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Robot Wants Kitty

Robot Wants Kitty for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Raptisoft located at PO BOX 1142 202 S. Union ST Traverse City, MI 49685 . The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a fun Metroidvania with decent levels, although the main draw for me is the MakerMall. As a creation junkie, this is what I like, although I'd like only a few more things added, namely a Melee app, more Paints, a new Pink bug boss, more default music to choose from, and slightly more complex boss behaviors alongside the ability to toggle between that and the simple behaviors. Aside from those features I'd like to see added, it's a fine game with simplistic, responsive controls. Easy 4 ☆.
I love this game so much!!! I play it all the time! It's so adventureristik! I love,please make more RWK (Robot wants kitty)pleeeeeeease
I realy like this game and ive created a level but the problem is i was working on a level called aliens took kitty or something like that when i couldnt play test the level so i went back and i couldnt find my level! I closed and re-opened it and it was still gone! Im panicing how can i fix this My username is RadioTowerEEE
I wish to rate this five-star just you can't edit makers levels also if You do that please include a button that won't save it!?
I like the game very much! But 2 reasons why i gave 4 stars, 1: ADS ADS ADS theres just too much, i know it makes you money but please, doont make too much pop up ads 2: At the half end on the first level, ITS LITARLY IMPOSSIBLE
love all the games, great colors and graphics, easy and clear directions and conrols, only unable to use controls on bluestacks
A cute game very similar to the Metroid series about unlocking abilities and areas in order to get kitty. What really makes this a gem is the super easy to use level editor. That ramps the game up by 1 star. Easily recommend this game. It's fantastic.
Wow! Such an amazing game!!! That's all I should say, cause there's just too many things good about this game! I highly recommend the game!!
incredible. i love the original levels, and the MAKER MALL!!!! it's all such a beautiful game, and ive found myself playing it far more than i expected to. 5 stars.
Fun game. Had an issue in the telefort level where I killed the blue monster at the same time as I died, resulting in the gate not opening and me being stuck. Otherwise loved it
It's a good game , you can play the dev levels or other peeps (usually hot garbage) levels . Or , make your own . Lots of tools to keep you going . I just wish there was also an in game tutorial instead of youtube and ads get annoying when you keep dieing loads . Still , it's a rare gem in mobile games , and mobile maker games .
I played this on IOS and now finally on Android. I kept an old iPhone just to play this game. The ability of players to create and share levels always keeps this game fresh and the skill of some level makers is astounding. Robot Wants Kitty is simply the best flash/phone game ever created.
It's good and I enjoy this game a lot, I have 4 stars instead of 5 bc of the ads and bc there are a few glitches like in so close so far I can't pass the level bc sometimes I die over and over again as soon as I zoom over the acid at the very beginning. Otherwise, the game is dope and frustrating in the best way possible 😆
This game is good.Now I havent finished the story/campaign yet, but judging from creations people have made im sure that this game is I dont need to finish it to enjoy it. 4/5 beautiful game
This is a very cute and fun game, but it is so difficult! I wish there was something like a difficulty setting or a tutorial level. It's so hard to get the kitty! I still really like this game, though. 😸
I love this game.Its very fun and entertaining.It's easy to play but gets a little challenging if going for the goal of passing each stage without losing any lives.I really do like the detail of showing the map which really helps.I have fun playing for hours.
Can I just say how happy I am that they brought one of my favorite childhood games from the PC to Google Play Store? Would it be possible for you to Port the other games from the Robot Wants series to the Play Store as well? I would love to play the other games again.
This game is one of the best games ive ever played. It is so cool and I love the kitty. The only problem is that it isn't long enough!! I'm obsessed and I hope they make more levels !! I would die :)))
You should add new things to the maker mall like other color keycards and keycard doors so we can make better levels or an option to configure Enemy health and damage or even size. Maybe a 1 up block where you need wires to power it and when you power it you get a 2nd life so when you die you re fill your health to half and you respawn where you died. and maybe a more simpler way to make teleports.
Excellent retro-style game - roam the level to find skill-improvements that let you access more areas, for more skills.. All leading to your true goal : hugging a cat. I only did the novice level, but while I died a lot, the game offered lots of save points and never made me start from complete scratch, no matter how long it took or how few hearts I had. Those are the game aspects that usually stress me out, so this level's lenience was nice.
love it! this game is very fun to play, a good chalenge, and makes me quite nostalgic :) also, the ads are all skipable and non-intrusive, which is quite rare for a free game. i would only change one thing; flip the meaning (on the illustrations) and present the robot as a kitty lovin' robot! thanx developers <3
Good game but since the last update when i try to play the game stops, i tried to reinstall it but still doest work so sad :(
Very entertaining games, every level comes with its own challenge plus you can also create your own games from the maker mall. It has it all
There is a bug with jump button that doesn't responds all the time. In order to jump I need to |et go of the move buttons.
as someone who has played 3 of the original flash games, i can say that this is just the thing i need. with several levels to choose from (including a recreation of the first flash game) and a custom level maker, this game is a good choice for those who want to relive the days where they played this on the internet when they didn't have the money to buy actual pc games.
