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Roguelike RPG Offline - Order of Fate

Roguelike RPG Offline - Order of Fate for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Studio3.tech located at 344000, Россия, Ростов-на-Дону, Буденновский просп. 3. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Seems like a fun game but the controls are terrible! It freezes up constantly, doesn't accept commands every minute or two... supposed to be offline but acts like its waiting for a response from the server. If this is offline, they did not program it to work with the Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G. Shame because otherwise it has l potential.
Boring. Un-Roguelike. Very linear game play. Don't sell your soul to the ads, you will be tempted over and over again. Graphics were fine; Wish it was a true roguelike game.
Really fun game, played a game on kongregate before with the same type of combat mechanics. Really fun game on the train! 🙂👍
I guess i like it.. But it looks like greedy cave and i monster.. Better to make it more lively, i mean in returning to camp make it more alive it seems si boring, and make some daily lottery.. But over all it is a nice game.
The game is competent but boring and easy, killing same dudes over and over again got to lvl 30 and litteraly got bored
Wont play more than 5 second without freezing md keeps bring up the home other screens and back menu like when u pull down notifications
Nice game. I like it. Simple and good. Easy to play. It lacks chatacter customization and a storage box in camp. Camp box can be a duplicate of the hero bag with same origi nal capacity. And same way of expansion.
I got threw the first dungon and got the wizard out. Then i had to leave the game i signed out perfectly. Later i went back to play some more when it loaded to 90 percent and wouldnt move from there. I waited for a long time still wouldnt move from 90. So i closed it out waited a few hours and tried again i even connected to the wifi at the house before i opened the game. Its still stuck on 90 so i closed it out uninstalled it and am gonna try again. I'll let you know if it still doesnt work.
Super fun wish I was easier to find loot but this is something I'm drawn into stories fun and so is the gameplay 🤘🤘
Would be nice if we could just buy the game. The marketing feels too pay to win and aggressive. I would happily pay $5 to play without all the "pay gens to get double" stuff. Otherwise seems great ... so it's a shame.
I really enjoy this game but the new update is rough. I maxed out my levels got but my health has not increased at all from the last cap. Also I'm guessing none of my other levels have increased either. Str etc. Plus it would be nice if the skill trees got added to. I now have a bunch of skill points I don't need.
Great game that needs a few improvements. Love the save function. Items should allow to be rearranged on the slots. Weapon skills could use some tweaking and addition. Crafting is stage based, kind wasteful as you move on. It could use an amount based approach. Level generation could use better placement of enemy and traps for later stages. Overall, a very well done game.
I love that its a basic dungeon crawler. No real tutorial needed. Great job developers keep up the good work!
I am enjoying the game, but its making my galaxy s7 overheat after about 10 minutes. Ive played dozens of phone games and this is the first one that does it.
Ive never seen a more lazy, boring combat system than the one in this game. The game literally fights for you in a turn based style, similar to runescape. You click on your enemy and watch the rest. I want to actually PLAY games, not watch the game play itself. If i could give zero stars i would.
Great little time killer if a game. It has the roguelike grind feel, but not nearly as bad as other games I've played. The controls are simple and easy to use, and the levels are just the right size for a mobile game. This is a great time killer when your waiting for about 10 minutes to go and crawl through a dungeon. Love this little gem of a game.
It's seems fair so far. I've played through to the point it asks you to. My only complaint thus far is the sentences. Throughout this, the dialogue seemed to have missed a few words. As if the writer didn't know the English language very well. Other than that I give it 4/5.
Nice rpg. Graphics, controls, and storyline are 2 thumbs up. I wish I could reread my quests, since I have more than once accidentally skipped over info while ppl were talking to me. 😅
The usual pay to win game. Chests can only be opened with crystals -- which you can typically only buy (except you get a tiny trickle of them for free as rewards, but no amount to be useful). Microtranscation games are the worst.
A great game, but with the latest Android updates, the game crashes often and upon loading. Good movement, easy to pick up and play, though the upgrade system needs another level. A legendary level? Exotics? More dev on this and this'll be a great game to keep in your app drawer.
Fun game, easy to learn and interesting challenges. Also, nice to see an actual story with a game like this!
pls add more content. i am done with the game, played it for 48 hours only. without buying gems -_- it's easy. add hard mode with epic item drops !
