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Romance Fate: Story & Chapters

Romance Fate: Story & Chapters for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by HIGGS TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITED located at 香港. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hey, I've been using Romance fir over a month, the game is fab But suddenly there seems to be some issue with the game, it only started today whenever I try opening book(be it already started or nee one) it shows the version is outdated, please upgrade. And I can't see any upgrade option. Is it only with me or this problem is faced by all?? Can you fix this, I miss the game already
Whats going on with this app, It can't seem to load the stories. It's keeps stopping at 50% when loading, it been like this for the last 4 hours 😑
I love the app. I just wish they would finish the stories. And yes not of enough diamond or ticket. I wish we could pick better characters or if we like the characters we pick before in others stories. That should be our able to pick from them in the new stories.
I would give this app a five star but not any more, the app keeps shut down on me and it has gotton me really mad that they do not give daily rewards anymore.... I hope they bring it back, but I am srly thinking of unistalling
Bad app. Reason I have one star is because I can't even claim my rewards and whenever they are talking it always show ads
Downloaded this because I saw an ad and i thought: "Wow this looks hilariously bad!" So I thought I'd get it and mess around, but honestly the app is so boring you can't even have fun with that. It says interactive, but most of the time your choices don't matter; the result is the same. So you can't make a hilariously dumb story. The writing is lackluster and super cheasy. And of course the "fun" options cost money. 0/10 Not even worth the time it took to write this review.
This is my first time playing this, and I liked the stories. But the amount of diamonds being given per chapter is not enough. I would like to explore the other stories, but having insufficient diamonds and tickets stops me from doing so. I would like to suggest that you should increase the amount of the diamonds to be given (more than 2), or enable more ads to produce more diamonds. Im looking forward to playing more of this!
Love the story I am doing. Hate that decision cost so many diamonds. I can usually only make one decision a day that cost diamonds, making getting through this book a tedious chore instead of a fun and enjoyable experience. And don't even get me started on the cost of diamonds, not saying the developers don't deserve to make money for there creation, but I can pick up a trashy romance novel for less than $2 in my area and get just as much enjoyment out of it. Won't play another book!
I WOULD rate this game 5 stars if the options weren't SO EXPENSIVE. It's so difficult getting diamonds and the codes rarely give you any diamonds. 😐 Everything else is good, but the options OH MY GOD. They're so damn expensive. It's like I take like 5 days to get 20 diamonds. πŸ˜‘
Addictive but some stories end meaninglesly. You dont have much choices in ypur hand everything is planned. You would fell helpless and useless while the story revolves around useless chapters. Some stories have too lengthy meaningless chapters and while some have too short chapters. And new chapters take too long time to update. Hope the team will work on this problems and also the tickets take too long time.
I am giving it 4 stars because the time of tickets are too much you can't easily earn diamond and you can't go to the ch you want! Why is that!? I hope you will fix it!!
I love the give aways when it's given but it only comes once in a long time which makes choosing options one sided and makes the stories read so differently..... I'm not complaining about buying diamonds...just make the promos at least once every month. Thanks
I really like this app and today I'm here with a request like please if you can you could increase the number of free choices like everytime there are 2choices which needs daimonds and 1 which is free. So I'd be glad if you could just give two options for free and one paid πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I know it's a lot to ask but still πŸ˜…πŸ˜… and other than that it's an amazing app and I love it's stories too πŸ™‚πŸ–€
I cannot believe how often we Have to make simple choices by having to use So Many diamonds. The 24hr waiting is ridiculous. You need easy side games to collect diamonds. Prices of actually buying diamonds.
As plenty others have mentioned, the cost of the diamonds is why I can't rate it a 5. It's just too expensive to explore your choices when each interesting choice wipes you out within a chapter or two, if you're lucky. Otherwise I'd rate it a 5.. Not everyone uses Facebook or Instagram. How about activities within the app for those that don't? As I said in my original review I'm not and don't want to be on Facebook so I can't follow. How about some in app activities that give us extra diamonds?
