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Rocket Soccer Derby

Rocket Soccer Derby for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Destruction Crew located at Destruction Crew Waanderweg 64 7812 HZ EMMEN Netherlands. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like this game, but you should make the grass textures, car textures, and world textures more realistic and detailed. also add an overtime and make the steering more sensitive or just better somehow. I think this game has big potential and I really like, but please upgrade it.
This is probably the best game I have ever played.The graphics are pretty decent and it's just brilliant.But I think you should add drifting to this game so it's easier to turn,and add goal replays so we can review ourselves and enjoy the shots we took
This game is not bad at all, though I feel like the devs left it cause there isn't any improvement, but what I would recommend that the devs update the game to make the graphics, the A.I., and the cars a lot better this game is really fun but if it were to be improved this game will probably blow up for a lot of mobile gamers like me. But yea overall I recommend this game it does take a lot skill tho but I still recommend it.
This is a very great game but soooo laggy. The ball jerks around randomly out of nowhere and it's really triggering.
Brilliant game not similar to Rocket Leaugeยฎ in any way but a great game on its own maybe make better aerial control.
need more maps, need to fix the connection thing, it always kicks me out because of "connection" and trust me when i say i have good connection, i have good connection. need to make the cars 25% faster, need to make the boost 25% faster.
Great game overall allthough there isnt a overtime when the game is tied im happy that there isnt a lot of ads like other apps5/10
Garbage graphics are terrible controlls are terrible and the bots are overpowered do not install waste of storage.
Great game.we should practice this game more than 1 week then we can play well. If you increase more modes,players will surely be addicted in this game bcoz play with Bots is boring and in offline game I am scoring more than 10 goals and not giving a tough challenge to me..
The controls are quite clunky but overall the game is not that bad so I suggest only if you like car games like rocket league but you don't have it then download it
Absolutely rubbish dont download it. I played it for a full week and the controls are rubbish. It's a complete ripoff off rocket league!
love it! But when i fall upside down, it takes a long time to flip back up automatically, also when my car is so broken, sometimes i get stuck with others, fix those please
It's a very buggy representation of rocket league. Cant be 100% perfect but with some fixes this game could be so much better. 4 stars for effort but I've seen a lot of reviews stressing the same issues. Add a drift button, work on corners (ball does it's own thing) make boosting in air more effective, lower ball weight a bit, and please listen to reviews. This could be the 2nd best game to RL. And I'd make purchases if I see improvement
Could be better bot the controls are hard to turn and that the bots a really challenging and they are bo maps just the same map a different time
Don't download this game! when you go on your back, it takes like 20 seconds to turn and the physical of the game is so trash! The controls of the game is even worse, don't even try aerioling because you not going to work. The ball cam is so bad because you can't see you car and there are no moving or changing binds. Your car breaks in too pieces which is even worse. The controls are hard, the gameplay is trash and the grapics are failure, nothing there is real
The game is okay, but DRASTICALLY needs improvement. There is an overwhelming amount of lag, to the point t where cars dont hit the ball but the ball moves anyway. Also, please allow us to change camera angles and remap buttons. The cars crashing together is slightly annoying and the matches are too short. They should at least be 4 minutes.
This game is extremely addictive and I love it although.. it gets a bit boring after time and the multiplayer mode is kinda pointless because hardly anyone can play and even when you have around 30 ping it feels like 300 ping You should add 1v1s then it wouldn't be soo chaotic and it would be cool if you added a new map and maybe some modes. Also maybe make the bots... less botty
This game is the worst ripoff. There is basically no drift which is annoying and flipping is even worse. Dont download. If gonna download read this review and think to ur self. Have a good day.
I like the game but in the air the direction of the ball changes that i can clearly see that was a bug a really really bad bug
Do not get this game its a nock off version of rocket league from the dollor tree it's so laggy and just terrible traffics
Bad game... SIKE ITS AMAZING how ever when you go online you lag out pls fix and please at least add replay , add demos and also rumble or heat seaker or any new game mode but still my favorite game.๐Ÿค“๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ƒ
This is the best free car soccer game yet!!! I loved your demolition derby game, and this one is great too!!! There are a few problems though. Sometimes, you kick the ball into the goal, but nothing happens, and the ball then gets out of the goal. You kick it in, but don't get the point. Otherwise, great game!!!