A lovely made dungeon crawler. Controls are really easy, fights are simple and straightforward, no fancy things there and graphics are cute. :) No ads to humper your progress, only optional rewards if you wish too. It is made for mobile phones, not tablets or pc, keep that in mind. I am really enjoying it so far!
Pretty immersive, more in depth than many rpg mobile games, and the graphics are pretty good, (the game qasnt designed to look real so). Small purchases are almost necassity but ik
Great so far. Interesting story and a nice twist to your usual dungeon crawler . Keep up the great work devs
Edit . I cant tell if ?y healing skills are actulay healing i know its low values as i just got the i see the skill triger below my hero but i canot see values in battle or a increse of health is tis a glitch im useins sword in offhand btw nvm didnt click the skillz my bad
Extremely enjoyable if though slightly repetitive. It's a fun little time killer when you want a quick hack and slash dungeon crawl. Graphics are nice. Doesn't kill you with ads. Good job Devs.
Great game that's always getting updates. I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but is it possible to reset skill points? - Dev replied to me via email and will work on this after skill trees are finished incase anyone is wondering the same thing.
I don't know what happened, but since I started level 25+, the hero is constantly becoming immobilized in the dungeons. All the menu options work, my inventory too, it's just that the hero freezes and won't respond to any move commands. I have to close the app and reload it for him to unfreeze. I had to do this 5-6 times in 2 hours already and it seems to occurring more and more often. Not fun at all :(
This is a pretty good game. It gives what you need to stay occupied. I would give it 5 stars if there was more character customization. Plus, there needs to be more skills for each weapon type. Using main hand dagger is overpowered compared to the sword and axe because of its superior skills. The other weapons need more powerful skills. Knowing that Ive gotta run daggers to be the strongest is kind of lame, but whatever. The others do suffice. Just not as well. Needs some more content too.
Please add a crafting system but over all the game is great I won't turn my rating into a 5 star until I see a crafting system so please add one. ps I just started so if there is please tell me.
not a bad game, currently lvl 5, made lvl 12 dungeon. I seen people griping about how hard it is, are you upgrading your armor/weapons and buying potions? I didn't bring enough heal pots and I died lost all my equipment went back to what I had prior to going down dungeon makes since to me. not sure what the I and II are for but put my extra armor/weapons on II. wish you could sell junk from dungeon instead of disposing of it, when your back at camp.
Good roguelike so far, but how do I change my charactor class? I want to try something other than warrior but I feel stuck
the first dungeon is very weak but when you reenter it everything gets boosted by like 3x. including the fire imp that now has like an 80% chance to dodge all attacks. for a mere $3.50 you can get a super newbie pack but if you have to buy just to beat the first 5 floors then that says bad things about your game. after that you just enter, kill everything for next 5 levels and then die. You can buy a go back to town scroll with real money. I haven't found one in dungeon. It's an okay game.
Fun and addictive game. You can stop whenever you want and game will give you reward for progress of your current action. Gameplay is smooth. Keep it up!
Needs a way to buy or make regular potions. Many others have commented on this and I see the standard answer is "you can do so on the level select screen when entering the dungeon". Except you can't. Health and mana are both pictured along with the totems for sale but neither can be clicked on. So by the time I find any its just a bandaid till I get the next. Game was fun but I can't progress any further because of this.
Dungeon crawler game with RPG components. Old school graphics with fun engagements (have only clrared the first 10 levels). Good time killer
Fun, and addictive time killer. Very enjoyable. Has daily and floor quests i am surprised about those.
Not horrible but rather lack luster to me. Just bland over all. And on my device it lags alot, which I find unusual considsring the graphics and frame rates arent that high but makes it more undesireable to me.
Genuinely enjoy the game all around, keeps me occupied and coming back for more! The only thing that I would say could use improvement thus far, is the controls. When holding it down and moving, turning and movements aren't controlled by the user very well.
The game play is simple yet rewarding. The comments about not being able to buy potions is inaccurate, you just need to slide the menu down to click the buy button. They start at 50g and increase with each subsequent purchase. Easy to earn currency for upgrades whether f2p or want to drop a few dollars to support the developers. Also I feel all 3 weapons are fairly well balanced and the 6 skill trees make the play diverse/fun. Loving it so far!
I do not recommend, they will do anything to empty your wallet/purse. Uninstalled upon 5 minutes of play.
Object Displays are black silloettes, worse than last update, giving up on game and uninstalling!! Problem is getting worse with each update!!
