It works just as good as a gaming pc. Ps... Plz bring out medieval total war 2 on mobile 😊
Everything about this game is great apart from not being able to set unit scale to large or huge, my phone is capped at 40 maximum. Feral Interactive please update this feature as people have devices that can handle better epic features. Having an option to set unit scale and graphics further would be amazing and would further increase your rating. Thank you
Ok so I've put a few hours into this (wanted to play it for a bit before commenting) and thought it might be a bit glitchy buy honestly the game works well on Android the game play and graphics are the same that I remember but work well on the phone platform. The game itself is the same and the strategy is awesome the game play feels well done and although there are a few glitches its not bad and if you liked the game before this is a good new way to play. Good game overall. Highly recommend
Hate the controls! Not sure why they complicated the controls for a game that is played with a mouse? Needs to be fixed. As for the game, love the game, I've logged 1000+ hours on this game with my PC back when it first came out. So far game works fine on my S10 5G Raising my rating by a star for the sheer fact this game doesn't lock anything behind a pay wall, no P2W BS no paying for factions. Sick of P2W and pay wall games!
Faithful tablet and mobile recreation of a classic PC game. Sega's original ROME: Total War comes back to life, easier and more convenient than ever. Maybe it's not quite as easy to maneuver troops as with a PC and mouse -- but to have this game on a handheld device outweighs this tenfold. Every other aspect of the game is faithfully recreated, and the graphics are terrific. Feral knocked it out of the park with this game, a classic that holds up in every way.
Yes obviously the interface isn't easy. Can you believe this is good total war on phone. The interface has some getting used to which cant be rushed. I recommend buying if total war and patience is worth it to you
Great adaptation of the classic game! The controls are a little clunky, especially in battles (e.g. the double finger touch to set direction and rank depth often results in unintended outcomes), but that is only a minor issue. Overall, great experience!
Engaging and just like the original. The only negative is the game play takes some getting use to vs the pc version. And you can't group units. But otherwise it's one of the best games I've played on mobile.
Smashing hit to Android, as much good as the PC version. Graphics are good, gameplay is tatical depending on difficulty setting. Ive only been playing on Android around 3 weeks and its addictive. Battle map is off decent size and theres plenty to think about. However the finger unit controls can be a bit pesky at times but perservia and youll get the hang of it. The guide tips and help features are very helpful and easy to understand. NEED a hide tree/dull tree button please. It can be annoying
DON'T DO IT! Oh it is total war for sure. The only problem is the interface is the worst in the history of gaming! It is so difficult during battles to move your troops around. The camera is way too close and way too hard to maneuver. Trying to select units is next to impossible during combat and they never ever EVER!!! Do what you want them to do! How Sega could put their name on this and just leave it like this is just beyond me. Tried to like it but if they don't care to fix it I won't play
Great Game. Battlefield Movement and camera control.. not so good. Can you implement an in depth customizable option for each touch option? I am tired of using two fingers to align my army on the battlefield. I dont want to spin my fingers to rotate.. just put some kind of button i can press to rotate. As well as with zooming in and out. My fingers are worn out guys. And my screen isnt so big so it is pretty hard to see with my two big ol fingers on the screen trying to form an army. Thank you.
I been playing this non stop. But the problem is it not as same as pc rome total war. The numbers of soldiers is so less then its original amount of soldiers in the game and also add multiplayer cause in pc it has multiplayer. Hope you fix it cause i want to play this game so badly
Attention Total War fans: Just shut up and buy this game. If you're on the fence, don't be, just buy it. You will not regret it. Only thing i can critique are the controls, which are a little weird at first. Tweak them slightly so that I don't accidentally move an army when I'm just trying to select a city.
Really love the total war games but it doesnt translate to a phone screen size. Maybe a tablet would be ok. I would like my money back.
