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Rocket Star: Idle Tycoon Game

Rocket Star: Idle Tycoon Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Pixodust Games located at Fradique Coutinho, 212 05416-000 SΓ£o Paulo Brasil. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
OMG I had went to washroom i came back and the workers did so much work while I wasn't therE OMG I LOVE THIS GAME KEEP LEARING CODING AND MAKE GAMES LIKE THIS TO GET 5 STARS (not 1 star) 😍😍πŸ₯³ also i edited so I was buying space cash and it told to put ALL of our information
I was loving this game initially, but at later level (beyond day 20, +60 rockets fired) even with all my Research Center maxed up (I have made In App Purchase five times) and all my rocket levels above 200, it takes like 2-3 days just to be able to fire off ONE rocket. If you don't take care of this balancing issue, you're gonna lose out on paying users like me. EDIT: Its been a week since I wrote this review and I am still not able to launch even 1 rocket since then, with every research maxed up. Lolz, this is ridiculous. Why did I even spend money on this? The initial balancing was so smooth, but seems like the designer or product manager of this game gave up at higher levels, or used some lazy excel sheet to plot out values without even considering game play experience.
Found this game by accident and I tell you I am glad. Very fun and addictive game. Cute graphics and not many ads only if you want to boost your money up. A good game to pass the time away, or to relax for the night. Highly recommend πŸ‘Œ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The game was very good and the graphics were great but the only thing that annoyed me was the piggy bank i have so MUCH cash in it and jm not allowed to buy something in a game. Overall a good game
Because it was fun and I enjoy it everyday when I play this game and it was super cool, and I ask my friends to play it and also enjoy it to and they already adficted to the game because it has nice graphics and super easy and fun to play it
Rocket star is a rocket building game you can go to planets like you have to go building Rockets one at a time to unlock planets can support the Creator that made this game but the graphics are little 3D so make it realistic and it's really great without cheaters anti-cheat so support him on patreon Instagram and Twitter so that's it but nice game dude
Interesting concept (I guess it's called 'idle games'?) But there's a lot of inconsistencies with this one. I tried playing using a thinking, calculating method and ended up frustrated by the inconsistencies. One level keeps a level of inventory of about 330B but when I upgraded a different level, suddenly it won't keep an inventory of more than 230B?
Its so fun.its like real life,and also I like that the ads give u millions of star coins.I should've installed this game a long time ago
So cool and it almost made my dream come true and u have to build your own rocket! It feels like real life
It is the good game but some downside but I like the game a lot keep it up as I am interested in the space you can improve it more THANKS
very cute and nice design, has a good layout. also give you actual fact about space, which find that very awesome.
Best game I've ever played in my life this game deserves 5 stars but the tap thing is not easy but still this game is the best 😍😍😍
I really like this game even though you need to watch adds for coins but i don't care its still really fun
Its a really addictive game i already enjoyed it for the first time i was playing i recommend other people to play this.
I always wanted to be a Astronot and go to space and see Saturn! I have the entire Solarsistem on my roof in my Bedroom!!!!!!!!
After days of playing, game doesn't load for days, seems to always want payment for space cash, going to delete now as been unable to access since Saturday, its now Monday afternoon
this game can is so addictive and is actually good unlike other games it doesn't ask you for access to personal files on your phone and the gameplay is good aswell
Could be a great game but ads are so present that at some point, if you want to launch rockets 20x faster, you have to watch an ad every 2 mins. That's complete nonsense.
It's an ok game but there is currently a bug where it constantly interrupts you to login to Google play games.
Extremely pay to progress. Some misleading language and feature as well. The Gear spin thing says "every 4 hours you can watch a video and spin 3 times" but they don't tell you for the 3rd spin you need to pay 0.99. Garbage
i wish that me as a chiled all children wishez to be on the moon alos when im on the moon ill be playing this game will im on the moon
What you think about me I am a bit confused me ne ato alike in peace koya Alida me 8 you god bless you all with happy ending in peace koya Alida me know when you're ready for you when I miss your life is a number mo sa ninang me pala e ate the rest of your weekend and I have been talking about me and I ate
I love the game, but i'd like it if it had a feature where you can preview your rocket thats being built. (Complete version or what it'll look like.)