Just what I was looking for, a brand new, single player, decent dungeon crawling rpg. Very reasonable iap, too. Could use a second playable female character.
Such a refreshing game from all the other ones, very simplistic yet has its complex options. A great RPG game, I'm still at the start but looks like not much content in the long run but I really hope to see this grow into a game to be played for years with on going future updates and content...well done keepnit up.
for this to be more fun.,i think it needs.,stat for more attack and defense option.,difficulty level normal, elite and ultimate.,daily dungeon event.,more dungeon and monster.,more option in the camp.,shop etc..,but the game it self with its current status is fun already.,nice dev. expect more from this game . . .
Only thing to say is Fun fun fun. The rogue lake does not get annoying. And you have many options on how to enter the dungeon which makes it very fun to try to up my stats. I wish there was a rating where you could give it one additional star because this game deserves it. Great job guys!
Increasing my rating for developer interest in improving. It is super important and appreciated that dev is invested in the future of their app. A phone game should never cost me more than $30 or so over it's lifetime.... I prefer to pay once for fully unlocked games. Purchases that provide value through the entire game are things I might buy. Example: armor and weapons which scale with level, cosmetic items. (Not items which are only useful for a few levels or immediately consumable etc)
First impression is quite fun. I like the interface and the combat mechanics. The plot line seems a little weak but I'm also just 10 levels into it. Will update as I learn more about the game!
Seems like around level 6 I hit a paywall. My character is too weak to progress and it seems like this is where I'm expected to start paying. No thanks, I don't play Pay-2-Win games.
It's a good game just takes a minute to load between lvls .there are some funny characters in the game it's just a little slow due to turn by turn bases..r
(Edit) upgrading to 3 stars after a VERY QUICK reply from Devs! I understand this isnt a perfect game. I wouldn't mind having to watch an Ad every time if there was more verity on what to buy from said merchant. Also, having your basic spells eat most of the mana is kinda a drag to deal with.
Great little dungeon crawler with a nice challenge to boot, it has good characters with a nice little storyline as well, it is nice to have the choice throughout the game to do the additional side quests as well and not feel like you have to complete them and forfeit something substantial to your game, well worth downloading and giving a go.
Game is cool, just installed and playing. It's buggy? It will not let me unequip the second hand weapon at all. Not a fan of drag and drop to equip items. Give us an equip/wield button items and be happy to change score
Fun little game. Could be more ways to use gold and gems, to aquire gear and stuff. Mostly I just see loot and traders in dungeons and then you need actual money. A shop that uses gold would just be nice.
Fun rpg with equipment to collect, abilities to unlock, and rng dungeons to pillage. Not a large amount of customization, and only 3 melee weapons, but I have been enjoying it
Played quite a bit and so far no issues. No overkill ads no presure to buy in game stuff. It is full and pretty well made. Gj guys
I like the same but it seems dull at points. The combat hold the game back and is why I really stopped playing. If you have mounds of patience, this is the game for you... Maybe. Just don't hold your breath.
For a free game, its decent. Of course it depends on what your style of play is. For those who like to control more aspects/details of an RPG then this is not the game for you. However, if you just want to relax and unwind, or keep busy while in the waiting room somewhere, this could be what you want. Not too much thinking involved. I like it for what it is, a free game.
i will revisit in an update or 2. currently on lvl 16-20. keep seeing the same issue. barely make it to the end only 2 die on the big bad. im pretty good at these sorts of games but i saw this becoming a thing i decided to take a break from it. just posting so the devs no there is a slight balancing issue at the end of dungeon runs. its a relatively new game though so i got hope 4 it.
Would be great except you need to watch many advertisements or pay for props. Got tired of them so I'm done.
I was enjoying it casually, but the push notifications are too much. I don't need 3 notifications+ a day for something I open once a week or less.
I'm around the 10th floor and it's already becoming repetitive. I hope it improves over the next few floors or it's yet another uninstall.
Very cool game. Attacking is easy, items are cool. Just need to introduce a merchant to sell your surplus, instead of turning it to dust. Upgrading items is pretty cool too, but there needs to be a way to give different abilities, other than a random refresh. All in all, I like it. Good job. You get that last star if you make a merchant, and a chest to save special items collected.
