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Robot Tactics: Real Time Robots War

Robot Tactics: Real Time Robots War for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Game Hollywood Hong Kong Limited located at 广东省广州市海珠区江南大道南 368号 Game Hollywood集团总部. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
HELP! I was the old game user, when I install into my new smart phone, it couldn't load my old id, but restart to new game.
It's alright even for the occasional grind. Just spending 20USD gets you ahead of others too. What's not ok is the increasing traffic and consecutive login failures during National Wars (evening) and sometimes at night when the servers are flooded so much, you wont be able to login until traffic is lesser (during the day- at work >:( tht just sucks when it happens.
I did this for in-game items, but the game seems good the first minutes in. Only complaint is the loading time- which can be downloaded all at once but takes a hefty amount of time (barely 6% in like. 10 mins or so?) And also the premium currency has a 'free' and a 'recharge' mode, with catch a being used (for thr most part) by only only the recharge. So take heed!
This game "Gets It" when it comes to mech games. The robots aren't just wallpaper that could be replaced with fantasy characters, they're integral to the core gameplay. You can fully customize 10 different elements of each mech, including the parts, weapons, pilot, and AI tendancies. The game also has a core focus on the PvP and Guild vs Guild elements, which gives it a lot of unpredictability and makes it a community driven experience. The graphical style is great. I've found it takes inspiration from multiple sources. There are realistic robots that would look right at home in Front Mission. Then there are also more magical style robots that look like a flagship Gundam. Whatever kind of mecha appeal to you, you can create something that you'll love in this game. The single player story elements are the weakest part of the game in its current form, but still serve a function in allowing you to collect some resources to get started, and move into the real heart of the game, the online competition with other players. There is still content that has not been released in the international version of the game, so I'm hopeful that the later story missions are more interesting. There are events, and soon raids, in addition to the normal story and daily content. The current Halloween event has a tongue-in-cheek story, and some fun looking halloween style mechs used by the guest characters from the event. Strongly reccomended for fans of series like; Armored Core, Chromehounds, Gundam, Mechwarrior, Front Mission, and Zone of the Enders.
For any fans of the SRWs series this game is a giant disappointment. It seems to be a quick cash grab with just the bare minimum for a mobile game. - Characters just stand with the same static image when they attack, hand in pocket, neutral face while flashy ps1 graphics tell you how epic an attack is - Combat is shallow with artificial difficulty to make you pay cash - No character voices nor themes, there's barely combat music - The story and dialogue is horrendously translated, it's like they ran the script through Google translate... twice In summary, there are way better games in the play store. I suggest not playing this one.
Mixed reaction as i m new to the game just downloaded and i m stuck at 24 percent loading screen almost a hour . I kinda wanted to rate it 5 stars but i guess i have compatibility issues i m using 4 gb ram smartphone and 4g cellular network but i never reach beyond the 24 percent loading screen T_T . Anyway the game looks cool 4 stars.
I love all of the warlocks and pilots, this game is super fun to play and just over all an awesome game!
This game actually has superb potential. One of the best tactical game out there. The only downside is that in these 3 days the game can't be played. It says the problem is network connection where it's not. I think its server is unstable. It's frustating because I tried to deleted my account for unistalling and install again. Dear developer please fix this issue. Thx If only this game could be a stable one. I believe it's gonna be worth our time and money
The game is good but I suggest you make the animation of mech units more...uhm...animated because the movements are all pretty simple, like all they do is basic attack if you base it to any action games. I grew up playing super robot wars/taisen games so I know how cool this game is. One more thing...everytime I complete a mission I always get stucked on the loading screen like EVERYTIME! So I gave it a 1 star. Please fix it, more power to the devs.
childist game, 1. using many digits to stat, atk 20.000, def 5.000, HP 10.000? i think 200/50/100 is better. looks like Zimbabwe dollar 😅. 2. Second stage is awful, using default character + upgrade, you wont win anything unless recruiting S char friend to join battle. 3. Paid Gems & Free Gems is different, well i wont complaining that, but using different icon or colors is better
Can't even name my character. Whatever combination I enter, it says, "error (followed by a probably arbitrary number I can't remember) contains prohibited characters," with no explanation as to what characters are prohibited -i assume all characters are prohibited since I used only letters on some attempts. On top of that, there's no way out of the unsuccessfully naming screen, so I just screened out of the game to close it. Deletion to follow. Side note: I was reading some of the other reviews to see if anybody mentioned this same issue and noticed the developer's responses to any negative reviews were presented in some sort of sarcastically obsequious character "voice," which drips with condescension. I suppose I'll get a similar ridiculous response, if any.