Nice animations. idle miner upsidedown. i always miss dropped stuff. the quick time events are.... exciting? check my youtube video of it. Simon tracer, out.
Goooood U should download it loved it to be honest but what illd liked about this game is vehicles that help but anyway I liked it
A very awesome and addictive game. I liked the free ad. If we watch the ad we get a lot of coins. 5 starsπŸš€πŸš€πŸ›°πŸ›°β­β­β­β­β­
Not sure if the devs meant to suck at math or if it was intentional. If you don't take time the watch the adds it will take forever to do anything. You can basically watch an add and make 1000% if not more then the workers even do. To further prove my point they even give you video gems when you watch them. So not only do you get 95% of your gold from adds they even give you gems. Having it setup like this renders everything useless.
This game is awesome! I just started the game today and I am in the mood of playing this and I am excited for the next update.
The game is fun but the Ads are too overwhelming. There always needs to be a balance. When they are too frequent (e.g. 3 min apart) and the bonus too high to miss (e.g. 1min of x25 multiplier), there is definitely a problem. Try to make this just a bit less imbalanced (e.g. less frequency and bonus) and you'll have one of the greatest idle games over there.
I'm just rating this game because it looks a lot like idle miner tycoon so 5 stars and also I haven't even played the game
Very fun game. But there's a bug where it won't let you watch any ads to boost your income or anything. Extremely frustrating. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. Still nothing. Edit. After update this glitch has been fixed so I'm loving this game now thank you!
Wow is good gameplay i just unlocked moon so im so lag and i playing everyday in life of planets and space station. The Real Rocket are planned In life.
I wanna play this Greatest tycoon ever! I want all tycoons but I see this is the best! Pls rate 5! I will rate 5 too! All must love this game πŸ˜„
I love the game but they are very slow about getting new planets. I have every planet sitting ready to launch rockets and there is no where to launch them to. I even maxed out a couple of planets.
Love your games,this game is addictive I have played 2 hours straight just this game,you guys should download this gameπŸ˜ƒ
Waste of time, it just makes you stare at your screen with 0 brain activity and spamming ads for coins. Absolute rubbish
OMG I had went to washroom i came back and the workers did so much work while I wasn't therE OMG I LOVE THIS GAME KEEP LEARING CODING AND MAKE GAMES LIKE THIS TO GET 5 STARS (not 1 star) 😍😍πŸ₯³
I don't care if other says that it's all about monetization. But the "one time pay, no ads" is the best thing I ever experience in an Idle Game. I play this kind of genre because I don't have much time to play. And in other Idle Games, it's like I spend more time watching ads that playing the game. So a big thumbs up on that offer. I'm very satisfied with that. And I really enjoy the game. More power to the developers!!
cute, the graphics are nice, the texts are quirky. the gameplay gets repetitive really quickly though.
I wish I can go to the space this game is awesome if I go to space I am 8 years old if I get to 30 years then I will go to space I should read so good
Best space tycoon game ever I love it it's awsome pls update it for more downloads nice work people who made the game nice work
great game reminds me of idle miner ive played this before but im reinstaling just a little lag (freezing) when i originaly played hope it got better
It's just good.It's the best and I kept playing this often.You can launch your own rockets!And villigum I think that's the old version.
The game starts easy enough, but before you know it, the only way to get anywhere is to wait a very long time or watch a LOT of ads. I don't mind watching some ads but even with the boosts on and fully maxed out, watching the ads give you only a very small help to the next goal you need to achieve.
