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Rollercoaster Mania

Rollercoaster Mania for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Noisy Duck located at Noisy Duck Ltd 4 Maguire Street London SE1 2NQ United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not to bad but can not connect to Facebook so can't add friends and you can not really do much as run out of space to quickly but good looks like the old theme park game
I love this game it's because this game reminds me palying in Facebook. And you get to build your own park.....
It's good but the controlling ability is absolutely GARBAGE. The game lags and sometimes doesn't pick up. It's hard to place stuff and sometimes the ticket booths and exits won't go where you want them to. but overall good game.
Looks like the developers have given up on this game. You can no longer link it to Facebook and add friends. However I've enjoyed playing it and you can still purchase upgrades etc.
this is a good game but i want to play offline many gamers are poor to the data loads so please fix this
this game is good to play but have to wait lots for the money to come in intill you have anorth to bye stuff like more land iv had to wait 16 hours to get anorth money for land not in clouding stuff to put in it.
I played this game for a very long time like almost finishing it. But it was on facebook and now I want to play it again on mobile but I wouldnt let me connect it to my facebook. Plus its very buggy and needs some serious work. I really like this game but I just cant enjoy if this would not be fixed.
this game is all you need if you want to make a nice smooth fair for lots of people you make lots of money to buy new rides it is an awesome game
I love the game. It is relaxing. Once you get to the level of having all rides and shops your left with nothing to do except restock the shops. :/
I really like this game, but the reason I had to give only one start is because after you play it for few days the games gets glitchy. One time when I opened my game all my money was lost. I hope you look into it since it's such a good game.
The game is good......but the buying price of land is expensive..... price of most rides is also very very high. Even the prise of shops
Its cool, just wish it would update more rides. In with no friends help. I'm almost a millionaire and have every ride, and shops and games twice. Need more rides or other ways to get the rides with the tickets. Take too long to get tickets
The game definitely needs to be upgraded!! I don't even know why people do not play this game but the bugs and the lag needs to be removed ! Too many minor faults overall a good game great graphics
You should fix the error where the queue change after clicking okay, and most of the time when i want to delete a queue, it wont be deleted. i needed to restart the for it to work.
Nice game! There are only some bugs.. But when I restart the game, everything will go smooth again... The only issue so far is I cant connect my progress to my facebook account or preferably google account. Still a good game. That's all.
This game doesn't works....it says that you need to update the app and your Internet isn't connected though my internet was connected and was working very fast......i dont think this game deserves one star
It is a very nice app but when I add a shop, it won't move or edit and it won't make the path correct. Update it!!!
This might be a good game but I have problems with the performance stuttering. What I did play seems complicated to interact with, especially when placing the entry and exit of things.
This game is a lot of fun but needs a lot of improvements. it would be great if we could turn the businesses and rides so you could fit them better. I also have the game glitch on me a lot and have to restart it. When I restart it I lose sometimes a quarter but most of the time over half my money which makes it really hard to expand and get the new rides. I am thankful I am not someone that will waste really money on the game.
Good game. But I only rated it three stars because of some bugs and problems like paths and queues sometimes cant connect, shop stands nit being able to be sold and cant be connected to path, and... the game not saving your game.
This game is very good. It's just that it stole my money. I got 50k overnight and somethinh popped out of my screen saying I disconnected from the server. So, when I logged in. I had 2k and no money. Im like wut? and then I can't connect my Facebook. It says the app is in development mode. Please let me connect to my Facebook so that I can save my progress. Tho this game is real good.
I can't even connect my facebook acc in this game. If i close the app and start it again? it's always going back to the tutorial.
Ur game doesn't load properly, keeps asking for update then says no Internet connection when there is. Doesnt matter wat i do, it keeps saying the same thing.
This was my oldtime favorite game it is super amazing I relly recommend this game to all of thos e who likes to edit or organize it doesnt log...
It started fun and building the park took me back to a game I played as a kid. But I've now got to level 19 and I've got most rides I've doubled if not tripled up and after each level up the new rides and shops have stopped unless you use cash and not earnings from visitors.
