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Rogue's Choice: Choices Game RPG

Rogue's Choice: Choices Game RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Delight Games located at 16015 179th Ave SE Monroe, WA 98272. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Excellent one, one suggestion please add more pictures of key characters and places. Like other volumes, pictures create more real image/scene to carry while flowing through book. Thank you.
Originally this book was great, kept you waiting and had a great story. Sure, you had to wait every day to watch videos to gain coins if you didn't want to pay £27, but that was ok. However, now for some reason they don't let you do that anymore. No more videos. If you want to read, be prepared to pay. I don't know if it's a bug or a feature they introduced, but I'm not liking it. For now and until they fix it, 1 star from me.
Decent story, but no real choices. The path for your character is set and your choices only serve to to give or take away your stats. So if you just want to read a story than you might like this. If you actually want to influence the story beyond wether you die or not, then this game will let you down.
So the series has finally ended! It was worth the wait. Such a good story and I was hooked from the beginning to the end. Loved the characters and the surprise twist. I recommend 1000 times.
Increasing text-based RPG game with lots of choices and branching endings. Be careful which choice you make or it just might be your last!
Truly awesome storyline. Very engaging choice based game, so happy that finally lasy chapter came out. Also, this game is completely free unlike other text basrd choice games, which requires money to unlock full story. Completely worth 5 stars. Added: The storyline of Rogue's Choices and Wizard's choices(Inuxius) do not match, would have been even better experience had they matched...
Great game.. but ya shouldn't leave me hanging. I would like to see any Author try to sell half a book.. pff..
"An enjoyable experience, and what's more, it's free!" ...is what I initially said, but Rogue's choice not-so subtly pushes you to give money. It locks chapters behind virtual coin paywalls that become progressively higher, as if the makers are trying to simulate their own boiling frog experiment. While you can watch 30 second advertisements to obtain virtual coins, there is a time cap on this process, so there will be plenty of times when you, as a user, are completely unable to progress.
Chapter 1 done so far, worth replaying to see different options. Ads are annoying, but pay the developers and are usually pretty short. Hoping the rest is just as good!
Awesome going to play the last chapter now liked both the detective one and this one truly the pinnacle of interactive fiction
Excellent fun - but the ads... so many ads I drown in them. And it wants me to watch ads to earn coins. How out of character can you get? Will not happen. But if you pay to get rid of the ads it's an impressive game.
I am addicted to this game I like the way this game is set up, it is accessible for the blind it is quite interestin and fun to play.I give this game four stars only because I do not like anyting sexual or inappropriate content.
The writing itself is superb. Great word choice, great structure. I gave 1 star because it railroads you into a very linear story. Different choices may give you an extra page of differences, but you will always follow a specific path regardless of what you choose. I'm looking at you, "rooster"
Call me a fan. This ranges from goofy fun to great atmospheric storytelling. You made me wonder about the raw potential of int. fiction for the first time in my life. While there's really not all that much of a core game here, your engaging style makes it feel more gamey than it should...i guess playful is the word. Ring city feels alive. It's neat to start with an unassuming, generic title and scenario, "rogue" basically, but then steadily delivering more and more beyond cliches. Nice work.
Have to say that SAM LANDSTROM is a great writer.He even focused on the smallest things and that makes it more interesting.I want to thank you for this great story.People who wanted a review to download this app,if you like the story games then it is the best i ever played.
Really sad to see this series done. Story, characters, gameplay, everything is perfect I couldn't ask for more. Oh wait...yes I can....MORE STORIES PLEASE!
This game is absolutely beautiful, i enjoy every second of playing it and it just makes my day every day lol. its a 9/10 for me just because of the coin system, there are times where i cant play for days because it's hard to get coins for the next chapter but i swear if you fix that and make coins much much more easier to get it can be a 10/10 game.
Pretty fun and good. The ads can get a little much at times but... It's the free version so I can't complain!
the parts written by sam lardstrom were very well done. there were some chapters written by somebody else that felt completely different and it gave the sense that the author enjoyed dressing the main character as a woman or transforming him in a woman which felt unnecessary, and out of character. Sam as an advice i understand writting can be a lot specially if you are doing a make your choice story but is better when you are the one writting the story instead of someone else.
