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Rocket of Whispers: Prologue

Rocket of Whispers: Prologue for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Sigono Inc. located at 9F, No.31 Chung Shan North Rd. Sec.2 , Taipei City, TAIWAN 104-91. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Thank you for sharing! This is fantastic, everything about it- a smooth running wonderful creative that certainly has my interest & curiosity. So I'm here to grab the main game) ready with my headphones this time) to be emersed deeper in this game. I'm anxious to see what else you have more great πŸ‘ creations
Wow I'm so addicted to this game,the beautiful graphics,the way the character walk, it's realistic! I'm up all night when I started playing this game. I don't know if its a bad or good thing for playing this app but really, it's pretty darn good 😊😁
Oh my days, I'd never thought to almost broke down to tears. It's like a well delivered speech; brief yet very powerful. The animations, the atmosphere, and the emotions, it's all amazing and greatly delivered! I haven't installed the first one since I just found this, and I decided to go on with the prologue first, so I'll be checking out the main game next. I have to say, everyone involved in the work has to be proud, they must be, because this is just awesome!
I think that this is an amazing game that can go farther especially with the main game. It can go very far with the entire story because I haven't the main story yet but the prologue left me with so many questions. It makes me want more which is good you want things to leave you with questions because it makes us curious and want more. And with that I believe that this game has a beautiful story that can go far.
Kinda disappointing, much shorter than I thought. And still left big gap to the beginning of main story. But as always, awesome presentation!
Found the game "rocket of whispers" because everyone was telling that the game has a good plot based format. I started with the prologue. The prologue seems interesting and I feel like I am going to get emotionally attached to characters
It's good to know where it all started. The story of Fei hits me so hard. I hope you guys make more games like this like other story from the previous games!
I am starting to become a fanboy of this developer. I hope they have a lot of success and continue to put out such unique and engaging games.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I am deeply saddened that the game was so short. That gameplay & controls was unequivocally the best I've ever experienced from your studio. Please tell me we'll here more from Fei Lin! I yearn to know what happened that forced her to go to cryosleep!
This game is simply beautiful, and amazing. I played long ago but when I saw it again The tears came down from my eyes, I really want the sequel
I love the demo but my Samsung j7 pro can't support full version of this. Your device is not supported
It is a terribly short but heartfelt and emotional experience. A little chapter/prologue that takes place before the events and story of Rocket of Whispers. You don't have to play the main game to understand it. The way the game lets you interact with things and how ot looks is a lot better which makes me wish Rocket of Whispers had the same look.
There is no next part if anyone is confused. It is a 'before' story of the game Opus: Rocket of Whispers. After this download and play that so you may know the whole story of Fei.
I liked it... The graphics, storyline everything is good and I would love to continue playing. But unfortunately, the next chapter isn’t required for my device even though I have everything it needs
A nice demo, but it's kinda short. Could use left/right arrow movement controls. Hope to see game play like this in the future, possibly in the sequel.
Awesome gameplay and graphic. It does really explain how does Fei actually ends up alive after the plague.
Its not a game but a small video and what I could tell there is still a lot to the story so please update this game with lots more...the destination isn't so important but the journey.
That's the shortest game I have ever played in the Google Play Store. I wanted to continue this story, but my phone isn't compatible with the game. I'm still going to give this game a perfect score, because it was still a beautiful game. I just wish my phone was compatible... Oh well. No biggie.
Really short on this one. Wish i had played this before the main story. Maybe more could have been done to link to the actual story, like how fei was travelling the deserted towns before meeting john and her meeting the stranded spirits that guide her along the way. Otherwise, it is still a good job! Edit: If there is a way, please comment/tag me if there is going to be continuation of the story for the prologue. :)
Where is 'the day we found earth"? And Where's the rocket of whispers that's not a prologue? I have played the game before, Rocket of Whispers, but now it's gone, why? Is the best games I have ever played.