I downloaded the game but didn't play it just to write this review. You really put the notification sign at the top of your game to make people click. Just based on that i can tell this game isn't good it's just a cash grabber.
first few minutes of the was promising but after noticing it's unplayable due to broken save system, decided to uninstall and give what it deserves (1 star)
Ill give 4 stars for the game that it is... Im sure there could be ways to improve the game but i dont know what they are so good game.
Fun game, but you have to spend Gems to level up your gear above lvl 3. And these gems are bought with real money... why would you do that? Doesn't make me want to keep spending time in grinding for gear if I know I will be gated behind a pay wall.
It's an ok game. Bit repetitive. If you want to progress quickly you have to pay. But so far I can just grind to upgrade gear. The almost non-stop ads are annoying as all hell. Want a potion? Ad. Want to get gems? Ad. Its a decent time killer. Definitely better games though. Makes me miss KOTOR.
It is possible to finish this game without paying in more or less short time. Nice graphics and good gameplay for people, who likes to loot. Unfortunately, on my smartphone I got low fps, what sometimes it very crucial.
Lovely roguelike dungeon crawler. Mechanics are simple and the learning curve is gentle. I have no clue why reviewers are saying this is Pay 2 Win; I beat this game in less than a week without spending a dime. My only complaint is that it is a short game and I wish there was more content. Please consider adding some endgame features, like maybe a hard mode or challenge dungeon (start at level 1 and see how deep you can go). Great game overall!
Simple, but fun. Reminds me of one of the first computer games I played all the way through..."Hell fire" Hope more levels are added
A great rpg i can run on my fone where im not bombarded w ads or need to constantly throw $$$ at to keep moving up... im still early on tho and not sure if i will hit a paywall of sum sort where ive got to spend or wait forever- if so i will edit this post- if not i will leave as is...
Nice game concept, but needs more content.... difficulty more than enough to entertain more or less challenging....
fun game. havent gotten too far in it yet, but it being offline capable is a huge plus as o could play it in the air
I enjoyed playing the first couple of levels, but restarting after shut down gets me only a refusal to start. Right after the discovery of an existing save game it loads and locks on tge loas screen. I have tried uninstalling/reloading several times without any change in the loading behavior. Very disappointing app behaviour so far.
Has a bit of a grind, and would be pay to win completely if not for a bug in the ad rewards. Still a fun way to pass a week.
Love this game. It's very playable and keeps you hooked. Nice cartoonish graphics with a few nice features I haven't seen in other games (eg, once you've found the exit of a level you can explore elsewhere & then return to it with one tap). Progress is pretty quick & it's not too difficult. Well done!
i hope thete could be more floors because 50 floors is a bit too short of an adventure... specially i have not even got the top items but i have finished it already.
Has potential. Needs much more variety in equipment, possibly stat points when you level up, and a way to reset skills. One huge flaw is the scroll of teleportation cost premium currency. Extremely frustrating trying to find better loot just to die and lose it all because the checkpoints are so far apart.
Great game, I can see you care a lot about it seeing as you're making frequent updates. One suggestion I have is there needs to be a way to reset spent skill points.
Game is just rather dull. You basically walk down a corridor, then you click on an enemy, then your guy walks over to the enemy and starts auto swinging until he's dead. Occasionaly you'll want to drink a potion. Uninstalled.
Is a good game...no major costs as yet....but 3 stars as has no real gameplay or strategy. A dungeon crawler is ok if u want to fill in 30 minutes or so. Easy going not frantic...can play and leave and come back to same place without having to reach checkpoint I think
Great game for the whole 2 minutes i get to play before it crashes and i have to go back and open it up and redue everything i just did in the dungeon
Hopefully more levels open up. Right now it is capped early on so you max out on gear and exploration quickly.
The game is not yet finished but it's already addictive. I will definitely wait for the game's update. Just one suggestion. Either allow a zoom out option when your walking around the map or allow an auto travel to a location when looking at the map. It's a bit tedious to travel when you're zoomed in on your character. Apart from that the game is awesome! :)
What can I say it's just my kind of game. I love RPG games however only certain ones and this game is the kind or style of rpg game that I love and could play for hours in end.
Overall good. Health potions problem, cannot create, cannot stash the excess from passed lvls, so, if in lvl you are not lucky, will not be able to pass even 1 lvl, let alone 5.
Lmao, same pattern until floor 20 where the dungeon inexplicably ends. So I upgrade all my gear, go back to floor 21, and since I now have no health potions I die on the first 5 monsters. Whatever man. Been burned by too many of these paywall games.