Very fun and engaging. The game has this coin system where you must have a good score in one of the levels in order to pass, and I love it because it makes the player try again to see the other options rather than just skim through it, allowing for longer play time. I also like the illustrations, because they are perfect for when the description isn't enough and you need to see the layout of the type of place you are in inside of the game so you can strengthen your imagination. Awesome game!
One of the worst games in the app store. The dialogue is cringy. Choices rare and they don't really matter for the outcome. There are bugs. The game promisses you more coins if you watch ads, but you never gain the rewards. If you are looking for a compelling interactive story, there are many better options in the app store. Don't download this one. But if you do, atleast remember to turn off your internet connection, so at least you won't be bothered by their useless ads.
I have been a fan of these games since they were first released,and the fact that the story continuously changes gives you that trepidation as to what will happen next.great experience...
Great attention to detail yet maintaining interest along the way coupled with very intelligent npc's and believable monsters. Great job.
Love the story. Edit: I still love the story and I can't wait until more chapters come out. The ads can be a little hard to deal with at times but I think the story is worth it
HEY MAN! THANK YOU for creating this game i really love it I can't wait for the chapter 19 man. It has a very beautiful storyline and I like how it goes especially with the punch lines and some details with the girls 😁😂😂😂 what can I say love it!
Well done, so many chapters! As usual, beautifully written. We need a donate button for all the time spent on this. Authors are so under-rated, and not paid well. Most of us buy lattes, ect, so a couple of dollars for the hard work and creativity, is not too much to ask. °no, this is NOT a paid advertisment°. It is my opinion.
I've put like $20 - $30 into this game like a year ago got a new phone and didn't see the point in redownloading it till new chapters game out I forgot about till just today saw they add 7 and got excited but now it won't restore my purchases so I don't think I'll be playing anymore witch is sad cuz it was a really good story
Very early in the game it seemed to swap from Rogue's Choice to Paladin's Choice. Very few options for roguery, tbh. The story would be decent enough if that's what I was after, but it's not. I stuck with it through Ch 13 before finally giving up and uninstalling, but I honestly lost interest long before then.
Lol i dig the humour in this book ,this way of reading is brilliant ,but can u please please please finish the book already
Outstanding balance between comedy and realism. It allows a lot for the imagination and it allows you to choose what to do. Bravo, I've played wizard's, Captain's and Demon's choice but i believe this is the best one. It could use more pictures though...
Hands down Best choices game on the play store. Only problem is that sometimes your choices don't really matter between chapters
Absolutely love this game, the narrative, and the way the author thinks/the character choices play out. I am having an issue where the show stats button at the end of chapter 9 does not work at all. This just started happenning after the last update. I dont know if anyone else is having this issue, but i do hope they fix it soon!
Once again, i had to uninstall a text-based choices game. Of course, stories are very important in this genre, I get that, but I'm not downloading this games to just read. I'd atleast want to feel like my choices matters. Please avoid making 2-3 long pages of dialogues with only 1, impactless, choice making. I appreciate the hard work and effort for the stories, but please justify it being a "Choices" game. I'll give it a try again at some point. Thanks.
Love It, I like the story and the fact that it's offline really helps kill time if the wifi cuts out for example
Pretty d$%%# good, I really am enjoying it, I'd seen the choices type games,romances and such "BORING!!" But this fantastic
I'd give u guys a five star but in a way you're making the person downloading it to have no option than to delete it..... Because the amount of coins gained while playing is never enough to unlock the next chapters.... So then what's the use 🙄
Really fun but then when you get further into the game there's too much of a coin cost to unlock chapters so you're forced to get every single achievement, watch all the ads, etc. "Making reading addictive" I preferred when I could play the entirety of Wizards with no ads for a fraction of the cost. Now you're not making reading addictive, you're squeezing as much money as possible. Used to love these but uninstalling now, both actual books and actual games are cheaper than this. Disappointed
It a very fun game because of the suspense that is gives you after you finish a chapter and it is a very addictive game
Best text based rpg I've ever played !! Amazing story line that keeps reader wanting for more but only thing I hate is to wait for the new chapters.
Nice story, choices etc. Little hidden behind coin walls for each chapter but if you watch all the free ads available they give you coins
I'm thoroughly enjoying the game/book/adventure so far... 5 * when the 'choices of others' is available
WARNING DO NOT DOWNLOAD: This seems to be an abandoned project as its been a year since the last chapter was added you will not get the full story Edit: it has been updated however it still takes waaaaayyy to long
For someone who does not usually read much, this game made me want to keep reading more to know whats next. Absolutely worth trying if you like role playing and/or reading.
