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Rolling Knight

Rolling Knight for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by 37 DARKBREAK CO.,LIMITED located at RM 702 , 7/F KOWLOON BLDG 555 NATHAN RD KL. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This might be the best mobile game ever. I have been playing for 2 days and I’m already hooked! For those who like Fortnite, Star Wars gameplay, and Roblox combat games, you must get this. It is kind of boring at first, but if you get into it, it’s awesome! I have to say: Great Job, Small Giant, and keep these awesome games going!
Not easy to follow. Not one bridge to be built. Fight fight fight. But no way to win after a few battles. Still no bridges to build. Just a stupid game.
Lol, this game should be called “Sheep Murder Sim”. Love watching Don beat up every poor bastard that crosses his path. Especially the old ladies.
Adored it at the beginning just cant get past level 15. Laughable. All 3 and 4 star characters. No I'm done...
Too many methods of IAP, gacha pricing and rates are horrid, no start bonuses so you can't even stick to the game with s character you'd possibly like. Has Kingdom builder gacha prices yet has battle gacha characters. Genre confused. Like mobile ads turned into a game. Tutorial was actually best part because it felt like it was satire. Except... it wasn't. You'd be better off sticking to grinding in the gachas you already play or even playing a foreign one with no knowledge.
Funny game, filled with all the things those fake ads promise but don't deliver (aka it is a match 3 puzzle gameabove all but you spin for attacks on other villages, have to solve hazard puzzles to get treasure, etc). It is a fun game but obviously pay2win and its difficulty grows in spikes rather than linear. Overal it's worth installing and fun enough to keep enjoying every so often
Love the cartoony look, too many serious games. Like, this is match 3, not Final Fantasy lol. Casual gaming, not hardcore badass RPG of the month. Rewards don’t seem too great, hopefully they get better.
Big fan of Don Quixote!!!! Good to see him and Sancho in their game. It definitely doesn’t follow the book, but borrows a lot from it so far. Lots of cool little Easter Eggs for fans of the book.
I preordered this game, and I'm not dissappointed in the slightest. The layout of the base is very easy to navigate, and the gameplay is balanced. The only problem I have is that it doesn't tell you how many gold tokens it takes for an epic summon, only how many gems it takes. I hope to see even more good content and champions in the future!
Mythwars and Puzzles is my #1 game and I've been playing it for over a year. Didn't think a "copycat" could even come close, but Rolling Knight has proven me wrong. It's just a great game with one little flaw...well medium flaw. The troops that form from your matched tiles WALK across the screen making lvs slow and tedious. I have 4Glte data, cleared cache and still this part of the game lags horribly.
Play it on the bus on my way too and from work, good for bathroom breaks too. Get free stuff while I’m on my shift and sleeping.
Pre registered the game and thought it'd be a neat game involving my favorite medieval stuff. Oh but no, this is just another "puzzle & empire" ripoff. And at least p&e is better at the cool character portraits.
Good mindless fun. Emphasis on the mindless. Fun so far, don’t really like the slot machine though, that seems like a straight money grab.
I have this game. I can tell you that no, it’s not a money sucking machine. No, it’s not that addicting (some furball thinks it is, THIS IS TO YOU STUPID FURBALL!!) me and my parents have this game and it was fun, we still play it time and time again, but I think of other games but this, this is something to pass the time, NOT SLOWLY MAKE YOU INSANE. It has great graphics and the story is awesome. I can tell you all that it’s not to hard. It’s matching colors and defeating monsters, that’s it. The only thing mom paid for is gems, and that was only once for me. Yes, there are tons of ad-like features when you log in, but all you have to do is bush X and then your free to play, no adds or anything! This game is great and anyone that thinks this game is stupid, or that it’s a money sucking machine are way to un-mature to be playing such a sophisticated game. It’s probably way to complicated for their tiny little rainwing brains (or tiny little jelly bean brains, you guys choose) Thank you for reading, Creators are Geniuses, and this game is great. Love, A~ the one who isn’t a rainwing, but a magestic Seawing.
Really enjoying the game,if you like match 3,abit of pull the pin and great fun artwork this is the game for you
Many issues with "internet connection". I'd probably not have any issues if I used Wi-fi but I prefer using my data. Besides this issue, the game seems ok. I don't usually play these types of games but this one is a little different. Store prices are decent but you get low amounts of gems. For now 2 stars until I'm blown away.
It's basically all those Gardenscapes Ad mini games and some match 3.. Also not exactly thrilling or rewarding. And the first "mini game" is a Slot machine. So.. I can't recommend it to anyone with more than 2 brain cells. I'd give it 0 stars but sadly I can't.
Gameplay feel so slow and further progress so hard. Only good thing in game is art, dialogue and puzzle.
Pretty fun, standard match 3 game with some RPG stuff. Can’t wait to get my hands on the cooler heroes.
In this game you get gems from almost any task but the thing is that the amount of gems you receive is a very small portion so unless you buy the gems with money then it will take a long time to get 2,700 gems for a 10 pull summon. Also the amount of copies of heroes is a little stressful, if there was a way to sacrifice a hero to increase exp to the same copy or even ascend them that would up my rating of this game.
Uninstalled during the tutorial. I don't like combining city-building games with match-3. I want my mindless fun actually mindless, not a treadmill of resource gathering.
Forced tutorial made me quit after about 3mins. I can't understand why a tutorial is even needed for this kind of game. It might be good but I'll never find out
I bought one mystery box for my daughter back in Christmas. When I received all items were packaged so I wrapped them as a single gift. She got and opened with surprise and happiness. As for the value, I felt it was fair as I did, indeed, get 6 different ones and by my daughter's confident assessment (yes, I'm rolling my eyes). LOL
Interesting art style, kind of fun and funny, lol. Progress seems good so far, I can always take a break and get rewards. so that’s nice I guess.
As a fan of history and literature, love all the references (bit too much pop culture though, and Monty Python is supposed to be absurdist, they would hate people quoting from them directly), look forward to seeing where the game goes. Could do with less randomness though.
The tutorial is too long, the art style is iffy, the humor is non existent and by the time you get into the actual game, you're bored with what is offered. Steer clear of this piece of trash that's not worth your download time. Edit: To reply to the developer...everyone looks like they've been on a drug bender with sunken eyes and gives off an uneasy feeling when playing. The style you went with is odd. It's hard to invest any time or energy into characters that look like meth addicts.
Not sure what the game is trying to be, tbh. Coinmaster, empires and puzzles, and homescapes rolled into one. If I wanted to play those games, I’d play them. still, kind of fun and zany, worth a download at least.
I pre reg to this game bc the screen shots made it look like a match 3 rpg with a cool art style . And I guess it is .. but from the moment you open the game its filled with these " puzzles " you see in the yt ads where you guide lava to kill enemies etc.. idk I just figured it'd be more puzzle and dragons and less this.