It's a really amazing game, it has fluid movements and a wonderful story It's a really amazing game, it has fluid movements and a wonderful story.
[played before the Release update] The game is amazing, the transition from 2D on OPUS Rocket Of Whisper to 3D on this game is pretty much experimental but its has been executed very well. The soundtrack is great but its basically the soundtrack from the main game. Not a plus point. Atmospheric as always, the story itself is kinda not fitted for a prologue, would like to see the prologue that make John as a star instead of Fei tbh. Hoping the 3D concept gonna be brought on the future project.
Beautiful, but too short. Didn't explain how Fei meet John. I do like the new 3D concept, please do the same for your next brilliant game. Wish you luck
I can't ask for more than what I just experienced. I felt the story through the explicit narration and graphics. The graphics is amazing and even without voice you could feel the intensity of the whole story. I like how simple and heartwarming the game is, though it's short but it's worth playing all over and over. Great game.
A heartwarming game that brings you on a journey of emotions as you get to know the characters and more about the world. You feel like you know the characters and become almost bound to the character and feel what they are feeling. I would recomend to anyone, the stunning art and the beautiful music takes your breath away.
The graphic are amazing there simple but very charming. I'm going to install the second part right away 😊
It may have been a short journey, but one that tells you through experience. The introduction is fantastic, not only has the graphics been enhanced, the music created for this prologue is amazing. Needless to say, it leaves me hungry for more, and I won't miss a single bit of rocket of whispers.
Despite only being a prologue to the game OPUS: Rocket of whispers, it completes the whole story. The animation was great and the soundtrack... man the soundtrack hits me emotionally. Overall, magnificent game and I enjoyed it very much!
I've played the original game. This is a sweet little prologue for the original game. It's a bit short, I mean very short but I still like this. You can call this game a cherry on top of the cake. The cake being the original game.
This is abosulotly amazing. The visual and the audio are astonishing. I kinda do wish it was a full game but it was worth downloading. Great Job
It's not bad but... 100MB for a 5 minute story that's essentially just a video? Why didn't you just make a video?
I was expecting more unfortunately. I was hoping that the story would develop up to the point that Fei meets John. And in between see how she becomes the strong girl that she is in the sequel.
Beautiful, but TOO SHORT!! Big thanks though for making the prologue to shed some light before Rocket of Whispers, but i found the whole thing to be too short. I played Rocket of Whispers, and there was clearly A LOT more that happened before Fei met John. What happened after she learned the crushing truth of the world she woke up in and the HUGE responsibility entrusted to her as a witch? It got me really emotional (as always), but it felt like a demo versiom of the prologue i was expecting.
There is a glitch in play store it shows device not comfortable with this version even i have good phone this problem happens in full version of this game
I cannot continue the game pass this short prologue. There was no error. The games is just extremely short. It lasted 2 minutes long.
Short but beautiful and kinda sad. The other games in this series aren't compatible with the device I use but this game is a great introduction that makes me eager to enjoy the rest of it when available.
this was awesome! i just hope it was a bit long, just to give the players more ideas on what we will expect on the main game. also, i want a spinoff of the day we found earth!
Short and beautiful. If you have played the main story It is truly heart warming (or is freezing the right word?) To see her first steps after hibernation. Heavenly earth, guide her so that one day we may return to the cosmos.
Good graphics,good gameplay,good story.And 1 think i have to know,why this game doesnt has an ads and this game isnt Premium?
The prologue story sure filled some gaps. The best thing about the game is the animation gameplay. Wished it so much that it be incorporated in the main game. Though, I am an OPUS fan and I liked the main story, so the prologue version was equally good. Looking forward to more OPUS games in the future.