Cool! A game with soccer+car+simulator. Ilove this. But it would be better if there was an account system so that no one can play in my account.
Most useless game I've played Size of the ball is 20 times bigger than the car so it forces u spend some money for big sized car Forget about scoring Even touching the ball is a great achievement
This game is very good but if there was a setting to change camera and instead of just 3v3 can there be a 1v1 or 2v2 and their should be a online league 2.
Best game I've ever played except for rocket league here's my ratings controls 7 , steering 5 and I don't like the way they put it so u get disconnected but everything else fine bro
Its a good game but it lacks airroll, powersliding or drifting, It should have a mode where you don't dent the cars, it would be nice to be able to move the controls around, and stearing needs to be increased when driving forward, its too slow of a turn. And if you could maybe make the graphics changable too, but other than that is a really good mobile version of RL and I would recomend to a friend if they wanted to play RL mobile.
I love the game but in the new update it took out hold jump to autoflip and I think they should add it back or make it where if you hold jump you jump higher so you can air dribble. Also I'd like it if you make barrel roll type mechanics such as holding brake and turning rolls ur car instead of turning it. That's pretty much all I wanted to say other than you can't flip reset. Also adding powersliding/drift
One of the worst games I have ever played. The controls are difficult and it looks a lot like Rocket Leauge. Get an original game idea Destruction Crew.
Great game it's fun and is exactly like rocket leauge I love it and you can play whit friends and challenge them to 1v1 s but the best thing is that it's free and no takes lots of space I'm not bot or getting paid to say this just great game
Love this game. But if there is a joystick then why have you given drive forward and backwards button it makes a mess. Please do something.
This is great game but there three problems with this game. 1: the turning in the game is very stiff . 2: it's also very laggy in online even if I have 20 pingand lastly the ball is way too heavy. But overall this is a speechless game to me
The bots are not easy to play with this game is bad the bots are not bot they are pros the bots are so hard
The game is great and similar to Rocket League. Controls aren't that well positioned, if you would let the players customize the HUD it could be Esports worthy.
love this game just make demos easier and add more maps and game mods. But one thing is that plz add leader boards, I am 150 and would love to see more, also add ranked and online 1v1 love this game(best rocket league rip off)
It is a nice game except that the graphics are not good and why does the car dent and shape when crashed? I hate that but overall nice game. Keep it and btw there should be demos
Basically a rocket leage rip off when you can literally just get a computer get it on epic games or playstation store or xbox for free rocket league literally is free
It's supposed to be when you buy a new car it should still keep the upgrades that we bought and waited for.
Best Rocket League type of game on mobile by far but I would change certain things. 1) 4/5 minutes instead of 2 per game. 2) Add a replay when a goal is scored and pause the time instead of it going on. 3) Fix lag a bit, it gets annoying sometimes. 4) Implement ranked lobbys if possible. 5) Add a drift option to turn faster. And 6) Cars getting destroyed is a bit annoying. Appart from this issues the game is great! Well done by the development team and I look forward to seeing this game develop!
It is a nice game. One problem I have Is in multiple player there are some people with 0 ping and cheating.
It has an amazing gameplay. But,must add a drift button, its an essential button for this game ((such as double tap on move button to drift)). In addition to improving the graphics of grass' stadium.it will become an amazing game. Should update these things and "Thanks" for this amazing game.
This is a great knock-off game of the normal ROCKET legue it fueters some big bugs but those bugs come when im playing around free play offline๐Ÿ˜†great game i love it(some of the bugs are going through the wall)๐Ÿ‘
Incredibly well made game very fun and addictive ive already recommended this spectacular game!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ƒ Very impressive just can we get points 4 more stiff as well goal and assist plus add it where when u damage a car enough it explodes.there isnt a replay which quite annoying but it is still a brill game! Oh yes and make it where u can change the colour of your decal! Thanks๐Ÿ˜œ
I personally love playing this game. What could be improved about this game is the if you could change the colours of your car. Also when you get crashed your design gets destroyed. Can u please update this game so the cars stay as good as new even when they get crashed.