Really good so far. I'm reminded of playing a game from the early 2000's on PC. Chapter 2 so far, the choices seem to affect the situation more than the direction of the story, though it may be too early to tell. It would be awesome to have more control over my characters stats (charisma, stealth etc) but I'm still feeling my way around. Nice game though. Nice story also.
I've been playing this from the very beginning. I've love every story that revolves around this world because they intertwine. the only problem that I've experienced is that after adding chapter ten I can no longer look at stats for chapter 9. never had that problem until chapter ten was put in. I'm catching up on demons choices and finished ranger choices and I'm hoping we find out what happens to everyone from wizards choice in the other books. I also cant watch coin videos anymore.
Decent game, enjoyable to play through if a little subjective in which choices are good sometimes, and often you'll have to choose right all but like twice in a chapter or you'll die. Also balanced the ads wrong, there's one every 3 or so slides which gets too much even without having to watch around 10 in a row sometimes just to progress to the next chapter. Love the concept, just not executed as well as it could've been
Absolutely fantastic. I have yet to be disappointed by this developer. The stories they make are great and caused a lot of inspiration for my Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and the controls of the game on the way to play is very easy to understand and is a very rewarding system. They have a pretty neat system for unlocking new chapters and stories that lets you read quite a few stories for free before you have to start replaying the game to get more coins. Overall very replayable and very fun!
One minor gripe I have with these story games from this particular publisher is... well... so you know how in fantasy towns are generally safer than outdoors due to monsters, etc. Not in this game. In this game you can die anywhere, and I do mean anywhere. No place is safe. This creates a certain tone or atmosphere that lends itself well to the game, but at the same time I died during a festival while peeing into a moat. Apparently every body of water in this game is infested with tentacles
While I didn't like the story of the first one of this developer's titles I tried, this one is a lot better. I loved the choose your own adventure books as a kid and this modern variant brings back that enjoyment. On chapter 5 so far and am really enjoying this one. The only complaint really is the sheer number of ads that take over the whole screen to continue playing and the free coin videos frequently don't play any videos or give you coins but instead take you to another game's ad/install.
Its a great game and I love the storyline, but getting coins to progress to the next chapter is very frustrating. Im fine with watching ads to get coins, but you can only watch 3 or 4 until the ads run out and you have to wait for the next day. But then, when it tells you that there are "no more ads for reward", they give you a few random ads to sit through with no rewards whatsoever. I can only play one chapter every two days because I have to wait for the reward ads to refill for coins.
It's a really nice game and I love the storyline. Very amusing and relaxing. I'd have given a 5 star rating but I seem to have a problem. I can't go past chapter two. I had 12 coins but when I click the continue button, I'm told I have only 3 coins and I can't continue the game. It's quite frustrating. I'm asked to buy coins with real money but I can't since I don't have access to an account for payment. So I'm stuck. I wish the developers could make other options. But in all the game is a blast
The game has an exelent story and some really funny achievments to find out throughout the choices and chapters. I really love it and I am looking forward to play the new chapters as soon as they come out!
The story itself kept me coming back, to my great surprise given the 13-year-old boy perspective and humour (ew!). This stumbles along under the weight of so many typos, grammar and spelling errors, and stylistic crimes that it's a serious distraction. But as I say, the plot is involving - and the difficulty level is balanced, which is the same as saying gameplay is satisfying. I'm told this is the most aggressively hetero male of the Delight Games stories, so I'll be checking out the others.
this book is fantastic, 2 chapters in and I am already loving it. however, I am unable to move on to the next chapter for a while because of the amount of coins required to do so. I'd really appreciate an easier way to get coins or the amount needed lowered. I would buy more, but like many others I don't really have the money to.
Great. So now I'm in love with a rogue. First it was the super loveable detective, now this. Just want to say I absolutely love your writing. My favorite parts may or may not be the steamy bits.... :) Oh and the humor. More books like this and detectives choice pretty please!
a ton of fun!! i have downloaded a few of these choice games, but this one is hands down my favorite. " This isn't the deal we made, Nicholai Shade!" characters are likable and well written. Please continue making! Also, it'd be nice if someone could add more artwork to the story as well.
Excellent game with the MC a loveable rouge that even the reader can't help but fall im love with. Great game and well reconmended