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RogueHero: Roguelike Battle Master

RogueHero: Roguelike Battle Master for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Make something with the gem powder, it's kinda useless, I always have to much and I have nothing to do with it. And maybe buff the movement speed gems or change them with crit gems cuz those are pretty useless(except in boss fights).
Great game, yeah, similar with archero but different, I like everything about the game. One issue I encountered in the last arena, second to last boss (the musketeer) on normal, after I killed it, got the reward, but couldn't attack anymore yet one of the wolves it summoned was still present and I failed the level even though I technically passed that. I wrote here since I didn't find any customer support section to write a ticket.
Great game! It is fun to see how you try to make it feel like Archero. Since the energy has been introduced and the blanace changes, you get too little dust from breaking jewels. 5000 dust for a run, and then 150 for the jewels you gain inside the level. Kinda silly, makes you never want to break them. When you want to exit the game, it gives you the option to *contunue* which should say Continue. But yeah great changes overall. Makes it a lot less grindy. 4 runs - 10 souls and then no energy.
When i die and want to revive they give u the option to watch a video instead of paying gems and when i click on watch video nothing happens and the time still passes anyways and i end up losing, another thing that really annoyed me is opening up the chest requires a video although you have a key for the chest, which again doesn't work for me.. for some reason i click on it and nothing happens at all.. i tried re-installing and ended up with the same results, if this isn't fixed im quiting.
Purchased the ad removal feature for 1.99$ US back in March of 2020 also played a decent bit started playing again today Jan 13 2021...lost all my progress and can no longer skip ads?
Best game I've played so far! I'm currently at 5th stage Hard mode, it's becoming a bit lonely atm but I'm looking forward for more surprising updates. Kudos to the devs who really responds to inquiries. Thankyouuuuuuu! I love this game so much I don't watch netflix anymore lol
This game is so much fun to see develope, the jump button that is being talked about seems to be plausable in a sense that you would be able to dodge in a way that has a pleasing aesthetic, especially if combined with Dodge Attack, SOUNDS LIKE FUN! SO MUCH FUN! Looking forward to more suggestions XD, like Movement Speed Boost for example; or Critical Atk Gems. All in all this game is worth getting into even at it's developing stages which means it has so much potential for input as a player/fan.
It's a good game, but the time i start to play I'm stuck at lvl 3 and stage 3.. the enemy stops moving and i can't attack it.. i tried giving up and try again but it's still the same
Started playing about a week ago, game is fun but recently I found an epic piece of gear (gloves) while playing on my phone. Next day while outside in the garden I logged into my game but on my tablet instead and it said something about dual logins! I closed the game and tried again and it said that info would be over written! When u goed in i noticed I'd gone back to my old pair of gloves and list several levels on my boots. Basically the game listed an earlier version or save. Not impressed!
Ok so so far I like the game, I like the partner system and that I don't have to wait for the energy to be refill because there's no energy so you play all you want!. But I do have some complaints, 1) There's no explanation on how to level up your partner or about anything on the game. 2) There's no reward system to clearing stages. 3) you should implement a doble click system to equip or un equip a gem. 4) Should add a merge gem button instead of going one by one.
Where's the fun in a game where you're literally immediately met with a pay wall or are expected to bang your head against the same level repeatedly without any real progress. Unlike other games with a similar concept, this one doesnt really appear to factor any skill so you cant half-assedly play and expect progression. I'm sure I could get a bit further but that's a level of effort I feel I shouldnt need. Just my opinion though, I may play a little more to see if I was too harsh but I doubt it
Fun but some issues, I think I found a bug with the game, I had 2 over time modifiers, and I died on level 49 first area on the boss fight with the boss having 200 hp, I tried to watch an ad to get a revive but the game crashed after I hit the "x" after the ad finished, I believe the game tried to put me back in but couldn't find any entity left so it caused an error, other than that gameplay is fun, but can get repetitive, you also aren't attacked by ads after every level like some games.
Really like this game but i can't get into the shop. It just loads and loads but i just can't. I tried a few things but still won't open. =( Edit: shop, daily spin and souls still won't open Edit 2: i cleared my cache and data but it didn't work, guess it's not meant to be. Still cool game yo It works !!!#!!!!!!#!!!!!!!!!!
Really fun. Although it has some elements of archero but this game has potential if the game is updated.
