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Rogue: Beyond The Shadows

Rogue: Beyond The Shadows for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by codestalkers located at 550 S HILL ST STE 1607 / A386 LOS ANGELES, CA 90013-2452, USA. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Language) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game good graphics and story so far! One of my issues is could you fix the remove ads I've paid for it but it still shows it on my screen unless I'm online. I don't have internet all the time and when I do play offline I would like to be able to take advantage on what I paid for. Also it would be great if you could be able to ride horses and such and the last thing is the Dragon seems too hard to beat I like the challenge but by the time I even do any damage I'm already halfway dead. Thanks!
I will say the game looks nice but thats about it. Combat in pixel dungeon is less slow and clunky than in rogue
No Tech support!!! I have never spent so much on an app, and actually enjoyed this game, but now I log in to a black screen of death where my character just runs around endlessly. No help from the game developer and I contacted them every way imaginable. Urghhh I just want the game to work. I enjoy it.
I hope you guys are happy with the money you are makimg off this POS game. I just installed it last night and was in the middle of playing it when my tablet crashed. Yes, the whole tablet shut down and now it won't restart. All the processes stopped. Gee wiz, guys, thanks a heep! I'm an old woman living on a fixed income and I can't afford a new tablet. If it hadn't been for the little bit of inheritance my mother left me I wouldn't have had this one. Is the money worth putting out trash? Really
This game really has a PS2 RPG feel to it, plus it is open world! Great graphics, just too bad that I don't have an official gaming tablet to fully appreciate them. Only complaint I have is that there should be additional armor to obtain rather than only weapons, but maybe in the next one if there is a sequel. Overall, 5 stars! AWESOME game!
The graphics and the premise is nice. But the game is too hard at the get go. The very first monsters you encounter takes about 10 hits before you kill em its frustrating!
Fun game. I removed the ads, worth it. Also extended my backpack. What can I say, the game is well made and compelling.
But after encountering my first enemy and having to bash the shite out of him about 35 times, where as he could easily kill me in about 5 (and the health potions do F all) this game is just frustrating. Coupled with the annoying ad-band (which is placed on the goddamn enemy health bar, nice one!), slightly jerky controls and the fact you have to pay to drop items (game is NOT free) I could only warrant 2 stars, mostly because this feels like it could have been awesome, but some fool botched it up.
There's no excuse for a game this dependent on precise maneuvering to have movement controls this aggressively bad. They even *MOCK* the player by explicitly stating in the very first line of the manual that it has a better type of controls than it actually does (tap-here-to-go-here vs this worthless virtual joystick).
It force closes back to the main screen after it finishes loading. I restarted my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled and still does the same thing. I got it because I recently got a MOGA controller and it looked interesting. Please fix this I would love to check it out.
1: The Game Itself. 2: MOGA Enhancement and Mapping. & 3: Customer Service. Codestalkers has all aspects covered. MOGA controller enhancement improved! Customer Service experience was great. And, most importantly, the game itself is excellent. With that said, don't rest, Codestalkers. It can always be even better. (Still more can be done with controller enhancements.) Jordi: You're the best!
For people who is interested in installing this game, please consider this first. Game is very awesome, cool story, runs smoothly, lots of missions, awesome gameplay, very similar to Diablo III. However, game was fun until I found out the fact that you have to pay real money in order to continue. If you don't pay, your inventory space is very little, you cannot drop excess loots. Which means that when your inventory is full, you will only be stuck with your lousy weapons and cannot collect any other loots anymore. This also means that you cannot proceed in the game, so this is the reason why I uninstalled it. Very huge disappointment. But I don't mind installing it back once they changed this.
Theres no setting to see an enemy's health remaining. The starter area enemies constantly redrawn and it takes forever to level so you wind up blowing through your potions and supplies. The gold drop rate is very low... I could go on but honestly make your own decision
I have checked through the reviews and seems I'm not the only person to have this issue. Game looks good and is compatible with Moga so was keen to try it. On start up shows developers logo then drops back to home screen, this is on my S7 so should work 😕
Good graphics... The hit detection is on point. Runs smooth as silk on my HTC One... The only reason I'm giving this a 4* and not 5 was the difficulty curve is a bit on the steep side... Maybe add a few different difficulties? Almost made me throw my phone a few times... Lmao. But all that aside, I appreciate the time and obvious love you took while making this game...hell, maybe you guys should dabble in pc or console games too... Lol
I win the game all 40 levels. I play every mission go everywhere in game see every detail. I enjoy so much this game and I never need to buy nothing in the game store to make the game more easy just farming in the hard places they drop good items and upgrades. I love to play it like a rogue specialization and is the only way to pass a mission in the cave whit special shadow step in the back of enemy's. One of the best game I play for android. I waiting for second part of the game I hope developers make it.
Also getting the "something terrible has occurred" "can't mount obb" error on startup. Lookin for good rpg games for my moga not too many options, i hope you can fix this. Using a zte quartz, i reinstalled, rebooted phone, downloaded from google play store.
its great and i love the game but the only problem is could you fix the remove ads and also could you add some move in attacking the enemy
I liked the look enough I paid to remove ads, and even bought in game monies to buy a weapon. Not 5 minutes later my game is completely black except for my toon. I have sent a report through the community option....No response. After spending roughly 10 dollars on a free game, I feel pretty gyped. 1 star.
I restarted my phone after install and before trying to play, I have a Droid Turbo, well over minimum specs to play this...haven't seen an update on this game for awhile though...any help would be appreciated
Every time I try to open it it goes to the first opening screen and then exits and says the app stopped working on my Galaxy S7..I've tried many times and even uninstalled and deleted everything twice and still the same thing. I really want to try this game. It looks like a great game but I can't even get on it to try. Please fix!
I wanted to try this, but after downloading and trying to start the app, it just shows the codestalkers logo and then crashes. I deleted and re-downloaded, but the problem persisted. Big disappointment.
Quite tough to beat, graphics music & gameplay (works with Moga) very good. Ends rather suddenly and mentions you can continue doing quests however you cannot get back out of the last Dungeon. Would have rated 5* if I could continue unfinished quests.
Hate it first ad rem9ver banner blocks half of the screen 2 takes forevwr to kill hostike so I die alot ppz fix
Tried to run this game on a Note 4 but the game crashes 3 seconds after starting up, you need to fix this in order to get a better rating, and I meet the minimum specs I checked