I wanted to like this game, I really did. It's a tactical RPG with mecha! Sadly, it isn't fit for release yet. The translation is more stilted than Fate Grand Order's, and the bugs are severe and easy to trigger. For example, I was given a bunch of copies of some B tier character as a welcome gift. Her stats were low, but I figured that she would get better once leveled especially considering that she would have a much higher level cap than my others due to being fused with herself. The game claimed that feeding her 10 of her clones would result in a level 26 character. After fusion she didn't gain a single drop of xp, and her clones were still consumed. That is a game breaking bug. Even if she is just intended to be a xp-only unit, there is no indication of this! She could have at least had a visible level cap of 1 to prevent such mistakes from happening! I came here to earn some cat food for my battle cats, but I don't know if I even want to linger long enough for that.
It's a great game... BUT it is very very blotchy and I can not get the lvl I am on to load and I get kicked out of the game constantly... I have logged in on several new devices and all the same. If it was a more stable game it would be awesome, but at the moment I will have to uninstall... Bummer it would of been real fun!!
Edited after about a week of play: Drop from 4 to 3 stars (maybe 3.5) for Free to Play people (did spend $20 to see worth/value ratio) There's too much to type so: Good: gameplay, 3x speed is amazing, updated ways to acquire materials, events are nice, decent amount of free Amber Not so good: value on gacha & rates (because of how blueprints work/ $20 is not enough for even one 10-pull), campaign scaling is hard, low energy/stam to do quests/PVP, Pay 2 Win Conclusion: Decent Time Killer
First day was great fun. But then the next day, kept having connection issues, making me log out. Then played the Volcano/Fire stage or what ever event, almost always error. Some how the message says the weapon used aimed at the wrong target, while it obviously is damage type, and not healing type. It kept on repeating even after I've clicked "give up". I gave up to play that stage, and played the original story. Suddenly, one of my mech can't attack at all, even though it's within the range.
The game is wonderful. Until progression is based on your gacha pulls. They give me stuff for 5 stars
Great game but every mission i always restart the game due to disconnection???? But my internet connection is strong pls help me
It looks good. The bare system is ok... The angles as a bit annoying and the enemy's look like yours so there's no clear battle layout. They need Muir settings like bars and displays, along with customization of skills. Then the robot customizing is only ok as well.
**previous issue listed fixed by a patch. 1 star rating bumped to a 4 star. explanation about why not 5 below. Overall, I like this game a lot. it feels like a very anime-fan friendly game involving mech customization and collecting waifus. but the gameplay itself feels a bit grindy, and the gatcha system feels bogged down and not user friendly. Mostly because the F2P gatchas are buried under the pay to win ones and ads for special offers. Could be amazing, but WAY too many ads.
Kinda like final fantasy tactics but with robots. Have others with great mechs help out. You can edit & switch out every part of a mech & add pilots which have unique abilities so select carefully. Once you level your mechs, get great pilots & install great parts you become awesome like the help you get from people who's combat score is 4,000+. There are microtransactions but I've been fine without paying anything by grinding & doing quests.
This is the most amazing robot game I have play in my life. The robots in this game is very cool. 😊☺😮😱😲😎👍
Uninstalled. Bad game. You get daily awards but only to never receive them. And mission rewards and many others rewards. The in game money system is dumb also. You don't get much and everything cost extreme amounts. Never again. If I could do 0 star I would.
Hi im from phillipines your app is some bug from loading because i play ones and after that it will become unreponsive long loading time please fix this from philipines gino
fun game, love the custamization. Don't like the 2 currency system as the reacharge amber you have to buy and is the more common one to use in the store, which is annoying. Also didn't aleet me about the update and wouldn't open, making me think I was going to have to uninstall it and reinstall it.
It was a fun game while I played it. However, due to the lack of available ways to earn amber and get better equipment and parts, it's feeling less challenging and more of a pay to play (and win) atmosphere. Please think of players who are new and need some assistance as well as free to play type of players.