Too short, way too short. That's why 4 stars. If this is a hint or a preview of the type of thing you guys gonna make, that can be *freaking awesome*. This graphic and gameplay reminded me a lot of Inside, and that game is amazing, so I give you congratulations for the graphics. A game don't really need the best textures to be beautiful, if it is simple but know how to deal with visual design, lighting and shadow, the game can be gorgeous. So I bet you guys can make a good game here with a beautiful and touching story. You have a solid foundation, the elements are there, the direction, the world, the feelings, the experience, you have it all, so you can make a great game. I'm currently trying to buy the Rocket of Whispers (yeah, trying, the game won't let me), so if that game is good as the reviews says, I'm really looking forward to get your next game. Edit: if Rocket of Whispers turns out to be really good (if I be able to buy it and play it), then I'll give it a 5 stars to support you guys, I see a lot of potential here, but you gotta give me more to work with.
This was so good it made me want to go get Rocket Whispers itself! The controls are nice and simple, plus they respond well. The plot so far is very interesting so I look forward to learning more!
Great that I know what happened. Actually I played the other too long ago. Only recall flashes of what happened. Like ghosts and whispers. Overall, I had fun playing them. Thanks.
The game is heart touching and Soo beautiful.But there is a bug,ur progress isint saved but I don't know what to say story is magnificent keep it up.My best wishes.
I love rocket of whispers and I love that this was made and of coarse I'll give it 5 stars because the series is amazing, I will say that when they said this was short they meant it, I think the download was longer then the play time! Idk why they didn't just build this into the main game and just have it as a button on the main menu but whatever, it's still amazing :)
It looks cool! It kinda reminds me of the game detention because we can touch and do interactions,i love the story too,i recommend it!
This game really worth for 5 stars. But the story is incomplete and when I pressed "Continue the Story" It says,your device doesn't support this version. Kindly fix this. I want to continue the story.
A really well done game... The ambiance and music made me so happy... Really happy that these kind of games also exist in playstore
[Played the release version] I really love the environment, atmosphere, and the controls, which I find it very unique! Sigono once again nailed the soundtrack, which I find it interesting. The story behind Fei is quite sad, and it almost hits deep The story and entire game is WAY TOO short than what I've expected! I really hope we can finally know what Fei been doing RIGHT before she met John. I understand it's meant to be short but didn't pass my expectations. Overall, i really like it.
A beautiful game with moving music. That alone makes it all worth the while to download and play this 4-minute prologue. I haven't played the actual game yet but am sure from this, it will be great.
Man, when they said short, the meant SHORT! Still, very pretty, great music, gave me a feel for what the main game was going to play like, it did it's job. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go play the rest of Rocket of Whispers!
the prologue was well done. For the person that had played the game before, it fills the missing part of the story, for the one that hadn't played the game before, it leaves the questions, leading them to watch/ play/ wanted to experience the main story. Either way, it tells us the sorrow, frustration, shock and anger that Fei was going through. I admit that I was ready to buy this game.
[played before Release Version Update] it's pretty anticlimactic, shorter than I thought, but with that animation that might make a sense. the prologue revealed nicely done. doesn't mean it's satisfying, no it's not, the gap between prologue ending and the main game's (Rocket of whispers) opening was so big and you guys know it. come on... you guys could do it better right?!! Sincerely,
Im kinda sad my device isnt capable of the version of the actual game. P.S. im giving this a 5 star for the the great animations and writing of the story. Kinda hope it had voice actors not gonna lie. But still a good prologue P.P.s. i hope they make a sequal to the actual Rocket of Whispers.
One word, This game is absulutely worthy of 5 stars. I was pretty much on a cliff hanger here so i hope i know what happens next. I was pretty bummed it wasn't a full game but i guess i could play the next chaper of the story in other times then again this game is great, great graphics, great story line, great stuff. Good job Devs.
A prequel ! Waited for this. I personally think that the story should not develop a sequel, since it's better to develop a whole different story
Beautiful. This, like your other games, has touched my heart. I have enjoyed all of your games, and when I found this, I was very excited. Once I began playing, I already loved it. The music made the game even better. I want to thank you. For making these incredible games and beautiful stories. For the effort you put into making these. The music, the little details. Everything. Every game I have played from you has been a unique and beautiful experience. I just wanted to say... Thank you.
