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Road to Valor: World War II

Road to Valor: World War II for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Dreamotion Inc. located at 701, 11, Gumi-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is good very fun to play. But i will give it a 1star because I never got my gems after paying multiple times. Suggestions to all, do not do In app purchase. You will not receive your item. Deva please fix this. This is not acceptable. I feel cheated..
Best strategy game ever, i would really wish if you guys can add mythical cards cause there are still WW2 heroes out there that never made it to the game, and please balance out the chance of you getting a epic card from creates been playing this game for a year but no epic cards from creates, please notice this.
This is a very cool game with one caveaut. You cant replay the beaten boards for some exp. But the system is solid just not my preference. The strategy is simple yet complex... Lol good game devs! New events would also add life...
Updated. Please make challenge defense base and more of the events last longer, sometimes I have no time to play and have to wait 4 days to play a 3 hour game mode. Please fix this and make it shorter or like before
The game is (almost) historically accurate, the developer has done good research. Good gameplay, graphics, and sound effects. Too bad the matchmaking is oten not balanced. The probability of losing is 57%, while the remaining is either you win or draw. When matched with stronger opponents (who purchased upgrades, I suppose)... it would not be a strategy game, as Whoever has the power wins. Strategy is useless if your opponent is more powerful. Please add single player mode (not just PvP)
I really love this game. It is certainly one of my favorite games on mobile. It has amazing graphics and great gameplay. Plenty of tanks and units for WW2 buffs. The devs have put a lot of time and effort into it. I'd love to see more factions added to spice up the gameplay. Also, there's quite the gap between level 8 and level 12, so as a lvl 8 you're likely to come across people who vastly out match you, which isn't fun, but this is still few and far between. All in all Love this game.
This is a great game and the match is very fast and it has good grapich,very good sound effect,good battle field effect,but its to quiet,so many dead clan/guild and i see that this game is missing "World Chat" can you add "World Chat" to the game so if somebody make a guild or a clan they dont have to wait for a member they can just Promotion their clan and can you add friends list so i can add friends?
Reason I rate it a 4/5 star is that although it's a fun game and I congratulate the developer for it . The only issue is that if you win a game you get to less disregarded that you get some gold and gems through chests and other way. Ok that's fine I don't mind it but the only problem is that if you loose or get a draw it makes the player feel let down . Not to mention the wasted time . So what i suggest is that we at least get some gold or something even if the player looses or draws. Thank you
The game is great and very addicting, however I been playing long enough to noticed the OP units and the unbalanced teams. Also it would be great if you can change the in game communication. (Good to see you), (Thank you), splendid, so on so forth is not cutting it. We need in game comments like, (Take left, Take Right, Affirmative, Negative, Attack, defend, so on so forth. We need to tell our teamate they Fk'ed up lol thanks in advance. Hope you work on this. Stay tactical, and have fun!
It starts out very good, balanced and fun, the weekly missions are impossible to finish because if you are high lvl they downgrade you to lvl 10 and they put you up against a lvl 15 AI (good luck), vs player is also impossible if you do not pay to win always versing +1,+2,+3 players, all in all good game, bad pay to win that ruin it!
This pocket magician of a suprise game was just that awesome!! The graphics the seemless framerate gameplay! Smooth operating menu making engaging all factions simultaniousley above par and unchallenged. My notes are very few: the score is mediocar but pleasant enough for you to proceed to the amazing command menus.. Each faction holds plenty soldiers with 3 commAnders per and 2 special command powers atophalf a dozen interchangable passive abilities!!! All upgradable!!!! Sweeeeet!
The game is really good! 2 things: Panzershrek, bazooka, panzerfaust and recoilless rifle has no recoil, but that is shown in the game, please change that; Sometimes I have to fight against players from 2 levels above me, which is really hard, please do something about that too.
It is more than addictive and it is certainly free to play if u do like clash royale but but u want a better version for it and for ww2 this is the game for u❤️and i truly wish if the developers can give us a modern war version of the game that would be magic
I played for 3 yr , now Soviet anti tank alexai needs to buffed again.Also we need a tank that is like the panther, a premium medium tank.Plz add a ability that has artillery for soviet deep operations strategies.We need anti tank artillery because it is hard to kill a tiger with fire bomb and strafings.Please the lack of something to counter a heavy tank with support is missing in the game.
This is seriously a good game. Though, when you reach Level 7, grind is real and you'll be pairing up with whalers.
D-Day is impossible to defend against. Absolutely nothing you have will spawn quick enough to deal with 200 troops on your base Edit: when you're a noob. They don't add new op troops that are pay to win for a month. Great game on occasion
It's a good game but the U.S army armored ops is to op especially the ability war machine your screen just gets filled with a bunch of perishing tanks and other armored vehicles and can't really do nothing after that
[Check edit for old review] The game is still great. But the balance is still an issue. Why make it a 3-way war when you still can't balance axis vs allies? People that demand new factions, please understand that it will just make the balance even worse. Perhaps some new units will be fine, but not a whole new faction. Add more QoL and features instead. Always stuck at loading screen if cache isn't cleared first (Android 11).
Normally I like this game for how the details, and the mechanics that was put in to this game, I spoke too soon, I have been raging this game multiple times, by the amount of players who abuse spaming troops to destory bases, higher lv, the same commander over and over again...for me let'sjust say I had to get a new phone, I even tried switching up my strategy but no matter I tried I kept lossing...which it's frustrating as hell...