Cleared 1st level then quit game. Tried signing back in but when I hit restore save the game restarts and asks me to choose account then restore save. Basically game is in a loop when it restarts. Others have had this same problem. Games that can't work correctly don't impress me. Avoid wasting your time.
This is the first review I have given 5 stars. This game is entertaining and at the same time keeps you wanting to play more. I would highly suggest trying it out yourself and see if it fits your playing style.
Ive only played for a few hours. But it's a great time suck. The graphics are well done. The story is decent and the animation seems well done. The item progression is well done all be it a money wall i see in the future. And i like the dual wepon weild and skill tree is pretty cool.
This game is meh. You don't really have much of a strategy you just ra your head into to things. The customization is specific to weapons so you can't put on your new weapon without feeling like you are wasting skills. They are also separated between main and off hand. Its overall its just boring.
Story is not interesting and gameplay has become boring so fast. Progression requires a grinding or payments as usual, but not too much.
I'm enjoying Order of Fate. I enjoy hunting in dungeons, finding weapons and armor and treasures. I like being able to click on where I want to go and the game just takes you there. Thank you for your efforts in making this game. I'm hoping that I can play it for a long time and not have to spend money just to move forward.
Encountered a few problems over a short playtime. I cant seem to buy from the merchant in dungeons even tho i have enough to buy the item. on my phone it says i should check the connection to the internet when i try to watch ads. Have checked and the internet is fine. other then that the game feels nice to play. will update review as things are being fixed.
The game opens up with charm and wit as you go deeper. I enjoyed the upgrades and skill trees. Would be good if rewards and The Laboratory items could preview descriptions of what they are. PS is the spelling error "Ingridients" deliberate?
I've just beat the 10th floor and I'm actually loving the game play style. The weapon upgrades make sense and are fun to play around with different fighting styles. I hope to see great things from this game!
An intense and original dungeon romp full of surprises with brilliant nostalgic graphics, replayability, all with a satsfying game soundtrack mystifying you in the background!
While the game itself is an acceptable rogue dungeon crawler, automatically setting a multitude of notifications where at least one is from an ADnoyance slinger is definitely inappropriate. Edit: looking into app info/ settings/notifications revealed the following activated notifications: -Alchemy laboratory -Daily quests -Daily rewards -Legendary offer -Reminder -Ad Mob offline notifications. I cannot say which of those popped up, as the messages do not tell which kind of notification they are.
It is fun, I like it, but calling it roguelike is just totally incorrect. I mean if you must box yourself in, pick the right box. This is a lightweight rpg dungeon crawler. It has a story, leveling up, and you can leave the dungeon. Also, it is graphics based, not random, and once you start a fight you can't move away. Your enemies do not move around the map. You'd only have to fix all of that to call it roguelike and be correct. By the way, my bias is that I owned a copy of Rogue back when.
Imaginative dungeon crawler RPG that ticks all the boxes. Adds don't intrude unless you choose. Equipment changes how your character looks. Upgrades make a difference. Not pay to win
I have a comment, a question and a concern. First, awesome game, i wish there were more to it(i do consider what there is already). Why am i putting out the torches in the dungeon? I cant help but do it however i dont know why i keep it up. My concern however is that i bought(gold) more inventory while i was in a dungeon, then proceeded to die a terrible death. When i awoke in town i had neither the inventory nor the gold i spent. Now had that been gems would they still be missing? Good on you.
Most boring game ever. Horrible fighting system could be good but someone has no imagination and is purely focused on scaming people out of money... You can't even upgread your weapon at some point without spending real money... Don't Download!!! It takes away all the fun if you can't max out your eq lol...
i would give 5stars instead of 2stars because when I completed the whole game and my gmail account is already sync on this game and whenever I uninstall and reinstall the game eventhough I already sync my gmail when I get back it's still back to zero, to the beginning, BACK TO SCRATCH! it means syncing our gmail to this game doesn't have any sense! it's useless. Please work on this issue ASAP! I really really love this game that's why i'm really concerned for this issue.
Its a very unique dungeon crawling games and a lot of little bits to keep you playing. This game has a lot of potential. I mean its free to try what have you got to lose?