There are no everyday login rewards like before. The diamond thing is ridiculous. Too slow for tickets. Horrible update even after so much negative feedback. Also, the choice of character should include all spectrum of identity. A lot of these things have been told before by others as well, told nicely, but... We all are being patient but it seems like a waste now. So, 1 star.
I can't log in in my account. It displays error. I can't take screenshot of it. When it displays error I can't even get back. After that I have to uninstall this app to start again.
The app is great with just one problem so far. I tried to claim the daily reward and nothing happens. Would like to claim my daily reward.
Really love the new update and the stories are much better. I hope that they continue to add ways for members to get free diamonds πŸ’Ž and rewards. Also major bug problems has been fixed I experienced no issues lately.
So I really like the app but I don't know if it's the app or my phone but either way it keeps closing and it's really annoying. Other than that it's a good game I love the stories so far
everytime i open the game it quit itself...so i can't read even for a minute straight !!! & its really bothersome !!! & its happening after the recent update.please help me fix it.
I hate that the stories are not full stories and you have to wait on the next chapter plus you never have enough diamonds, maybe try giving more than 2 diamonds after a chapter ends would make the game alot better, especially when you need to make a decision and you don't have enough diamonds.
it's good. the building characters and their development also good and not kinda cringe like others similiar games. but the only problem with this game is that it costs too much for any decision choices as a part of game. i guess, it better to raise cost on clothes and reduce the cost for optional choices in the game story. thanks.
As plenty others have mentioned, the cost of the diamonds is why I can't rate it a 5. It's just too expensive to explore your choices when each interesting choice wipes you out within a chapter or two, if you're lucky. Otherwise I'd rate it a 5..
Every single decision takes diamonds so it's impossible to make the choices that you want without having to purchase diamonds. There is another game similar to this one called Choices that makes it easier to play and gives adequate gems to be able to make more choices. Also, now the story that I was playing does not load and I got zero help from developers. Uninstalled.
The stories are awesome and the game as WELL. BUT the only problem here is the DIAMONDS. As everyone is mentioning it please do something about it,it really unfair because you can't make the proper choice as it cost a lot of diamonds.
The rest of the game is good but the diamonds for choosing the right or perfect option is very much higher that's why I give only two stars
This game is very addictive. I love this game so much. The only reason I am giving four star is because the best choices cost too much in diamonds. And I can't choose the best ones because I only get one diamond per chapter. It would be better if the choices were not expensive or if we could play mini games to earn diamonds. PLEASE FIX IT.
What's wrong with this app, after some moment i played the game it outomatically truned off, every time that's what happaning to me , i don't know why? Please fix this prblm i really want to read the stories😫😫
I really love this story makes me want to find me a Jax .. Im in love w him.. Lol.. But i hate that u have to constantly buy diamonds every 10 mins to move on it is crazy!! I played choices and it allows u to get more into the book at least like every 30mins.. Man it is crazy i hate to delete it but i must im not going broke for me to say my vows to Jax.. Smh
Previously, the app was good but after after the update I can't open stories which I uses tickets. I have tickets but can't resume any story. Please help!
So far the stories are OK. The amt of diamond cost for your choices is too much for the laughable amt of 6 you can get every 24 hours. Consider adding a mini-game or reward system to get more or lower the cost of choices. EDIT: The addition of VIP seems to be a bit better value, but would be nice to be able to change into purchased outfits when you want.
I do really enjoy reading stories here. I love the twists and turns of all the stories. But, my problem is some stories have a really slow update. I know it's hard to write stories but WE as readers really really want and eager to know what's gonna be the next happening. Please do something about the slow story updates. 😊
I like this app but the problem. Crashing. It keeps on crashing and crashing and crashing its getting to the point where I dont want to play anymore
I will change it to 5 star if only they change something that annoyed me soo much. I HATE it when I re-read story that I finish before, I get ZERO diamond everytime I finish read the chapter. Sometime even the story that I never read do not give me any diamond. WTH!. I love to read story that I finosh over and over again but if I do not get any star, what the point? Should at least give 1 star per chapter like before.No longer my no. 1 story aps
Great game, but its sometimes crash and choices cost quite alot of diamond .The game would be perfect if this problems are taken care of.
