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Rogue Idle RPG: Epic Dungeon Battle

Rogue Idle RPG: Epic Dungeon Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 8.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
great game, i like it. but just one thing, even when i turn on the low graphic and save battery mode. my phone rapidly getting hot and my battery dropping quickly. too bad though, i want to play longer.
Halloween update, complete the entire dungeon for a total of 10 Jack o'lanterns, and the purchases are 1500 each? So I have to beat that entire thing 150 times just to achieve one purchase? Pretty steep. Overall addictive game though.
Game is fun and has no forced ads. But it is very pay to win on top of pay for quality of life items. No forced ads but 20+ required per day to play optimally. Best in slot items require rng grinding in a mode that stalls all game progression. The set I farmed required an in app QoL purchase to even function correctly without watching an ad every 10 mins. Overall the game is fun but a (polite) cash grab.
I played and liked this game for about a month and I asked the dev team to do something about the same old look the battle area. That was months ago. Game got boring.
Achievements system is really missing in this game, and i wish there was offline progression, as it's a pain to reach max stage all over again
Spent $80, saved data before transferring to my tablet and it completely erased everything. Waste of time
It's not a super pay to win. You can honestly get enough gems saved in game to get plenty of advantages and chests. Save and play πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
registered as an offline game, then does a version check and fails to load. otherwise, has potential.
It has a lot of potential, but it needs more. The idle aspect doesn't actually progress on levels but stays on the same level. This provides coins but no progress. I've reset and acquired all the different wings, I've beaten the "hell" dungeons, but now what? The only thing left to do is best everyone in pvp but that doesn't appeal to me. Provide more in game challenges or things to actually do. Oh and the coin dungeon doesn't progress with your floor level. It caps at @ 250,000 coins.
Full of hackers, and is way to slow left phone for 5 hours and only went up 500 stages yet was still one shooting everything
amazing idle game but could u add some way to cloud save and move your save between devices/same device after uninstall? edit1: happy to hear that but already a moth passed they added a lot of new content and a event there are a lot of purchasable content too the game is pushed back like many others by the fact that it doesnt have a way to save progress both player and fund wise if you could pass this part with edit to the dev team too id be verry thankfull Stay safe yall =)
Amazing! BUT I really wish there was more care taken into these English translations. A lot of the wording is way off but I do understand what you guys were trying to say. If you guys would like, provide me with an email and I'll send through ammended effect wording so it's easier to understand for people. Other than this, the game is perfect and doesn't push ads down the players throat like so many games do these days and doesn't feel like I'm stuck behind pay walls.
Something is wrong with the new update. I updated my game and everytime I open the game it asks if I want to download the new update that I just installed.
Great Idle Game I was pleasantly surprised when trying this game. Very simple idle game but with satisfying visuals and gameplay. I would say this game is as idle as you can get when looking for your next idle game to try out. The game gives you a decent amount of gems for free to buy things with in the store. If you decide to spend money on the game you will be pleased to know that this game is very fair in that aspect. Not expensive packages and good rewards. Very F2P friendly!
Quite an interesting game! I really enjoy how this game is set up. Its simple and fun, and the auto option is totally worth it!!!
I have reached 50 rebirth times but the boss from 3500+ can kill me with one hit even though I spend all the money to increase hp. Why?
The core loop in the game is fun to look at and experience, but once you hit the level cap of 50, the game nosedives in quality and engagement. There's currently no good reason to keep playing after 50 unless you want a lesser version of the 1-50 experience or really want bigger cosmetic wings. The game either needs ways to earn diamonds after 50 (besides watching ads), or to allow buying some diamond-only things like companion and rune expansion with reborn points.
Really nice idler, but it has a level cap. Very satisfying to watch when you use chance on hit relics. Only seen very few visual bugs, like one dungeon menu text not being red when you are empty on tries and such. More advanced tooltips would be nice, because some of them don't make much sense. "Max MP 1% character attack power increase" for example. Would maybe need a discord server to discuss mechanics and builds. Maybe an optional DPS meter?
Gonna Change my review becuz devs already did what i want tnx for fast update and fixing :) and just another suggestion maybe to add guild and guild events???
Great app! Fun to play, and to let idle open. It sucks that the game doesn't progress through the stages when the screen is off/game is closed but the game itself is amazing not a pay to win either! I would love to see a character screen added in eventually!