Super great game but the thing I don t is when I play online I always disconnecte from the server and the ball do weird thing please add maps and more veicule thanks for the game continue growing and the game will be more amazing just fix bigs and add thing
This game is amazing but the developers could you pls add like a power slide or something to help with the turning because its hard to turn but i still love ur game
This is the best mobile game but some bugs,1 change it to multiplayer because the bots are really hard 2 it get laggy sometimes but other than that its a great game!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
Such a cool game! But when will the tournament update come and also you should make 1v1 2v2 and 3v3 ranked modes and make the mechanics better also make the ball more better cause we can't do flip reset or air dribbles and make double taps easier as well and also when will tornement update come it's been ages and also when u crash u get demo not crashing in part by part and make a leaderboard as well!
This game is very nice.the reason of giving 4 stars not 5 stars that is the lag in the game and not to get any colour
It's bad bad graphics hard to play super glitchy annoying a lot of adds there's a long loading before a game and don't download it it's bad pick a different one I just recommend don't download/play it but whatever ok good luck on life and have a nice day becarefull of the Corona byeee
Love this game could add rellays and better ariels and better ckntrol so you could air dribble but an amazing game
I rated it 4 stars because we need a higher steering sensitivity, and if possible more optional camera settings aka hight, field of view, and distance. That is all thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š
Great game fun and simple. Would be great of there was 4 teams the red ad blue gets boring. How about red, blue, green, and yellow?? And just randomly select 2 coloura to play eachother! Or develop house teams like in school. 4 teams that can enter tournaments.
I really like how you play. The quality is ok since its a mobile rip off off Rocket League. The only thing I would improve is that the controls need to be more easier to control. Keep up the good work
good good but need some improvements so for camera when you're facing the ball can you see you r car as well
Good game already, but could use improvements. Examples, make better flipping physics, so you don't fall faster when you flip in the air, make ball cam better, I can't see the car sometimes and it just throws me off. Make being able to roll sideways a thing. And make controls more comfortable and nice. Please try to implement these things
Dev listen to reviews because you do NOT. Installed, played 20 seconds, hated it. I'm a Diamond 2 in Rocket League, but what I cannot stress enough is; this game can have potential. However, if I'm getting whooped by a standard bot because I cannot customize ANYTHING... Poor camera settings, no control binding change option, not even an option for controller input. IT HAS POTENTIAL if the developers WOULD SIMPLY LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS. Ps. tried this 6 months ago and there is no change at all.
even though i am noob at this game i love it . just like rocket league but controls .... a bit not understandable make the joystick easy.
The controls are quite clunky but overall the game is not that bad so I suggest only if you like car games then download it
I love this game but when someone scores there's not a replay showing the score so could you have a replay in the update
been playing a while and so glad you updated the ball physics was wondering if you could add one small thing. add a rough timestamp in the launcher where players can see when an update is coming and what features you hope to bring. plus maybe add a way to have a friends tab where you can add or remove people. would be a good way to get games with players your level or to train against those who are better
Rocket league on Xbox is 100%better then this game it's bad because you can have damage done to your car and also I suck so that could just be me
Great game but one thing that would be nice is it you could add difficulty levels like competitive easy hard mode. It would also be nice if we could have a save replay and saves like if someone makes a save during a game.
This games is great it would be better if there was not so laggy my game freezes and it mess me up but it is it a great game
THIS GAME IS GREAT! i was not expecting this to be good at all I like how the devs referenced other thing like how it is written "almost heaven west virginia!" (Which is a referance to Country Roads!) And how the bots names are funny names.the physics are great. Multiplayer is good.Car customization is not the best but it is pretty good (i think u guys should add an octane car but name it something else so no copyright) add some more cooler decals and paint also. Also u should add custom control
I like it like you can play this game for free on poki website on a computer or pc but on mobile I have to download it and when I download it on a KYOCERA phone it dose not let me well it did one time but it dose not let me anymore :(
It's a good game not perfect but good it's the best car soccer game u can find in Android maybe u can add more maps and extra time and give xp for saving the ball from the net and maybe just maybe add a goal replay feature but it's good anyways
Didn't work on my phone I'm actually starting to think if it's my phone that's doing all of these apps no good so I've decided that I will be generous and leave an accurate four star rating because if this did work ,it would probably have a lot of potential so anyway if you can fix the bug where the app doesn't work for doogee x50 and the fact that it's a phone from another country and if you do please notify me thank for your time
This game is good and fun.The most thing I like about this game is the grf.So we also want some other features too.So this is the best game ever!!!