Good but bad...wish they would complete a book in a timely fashion. Hate that I have to wait for new chapters of a book to come out and it takes almost months for it to be finished. It makes me not want to continue playing them. I would like it more if you could continue the books without waiting for so long for new chapters to become available.
You can't finish a game unless they allow it or you have to pay for something. Won't be using this app episode and choice give you daily point for log in and play
I could give it a 5 star only if there were more ways to earn diamonds like in other games there is a login reward for daily login. If I've to make a choice then I need to wait at least for 3 days and that too just for one choice and in any episode 3 or 4 times we get to make a choice so eventually this app remains idle in my phone. It's in use only for 10 minutes just to make a choice and move further in the episode untill the next choice arrives.
I like this game all things is perfect but hear one problem for me.....it's characters still standing, nothing moving πŸ˜•
Love it but you don't have enough gems for clothes and to make the choices you want, and I don't have money to spend on it!!!πŸ™πŸ˜ 
i love all the stories here only wish they give more chances like tickets to read a books chapter . Also give more diamonds . N give 24 hrs passes to read a book something like that . Where few other app books used to give . But im really fond of Romance Fate Stories.
Unless you spend money you won't get good story options and the options you choose do not have a major impact on the storyline. It's more like reading a book than being the author and having control over the plot.
I.like the app and don't like it at the same time because, the choices cost way to many diamonds and Also, when I want to pick a good or romantic outfit I have to spend diamonds and they cost to many diamonds . So I have to pick the ones that look a hot messπŸ€”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
You cannot play the game on your own choices because each choice but the one you'd rather not make cost gems. It doesn't give you much of an opportunity to earn gems either.
This game is awesome I love the game , the stories ,the chapters and also the characters but when I am trying to read new stories after reading the first chapter there were getting some error when ever I am trying to get in the story and want to read another chapter they are just letting me out of that and I can t read them this is giving me headache because I really want to read that story but I really love everything about game but because of some errors are their, I am giving 4 star sorry!
It keeps on crushing. The music used is terrible. The characters are very ugly. It's not considerate of my time.. It keeps on loading and loading..
Stories are really captivating but it is repeatedly asking to update game version although I have already updated the game. Not letting me play game further. No response received from support after emailing them issue.
I used to like this game but ever since you took away the diamond that we got everyday it's not fun anymore because I can't get the VIP pass so there's no point in playing this game anymore if you can't get diamonds somehow I think you should give our daily rewards back because now I don't even hardly play this game because it's not fun to play a game where you can't make any more expensive choices and the amount of diamonds it takes to wear new clothesand do the diamond choices is crazy to me.
Like this game, but hope they could last long, every session is too short and when you are at the best part it suddenly inform you that the season will be released, and just for this we have to read another story and it will be the same, and no redemption code was given to me, can you please shorten the time of tickets?And also when you give three options it shows that two of them are very costly, you can give us two options must , if u wil release a story finished that will be more better . πŸ‘
App won't let me read anything because it says I need to update it but I had already updated it. So I uninstalled and reinstalled but the same thing happens. I tried to send an email to cs and the app keeps saying input an email.
I love it...πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œthe most amazing story I ever read is " forbidden affair" but not getting next chapter....its amazing.....u can definitely install it....it will not disappoint u...😘😘😘the best thing is it gives u free ticket for 24 hours to read continously and it feels so...real while reading...thanks for this amazing app❣❣❣
I can give it 5 stars but it's too expensive, can you lessen the time to gain tickets please. And give us some other ways to gain more diamonds, but anyway, this app is great. Its just that it is expensive
Hi! Actually there's a little problem in the game.... So, when I resumed my book's chapter it said to update the app as it is outdated. So...... it is only happening with one book. I tried to resume it but it told me to update the app. But I have just installed the app after deleting it 3 times but still I'm facing the same problem. Can u help me?