It is fun and the campaign itself is still the Rome Total War you would expect, but the interface for battles and the controls really needs some improvement
Thank you for adding this classic masterpiece to the playstore its well worth the 11 euro all day long the controls take some getting used to but once you do its amazingly fun can i suggest one thing in a battle can you increase the speed of the camera zooming in and out and the increase the speed of the camera rotation if you can do that it would be perfect once again thank you i will be supporting this 100% i am hooked
Absolutely love the total war franchise. This was done half assed or something, the controls suck, the troops do what they want, and the phalanx troops prefer to attack with their flanks. Archers prefer hand to hand combat, if ur cavalry hits an enemy troop formation from behind, it absolutely devastates ur cavalry. Ive lost money and got more out of it than the $ i spent on this
Exactly as I remembered, controlling your units in a battle can be quite a struggle at times, but with practise you are able to smash through opposing armies. One of the best pc to mobile ports ive seen
Pretty epic game, brings back fond memories of playing it on the family pc as a teenager. The funny thing is that my galaxy s10+ plays it better than my old family pc ever did. Once you figure out the controls, it's pretty easy to play for touch screen. It's not quite as easy as mouse and keyboard, but it's doable. Nice to enjoy this game on the go as an adult. It has definitely earned its 5 out of 5!
spent literally total months playing this on pc and now i can waste time on my phone with it woot Unit width option would be nice but if you hone tactics around that issue it's really no big deal. It's a pc game on a phone people, im impressed regardless of the small quirks.
I would love to recommend this game, but can't until they fix ranged units and charging. When ordered to charge, ranged units will stop dead and wait as long as 6-8 seconds before WALKING. Even if you order double time after ordering a charge, your units will still walk after a long long pause. Only after they begin moving again, can you then get them to run. It's an infuriating deal breaker for commanding Roman armies personally. Any other issues are understandable for a pc to mobile port.
Starts off greats but ends terribly, you can gain cities and towns quick and easy but as soon as you hold over 20 places they all start rioting and revolting causing you to lose places one by one and stopping your growth do not buy this game
This game is goated one of the best phone games i ever played. It is definitely worth 10 dollars npw the only thing we need now is a multiplayer where you and your friwnds can take turns fighting each other. And we also need unlimited turns in campaign. My advice is to attack the barbarians early in the campaign before they get strong enough to attack you back to back because if you wait to attack its gonna be hell for you because everyone will think your weak and attack you.
I fell in love with Shogun TW when it 1st came out. Then they released Rome TW. I was hooked 4 literally yrs. It's been at least a decade since I've played (family, kids, etc.) I can't believe I'm playing this again. Its like reliving my past. The music and songs, the dialogue, it all just sends me down a euphoric memory lane. $9.99? U'd spend more at McDonalds. The combat controls are challenging at 1st. But if u do diligent research, u really do start to get the hang of it. 5 Stars. TY Devs.
Great game. One of the all time greats. Deep into my first campaign and oh my god the amount of nostalgia and joy. Can't recommend enough, whether you've played it or are new to the series.
I use a vernee model x and this game isn't officially supported by my phone, so I started the game got a warning my phones not officially supported then Few hour in...... Not a f****** problem in site. Runs smooth no graphics issues so far. My expectations were low and it blow it out of proportion. Big command and conquer fan and for my first total war game. ABSOLUTELY BANGING CHARVA. 100% recommend.
It's a good game but there's one problem. The dogs. You can only attack the dog handlers not the dogs so your men will get mowed down by dogs.
Largely fun and entertaining. The two-finger-drag, unit control feature is the ... absolute ... worst, though. Twice this evening, I went right off a cliff from adrenaline-charged excitement to nearly throwing my smart phone across the room, trying to position a column of archers. It should not take 15-20 attempts to set and orient a unit formation. Hardly gets easier with practice. Recommend: two-finger plant, just as it is, then lift fingers and replant one finger to finish tracing.
Attention Total War fans: Just shut up and buy this game. If you're on the fence, don't be, just buy it. EDIT: Dropping rating to 4 stars cuz the real time battle controls are just too clunky for that side of the game to be enjoyable on mobile.