I enjoy this game but I hope for more ways to grow. Here are some thoughts: Rebirth Stone Uses: I think it would be good to have other uses for the rebirth stones other than improving damage percent. Here are some suggestions: - It would be helpful to have a way to reduce the enemies required to progress to the next level - It would be helpful to have a way to increase or change the level you begin on after you rebirth, so we don't have to start at lvl 1 all the time and spend hours and hours grinding to a point where the game become beneficial again. - It might be fun to have a type of talent tree associated with the three damage types. I think this is the hope with the relics, but it could be expanded to encompass more aspects. I am not sure if you would need a different resource to make this happen or if you could use rebirth stones for this as well. A simple way would be to increase the percent damage (like with the special skins/characters) with rebirth stones just like you do with the base damage percent. I hope this is helpful. I enjoy what you have done with this game and hope to see other ideas implemented to make it better! Thanks for your efforts and for making this game!
Loving the game! So addictive and action packed! Since the update today it has started crashing shortly after opening but bugs happen. Great job on the game none the less and I look forward to the update so I can return to playing. Keep up the amazing work! This game is worth playing if your into the genre!!
This Game Is Automatically Plays Itself In My Smartphone Why I Don't Know? Ok Thank You For The Game.!!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
This game is surprisingly fun, and the prices are actually really low and worth it for the most part, good job!
Unbelievably addicting. Could use some work on a few things. Mainly stage progression speed. Even with stage skip bonuses it still takes forever to get to previous max stage to continue thriving for more progress. And in time maybe more interactive pvp gameplay or friends lists. Definitely add a clan/guild feature (I think this addition would boost the popularity tenfold if there were group events/raids, etc) This game has SOME SERIOUS POTENTIAL. Just needs a bit of work from the devs!!!!!
I would like to see different dungeons with different theme and bosses to match the themes. Different classes with their own skills armour/weapons and talents
I turn down the music volume all the way down n it still plays... can't even enjoy the game without the annoying repetitive music
Really fun game and i willing to spend for this game.. i never stuck in 1 game and spend effort to grind, but this game makes me do it.. but, you really need to fix this cheater soon cause it'll wasted all legit player's time to grind when your game full of cheaters
Very enjoy playing this game but, it feels like lightning skills are only that get upgrade because of daily dungeons it would be nice to get dungeon for assasin and fire too or make it so their option to choose so players get what their build uses. I can underdtand why but, would be nice to get back abilities for HP cost. It was making some unique builds and gave variety. Aswell the leader board could give better idea of which place is taken right now. Can't waint for new updates. Thank you.
An idle game, is named idle because you didnt need to add anything but it still good to kill your time. Thank you rogue idle to stay true to your name.
I have spent several days with this game and my suggestion is to add auto sell when auto equip as going to every piece of gear to sell is frustrating after couple of days. Other than that nice feature would be something like "auto upgrade" so player could check for instance Attack power, so it could be upgraded automatically when player got enough gold.
New update cool right? New character cost money and it's even double price of previous one. As a free to play I've play this game for weeks now (letting phone open and watch ads each 10 mins basically) that game already make you watch more than 10 ads daily, no crystal drops from monsters, only daily check-in give you theses. It's basically a big joke, the game has pretty much no mechanic and the company is obviously only greedy for money. It's a trap and there is no goal, this is a wallpaper.
At first gave ir three stars cause it was fun enough to play. Changed my rating to one because 0 isnt an option. Downloaded the update and it wouldn't let me play no more. It kept telling me to download the update so already went to 1 because now i cant play it at all
Love this little game! Having a blast! Also after mentioning the bgm bug they fixed it right away, just a few days later and also granted a bug reward! Props to the devs! Keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ‘
1-the game has no story 2-the game has no explenation 3-the game has no backup system 4-no achievements or daily quests 5-i lost my progress due to uodate, i was going to rate it 3 stars but losing your progress for updating knocks it off :/
I really like the game and been playing it for a while, but having no backup for it scares me thinking that I might lose all the progress I've done in just a second. Other than that I think there should be more ways to spend diamonds like being able to equip more followes. Or a another idea is to upgrade weapons with diamonds. The game has potential but no backup is the biggest downside. Keep working on it!
Good game, I earn gold coins passively without even opening the application, but the stage does not go up when you're not on the app just like the other games that you passively level the stages without opening the game and only stop when the stage is unclearable with the current power. I like this game, and I am looking forward for more updates.
