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Rock Life - Guitar Legend

Rock Life - Guitar Legend for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Zeeppo located at 1440 Vinte e Quatro de Outubro Ave, Suite 710 Zip Code 90510-001 Porto Alegre / RS / Brazil. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The notes jump around and thus causes you to miss them. Overall 2 stars. Fix this and I might rate better but I can't progress enough through the game to know.
Dear team, this game is really awesome.. but could you please fix the "crash error" things,when i play battle bands the app it doesn't work really well and after that "the game is not responding" - please fix this, would give 5 stars if you guys fix this ASAP :cheers:
Its a cool game great for passing time but even when you dont miss a note it still finds a way to fail you all because you dont upgrade or buy new pedals when it wants you too. Poor sportsmanship on game makers part.
Bought a coin package 3 days ago, received receipt from Google Playstore and been charged but still no credit loaded. Not happy at all. How do you contact the game makers??
It's not even doing much it just lags for no reason, other apps that way more advancd don't lag so it isn't my phone
Too​ much bullshit in between playing the songs. Just let me play the music and toss in a few more ads
The only thing I dont like is that there arent any lyrics... I mean come on. Other than that, I like that I can upgrade my guitar, hire new band members, and play against others. Pretty sweet game.
This game is not about skill... I'm a pro Piano Tiles player and it doesn't help here. You should do a lot of in game purchase to win. Also too many ads. Disliked
I didn't know you needed a new guitar for stuff like big city so I spent the 1600 coins I had on better band members, amps, and to upgrade guitar. Now I can't play because I can't buy a new guitar and I can't go back to town and earn money. That's kind of crappy.
The game glitches a lot causing me to miss the notes and lose the song if you miss the notes that's one thing but because the game lags it's not worth the effort
I liked the other game this company made better. It was harder with the 5 strings. This game seems to lag more, especially online. I have an Galaxy S8+, so there is no way this should be lagging on my phone. The thing is, is other than the lag, it's still a fun game, too easy, but still fun and a good time killer. Please just to fix those bugs.
It is fun! You get to upgrade build your own band. Build your own instruments, record CDs. The whole nine! They only thing I would change is the is no music just beats
The user interface and great aesthetics of this game are what give this any stars at all. The design is sleek and it's a shame that this app has so many flaws. For starters, some notes don't match up really well to the songs. It was sometimes better to play with the sound off. The medium and hard songs were the only ones worth playing, and it looks like you can't win any hard songs without good equipment, even if you hit all the notes. It looks like you can't adjust the difficulty either, as it's all based off of your equipment level, which is kinda hard to gauge. In addition, the ads are absolutely relentless at one ad after every song. The ones with sound are louder than the game itself. The refresh timer on playing songs was also a bit long, causing someone who just wanted to pay for an hour or so spend all his time watching ads. In the end, the ads were too much to handle and I couldn't recommend this game, even as a quick 15 minute time sink.
Timing is way off. Lags when there are 3 notes on the screen! Songs only last about 20 seconds, and it brings you all the way back to the main screen. (Of course after the ads are done). Meh.. thanks for trying.
Too many ads, they appear after literally every round. Multiplayer is inconstant, my song ends way before the opponent which makes them get way higher points. Slow. Multiplayer song difficulty level doesn't make sense, notes go off as missed ones when clearly they were tapped perfectly. No song creativity, always the same few songs.
Every time I try multi-player, it glitches and all of a sudden the game isn't responding to me. It'd be great if that was fixed really soon
I have an issue with the game jumping. I'll be hitting the buttons on time, then it'll just jump for no reason causing the tabs to jump out of time which makes me miss and ruins my score. Please fix this, and I'll give it 5 stars.
overall, it is good time-killer.. but, it would be much better, if it will be more than these 10 melodies all the game.. either player can add his own songs from phone, or add more inside the game itself.. othervise, it gets boring very fast, all future notes are getting predictable after playing for some time... waiting for uptade with fixed this issue.
Fun game just hate the ads. Really love the graphics not the best I have seen but pretty great. Could choose better rock songs. But overall good game
"I love this app, they got a lot of characters to choose from." "And i can vs someone on the game to bet..."but i wish i have face book so i can get more money though.😓
Those bounding boxed must be so tight! This game is essentially unplayable. There needs to be a bit of padding! But hey what do I know!