Fun game, you can definitely pay without spending money. Craft system is basic and ready to follow. Really like it
I think this game is amazing however I feel there isn't enough content to keep people entertained long term. Like what is there to look forward for?
IMO, Whatever You collected and gathered in the dungeons (health and mana) should also, leave with You. It makes absolutely no since at all, that you can keep your weapons and armor but, you have to leave the most important, valuable and much needed items behind. Also if you die, You should be able to start over from the level that You died on, with maybe dropped loot and equipment. started off ok but, idk now. I don't think I'll be recommending, until these options are considered.
Great dungeon game. Great time filler. Even saves your exact spot when you have to close it down and do something else
not bad so far. will update review when I play more into it. Edit: I have not played it but an hour or two but one bug I found us after killing a monster I can get stuck in combat and cannot move, access anything and all I can do is attack nothing that is there.
I really like the game, amazing throughout, player friendly but also challenging, what I would like to see though would be to have a talent tree independent of weapon or even make the passive skills always in effect and only change the active skills when you swap weapons. Still thougj loving it.
Its ok... But one things the gems.. You need to watch a video every time you come across one chance to get them and almost all the things you trade are gonna need a video as well and i just dont like ads.to be shoved down my mouth... Make it so when you find gems you can get them and have a 2x gem vid so people can get gems without watching a video every damm time if you like games like this with almost no depth ok but the ads is what made me uninstall
There was a game in ArmorGames called The Enchanted Cave. It was a simple yet fun game. This one is also a F2P game. FUN TO PLAY. 😁 Go on, give it a try, it's fun, free, and doesn't force you to watch a gazillion ads to move around. 😄
It still not done,just 2 chapter,cant sell weapons,same 3 weapon types,some rifoof ,and more probl.but most of enemies have own skills,thats fine,and a hole to go on next stage that more logical than a stairs.(get it?)
Slow loading. Constantly lags/hesitates. Recently closed itself. Fun game with poor performance. Deleting from my NOOK 7".
Fun game. Lots of grinding for stuff and pretty repetitive but that is the game so its spot on for what it is. Cant wait for more updates hope they come soon. Would like to see more options in the skill tree. Pretty solid start though thanks.
I've been playing this game for hours now, i literally couldn't stop... It definitely gives you that old Diablo / Divinity feel, i can't wait to see what you guys can come up with updating and improving this game even further! y'all have my support.
I'm liking the look of this. I'll give you 5 stars (and buy something) if you get rid of the click sound when advancing dialogue, inventory, menus etc. Might seem a small thing but i hate these horrible clicks some devs use! Even have it as a ui option if you'd prefer. Pretty please.
Certain skills weren't working like they should and re-installed it 4 times but could not get the no legs glitch to fix itself.
It has great potential of being one of the best mobile RPGs, yet it falls into the commercial trap that so many other games do, by forcing the player to wait for their items to become available, or pay to get them instantly. When will the mobile gaming industry find other ways of making money?
So far the game is fun, pretty straight forward. I'd give 5 stars if there was an option to pick a gender. I don't like that your only option is to play as a guy.
Pretty good. Very basic skills though, it feels very underwhelming. Also very little explanation of some of the items; how do you use rare stones?
Fun game that doesn't require internet it's offline. Dungeon crawler where you basically walk around choosing which monsters to kill as you collect loot. There are no ads or paywalls but you can pay money for extras if you like storing the developer. It's actually requiring more strategy than expected. true roguelike but death can become resurrection through gems which it seems you mostly have to buy. but it's fun to play on the edge and you only lose your progress for that phase you were on.
ok. it still needs lots of things to make everything worthwhile. 1. shops (trading) 2. healing ponds, HP regen or free totems. 3. crafting (making equips from mats) 4. skills (i know you guys are still working on it. but the skill levels are still stuck at level one, unable to upgrade the skill. aside from that, please add more skills not just the ones you're currently displaying.) 5. companion & familiars (pets or whatnot) 6. add more weapons (e.g flails, sticks, poles etc.) 7. stats
Just finished. Meh game. I went for dualwield daggers and I can't imagine how frustrating it would be if I didn't. Lategame critters with dodge skill would be impossible to beat with axe (and maybe sword) build. Two daggers and dodge build is the way to go. This game is designed with money in mind, and it shows.
I personally like games like this, but I cant seem to find a way to use the spells that Ive already unlocked. Gameplay is fine, but auto attacking everything and not being able to use spells is quite boring.