This idle rpg isn't half bad. It's nothing flashy or fancy, but does play okay. I enjoy the different dungeons and options to level up different character aspects. The advertisements are a bit much, not because they are on, because of the repetitiveness. The same ad is run 6 or more times, once after another, after another, after another, after another, after another. The same ad, almost like it's brainwashing, not promoting a game. Quite honestly, that alone makes me think of deleting it.
Fun as hell, the grind isnt too hard, I wish we had more build options tho. Worth a try, very pleasing visually
No abusive ads and low real spendings actually. Takes time to build up power and touchdown on high stages. Suggestion: new features after reaching certain rebirth level or stages to keep it exciting. Good work btw
Nice game. I like it very much. One thing though, could you add cloud save option for the game so I can save or transfer my data to other mobile? I feel like wanna spend on IAP but without cloud save I can lose it easily. Thanks!
Okay so new update popped up with some interesting things and yes the leaderboard as well. Doing a good job of making this game fun to play. But after the update I've been facing an issue, my enchantment scrolls don't increase even when I go to the dungeon to get some scrolls for enchanting my equipment. It's stuck at 5 scrolls right now and I don't know what to do about this issue. Please reach out and help me solve this issue.
Great game been grinding for a long time now but can't get passed the loading screen for over a week now. And don't see update in the play store.
i just started week ago and i loved it.... but what happen to assassination deadly blow skill? does it change how it is used to be?
I especially like the part where as an IDLE game you randomly get no progression at all for the time you weren't playing.
I like the up date for me to collect a new items but i think i would perfer to know the probability of drop rate of cowroom item sooo but still awsome update i like it
Fun but needs some tweakings: - More offline progress, this game is too screen time greedy. At least make the dungeon timers still run when offline. - Lock equipment slot so that the autoequip will not change that slot - higher starting point after rebirth
A fun passive play game that anyone can play. To the developers: When pushing for highest stage it takes a very long time even with the stage increase. Getting close to over 24 hours to achieve a max stage. Other than that there are no issues with gameplay.
Pretty good game. Need to broaden the skills tree, relic possibilities, a shop to buy equipment and maybe a class selection.
Fun idle game with great customer support. This is one of the only games I've given 5 stars. Edit, the bug was fixed very quickly.
Not much for idle games but this has to be the best I've played! Keep up the good work, will edit as I get further into the game if I find anything that needs improvement (in my opinion).
I give it 4 stars even though the game is really addictive because their some bosses that are really fast and r had to counter especially the dude ridding the horse with the really big sword
The game was fun and nice but for now i 'll give a 4 star because no save/load option were wasting more money for nothing because you dont have the save and load option in case we lost our device its also throwing our money becuz we spent money for this. Soo hopefully you'll tje SAVE/LOAD option
I hope we can enter names and also i hope on upcoming updates there would be a ranking as well so we could see who on the top what they build looks like and also their stats as well, im already on top 0.80% on the arena with 1 max stats still i cant see who are the people above me on top 1πŸ€” and also what i suggest on top stage 10k up hope you give more goldd cause i get more gold on lower stages compared to farming higher stages thats so unfair and useless climbing up except for rebirth.
I would like to be able to see my stats. Not just hero stats but all around stats. So I know how far I got before I rebirth. I would like to able to skip levels as well. That would be really niceπŸ‘
I like every single detail about the game. Graphics was awesome, gameplay and everything else is just on point. But right now im stuck at the loading page and it says Checking version. If the problem is on your side please fix it. Its a fantastic game to play. Keep up the good work.
the game is good i even buy some sale in the shop not expensive at all and quite nice to have. i suggest that i the future update consider adding daily quest and weekly quest so we can get more diamonds and coins its pretty hard getting diamonds once you reached lvl 50. and what about a permanent stat upgrade using a different kind of resources that can get through rebirth or dungeons? and also an independent button to quickly do in power saving mode would be nice keep it upp thaanksss
Great game. Um thinking of purchasing auto skill but i having doubts because of no cloud save feature. It'll be a waste if i accidentally deleted the game without saved backup. But good game overall.
The cow room more like a stingy room...i dont think that room will give a loot..whats the odd getting a loot 0.01%?
