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Roller Coaster Games 2020 Theme Park

Roller Coaster Games 2020 Theme Park for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Yes Games Studio located at Cyber Towers, Hyderabad, India.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My problem is every time it will come loading in our phone screen,this made me so bore and if suddenly you will tell stop then what we will do,I thought I will not give rating because if we will give stars then only we can write,if I will not rate little bit I will be unhappy because it take so many time to make a game.I hate this game,but I will play this game for only time pass not for fun.My hatest game......😑😑No no I will delete this game that is beter for me........😼😼
Dude this is not good do not download this it starts you off with 1000 and all the coasters were more than 1000 the lowest was 500000! And I could not get out of the loading screen I thought of every thing and tried it. And the graphics were pretty bad it almost looked like baldies basics and that is bad! So don't download this game it is for your own good!
Never install the game...after installing even there is no free coaster to ride.if we want to play even the first level we would have to purchase.not even a trial mode to play.
Good game interesting and very good at πŸ˜€πŸ˜€super and Game of the original values verified by the time the ad appeared to be Super Mario game πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
I love it but on like level 10 it's really hard to not derail but good and scary roller-coaster and good graphics so yeah I would recommend it
"Yes Game Studio" ,NOT TRUE ,BAD GAME ,u can't even unlock a rollercoaster at all ,it's not playable, the stupid amount of greediness in this game u just care about money and just want money ,100 dollars no thx I will stick to Roblox , that is not cool what u did, I would rate it 0 stars if I could! 😑
Hated it you cant even get in the game it just wannts money i had it for 4 mins and i uninstalled it dont get this game
This game is trash you can only do 3 levels because those other on you have to pay 92.99Β£ and I'm not paying that
It wont let me buy a sit for the roller coaster its i have only 100 coins and all the coasters are 55000 i can't play this i don't recommend getting this horrible game
You need money galore for this app as you can select attack but you need alot of in game credits and also it costs over Β£90 to purchase all coasters
The graphics is horrible the game is stupid the concept is dumb and to be honest it's a waste of your finger time on the phone
Horrible app! Nothing is updated. The downloaded and installed app displayed a title with they year 2018 not what the title is in the app store here of 2020. Very few controls, all of which don't even work properly.
What do I say about this app. It is so amazing, but I earned up lots of in game coins to buy the second train / coaster car / cart, it says purchase successful when I used in game coins and I go to use it and it selects the standard default free train / coaster car / cart you get to start with / when you download the game. Please fix this.
It made me pay 😠 i didnt even get a chance to play. I checked how much it costs and it $100! YES $100!
This is dumb. To unlock all levels, you have to pay 100 dollars. Why? It's not even high quality. So.... Why?
the game sucks because they only give you 1000 and the roller-coaster cost more 😠😀😑 it's stupid do not install it unless you want to pay 😠.
$100 for the whole game? Lame!!! I'm not paying that much when the game isn't really exciting as is! Not worth it and the game is boring. Period.
1st thing it did was try to charge me to open the game glad i have no payment method now deleted without trying avoid at all costs
Developers had made mistake during making of the game after completing level 05 in 06 level you have to switch tracks so that your train will move in different direction but unfortunately switched track is not connected to main track so as a user you can't switch track and your train will fall off so humble request to developers to rectify it.
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It's a stupid game and it doesn't even say what you are supposed to do, it's a complete waste of time
Horrible you cant do anything spending 95 dollars on a freaking low quality crappy mobile game is ridiculous extremely crappy graphics i under stand its a mobile game but asking 90$ is ridiculous
This game is to hard for me and I don't like it and how do we get thousands dollars it very expensive
The game was good at first, and then you got so far into the game and then you just got off the track it's a fun game don't get me wrong I like it, if you like roller coaster games you will like it, but fair warning if you hit the stop sign, or don't change tracks, you'll go off the track or you'll have to restart oh my God this game I like it it's going to get I don't like it because then if you go too fast up the hill and then come back down off the hill you're going to fly off I love the game
It is a good game I passed 2 levels in that 1 time I losed the level but second time of try I wined the level.
It doesn't even let me but new coasters even tho I have enough. Sometimes it doesn't even give warnings. And I pressed the track thingy and it doesn't let me go on the track sometimes. Please α–΄Iα™­ Tα•ΌIα”• α—©α”•α—©α‘­
Can't even get in I want to play but it's telling me to buy my first coaster with real money why would I if I can't even try the game out before I purchase anything lame!!!
Very nice and sexy game Very good for the kids and the kids are very good at making it a good place to go to the kids and get a good place to go and enjoy the kids and the kids and the kids and the kids and the kids and the kids and the kids and the kids and the people we are all over here for a week or two in a week and a week in a family of three and the next time you see the baby in the room you can get to go and get the best you know and you can do that for a few hours or even if you're not a
terrible game, the price to unlock all coaster trains are ridiculous there 95 DOLLARS THAT'S ONLY 5 TO 100! the level 1 Rollercoaster is like TWO SECONDS it's a terrible game if u want to get another game i recommend roblox.
If I could select zero stars I would. This game stole money from me. My 7 year old was playing it and asked if he could get the upgrade. I told him to see how much it cost. He selected it and nothing happened. So I tried it and still nothing. Wasn't long before my bank called and said there was 2 suspicious charges. $184.61 and 100.21. They reversed the charges but now Google put my account under suspension until I have my bank reverse these charges. Been fighting since August 2020😑
Not impressed. All you do is ride pre built roller coasters. I would like to be able to build roller coasters....that's the point of a roller coaster builder
It doesn't work I've been playing and doesn't work I say don't use this game cuz it doesn't work one star ain't no silver stars
Yeah I noooow download this game and I have not enough money for the coasters so I'm deleting the game now!😭😑😭😑😭😑
all of you people are wrong because this game is fun you just need to give the game a chance and not judge it right away
What's the point of earning money and then you think you can unclok new coasters when you can't and I thought the game would of been a roller coaster like a build your own ride like that but it's a total scam you also have to pay 92.99 to unlock coasters that's more money that my parents spend on me for Christmas
Developer won't respond!!! My 6 year old son accidentally clicked an in app purchase. Within an hour of the charge being made I have tried to contact the developer for a refund and no response!! Google Play won't assist and this deveopler is cheating money out of myself and others I'm sure. Emails have been sent and nothing in response to date. Its pathetic!
This is not at all a good game. How can a coaster fall off from a straight path? It is the worst game I have ever played. Still I give 2 stars for improvement.
This game is a heartbreaking cash grab, couldnt even select anything without being prompted to pay over Β£90 only option i have are to unlock all tracks, all coasters or both, im sure you are proud of your game but Β£169 for the full game demonstrates a lack of understanding the real world, ps i never leave reviews for games but this is so atrocious i could not warn others
This game is terrible!!!! On level nine after you change directions and go slow over the track you fall off. I would not recommend this game. If i could id give it 0 stars
Can't do anything until you spend 100$ to unlock all coasters. Watched five videos to unlock a certain coaster and it did absolutely nothing. I would try this game at all!