This might be a copy of rocket league but it's an excellent replacement for those who coudnt afford it
The game is fantastic but I think the stadium and when you turn your car needs a improvement but is great game play it now
Hate this app wasted five valuable minutes trying to download app and guess what?The stupid app isn't responding I gave it time but this kept on happening so:I HaTe YoUr ApP๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
I scored an insane aerial goal the ball bounced of the goalpost then I aerialed then scored!! Have any of you done it? If you did tell me how you scored. Nice rip off of rocket league 4xt noor I wish they had camera settings my goal is a double tap
Garbage, the controls suck and turning is awful, it lags and the graphics are bad, also flipping when upside down is hard.
Very good but plz make jump a bit more powerful and make it easier to use rocket jump plz thank u and also plz dont make cars get destroyed its super annoying
The game is fun but can use improvement I know that people when they give 1 3 star or lower know whats the improvement needs to be the flipping and aerial mechanics need improvement as well having the ability to change the camera settings instead changing to a shorter to get a far view the ball cam needs to e fixed so the we can see both the ball and the car overall the game can be good if the creators listen to their reviews
This game is the worst cuz first its like rocket leauge but worst. Sec the controll is comfusing. Never get this dumb game
A really good game i am on level 32 and i can shoot double taps and they need replays but the thing i am existed about is the tounoment
Amazing game just 1 issue when your upside down make a button to flip over so you don't waste time but I give it 9/10 I recommend for you to play this
I really love this game and i would like you to do an update were you can put in a replay of the goals that you do it would make the game more better and more fun
I can't join my friends.my other friends are joining lobby and playing but i cant join them , everytime i try to join show the error unable to join . And when i creat the room my friends can't enter the room the error shows that unable to join the game.
good game but 4 stars bc i have original game rocket league freE on switch so its a BUg to the of and good try i can expiremt it on phone and how they do it on phone i downloadem more same thing as this(update) i some how done a trick in the og one i forgot name plus im bronze in og yet i can do silver tricks idk aboit phone tho also if ya have rocket leage free style bc ya get better bc i did on phone since this first time on ripoff ever and it wad eazy bc its fake with simple control
HORRIBLE, this game is so GOD AWFUL it wouldn't load in to the home screen. And I have the newest phone available DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
Good game just need more imrpovements like the Graphics, Ui and gameplay. I have a suggestion, What if you can make a customizable controls
what a disgusting game trying to copyright rocket league even rocket car ball is better like look at your bad game the controls are so bad like this needs to be fixed im not playing this game anymore like do you care about my name when i say a bad word on it like i want to do it stop your game is literally so bad i if you fixed the controls and the cars look i will gonna do 5 stars or 4 atleast so fix it
1) Goal replay & Highlightsโ˜๐Ÿผ 2) Customisable control layoutโœŒ๐Ÿผ Just add these two things for now, for the game to go BOOM!โค๏ธ
It is a good game but takes a lot of time to load in when I start it and the graphics are not that great please improve the graphics and fix the bugs in this game
It is reminiscent of rocket league in many ways, the bots have funny names and the cars take visual damage which is interesting. The controls take time to get a grip on, the air boost option is particularly hard to try even. strong wifi connection is key for an enjoyable experience.. This app is worth a few tries.
I love it and I have the same game ๐ŸŽฎ in my computer but it is so hard to control it is easier in the computer. Can they change the camera angles.
it was fun until i started lagging a TON and NOBODY was even touching the ball and it gets hit this game need HUGE improvment
This game is so addicting but yet so bad if you don't want to be made fun of in school then don't get it
A total rip-off of Rocket League. Awful game mechanics and terrible upgrades and customizations to cars. Don't install this rubbish.
Horrible at guiding and too fast that i have to boost to reach it. Too many unnecessary flips. No drift added which makes turning horrible.
this is the best game but it would be better if you add the drifting botton so the player can have more control of the car and not drive around the ball
Hey guys i am giving u guys one star rating bc u wont fix ur games when i shot a goal an block was there but invisable i chould of habe gpt the goal but u guys are stupid blue team made a goal no invisable block wow guys.