1 Stars from me. It has no backup sistem like an account to continue or login so when you install it again you start from 0.
i put 1star not because its bad but because its soo good but has limited to do . @devs please i hopefuly you read this add some other dungeons or game functions like pets and please can you change the items like put some upgrading items so the mythical or legenadry and the effects stays the same only the lvl changes like swap effects . p.s i know its an idle game but you can add some gameplays or petsl system other than companions
Pay to win PvP, and you have to play PvP to get the best gear which is item level 100. The strongest characters you can only buy with money straight up, and it's like $19+ for the characters. No option for removing ads either. Very greedy for a simple phone game like this.
The recent pvp update was cool, small problem after daily pvp matches Training costs 10 diamonds with no warning or information that it costs until it's paid already.
The auto ability could use some optimization. Like, let pleayer set what ability to set to auto an maybe also at what time intervals. For exple I want to set the fire ball ability to auto at every 5 seconds or so. Also hiding the auto ability behind an ad is kind of greedy when most game give it to you with out adds.
I realized nothing is free. Every dungeon requires ads. And to progress you have to leave you device on. Too taxing...
Interesting. I was playing randomly and i managed to get to 1400 crystals. Only need 1 mission andbget to 1500 and unlock the next character, i set the phone on the table and decided to play again 2n3 hours later. Guess what , no more diamonds so no way to get the other character. Awesome design , you almost had it ,sike not anymore.
Simple and fun with rewarding progression system. F2P friendly with a non toxic monetization system. The only major thing i would like to see added is a way to progression through floors faster. Maybe a follower or relic that gives a percentage chance to skip x number of floors after killing a boss.
The game is entertaining. The gearing system is easy, but I think the dungeons open far to early. Your character isn't even close to able to beat them when they first unlock.
The new update is awesome, but I notice to the rankings there are a lot of cheaters, it is unfair for other players who grind every day to get items in dungeons in order for there attack power and stage to climb up. This is the most thing you need to resolve in order for players to have a confidence to play more and to attract more players in the future. I hope the devs solve this. :) :)
I've played through all of the content this game has. I have the top tier equipment, I have every skill and relic, I've beaten every challenge and reached level 30 prestige. I do enjoy the concept and foundation of this game, but it's lacking in content and continued excitement. I wanted to unlock everything but found myself being bored opening the game. Hopefully some updates will add more excitement and reasons to play. I first lost interest after hitting level 50.
Very addicting and super fun. Watching ads feels rewarding, and they are plenty generous with the diamonds. Some small things takes off a star, for example: There is only 1 hero that you can buy with diamonds, the other 3 you can only buy with real money, and they are extremely overpriced. All your gear, including armor and weapons, have no visuals. So your hero just always looks exactly the same. No offline stage progression takes off a star as well, it should progress up to your highest stage.
Just put other gameplays, and what if you try to put the UI of equiped weapon on both hands for better UI and other weapons add some effects like auras, its just a suggestions btw, great game
I would have rated 5 stars but I got a new phone all my saved data transfered over except the human rouge I bought with my gems. Besides that excellent game.
I like it. I would like it better if i could turn off the sound. I try to lower it and turn it off but it didnt work. I would like to use my own music to play this game
nth edit: its a good idea for equipment enhancement and the chnages to the battle arena but pleae, dont neglect to uograde dungeons the rewards should mirror the level or stage progress. like hello at lvl1000 u get like 250k coins and around stage 100k i only get 210k? who would waste time on that? also the equipment and skills dungeon needs to be updated the PvP mode neess to be updated i already have 100k points with nothing to buy anymore i have nothing to buy with my gems anymore.
I loved it because i used to play offline. I bought a lot of premium items. I watched all ads whenever I can. And now i can't play it offline. I may uninstall very soon since I rarely play now that it is an online game. I don't like it anymore.
Game is enjoyable and relaxing, nice daily grind and can come back to game after few days if chosen to. However, in light of recent events an error of Network time need to be synchronised is showing which has never displayed and yet my clock time on phone is automatic.
Edit: Merely capping gold at a low number is a lazy fix. On average I spend well over 100b on a rebirth which is 50 times the current gold cap. This needs to be fixed as there is no reason to have a cap at all, or at least one that can be reached. My ad gold is over 308m now, so I cap in 7 afk hours. Highest stage reached 102845. Please fix the gold cap.
Updated the app nov 26 on this s7+ and saved it, level 54 and thi is where i spent a little money. Played for a while. Then on another device k20 pro, i tried to open the lower level4 game thinking that since i already completed the save on the s7+, it will now pick up the level 54 saved game. BUT it did not! So i went back to s7+ lvl54, without saving the lower lvl. DISAPPOINTED! it picked up the lower level!! thi is a waste of resources!!!!!