Always when i have a panzer ace event i try to in spending all my coins but the game is running with a bug cause the tank had never appear. I got a screenshot if the programers need more info about this bug
It's a fun game but for some glitches and no way to learn but too play! So it's is a four star to me could give different weapons but I could see way not but you can dream lol!!!
The game is super fun and I liked what you did with Ronin the last samurai. I wondering if you would consider a game about Vietnam. The war never gets talked about and it's pretty interesting war, like it's hard to find games that brush up on the subject.
Stop "balancing" the units! It's just making the game unplayable and it is stupid that I'm always being match with player's with higher units? Can't really change that right? They are your sugar parents.... STOP MILKING THE PLAYER'S BECAUSE SOME OF USE DON'T HAVE ANY MILK IN OUR LIFE.
Much like Clash Royale, but more balanced and with more complex gameplay provided by factions. Heavy tanks are a crucial part so I suggest you try to get 1 of those for each faction (M26, KV2, Panther, Tiger 1) are all available the second you join the game which makes it pretty balanced in my opinion.
It was good in early stages, but as you progress far you can see and feel some unbalanced mechanics, there is a nation that is either purposely being derp or nerfed, whilst the other are either too well balanced or very overpowering to begin with or later on as you progress..too bad i'am now leaving this jewel in pursuit of a better one..hope to see this be balanced in the future.
Unbalanced game, no matter how good your deck is there's always going to be some other guy that spent his entire paycheck and wins thanks to his higher cards level. Last serious update was more than a year ago even though people still spend a lot on this game but apparently it's not enough, despite continuous requests on social media by players.
The game decided to kick me out of the officers' league; I went to bed with 3200 points and woke up with 2998. And guess what, I lost one battle and that was it. The game is totally unbalanced: if you're not the red army you will lose, even to someone who's a few ranks lower than you. I can tell I am going to lose 3 seconds into the battle. And it doesn't matter how much money you spend upgrading your units. I have never encountered such a biased game.
I payed for a special bundle in the shop and got a in game error message. Didn't receive what I payed for, so far no response from support. Not even a generic mail. Guess I have to contact the Play Store and make a fraud complaint at my bank. Be warned!! Don't spend money on this game.
I like this game a lot and I want to see it grow. The 2vs2 is very unbalanced, and there are a lot of dead guilds as well. If there isn't any positive improvements soon I will take my time and money to a different game. UPDATE: I see why this game is dying and why people are quitting and I wish I noticed sooner before wasting money. Useless devs don't update the game anymore and left a very unbalanced game. Don't waste your money here, these useless devs don't deserve it.
First of all. Axis needs a major rework, they are broken in 2v2s. First they can spam down buildings, which wouldn't be a problem, but they can REPAIR them. Which is annoying and broken as hell. They can spam out units with alot of unit producing stuff. They have several op abilities that outclass allies abilities, and yet we can only spam to defend, esp for us, axis as so many arty units that have insane firerate that it makes the allies look like jokes. Overall Axis outclasses allies in a lot.
The game is very good and the russian tank (idk what its called) is very op as well as the American airborne but can you do something about the the vs matching finding becuase I've literally counted how many times I encountered a russian player (as in their team choice) and it was seven times in a row I encountered 7 Russians in a row so please do something about the match making
No different than clash royale where they have the algorithm set against you for your money. Except i would have to say it's worse because ever single time you get tired of consecutive losses after spending nearly $40 on the game, it sends you intrusive notifications to get back online ...... and you cannot turn it off. It would be nice to have a game where players depends on their skill instead of an algorithm. Guess I can't play until tomorrow. Today is a losing day. Thanks allot guys!
This is absolutely the most addictive game I've ever played. You can't lose focus for a moment or you'll be defeated. Lots of crucial instant decision making - and the outcomes are realistic and make sense so decisions matter. Its great!
I like the play of the game, however it should not take 3-4 shots from 88mm tiger tank cannon to kill a infantry unit. Tank speeds are between 3-4 seconds for one shot. It should be more like 1-2 shots.
I've played this game since it came out, I gave it 5 stars, i play daily... why does it continue to get worse with every update?!? It's almost like none of the devs listen to the fb page or read the comments... now it's gotten SO bad that me and many of my corp members are lagging out or experiencing massive troop deployment delays. It's absolutely pathetic. Match making is a joke too. so now we face players with a 4 lvl difference? F you
The game needs Optimizations: New UI design - that's a must have upgrade, the UI is very crowded & not organized well, also the game scrolling needs to be fluent from one tab to another, It's really annoying FPS & stutter - after leaving the battle, the main menu slows down & minor fps drop occurs which is noticeable The annoying thing is when airborne soliders land on me (USA general), everything turns laggy, very laggy & i believe it's caused by deploying many Units in the battlefield F I X
Too much difference between players levels and hard to upgrade ! Fix it please !! Otherwise very good game.
Awesome units details and graphics. The games play easy and tactical. The downside, it packs high price me to buys. I can buys 1 or 2.
Cool game, but would be great to change that stupid 3min game time, thats just retarded. Also getting opponent few lvls higher is impossible to play. Put the same lvls against each other!!! Make it more even. Also too many cheaters swarming 3 times more units than me... I am just getting pissed playing it. You are unable to do any valuable changes. Uninstalling now!!! You guys sucks