I love this it can probably be funner if u can make ur mob as using gallery but still FUN and by the way my account name is lazy but making a mob by using photos will be awesome for me but still five stars and this is probably off topic :(
This game is very good but there was a problem when I passed level 1 then I don't know how to play level 2 please reply me
it seems fun, but I'm not all that into these types of platformers where it's very unclear what you are supposed to be doing, you just kind of wander around and hope something works. I'm sure this would be fun for some people but it's just not my thing.
Good game you should put boss versions of the green extending thing the chomp thing and the pink fly thing as an update for the game
I was really looking forward to revisit this classic, but what the hell have you done with the graphics?! It looks horrible! The pixelated original gives a nice nostalgic feeling and looks good. This looks like cheep paper cut outs, and totally ruins the experience. 😔
Its an offline game if u play ur levels not others which is fine. I do hate it when peoples are toxic to your levels just because urs is better than theirs. And it also crashes when im creating a level so it just makes me mad af
It is a nice game but when i finish my map i got to make muisic right. But when i go on the composer and i make mucic i dont know how to copy the url. But when you test it there,s muisic so i want the composer off and then when you finish it i want the music from the test to be the muscic when you finish doing that i will rate you 5 stars ok.
Yay. Except that I want to make an account for maker mall, and it won't send me the email. Can someone help?
Pretty well done Game, actually I liked it a lot. The only thing annoying was those (insignificant) ads even if you're offline. The rest is nice.
Good but in the telefort level the crystals in the level is 2,teleport in level is 4.the first crystal is used for only one teleport, then the next crystal is used twice.I don't know how to get the level passed
I was expecting a port of the browser game to Android but instead I got a remake that feels like a knock-off. Personally I wouldn't recommend this game, especially if you enjoyed the actual "Robot wants kitty" game
A phenomenal recreation of the flash game. The original level, as well as the new stock levels and the player made levels make this games replayability go on and on. One can only hope at least that they'll recreate the other flash sequels like Robot Wants Fish, Robot Wants Puppy, and best of all Robot Wants Ice Cream.
need an update because the volume is too loud, graphics are fuzzy, and i understand its meant to be retro but most the other retro style games ive tried have not been fuzzy
This is game perfection, there are cleverly designed levels with a metroidvania design. The difficulty curve is enjoyable to scale. Super cute retro graphics and sound. Well done!
I absolutely Love this game. So satisfying and addictive! And it gives One a sense of lethargic because it puts One in the mind of "MegaMan"! I swear that's what it leaves You feeling like.
this game is the best!! they should also try to recreate robot wants puppy, robot wants fishy, robot wants ice cream etc. , and also they haven't updated the game for a long time
I played the Flash version of this game, and loved it. This faithful recreation of the original game, along with several excellently designed stock levels, is a masterpiece and a nostalgia bomb. The addition of an endless stream of user-created levels, along with a powerful and intuitive level editor, makes this one of the best free games on the app store. The ads are noninvasive and only appear for a few seconds if you die several times in a row, but I still paid to remove them because I love this game so much.
This game is cool but if i play it theres a black screen and it will exit in my home in android so the developers need to fix this.
I really like this game because with the maker market it helped me because I can only complete the first level 😭 nobody make fun of me it's just they are really hard I also like it because you can create levels please keep up the good work you know like make robot wants kitty 2 or something
This game is very good. There aren't many levels made by the developer, but there are plenty on the maker mall, made with the mall's versetile tools.
This game is amazing only one problem is they need to add more levels I would 100% recommend this game I enjoyed it very much please make a robot wants kitty 2 I will enjoy that very much it does glitch sometimes but still 5 stars
Giving 5 stars from as many accounts I can cause the game is best. The original levels or preloaded ones are good but not much but the real thing is makers mall you can get all type of levels easy ones for instant fun intermediate ones for best time pass and the challenging ones which I am sure that most of you can't pass anyhow and if you think you can then try the game now!!!!
(very late comment) the game is great and you can freely make levels and and play online to play other works
A bite-sized version of the legendary flash game. This one is even shorter than the original mini-metroidvania, but has several different gameplay modes which add some replayability.
As a player who has played flash games all day,i love this.Its not like "Only people with 200IQ will pass" or "I cant pass level 5".Its a pretty underrated game that deserves way more recognition than it does.Its still sad how "companies" like VOODOO get more installs than this masterpiece.This.Game.Is.Awesome.
I love this game because the game concept is very good, i also like the design of the monsters and cat. Keep up the good work!!
Oooooh boy, time to say something nice for once instead of shouting at Voodoo again! Alright, controls are simple and responsive, levels are amazingly made, the power ups make you feel boosted, and to add 60 tons of cream on top, I though while playing a normal level "The only thing to make this 1000x better would be a stage builder" and JESUS CHRIST, there is a stage builder and it works WELL, this is a 10 star for me, and will contend with my other favourite games.