After the recent update, Game crashes after a few seconds of playing while i was upgrading character skills.
Still love this game but I am growing a little bored. Since they raised the level cap I will sit with the game open for hours farming but have yet to reach lvl 52. Secondly the difficulty difference between hard, very hard, and hell need balanced. I shouldn't be able to fly through very hard as if it were easy mode but then he'll is next to impossible. Second the equipment lvl jump in the raid going from 70 to 85 is a bit hash as there is no way to get level 75-84 gear naturally.
I like the game, but there could a cloud save... I had to change phones and lost 40+- rebirths plus the purchases I made for auto casting and a gem pack.
That cowroom i grinded for 4hrs and i got nothing?????? thats way too low a probability???? and 5000gems for purchasing it😳 way too expensive and we cant farm it as well so whats the use farming it might as well grind the floor till floor 200k anyways please increase the probability of item drops on cowroom and also when will there be a blitz? from floor 1 to higher floors?? also please put a leaderboard on highest floor reached so we know what stage to catch up. please respond thank you.
It's... pretty bad. Use only to waste time. Currently very poorly balanced, and one you get past the first hour there is just the daily grind left *shrug*. Kept playing for a couple weeks to see if there was any more to it, but no. Just three time waste. ... there's potential though, but that requires content. And balancing. Lots of balancing.
This game has a lot of potential, but there just isn't enough to do. Some suggestions that might make it better are requiring higher stages to obtain rebirth stones after each rebirth, but multiplying their value, allowing for skipping early stages or something that increases the character's movement speed, and a better way to sell equipment that is unused. All in all, the game is fine, but it's only worth playing for a little while.
This is my second review, I like the save data option, but what I was really hoping is to have other option than PvP.
It's nice, repetitive and feels like a clone. But you get stronger and get to develop your identity better, it is a pity you cannot use at least a single skill automatically for free, but like a rogue, your only so strong on auto attack which can set you back if sole rely upon it
I like the game itself, but i really dont like watching ads. I am willing to pay in order for me to avoid watching ads for rewards, hopefully it can be implemented soon
This game is awesome it doesn't show you ads unless you do something for ads but overall it is awesome.
Very addicting and super fun. Watching ads feels rewarding, and they are plenty generous with the diamonds. Some small things takes off a star, for example: There is only 1 hero that you can buy with diamonds, the other 3 you can only buy with real money, and they are extremely overpriced. All your gear, including armor and weapons, have no visuals. So your hero just always looks exactly the same. Some visual progress would feel a lot more rewarding.
I was loving the game and I've been playing it for only a day. Until i tried to log into the game and it game me a message saying: 'Please check the network. *Please synchronize the device time.' What is this and how do I fix it?? I want to play but i dont want to delete and re-install the game losing my progress. Please help!!
Great game but pretty easy.. im on the 3rd day and currently at floor 2000.. it's pretty fun and all.. but one combo skill breaks the game completely..
Having a lot of fun with the game. Only suggestions I would have would be to give some bonus stats to the wings and have a stat for increased gold, either on the wings or as part of the rebirth bonuses.
Update: told me to email them so I did ben 1 Month still no reply....... Been playing the game for 6ish months now and with this last update the game gets stuck on the Loading screen
Constantly getting the Ad failed to load msg. Ad server issues aren't our problem. If I have full Wi-Fi and data bars there's no reason for ad issues and if there are, no reason to not get credit. And when I do get an ad it freezes and crashes the app. Just downloaded the latest version and had it happen again.
There's a bug on the current update if you're using one of the relic which no mana cost but consume your 10% life. Even you set it on auto sometimes it will not activate even if you have full honesty bar.