Already on the last chapter and can't buy a single soul with all of my gems combined. You can't get any of the currency without purchasing it either. Another thing that I didn't like about the game is that it's very linear, yet the purpose of the game is unclear. For some examples the boss you can fight if you give away your gems... what will that give you? What are the abilities of the souls in the first place? Lastly what is the reward for completing chapters, nothing. A mistake playing this.
4 stars,there are many bugs on the latest update,ive finish map 7 twice,and i cant get the rewards,also ads keeps on crashing
I keep trying and I mean trying too do the first set of floors but it keep freezing after I complete a wave, I close the app now and restart the game and i continue from where I'm at. I would love too play but unfortunately its still not fixed even after this last patch. I would still love too keep trying too see if it gets fixed seeing I've enjoyed what I've played, but its just annoying if you get my drift
Plz add jump botton, there's so many enemy attacks that we cannot avoids with huge damaged too. Also boss battle are very hard without jumps to avoid hit. Still, the game is awesome too. 4 stars for now, i look forward for your respond.
Great game but I wish I had the option to reset data, tried reinstalling and deleting google play games account data but it just doesn't delete the data on this game. I'll play it again as soon as this issue is resolved.
It takes too long to progress and it's always trying to make you watch an ad or use cash. It's basically a p2w game... I had fun in the first 2 days after that is just more of the same. You will be going for the same build over and over again if you want to win and progress because the other choices are not as good. Poor balance!
Add some jump .. So i can evade enemy ground attack. Over all .the game is awesome i like the gameplay . and add more new update.
Can't attack enemy on lvl 4 So just downloaded the game and it won't let me get past he fourth round enemy so I can't play Attempted to play after the update and it didn't fix the bug im experiencing
I agree with Richard Dukes. I liked the game the way it was before it was "fixed". The souls that you could get to accompany you were cool. I'm pretty upset that I log on to play this game after some hiatus and the souls that I payed real money for aren't even a part of the game anymore and I wasn't compensated in any way for the loss of money put toward the purchase...
Very nice game addictive but need more content! Update: new content updated. But i beat it right away. Nothing much to play more. I love the play style of the game so much. But contents are not enuf..
I like this game but it doesnt work anymore. Each time I enter a level monsters dont move and it does nothing. It worked well before.
Fun but mobs stop popping out stage 3 level 33... there's also no support within the game so the only way for you to tell them of any problems is through here..
Don't believe the people who say you have to pay to win this game, i didn't pay any dime but still managed to pass all levels on normal and hard, but it was challenging though. Good skill build and a decent reaction does it's work) this game is fun, but after you pass 4 stages on normal and hard there is nothing really much to do, hope developers add much more interesting content to it, cause this game has a potential to be a very good game.
An incredibly crappy rip off of Archero. No tutorial so i actually have no idea how abything works. It has all of the same upgrades/abilities and is overall incredibly annoying. You basically soam the dash button all the time to avoid being hit. The enemies are just incredibly annoying and thats ten minutes of my life wasted playing this game ill never get back.
Has a lot of potential to be incredible but I think it still doesn't have enough things to do and upgrades are extremely slow and grind based. I'm currently at the end, level 11 stage 4 hard and it seems a lil repetitive now, I hope future updates will come or else it will just be a wasted game again. Giving 5 stars because it's actually fun.
It's fun, but if you don't get something for advancing (coins) then what's really the point? Total pay to win Cash cow with ZERO reason to play for more than once, maybe twice. I got through 3 full games, lvl 48 and without something to keep me wanting to play (leveling up) I'm already bored and uninstalling.
Nice game and really simple to master but the boss battle feature is bugged, i did it once and now it doesnt work anymore. I out the gems but it wont let me start the fight.
It needs a few more interactive buttons to keep us from falling asleep. It's side scrolling 2D , so a jump button would be nice. Even 8-bit NES games had a jump button. The settings for in game money could be a little more generous. The idea is to make the game so awesome while it's free that we don't mind pumping a few dollars into it for a special weapon or armor. Also , the power ups need better descriptions. Lastly , it needs some kind of special weekly dungeon for winning exclusive gear.
Fun timekiller... It would have been if it weren't for bugs. I gave it 5 stars at first but now I have to change it to 2 due to the stupid bugs screwing me over. When my phone goes into sleep mode during ads playing, the ads get stuck forever and I have to replay a level losing all progress or lose gems if it was a boss battle. Pretty annoying and unfun, you know.