Truly i never play a game like this. When i started to play i got so much excited to play it. I never see a game like this in my whole life. I love everything about this game. The 3D animation graphics, tracks, controls like really smooth. But yeah one thing i regret about is that It's really short one. But still love it. I just got dazzled by whole game. Waiting for more awesome games like this.
It's nice but way too short I understand it's just a prologue but I finished it in 3 minutes it would be good if it had a bit more story to it like from when she was younger before she was frozen and then after as well till the point of the following game that I would definately pay for if the creators are seeing this please respond back to me as soon as it's convenient to you thanks bye
Fantastic prequel to the original. I've done a free trial to the game before, which was great. I only wish it was a BIT longer so it wouldn't take up much space on my phone. The reason I like to buy point-and-click games are due to the fact that they usually contain an engaging story, fantastic graphics and are more efficient and reliable in the long run, whereas free Internet run games lose their luster a few years after. If this was longer, maybe it would deserve the 5 stars.
Love the aesthetic so far, and didn't realize it would be a 3D game! He artists behind this prologue have done a great job capturing my interest in what happened and what the protagonist is in for...on to the main game now! :D
Great looking game, designers are really talented, but even as a prologue, it's so short and wasn't really worth it. Unfortunately, it hasn't made me want to go on and find out the rest of the story, as I would expect a prologue to do.
It was a great great experience,even if you don't like this just download it it takes very less of your time ofc there is more part to it but damn it was amazing,i just hope next part doesn't disappoint me. DOWNLOAD!NOW!
It's a very mini game but despite it being short, the story telling was beautiful and heartbreaking and really adds to the other series.
You have done it once again sigono. You guys never fail to amaze us with excellent music, storyline and graphics. Keep up the good work. Can you make a prologue of OPUS: the day we found earth.
This is a nice little prologue to the main story Rocket of Whispers, but its literally like 5-10 minutes ling. It also doesn't explain or show anything that isn't already explained in Rocket of Whispers.
Finally after one year, we got a new game from the OPUS series! Been waiting this for ages, I'm rating this prologue a 5/5 just like my other ones in the other games. It's not the best prologue, but it's from my favourite series and it also gave us more about what happened. Keep up the great work making quality games Sigono, good luck on your next game!
it's wonderful , the characters are heart touching and the soundtrack is unbelievable,the background art is great and the story is creative.For any game I'll give 5 stars only when I am satisfied but for this game,the story and the other opus games I would like to give a 10 star all out. The story is amazing I wish if you guys could make some more games like this one ,It will be amazing!
This game, even though was short since it was a prologue but it really touched my heart, it has a powerful story and great graphics and amazing soundtrack. I can't wait to play the actual game, I surely loved it and would love to recommend this to others
This game was great. I was very excited when i first saw this. I was willing to pay to play. It's sad that the prologue is not really that long, but what you bring is still somehow really impressive and great. So good job. You guys really nailed it. The first game i played which was the first game i paid to play it because of the mechanics, the game, and overall the whole story. The story and the visuals are amazing. This is the first ever phone game to really touch my heart. So good job. I hope you guys are planning to more games because you make absolutley ASTONISHING games. Thank you for all the hard work to be put for a free short game. I wish you the best of luck of your future to making games and know that i am absolutley supporting you guys for all the great work
what purpose does this release have? just make it an add on or a paid add on to the second part, it's dumb! I want to play but it makes no sense to have a video clip lol this is a waste of space
i mean it really is short. but the ART it was the best thing ive seen. even games that i play dont have this amazing art. and the movement of the characters. it was an amazing experience. i mean some may give less stars because its really short, yes it really is short. but this actually deserves 5 stars. the graphics. they are just amazing
Little free companion piece to the second part of a stunning, story-driven series. The character animation really promises great things for future installments. Plus I love how the series is non-chronological. Everybody who says they wanted the first encounter in this prologue should play the game again.