I am now LEVEL 57 almost full 85 Gear but i get abit Boring , need more Options and more Gear Guilds , Tourments , pvp . more Epic Boss Dungeon who is realy HEAVY , More Then Use3 Pets :p Some more DEF/HP Items , Skill Tree Like Tap Titans 2 (some skills are useless like Clone 5 sec) some Set boots if full Set / 1 Aktive Pet who we can level up over 10. LEVEL UP Should give Option Like Upgrade Stats ( 2hp LEVEL 56 + 56HP) And maybe Each Level 100DEF or so. LEVEL UP ( Skills points) wiht a Skilltree wiht many Option this we never get Boring :) But i like this Game Alot! 5/5! But Plz ADD Skip LEVELS :o
After playing for a week, nothing much left to do. Very limited fuctionalities. Maybe add like a tournament, i think the game will be much better. Edit: Wow, a lot of changes. Still waiting for me to play longer
This is one of the best idlesbive ever played and I've played alot. The game had no tutorial but it's still super easy. The game continues to fight so u don't have to push buttons except upgrade and gear and the dungeon, there is a bunch of skills to collect and not all upgrades last long so the game isn't super ez, the game is very addictive. Graphics are good, gameplay is fine. Overall great game.
It's bad that the game doesn't progress if offline. U literally need to burn ur phone on charger to advance 1000+ stages
Wonderful game. I would like to add some ideas to improve the quality and longevity of gameplay. There definitely should be a pvp aspect of the game whether it be a leaderboard, tournament or some sort of pvp related event. I also wish there was more end game. I've been playing for a while but the end game is just killing the boss on hell to get top teir gear. Once gear is acquired there is essentially no more goals besides climbing waves. Another cool aspect would be new gear or gear sets.
This game has no tutorial, I kind of had too make it up as I went along. Its alright I suppose, some of the characters you can only get with spending real money, which I don't like. This game needs a tutorial though, too help you understand what to do and how to play it.
The game's not bad at all, it's really interesting to play. The only issue I have is that I paid to buy some things but didn't get anything. My money was received on their end but I didn't get the things I bought neither was my money refunded. It's good that you guys made a nice game but next time don't try to steal others money. In case you need any verification I have it. Would've rated a 5 star if not for this problem.
P2w most of the features that make you character good are only available if you use real money.I like the game and I get devs want to get money I would aswell,but maybe find a way to make money that doesn't actually ruin the game for a free user also pretty sure the pvp system is not with real ppl I can play with out having internet so yeah πŸ˜‚...
Good game, in-app purchases are good, but sadly it doesn't have a cloud save, so if something happens to the device all purchases will be gone.
Thank you for adding a save feature. Game is fun and has a lot of potential. Excited for more updates.
Great game but I wish there was a wiki or something to explain how everything works. Some followers have vague descriptions
Very smooth, transitions very well between screens. Needs more content though, like events or mini games, something to do while you grind to higher levels
The paid characters are dumb, at least let us buy them with diamonds. I already bought the unlimited auto package for $6, I don't wanna spend more. Otherwise its a bit bare bones for a game, hopefully it continues to get updated.
Been playing the game for 6ish months now and with this last update the game gets stuck on the Loading screen
Really enjoying the game. But in the loading screen it just freezing on the version check part and won't go past it. Have tries waiting 15 minutes. Any suggestions?
If this game has a guild or clan, I would give 5 star because we need to compete for, other than PvP, hope to have this for future updates of this game
i cannot leave message in chat, after i type the message and press ok button, just nothing happen, please check, im using samsung galaxy s20 plus, also hope you can make more end game content rather than just farm the same item after lv60. Finally, hope you can make a forum or discord channel for us to gather and discuss more the game
Good game. Ads is a requirement to watch if you want gold to get further in the game quicker. That doesn't bother me though. What bothers me is the creator does not respond in the provided email for questions and answers. It'd be a shame to no longer play over the fact that I can't contact the creator for anything while being a payed customer for the game.
Thought this game was good at first so at least I bought unlimited auto for convenient, but it doesn't have save system to actually keep your data online and it will make you reset all datas including the purchased ones upon changing device or clearing data on your phone.
Game is fine, but for whatever reason it just keeps getting stuck on the loading screen. I was playing it just fine all last week and I have no idea why it's stopped working. It's especially irritating because I had just put some money into the game. Uninstalling and reinstalling has done nothing to help, not has restarting my phone.
its a fun and great game.. idk why others say its pay to win.. everyday you get free diamonds, i dont even need to watch that many ads..
It's sooo good... I'll just add a few suggestions... If you have hp regen, why don't you add mp regen?
Too much paid content, but im not going to be unfair, its hella fun to play, but really paid content is a tad too restrictive and absurdly expensive.