It doesnt save my ride!!! I have alot of dollars and coins but it didnt save either!! I hate it! Im making money again!! And it doesn't save again?!! I hate it! Pls fix it!!! I hate the glitch!!!
There is potential here, but it doesn't seem optimised for mobile. Any time I place a ride, its entrance, or its exit it snaps around to a place I didn't even tap. This could be fixed with a simple confirm/cancel button combination. Also, why can't I just cancel moving the whole ride regardless of where I've put the entrance/exit? Like I said, great potential, but needs further refinement to be anything worthwhile.
Cant turn items, difficult time moving or deleting items, cant change price of admission or ride fees to increase cash flow. Click recognition is also very low.
*URGENT* Not able to start the game...Inspite of having internet connection turned on it says , 'UPDATE REQUIRED, The game needs to be updated but there is no internet connection'... This problem needs to be solved soon if you don't want to lose players!
Liked the game just think the option of turning buildings around and having more of a bigger space for good rides also being able to connect to Facebook or having a global multiplayer so you can visit people's parks would suit this game well
My boyfriend and I do love this game. If you love to decorate stuffs, this game might work for you. I just wish that you update this game and put a lot of new rides, shops and decorations for additional excitement.
Looked fun but will not load. Keeps saying no internet connection when I have full internet. Uninstall, a waste of time.
I have expanded 3 times and each time the game go's back to where I was before expanding! no matter how many times I tap the rubbish the janitors very rarely respond and once you've got the money you need for rides etc they still take 117 hours to build!
Good fun, i like being able to open the park and just leave it running in the background. It would be nice if we could set some of the cleaners to clean a certain area, and then have some free roaming.
The game play & graphics are so fun but it keeps crashing every so often. That leads me to uninstall & reinstall it. I've had to do it twice now.
Hi, I suggest an update on this game. I loved this app and now I can't load it. Can you update it? And can you add a ride called Forest's Wolves? It's okay if not. But the recent problem is it keeps saying that I have no internet connection and i have it open. There's an update required but there's no update.. So can you?
The really love the game but it needs a update. I already have all the rides and shops so now all I can do is buy more of the same things. Please update for more.
would get a 5 star if you guys can fix the bugs in the game like 1. sometimes i cant edit stuff to place it somewhere 2. the game close out of knowhere
This is the good game but I can't understand why this game can't connect to my facebook. So if I uninstall this game from my phone, I can't continue. Repair this¡!!!!!!!
The only thing I find "annoying" is you don't always pip balloons first try, but like I could care less about that, this is truly a great game, I have played for about two weeks now and I have not one issue with it👍👍👍good game, I hope to see more like this one
Sucks! It wouldnt let me update. It keep saying i had no internet connection...I even turned on my wifi and still nothing. What a waste of waiting to insatll the app and cant ise it!
It is lovely game but i cannot connect it with Facebook whenever i try to connect it says aoo is under development . Each time delete this game i have to start it from starting
good game. sometimes glitches, but can be fixed by closing the app and opening it again. would've given it 5 stars if there were new rides, stalls, and staff :)
I love this app! I am hooked. The downside is I am stuck now. I can't build anything else unless I use actual cash to buy game cash and I am not going to do that so I am deleting game unless they fix this!
I like this game but....expansions really expensive and now I am getting a orange strip across game...as of Sept. 1st...i get message regarding internet connection...i have connection but game will not load at all. NO NEW UPDATES...uninstalling
Decent game overall however it doesn't lead anywhere - once you've got everything, that's it. Second, quality is poor - game never seems to be updated so it takes ages to find things because you have to scroll through everything rather than have categories. Third, linking in with the previous point - it would have been three stars but the glitches are so bad. The sheer amount of times I've had to physically shut the app down because something isn't working etc isn't worth the constant effort.
i love playing this game but it has some glitches. I would give it 5stars but I won't for a couple of reasons. First, if you leave the game and come back, most of your money is gone. Thats frustrating especially when you are working on millions of dollars to expand the park. Second, sometimes when you delete stuff, you cant place anything there until you exit out of the game and come back. It shows red after the deletion.