Latest v27.01 is broken. Mobs get stuck at the corner of the map. Despite the fact that the dev kept telling people the issue is fixed, it's NOT.
Stops attacking frequently.... Have to relaunch the app always. And still it stops attacking... Irritating bug.
What a unique game from the archero-esque genre. This game isn't another rip off from the archero but instead this game stands out on its own with it's entirely different fighting way(2D) and unique characters and cool lvl up skills... Really really recommend for ppl to try out this game if you r like me and love the games that have same gameplay like archero haha! Good job RogueHero devs..
The gameplay itself is solid but it lacks any sense of progression. Rather than barely noticible stat buffs, we should be unlocking new abilities between games. Otherwise you pretty much see all there is to see within your first few games.
Great game besides the lack of gems you can actually get and how hard it is to proceed do to lack of power ups that you can get starting out. Also, I just updated this app and now everything is in Japanese please help I only speak and can only read English...if not fixed I will be uninstalling.
EDIT: 4 stars down to 2 stars... The Developers of this game should delete the Ads when someone buys something at the Store... I started playing not long ago, and already it feels like the Ads are too much and have taken over half my playtime due to Rerolls. The gameplay is really well done, not sure about end game but there's a lot to do straight away, so the addiction to keep playing kicks in pretty early on.
I originally loved the game but this new update completely broke it, everytime I try to play on stage 6 the enemies sometimes get stuck in they're running animation and I have to reset the game, so at that point the game is just unplayable
Fun and unique archero-like game in 2D, very challenging and IAP is reasonable. Only 3star because it can't be played in offline and consumes too much data.
I like The game, but why i can't see any videos.... I have a lot of Keys for equipement but i can't watch The ad to open The chest. Same if i die while i m playing... Please fix that!
Awesome game. Really fun. Not a fan of the energy wait . Also I don't like ads but I can't buy the no ads feature says something about account and try again but cants seem to even log in... Update: Able to purchase if it's the first thing I do when I open the app
This game has the potential of being great, but, they failed on the difficulty part. The difficulty between the stages is atrocious! I've been stuck on the 4th chapter for 3 days now and I can't even make it past stage 20. Please revise this, and I promise you that more peolle will play.
Played 3 rounds and uninstalled. Where to start with how bad this game is, first off you have no control over your attacking, next you cant move and attack at the same time, after this you have only a dash move which doesnt even stop the damage you take. Grim reaper enemies just appear where your standing, instant damage with no way to avoid, you do get a chance to refill health but only if you dont wanna add power to attacks. I will say the graphics are done nicely.
Good game with good potential. I have been a long time archhero player, this is similar to archhero, but it can develop to something different. Game play is smooth, even though sometimes the hit boxes can be a bit buggy. Overall, with good development this game can really become the game that other game model to.
I am getting stuck on stage 3 wave 33 it just sits there and nothing is spawned. I don't want to clear my local data as I have already progress in the game. But I am stuck as I can't finish stage 3.
I've been playing this game for months and decided to read reviews and must say I personally have not had ANY of the problems I'm reading about. I have A Galaxy S10+ (don't know if that plays into the lack of freezing). My only complaint is deceleration added one level almost two months ago. I grind and have earned my character strength, but it's absurdly easy (don't nerf my character, just make more levels). Your battle pass sucks too, honestly. Gimme more for what I spend and you'll get my $$
The game stoped on stage 3 level number 32 and no thing happend at 33 just stand moving right and left . I cleand the cashe and cleared the data and uninstall it many times and still stuck in that stage :((( Edite : (worked fine now thanks for help and reply :))
Pretty good game. But the devs need to let us pick our choice of a perk, by watching an add, at the start of each map. Entering then leaving 100 times just to get the perk you'd like is very annoying. Edit. After playing for a bit. I've come to realize that buying souls needs alot of looking into. Currently it would take days and weeks to get enough for just 1 soul script. Enough to make me not even want to try.
There is a bug where the creep stops in the beginning of the level and the game just freeze, I didn't even pass wave 2, helppp!
Real great game. It's like the archero concept but 2d. I got to 560 on infinity torment. I'm just wondering whether or not y'all could add the Google play cloud so I don't lose all of this by uninstalling or replacing my phone. Also 1000 jewel powder for 10 gems is worthless you can get more beating stage 1 on normal easily. Oh, and one more thing: on your upgrading tip it should be "gems cannot be attached to rings" not "rings cannot be attached to gems.