I'm really liking this game! It's addicting as hell! I've played almost non-stop since installing a few days ago. It's a lot of fun with plenty of different ways to power up. Graphics are good and the effects look even better! I have only 1 suggestion, that is to change the look of the battlefield as you progress. I'm just past 100 and the blocky battlefields are very much the same. I would tell everyone to try this game! It's non-stop action fun! Thanks!
Well made. Feedback: 1️⃣ 5 battle slots would be great, 2️⃣ wings are ugly and it don't match the rest of the design, ,3️⃣ assets should be fresh and not reused, I've seen these assets elsewhere like five times, 4️⃣ the premium reflection supporter has no counter play, if they have it and you don't you just lose 5️⃣ there's not really enough to do, even if the gameplay is fun and unique without more to do it gets boring.
1 con, very big and common con for all the idle game out there. after revive you need to afk too long to get to the top again, i afk 2 hours and still cant reach the top level. Feel annoying because 2 hours is very time and battery consuming, and i need my phone to do other things. I had reach a point where it's just not worth it to keep playing becoz the cost of time is so big that i loss interest on it. Why cant you make a offline mode where level would increase instead wasting our time afk
I love the game its so awesome not gonna lie ive been playing it already straight for almost 1 month but my only problem is i cannot transfer my progress to my other phone which is my highly concern if may i would like to suggest a cloud save or google save to be added in the game tnx 4 stars to be notice if fix i will add one more :)
Could use some detail on the equipment, but you should also make more daily and weekly pickups in game as to promote your app via notification and to also give us some good stuff too
after the last update i think the game is broken, the bgm won't turn off, and the skills can't be upgraded even if it say 22/20
A Nice game that you don't have to get too involved in if you don't want to. Lots of watch Ad options but you feel very rewarded for the views. Definitely will need more content added for longevity to be able to appreciate all the different combinations the followers, equipment, skills, and relics have to offer. The 10% HP instead of MP skill needs to be taken out of the game, it entirely breaks everything. I went from stage barely 300 level 50 to 1400 and climbing at level 51 with no money purchases to pay-to-win. There was an update to increase level to 60 when I started playing so I came into the update 3 days of play in. Lv.85 equipment "raid" is possible to beat immediately at level 50 when you can get to it with stuns and HP instead of MP skills, the difficulty definitely needs to be tweaked for this part. I can see where this game can lead to so I will give it a high review, definitely needs a little work though if the devs want people to play more than a few days. I definitely have high hopes for this game in the future.
The previous save error I had had solved itself somehow. The major complaint I have with the game now is that there is no offline stage progression. I only get more money, but even when I am very strong, it takes forever to get up to my 5000+ stages without leaving the game on for hours.
Edit: The overflow bug has been fixed, no more negative money. However, merely capping gold at a such a low number for end game leveling is a very lazy fix. I spend 3-4 bil average per rebirth so capping at 2.1, not even a day of afk for me is pretty meh I feel. Have been having fun breaking the game though, now highest stage rebirth up to 31400.
this is my second review. i stop playing for like 2 or 3 months but i didn't delete the game because i was expecting some changes and improvement in the game. little changes or improvement if you ask me but the event that i saw is pretty good. im still waiting foe daily and weekly quests to make entertain us. the independent button for power saving mode is still not implemented. it takes so much time to activate the auto one so im asking for a button then will make it power saving in one click
Finally gold dungeon gold increase. Hopefully there will be more new skills and rune and character be out
Hopefuly theres more fiture to add.. maybe something like story mode/treasure hunting.. or u can add more like mercenary quest so that all ur pets can be used well.. or u can maybe add other vibes on the dungeon u clear.. something like from stage 1-1000 is based on forest then graveyard,then etc.. then each 1000 stages u clear you'll get some shard of godly equipment that only refresh once a month gonna be more GOOD.. thanks dev!!
If you like watching ads then this game is for you. There's more opportunities to watch ads than to watch the game itself. They missed a chance, though, as there's no offline progress so no ad to double offline gains. As two times zero is still zero.
game is fun, i watched a bunch of ads to get little things like auto skills, but then i decided to pay for auto-mode, i don't mind that too much, it's a mobile game after all, but the game has too much p2w stuff, better heroes you can only get them by paying, same as wings with power and now to get to high stages faster after rebirth, i wouldn't have a problem if you could get them by playing (obviously it would take longer) but if u don't pay you can't get them so i will just uninstall,bye
I would give it 5 stars if you put a permanent ad remover, because every 20 minutes I'm cleaning the cache