Wont even load the game until you fix the whole "internet isnt connected" issues even though I tried 4G and still nothing it will be rated 1 star
This game i cant even play, it tells me i do not have internet connection. I definitely have internet connection. Fix this, and i will reinstall.
great game...entertaining. Could have some tweets....such as being able to fire staff, make the entertainers able to move round the whole park, not just a given area, maybe have a sub section for things like toilets and bins instead of having to search the decorations plug.maybe being a less to train staff to do a better job..
Their should be a setting all about park planning, where you can easily move/sell any path/waiting lines/shop buildings/ride buildings.
this needs to be updated since its really buggy and the last update was over a year ago. But this game is fun and addictive!
Great game! When I switched phones I had to search for this! I do remember it not functioning well though... But all in all a good game!
Graphics are good, but the little glitches are so annoying. I try to move a ride and the entrance duplicates,you can't rotate the rides or the food/drink stands,the que that you have to put in front of the entrances of the ride acts if I never placed it,so the little people just keep walking by or standing at the entrance, I move a bush and it disappears. It's a lot of glitches to many to name,but when y'all fix them(hopefully)it will be a great game.
Deleting this game ,far too glitchy ,put everything in place and closed the app. Went to play it again to see how it was doing and all the rides , stalls and paths are in the wrong place and theres not even a path to let people in ,not impressed at all
its a good game but i hope in the next update, there will be new rides, shops, decors and i hope that there will be a season feature, where you will experience 4 seasons throughout the game. and pls fix some bugs
Great game just a few things 1st of all when I place a stall sometimes the path doesn't work and no one can enter the stall and then you can't delete the stall and 2cnd please make it so we can rotate rides and stalls
The game is addicting, but I wish that there is an option where you can store all your rides, shops, etc. when you wan to rearrange everything when you expand the land, because its hard to place where something you want to build but it needs more space so you will move the building that is blocking. And also fix the bugs where the entry point of a ride doubles, also there are times that i can't place buildings even thou there is nothing there and has a huge space. There are more bugs to fixed.
I really like this game, well it took me a lot of time to expand my theme park but its worth it. I recommend this for people who enjoys organizing or decorating things like this. I advice to you guys, expand your theme park at first using the money/dollars u called that, use it until u can expand it. And then buy every rides and shop. After that, open your theme park 4 hrs and enjoy hundred thousands of money when u return. HAHAHAHA iloveeeittttt
i like the game but i thought i found an offline theme park game but the dev is decieving people it will let ya p!ay offline for a bit then demand that you go online so i think google play should step in and make ya put it desxcription so ppl are aware so no it not an offline game. but game itself cool though reminds me of the old retro theme park that came out from bullfrog years ago good job on that i will say...
I previously installed this game and immediately in the loading screen it said that it needs to be updated...this was my favorite game. :( why? pls help. Thank you.
I loved this game until I got to level 16 and I no longer have any more rides or stalls to buy unless I buy cash which I refuse to do. I made it this far in a week or 2 and have my land expanded even bigger than i need cuz i have nothing else to add. I've earned all the awards. Is this it? also would be nice to connect to Facebook.
This game could be great but it has one flaw that kills it you cannot connect paths and queues to more than one entrance. Why?? This makes designing and expanding incredibly difficult. Also, trying to move stuff around is a pain. Half the time it doesnt respond. The layout of the menu could be better. Confusing at first.
I dont like this app because every time i try to enter it will say no internent connection and i keep restarting my but nothing happens so thats why i dont like this app.
Horrible. I'm connected to Wi-Fi I try to open the game, stupid message pops up saying game needs to update please connect....I'm I am connected. Just wanted you to know that I didn't even get to try your game and that is why I'm uninstalling it.
Can't put much can't play ask for update and all the time at the start it keeps saying no internet connection and I do not fix bugs