Died when it said I passed to the next stage...then Everytime I played after that I died in the first round...how does that workπŸ‘Ž uninstalled
Could be an amazing game needs a jump button for sure, thinking that was all this seemed to be missing for the little I have played. Only making it to the second area after 50 levels in 1st then I realized it is a energy based game!! Terrible why ruin an amazing and high potential game by making it a wait to play game? By far the worst thing to have ever come to gaming, players having to wait to play it's a disgrace to games!!!! Fixing this would make it top tier but until then it is a uninstal
i like the game, it's fun not really that hard, but fun nonetheless. the newer implemented things seam to push the game more in a pay to win diraction but i don't really care (yet). Sadly after the latest update the game became unplayable as i have to restart every 2-3 waves as the enemies don"t spawn correctly. I hope this will get fixed asap.
hi. we play this amasing game and enjoy this afk game. but i have a question that is: Any update? πŸ˜… latest update is for 2 mounth ago. please create several map and update your game to new version. similar game have update as soon as. thanks a lot sorry my bad english. 🌹🌹🌹
I don't mind ads for the most part, if im not going to pay for the game, you need something to get income, but when i cant even connect with the ad, what am i supposed to do? not continue, not get the first skill, not get any bonus'. My network is good enough to update 50mb in under 90 seconds, why cant i view a bloody ad so i can continue my boss fight that has 5k hp left. Edit 1-3-20 Thanks for your update and taking the time to respond to me. I really enjoy your game, it's unique.
Its a fun game, just no way to remove ads that i seen and seems like they are ever 2-3 mins pop up and 30 sec wait on them to watch.
I'm forced to go to the store after finishing the first level and when i click on the shop button i get stuck on an infinite loading screen and it literally makes me unable to play the game. Edit: I reinstalled the game after a couple of days and the shop loaded almost instantly. 5 stars
No drop for items, only from chest, and the thing that made me give one star is, playing till stage 50, defeating the boss and then boom "check your internet connection" and it doesn't give me any reward for that. So i did the level again, same thing..
I have top up for the Rogue Pass and it just stuck at the loading screen non stop and I have waited for 30 minutes but it was still loading. Then i decide to restart the apps but the rogue pass is still unavailable but the payment has been completed. Can you check on this for me? It is either you refund the payment or give me back my Rogue Pass. Thank you Note: I have already email the purchase details to your developer email kindly check
Dont buy anything from this game...basicly this game just a scam...cos i cant load my save character from google so i must start over from the 1st place again...this game "WILL NOT SAVE YOUR PROGRESS" so dont purchase anything from it...i change phone n i cant load my save... That so noob game ever...
Aside from past reviews appearing to have been deleted the game as a whole runs into a wall, game goes from too easy to a bit stupid, gives a dodge but still take damage while dodging, bosses who attack so much that you physically have no choice but to just take the damage or dodge and be surrounded by attacks just landing there's no escape in the game, either build yourself an immobile tank or pay to play
Some bosses are imbalanced..thats why I had to delete this game. Some of them are to easy some of them are to annoying, so u have to get specific skills for that..if u've chosen different one or you didn't find that u were looking for u've lost. Needs more balance
Love the game, however it's missing a couple things. The ability to play on another device, a better way to farm in game currency / items. And why am I having to watch an ad for extra energy when I bought the *NO ADS* for real money!? Edit: You replied to tell me what I clearly already know. Good job!
Most recent update bugged the whole game now I'm waiting for new update to unbug the lags hangs etc... Hope it's fast 😴
Update bugged with mob getting stuck in corner. Nope no fix still broke. Still broke after 2nd update. It works again now after this 3rd update.
This game is great fun, a good time killer. Although it does need more content, only 4 stages and once you have beaten them all on hard there isn't much else to do. Great start and hopefully more content isn't too far away
After the update on 9th of July there is a bug on and you cannot proceed after 4-5 stage on every island and there is no "Customet Support" button this is why i am typing here. You are saying that its fixed, but it isn't.
Equipment doesn't drop and only way to get gear is $$$$$ or use the currency the game gives for finishing the area and try your luck opening the chest
Seemed to be awesome but it does not save your progress there is a bug when u stop at a level before 50 you are supposed to be able to go back later to play from that point .. nope doesnt work ..emailed the developers no reply .. do not download delete