Wow is good gameplay i just unlocked moon so im so lag and i playing everyday in life of planets and space station. The Real Rocket are planned In life. That Game is cool also the way in The Rockets on the planets. 🌍
oh my god!!!!!!!!! its soo!!!!!! cool!!! the money is high when you launch it will give you 1 or 5 floor I love this game!!!!!!
Best of best! My dream is to be an astronaut and this game is the best and nice, from 10 min i download it, and i am un locking many levels and i am completing missions... I wish that i can give it trillion stars
I love this game a lot. The way the game was made is sooo good. I can play this really anywhere. Im glad this game was made😁😁
I really love this game. I play it all the time. But i'd like if you actually let us see all of the stations and not be onlu at the launch place and let us do other tasks. Or if you dont want to do the first idea pls let us fly our rockets and not just tap on 3 buttons and thats it. Im rating this game 5 stars because the game have a potential and i like him very much.
I really liked this when I first played it, I thought it was very fair with the adverts and then I started needing cash for upgrades I am not keen on paying straight away on games that I have just started playing but would of had to so I can find out if the game is worth continuing on with and is the only reason it is one star you could try offering the first piggy for free for new players to keep people interested.
gane is kinda fun, a you can just let it run in the background. It was better before they introduced this stupid bonus spin wheel though. Now its 2 hours max bonus boost, before you could get 24 hours of boost if you were willing to watch/run the video ads.
About Rocket Star RS is a really fun & cool videogame to play if you wanna challenge yourself & or someone else. ThankU So Much! Wonder Girls Yubin Song Hook From: Atari Videogame Reviews Visit Atari @ bit.ly.3dUpbOJ Today
Rocket Star must be the best advertising platform on Play and the developers must be rich. Absolutely everything you must do in-game has a video ad payload that offers a sufficiently high reward for watching it so that 80% of play time is watching ads. It's a real shame the developers are so greedy as the game itself is well designed with good graphics and game mechanics.
Build your company, raise a rocket empire & get rich in the top best idle game! πŸš€Rocket Star is a unique tycoon game where you bring the best talents to work on your spaceship factory. Your team will build advanced rockets while you research new technologies and launch lots of spaceships to discover new planets! Manage your space center and get free idle cash to keep your progression even when you're away or offline - no internet connection is required in this free game! Boost the spacecraft
Weird game that does not even know how it wants you to play it. The very first supply point on earth is the only thing that makes you any real credits. Just keep investing in that to gain at the fastest rate possible. No point in even using most of the other planets. Why invest in 1 trillion on Mars to get extra billions a second, when 1 trillion on earth gets you extra trillions a second?
Overall this is a very good game, no mistake. But the only problem is that you have to know: this is not a time killer. One time, I had like, 9 million or so. And I spent it all on the levels and payload. And suddenly, the amout of money to level up and payload became, like 40 million or so. Then, I had to wait for the money to roll in and so takes a lot of time. I needed to go offline and wait or not it'll get so boring. So thats two stars. But the idea is really cool. So Im keeping the game.
It's a good game. Just too many ads. It as if the price of everything is ads. I get that it takes money, and ads make money but, I want to play the game. I've only done guided tutorial steps at this point, and have watched enough ads to fund an entire bell box with large baha blast. I find the game interesting, and would like go actually try it before dedicating this much data for your profit.
Pretty fun game, but if you expected for this game to be a game where you can build your own rockets, you'd be a bit disappointed (like me)
wow!! my future job is an astronout!!! but this game really helped me alot to experience what would you look like if your in space!!! good job!
Was really enjoying it at the "5 star" level. Suddenly it wouldn't stop loading. I reinstalled it and had to start over from scratch. Severe fail...
this game was great before the latest update 1.17.1 which when I start up my game, it glitches the loading screen starts to flicker and dosent let me to play...
Best game 10 out of 10 lol best game because I don't have much money so I can just go to the earth and get more money and I can go back (don't worry about buying money)
its appear that this game is the best idle game ever so my rating is 5 stars the game the controls the graphics and gameplay