The cost of choosing an option is way too expensice atleast you can give enough of diamonds as rewards other than that I loved the game it's amazingly romantic
I love this app great stories just finished forbidden affair best story by far unless I another story just as good..
It is frustrating to find a game that I like all to find out that I have to buy in order to play it makes no sense to me you should really give more diamonds for the stories to begin with people like your game there gonna play them the tools to play it more
The stories are really amazing but there is a problem with diamonds purchase we cannot choose options that we wish for due to lack of diamonds its really annoying. Secondly instead of releasing new stories the older ones should be completed so that the reader do not loose touch from them it really annoys when u are reaching the climax of the story and then there comes a long break and then we almost forget where we had left.
I really love this app, I installed a lot of apps like this but this one is what I love the most. But the reason why I gave it 4stars is every chapter needs a lot of diamonds. And we only have 6 chance per day to watch an ads to earn diamonds. I'm in the middle of being excited on how beautiful your story are but always end up being disappointed when I need to wait for hours or day to continue the story with diamonds. Hope you fix it, because I don't wanna end up uninstalling this beautiful app.
I love this app, but today I noticed that with courting desires that I cant play as it says that I don't have the latest update and I have closed and opened my book, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still says I dont have the latest updates to play but with every other book it's fine.
I love the stories, not sure if its just me or...But im really disappointed in how diamonds are hard to get and when i purchased a package for 4.99 from them 14 diamonds disappeared and left me with 2, then when i tried to send feedback i entered all the information but when i press send it asks for my email which has been entered and reentered a few times and still asks for my email. Im sitting here wondering if the package was a rip off, and its hard to find a redemption code.
This Game is amazing!So far you got me addicted to this one really really good story 'Seduction and submission" although I ran out of diamonds so now I got to wait but, I do wish that you could increase the amount of diamonds on your daily reward but it is overall really good!
i love this game ..but can you please do one more change in this ..like adding graphics of when the kissed an when they slap to someone ...plz plz add this ..and the rate of earning diamonds is very low😧 ..so i can suggest that when relationship or friendship gets +points ❣️in story you can reward them with diamonds πŸ’Ž2 or 5😍😍with love.
It's a great game but saying tht its failing assets try again but when I come off the app n reload it does it again. Some of the storys ain't loading propa plz fix and update them, also some of the storys are short or keep saying update but there not gettin updated when they say other than tht I love it especially the paranormal storys
I love the game but I only gave it 4 stars because everything comes with a price for the good answers and that is not how life is in real life I shouldn't have to pay for the right answer so I am upset that the creator of this game want people to pay for answers that in reality we have to deal with in relationships anyway sorry to say I am uninstalling the game because it cost to much for the right answers !!!!
Game freezes and too expensive. Most of the stories are not updated on a regular weekly basis. When I sent an email about a book that won't open, I was told to try again in 2 days, and it still doesn't work. Most story apps will gift you free diamonds for the inconvenience but this app will not. I highly do NOT recommend this game app.
The game was good until mrng.... But at evening even if my app was updated it was saying that please update u are in outdated version.... Why is this happening... I am not able to open my old stories but able to open new ones.... Y ??? .... Am I not able to open my old stories... Can u pls say the reason....
The game is good and so are the stories but you always need lots of diamonds and to collect your daily diamonds you have to wait for 1:30 seconds and when the time is over it says there are no videos available so you don't have diamonds to carry on with the story.
I love the game i am rewriting my review first i wrote a negative review but now it is fully positive... yess.... this app is a success and the graphics and story lines are just wow and i have one suggestion that is you should give us diamonds and tickets atleast 10 tickets should be there and the diamond case is a bit annoying because the good choices will cost many diamonds and sometimes i dont have many diamonds pls do something about this this app is too good A MUST TRY APP add sme mor chpts
Its really hard to get diamonds.Most of the user has told this but nothing happend and in my case aap doesn't work only in one story it worked properly then open 2 min then automatically switch off and it takes lot of time to open .Please do something stories are very nice i want to read all I will surly give 5 stars to you
This app is too good.. Every time I play a story it makes me feel like every girl will get her prince, true love one day.... I don't know I'm choosing like that type of stories or all stories are like that....