Edit: I give it a 3 star rating the game is still good but there are some mechanics that need to be change 1. Arena- I dont like the A.I. controlling the pilots and mechs If you could please change this and let the player control their own team 2. A next chapter in the story I've been waiting for a new chapter for like days and months 3. An regular PvP mode if you are reading this devs please make these changes happen and thats all I have to say thank you😁
I love this game but I might love it more if you guys add character voice...I dont know if it just me,but if it happens to anyone else,then, please fix this bug (I think its a bug)....Untill then,I will rate 5 star.Keep a good work guys...!
Lack of information about weapon, warlock and pilot. You must have it to view the stat, and also there is no database or famdom about guide and others. The game it self had potential to be great game.
Good gatcha Strategy game. Unfortunately the connection problem still exists, dev should make this game only online when need save, rather than constantly need stay connected to internet
I just started playing this game. You guys have something good going on here. But, there is a problem that I encountered. My game lags on the loading part, so sometimes I can't progress... I have to boot the game again for me to continue playing. I hope you guys could fix this issue. Big thanks and more power to your company.
Not bad, it offers a coherent storyline through quests and character interaction. The combat offers opportunity for tactical thinking and planning. However, upgrades start to become harder to acquire, and completing missions is blocked by a paywall.
Very good game. It just has super bad server that I could not log in for multiple times in a day. The server is normal now. Good job sorry I have to leave you. This game has become heavy pay to win. S-level pilots, weapons, and warlocks are overflowing irrationally. Stage events have become impossible.
Huge paywall. Terrible RNG. Employs some of the less savory moneygrab tactics. I wouldn't recommend it. Community is also very small, so spending in this game is not a very good idea. Nice concept though.
Overal a good tactic game. 3 star only due to the ever so annoyng glitch where no one does anything forcing you to close app
Nice game, but i wish you put a sweep function that automatically clears a stage that youve already cleared and 3 stars..i honestly getting bored when doing weekly event collecting upgrade parts for my mech battling and battling all over again 😅
First, download is slow, 300~400K/s. Every loading needs to download and with that speed, it's taking too much time just to complete tutorial. Second, dialogue is stiff and only subtitle, bad translation perhaps? Third, don't call it strategy game if it can be played without thinking, Auto-play function. Lastly, I'm outta here.
I really like it, but I'm kind of at a lose at the moment. When I finished the tutorial, I got some new heroes. Unfortunately, I can't use them because the formation, hero quarters, and others mechanics keep glitching out(Freezes) then goes to closing the app by itself. I've been trying to get past this for a while, but it continues to happen. Can I get some help with this, please?
Fantastic game. Like Fire Emblem Heroes but with mechs. THIS IS A TURN-BASED STRATEGY GAME. NOT REAL-TIME. Tag line is turning away scores of players who would love this. Obviously there are some translation issues, otherwise it is amazing. TINY GROUP OF CORE PLAYERS. I honestly prefer this to FEH, and i was previously dedicated to FEH. FIX THE TAG!!!!!
Good game so far. But i wanted more personal gameplay, i wanted to start my editing my character then be in some sort of school or traning field then the tell me now i have to assemble my robot for the practicle course so i can customize my robot appearance(colour, size, shape, etc) then have my training while introducing me gently to the lore with an immersive and realistic way. I liked the design, colours and the general idea tho
Dear developer why suddenly i cannot login with my account? What happen? My account name is xenogears and i already play this game for almost 1 years. Please restore my account
So far a very fun and solid game! Lots to build up for your team, and the mechas are cool. :) I signed in as a guest though and wanted to connect my Google Account to it after to keep the data safe, but it doesn't seem like you can connect one after you've started. Please make it so people can bind their account! Thanks!
I wanted to rate this 5 stars, I really did. It actually has really fun mechanics. Hell I even wanted to spend money on it, but purchases are just such low value for money it was pointless. I was considering a purchase just to support it, but when I finally found and tried PvP only to discover that it only allows you to auto battle. What is the point of AI only PvP? It has a lot of choices but no real depth to them so they end up seeming hollow after a while. Great concept but ultimately a very poor execution. I'll return one day to see what you have done with this game but for now it remains a bright spark that fizzled quickly.