It's fun, but it doesn't register you pressing the buttons during player vs player. Even using the slow time ability, it still will not register that I'm pressing the keys. I'm uninstalling due to lack of responsiveness.
Seems decent for new players. Nightmare for experienced players of this game genre... Really annoying tutorial at the start and forced to start with boring easy songs. Also some kind of strange choppy jumpy lag during game play where the notes lag..
the game needs more songs i feel like i have been playing the same 5 songs over and over and that gets old. also the ability to choose the songs you play would be nice as well as knowing what song your playing besides just listening to it.
Whenever I got to play the guitar it makes the keys skip back and forth and I can't push them and even when I do get one it shows I didn't hit it doesn't do it all the time but quiet often!
No bittorrent deal. I just tried it for fun to see how I do. It's great. Though I never been good at gaming, even though I try.
I wish no stars was an option the multi-players response to taping the notes as they are going down on your fret is horrendous. The lag is impossible to be play and be competitive. What a waste of download space.
It's a nice and addictive game although I hate that you have to buy stuff with stars to be able to complete the game itself. I have everything upgraded to maximum, the best guitar that did not cost stars and it's still not enough to beat the last two people in the superstar tournament even if the gameplay is perfect without mistakes. Otherwise, the game has nice graphics, and it's really good.
Multiplayer doesn't work. The story and whatnot works just fine. But when I'm battle somebody none of the notes line up and I can't hit anything. Even rapidly to happen the same spot nothing registers. It doesn't even make it to the end of the song either before the app force closes. I have a Galaxy S7 so no it's not my phone.
Love the game but. To have to wait for upgrades is the same as all other app games. Understand that people need to make there money but to be forced to upgrade and wait.minutes to hours is stupid. I can clear hard songs flawlessly but I can beat then Cuz I don't have a Lvl 10 pick.
The notes are all over the place as they come down. It's off putting and impossible to get into any rhythm. Uninstalled
You have to look a few inches above the place you're "supposed" to hit the note because of lag. I think it's lag anyway, if not, something inherently worse
It plays well. The guitar names are as close as you can get it. I just wish there where more people to pick from. And your "stratomaster" is left handed but flipped right. If you are going to put a left handed guitar in a game. Just keep it pointing left. In the menu it looked right handed. Other than that I have nothing else to complain about. Dropped my star because online lags so hard it's impossible to play. As well the "hard mode" lags some of the time when large clusters of notes appear on screen.
I love this game. I had almost beat the game, but had to get a new phone. If I have to start all over I am going to just uninstall.. Please contact me regarding this matter. After fixed I will change ratings.. Thanks. STILL NO RESPONSE!!??
Good concept but you force people to pay by making things so hard to obtain that they give up after an hour. The adverts are relentless and the most I've seen in a game. It needs more variety of songs and longer songs. The rewards are pathetic. The times for things are quite frankly not worked out and the game seems incredibly rushed. Make the game user friendly, they will buy if its enjoyable but you are obviously leaching your players and pushing them away from what could be a great game for mobile devices. Put some damn effort into the game instead on concentrating on making money and maybe you will see that people want to play a good game and not spend money but if they enjoy the game they will pay as respect for the developers, in turn, your make more money than your making at the present time...geeez
I really enjoyed this rock band knock off game. Truly enjoyable and very much like the full console version. But...and I realize it's kind of nitpicky when the game is fantastic to play for a bit- it's the same thing over and over again. Not even one new knock off song at any level. I would have paid to unlock some new songs even. So after a two days I uninstalled it. Again, fun for a bit like an airport or travel day. Then it's so repetitive it loses its luster.
Mediocre graphics, decent gameplay when it comes to music games but I noticed stutters making me miss notes. Songs are cheap knock offs and boring as hell. One thing that really pissed me off is that you need to purchase crap in order to "win" on a harder difficulty. I hit every single note perfectly and it gives me "you lose". Get out of here with that crap. Cheap way to get people to purchase crap and prolong gameplay.
The lag for multi-player makes it unplayable. I get 5 seconds into the song and the sync gets off so bad that you can never win. The lag in single player is bearable at least.