I actually like this game a lot but its telling me I have to update , yet when I go to the play store it doesn't give me the option to update , as if the game were fine as is . Also why does everything cost so much diamonds ( 20 / 30 ) , you should bring down the cost to at least 10 / 15 that way people would actually be able to play and still buy obviously if they want more .
I like the story but it does not have enough diamonds to get the good the good lines where you want to make it romantic you have to make it not romantic because you ain't got enough diamonds to buy the clothing in the the line that's on it the Comebacks whatever you want to call him and you lose a lot of interest because of that other than that this would be a good romantic story whatever you want to call it but the romance just took out of it when you ain't got enough diamonds for the good line
I love this game a lot only ran in a little issue once or twice but I'm sure it will get solved but it is a very vid game I love it
Good stories but it takes to long to earn stars, I don't think it's fair to charge one star after you earn to after an ad
I don't know why I can't play that game now when I start it is stuck and show would want to check your network. Plz help me . I like that game so much that's why
So irritating! I want to make certain choices and I can't. It has a good story line and that is why it's so irritating. Why can't they make mini games in it to win diamonds. Or watch ads to get diamonds. I would so watch an ad to be able to choose the one I want. Now it's getting undownloaded because it is not worth the time if all the good answers cost diamonds. The only reason why it has two stars is because it has a good storyline.
What happened? The app suddenly log out my account, and when I tried to log in again my gmail account, it's not accepting it anymore. All the stories I've been reading is now back from the start. So I need to read it all over again from the start, to be back at my original chapter. I love your app but this is unacceptable, because all of my diamond became dusk, it suddenly vanish, please fix this :(
The app doesn't starts at all it always wastes my time I don't want to give it any star at all tough I will give it 1 star that's it please fix it as soon as you can
Well I love this but damn the diamonds go to fast. You should at least let the vip members use less diamonds on these stories.. it can't be a great story with very sucky choices for free. Come on at least for the VIP let them have a little more access to the great choices
I luv this game...the only thing which i dont like we dont get enough diamonds to experience the feelings....that is the reason why i reduced one star..other than that this is a perfect game....i luv playing this...
I downloaded the game less than a week ago yet I received and update notification. All the games suddenly stopped after the update. It still keeps giving me notification to update the game which is kind of frustrating. Could use some help from the developers
Another game with money hungry and greedy developers. You have to pay for every single choice that matters and the outfits...like always. I'm getting tied of these awful techniques of getting money out of people. You need to be loaded to finish a story. No sane person would pay that much when we could just buy an otome game if we want romance and play all the routes and endings or just buy a book. Shame on you developers!
Not enough lgbt content and diamonds take way too long to gather with adds compared to prices on premium choices, but other than that stories are good and animations are nice plus
It's really hilarious game it did not start only I installed and have to delete without playing 😒😒 Really I have not expected this as other reviews which I prefer were sufficient to download it but in my case it was totally opposite😀😀
Like others said, i love it but i hate it too. what I suggest, only a suggestion because i dont want to be rude, that there would be more free tickets because i think that 2 is not enough. thanks but other than that i love the game
The storylines are fine but it's hard to enjoy when you have to use diamond to get "good choices." It's just ridiculous, as if we don't have a choice in the first place.
Its nice and amazing nice way of relaxing and do when your just want to chill and do something interactive but new to your style it would be more easy if the time wasnt so long for the diamonds and the tickets
I love it and hate it. The stories are fun, but the choices cost way to many diamonds. Also, I dont like the fact that oftentimes, it costs diamonds to do the right thing or respond in a kind/professional way, but costs nothing to be rude or do something wrong. It shouldn't cost to do good. There's precious little good in this world as is.