The game is polished visually but in terms of gameplay it feels bland and definitely doesn't compare to any in the Super Robot Wars series. All units move the same amount of squares and all weapons have 3 different ranges, making things rather boring. I could put up with the other issues but having minimal effort put into the strategic aspect of this "tactical" game made me drop it. Translation is okay; not bad, but not good either. It's awkward at parts and a lack of usage of contractions. They give you lots of free stuff in the beginning to try out the game so there's also that I guess. This is also one of those games where you can bring a friend or random person's unit to the main missions and render all your units worthless if you use a sufficiently high level/rarity one.
The game itself is alright. The mechanics work. The graphics when it comes to the mechs and the cg character renders are of good quality. However the slow pacing and the constant loading screens after every thing you do just really takes me out of it. I end up skipping the story cuz I stopped caring and I just wanted to get to the game. Sadly it that those last two gripes I have that has me uninstalling the game.
Great game for anyone that likes the mecha genera. Graphics are really nice and gameplay is smooth. Only unfortunate thing about the game is how little energy you get. As you start to go to the higher levels it takes more energy and you have to either wait for your energy to recharge or spend money on buying items to recharge your energy. That would be my only gripe about this game. So far though, I have been really enjoying the game quite a bit up to this point.
Well done Dev You've made thus game so good! It will be cool if spiders are added...like mini boss fights?
Great game but i experiece a lot of problems. The game is too gacha based, pay2win, ap pool is too small. main mission enemies get stronger real fast, you mostly depend on your friend with high lvl warlock and weapon to clear. Most weapons and warlocks are useless, specially those B - C class. Game rewards are too small. Game is great but pay2win aspects ruins it.
Finally an awesome mech game! Been waiting for this a long time. Just a feedback on constant disconnection but overall, I love the game. If you can add more features, customizations, and updates, you'll gather more players. Keep up the good work!
Wow I have my rog 2 using fiber wifi stuck on 94 percent loading screen for 12 mins after installing game. Cant give 5 stars to an unplayable game, right? EDIT: uninstalled and reinstalled. Still not getting past loading point. Welp, unsintalled. Dead game, probably
The game's concept is good but the server is bad, really bad. there are errors everytime everywhere when the game is changing the interface. everytime I click something, It has to be loading something, it's lacking not smooth in every interface even in the main interface. I would love to play but when I try i feel annoying. so after u fix everything maybe someday I will comeback to play
This game hard 2 get gold from campaigns,item for upgrade is ridiculously hard 2 collect,producing parts except from the gacha is paying with gold,upgrading pilot need lot of gold for s pilot,huh,real heavy pay 2 win 4 me...but still like the game because i like mecha =_=
I found the game to be really fun and I liked it how it asked whether or not you wanted to play the tutorial cause some games just get you stuck in the tutorial when you actually want to explore the game at first
I honestly think it is a good game but I pronsaly think that there could be more added to the game but all and all a fun game.to play
Fix your loading screen. It always get stuck in the loading screen and I need to reset the game everytime for it to work.
Always the same thing, get the bare minimal rewards for being a free player while anyone making purchases get huge advantages. The game feels lacking in something.. Getting quite bored of never getting a good pull, specially when it's hard to get gems now. Almost literally stuck at a paywall.. 3 days grinding for lvl/upgrades and still cant continue with current mechs. It also seems like any event is aimed towards those people who are at the top or have pumped their mechs by wallet power.
i have been playing for a week made my freinds play it to but right know my apponents sniper attack from 30 m but my sniper goess in the mouth of enmeys in rank mode but my hand to hand attaker thinks he is a sniper and this not fear my apponte was i level 16 but i was 17
This game is quite fun to kill some down time. I do like how they are willing to take suggestions and feedback regarding the game. The concept of piecing together Warlocks(Robots) is fun to play with. It's interesting to see the different builds, parts and pilot's combine in PVP.
Game is ok. But unless you're lucky with the gacha, it will be difficult to progress without relying on friends/mercenaries for support. Getting S parts is really low, and worst of all, the amber recharge prices are too expensive, while there's also a difference between the uses of free(earned) and recharged(bought) amber, most worthwhile items are exchanged with bought ambers, which again, are too expensive. If you can lower the price of recharging then it won't be too discouraging to recharge.