This app has the best stories.... I really love it. I haven't read like this type of stories😍😍 keep it up!!!❀❀❀
I love this game so much but anytime i open the app it keeps on going back am not able to read anymore and the diamonds cost pls fix the problem and do something about the diamonds and ticket tanks
This game was really good in the beginning but now its really hard to get diamonds with the choices being expensive, plus its really really slow.
It was a super feeling playing this game...and the presentation of the game is too good....πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» I would like if the upgradation of the stories be a bit faster...😎
It is a good game but the choices all cost to many diamonds and right now when it is loading for me it kicks me out at 10%
Love it. The graphics are really good I just wish you could see them interact Like see them kiss each other. Even the sex scene under a bed sheet. Cuz you spend a lot of money. See them together hug each other kissing see Interact together like a movie. Then it will be perfect. I am the wild is my favorite I'm in love with Sebastian πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’– and obsession love it too.
So far the stories are good. The amt of diamond cost for your choices is too much for the laughable amt of 6 you can get every 24 hours. Consider adding a mini-game or reward system to get more or lower the cost of choices. EDIT: The addition of VIP seems to be a bit better value, but would be nice to have overall lower cost especially for outfits.
I just love this app it's so beautiful, especially the colors are so vibrant. I just wished that the darn choices didn't cost so much in diamonds. It would be easier & more fun if there were like some mini games in this app to collect diamonds. The best choices cost so many that it's a tad ridiculous. There's another book app on my tablet that has the same issues. So if y'all want people to be happy about using it then make it easier to get diamonds . Otherwise what's the point in keeping it
This game were totally amazing and I love to read all the chapters , but i dont like it when I need to wait a new chapter for a long time . Its like waiting for a whole month hmm . Can you fix this problems ? Please .
The game keeps telling me that it needs to be updated as this is an old version, however there is no update available. It therefore does not allow me access into any books. Please fix it!!
Great creative game but it keeps saying its gonna continue the story first it said friday nothing happened for me to be able to play the game now today is saturday it said new realse is saturday again Nothing so how do i continue my story cause its getting intense and i want finish it so yeah
Seriously I love this game..... But for a reason I'm not giving you guys 5 star is because I have a problem I can't play this game it's saying my app is outdated soo go and update it...then in a rush I came to play store to see update but there is no update available soo why the hell is this happening I can't play the game since this is happening pls fix this problemπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Wonderful storyline in the single book I have read so far. However it could have gone much better if it wasn't so expensive for every single choice. I paid money for gems and haven't received them yet. I did not get any confirmation that I was supposed to get it or anything. But I did pay the amount for the 1,500 diamonds. I messaged support and got nothing.
So I like this game so much the stories are very exciting and graphics are so damn good but thing is that choices are so expensive the whole game is about romance but we can not explore it just because of expensive choices so can you please please πŸ™πŸ˜­make it a little more better by decreasing the expensive choices
I love this game! It just asks for too many diamonds and there are very less updates in book chapters, but all in all this app is amazing!
Really good app. Satisfying and pleasurable but why I gave 3stars is because whenever I want to dress my character in nicer outfits, I get stuck with, not gonna say uglier ones but the not so desirable outfits. And when I'm gifted with something, I have to use diamonds to get it, dimonds that are hard to get. I get that it's to make money but like for the maybe... second best looking outfit, maybe we should have been able to watch a few ads to claim it or something. JUST SAYING THOUGHπŸ˜¬πŸ€—.
The game is awesome but the problem is some of the stories say to be continued πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„than we gotta wait for the new chapter to be ready so that we can play and that sucks πŸ–πŸ–πŸ’”
It is very bad because of it say the network is slow my net is full but it I don't enter to game please remove it , no one will be install it . It is very bad game you don't enter to game 😣🀯😀
This app has several stories that they have borrowed from other apps but they also have several stories that they have published themselves. The problem is.. With the borrowed stories they update chapters pretty quickly. Makes sense.. It's basiclly copy from one app and paste to their own but for their own stories.. Well you may wait 2 weeks or longer for 1 chapter depending on the book. There are far too many other apps who are more consistent with updating chapters.