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RO: Idle Poring

RO: Idle Poring for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. located at 서울특별시 마포구 월드컵북로 396 누리꿈스퀘어 연구개발타워 15층. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes, Partial Nudity) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Three stars for nostalgia because I loved this game. Two stars off because it really needs an update. I know there is a new game, but it's quite different. I can't play this on newer devices.
I enjoy playing this ap but if you don't spend money the entire gameplay is a brick wall. every ap has a VIP status these days but this is the first ap Ive seen where you NEED to buy your VIP status every month on top of a Pet VIP status, it's bad. Gems ARE over priced, the bonus gems aren't really a bonus because first of all you're trading real money for fake money, it's like the developers think we're morons. don't spend money, it's an idle game, take a 12hr break and you're good.
No user friendly UI/UX, but still fun. Stuck at 80%? Go to app settings on your phone, clear data and clear cache for Idle Poring. Start the app again, it will need to download almost 200 mb to replace what you erased. This fixed my issue each time I tested it. The interface desperately needs and update. Some events, like Ragnarok Online had, would be nice...the backgrounds could change based on the event, along with higher drop rates for the Explore tasks. Overall, more incentive to play.
Very nostalgic but it's pay to win if you want to level up quickly and unlock all the features. I like the chat, and it's fun but augh I've given gravity so much money already and now I'm giving them more xD
Played this since 2017 with different mobiles since i'm busy with school. One of the best ones I've ever played. Sadly, I can't enter the servers anymore. Oh well. Thanks for the fun, Idle Poring.
it's a little confusing to understand everything to do but after a while it's still confusing but fun to play and a good time waster and it brings back memories of Ragnarok online
This is an idle game version of Ragnarok Online on mobile. There isnt much activity except waiting for your character to advance every level and strengthen up by a painfully slow grind system. The end game of leveling up and rebirths are just to be on top of the PVP tier. The cons in this is that it is borderline P2W, as every reincarnation the advancement materials drop rate from higher tier MVPs gets terrible and sometimes you wasted days till weeks just to try a free chance that the right materials will drop for you to Refine your gear to fulfill the Rebirth Prerequisite. Not to mention the amount of gold spent vs gain also gets disporportionate and you'd be practically stuck in a max level for days till weeks because waiting for the gold to accumulate so you could pay to Refine your equipment to meeting Rebirth goals. Accumulating and spending diamonds here is essential to advance faster, though it is wiser to save those for emergency cases like MVP drops and gold exchange in which it gets costlier at end game.
This game is a very nice game .a top of a notch game . Very strategical and time wise to play . I hope this game will be improve a lot and have more updates to come . Im very very pleasing to the developer to improve and more rb's to come. Thank you for creating this game .
Edit: it's no longer usable. What happened? I get some notification about the European refund program. Is this game not playable in Europe?! :( Is it just me or does the game no longer load? :( It's stuck at 80% ...
This is a very good game, you can leave for about an hour hour or a day off the Game and your character will still be lvling up. I haven't been on mine for a while and the last time I was my characters were lvl 10&20. Wen I checked it they were 30&50.
It was fun for a day or so until I hit the second job change and noticed it actually requires you to spend the premium currency for one of the objectives, plus a ton of other requirements. Its like a demo, and then you get slammed into a wall. They give you diamonds for free here and there but I wanted to save them up, guess not.
Just to start off, I scrolled through the reviews quite a ways and every 1* review was from a whining baby. Yes, there is no chat moderation. So what?! Can you moderate the rubbish your kids hear and see every day from their "friends" and other strangers? Grow up... The world is a nasty place and the sooner you realise it, the better... Be thankful there are over 40 channels to switch between to find your type of people and the ability to block complete jerks (your kids wouldn't enjoy this game anyway as it requires patience and dedication to get anywhere which are qualities "these days kids" [I sound so old] simply do not have) Yes, it is hard and takes time to get a decent character unless you throw your wallet at it to speed things up. Duh, that's the whole point of playing a game; it's a challenge for you to overcome and lazy and/or irresponsible people benefit the creators with their moneys since they'd get NOTHING for their time and effort otherwise (notice the game was free and has no ads) Yes, the PvP opportunities scale with your power. Did you honestly want to just bully noobs for the rest of the game after you level a bit? You're a special kind of scum, ain't you... --- My actual review for the game: Good idle game. Literally 5 mins a day to collect and manage everything unless you are bored enough to use every possible mechanic or chat about nothing game related for hours like most people seem to... Currently max level after a LONG time playing but theres still more gear/pets to acquire and I have 3 other characters (each a different class) to spice things up... Content updates often enough that it doesn't feel stale even though the core game is still the same 😉
good game when your busy and still want to find time to relax a little. If your and idle player, this is one GOOD Game.
The game is pretty good. Reminds me of RO. The only thing that ruins it is the chat. The chat is in the default battle interface so it is hard to avoid. People don't speak English there majority of the time and they are also pretty rude always laughing at someone for something. I wish I can turn the chat off or even just move to an English only chat...
I loved this game and played to max level, but now I can no longer access the game. it loads to 80% and then just stops and won't let me in. Big bummer for something I played daily.
Would love to play the game but whenever I try to log in using a Google or Facebook account I get a message about refunds. I'm not able to continue.
Idling game that really hits that Ragnarok Online nostalgia sweetspot. There are even pets, raids and PvP. The app level grinds your characters for you. Perfect for those who used bots in the MMO. With in-app purchases, you can gain game curremcy and supoirt the game company directly instead of some online zeni farming slave or NEET.
I've started to enjoy it then suddenly it stopped loading for some reason. It's stuck at 40%. I tried clear cache reinstalling the game creating new character still the same problem.
Was having a good Tim playing and even spent money for VIP. Then my high lv gems started disappearing on my when I ranked them up and I can't find an in app way to contact support. These gems take so long to get to high lv and it is extremely disheartening to have my new highest lv one disappear
It's been awhile since the latest update. I think they dump this game for RO M. Yeah! Pretty much dead.
Given that this is an Idle game, its has decent gameplay. The only factors that derates this is the toxic players/community and expensive to buy bag capacity.
Had to uninstall/reinstall because it got stuck loading at 80%, but now I am back in business building up an army of pet orcs. I like how even though there are microtransactions, they are not required if you are patient as you can earn these currencies through normal play.
What happened to the Idle Poring Ragnarok? I can't even login now for two (2) days already. 🤔🤨 I already spent so much in this game.
This is relaxing ge and tje misoc adds to the relaxed mood it has, this games helps cool down when I get mad, I would definitely recommend it to my friends👍
I paid for this game and regret my decision. I have lost days on this game because it keeps crashing. Frequently you will desync or crash mid game. It is very buggy and unbalanced. Right now I can't even open this game despite cache clears and data clears.
Excellent time killer. I've been playing for about 2yrs now. I really only log on once a day. And the bugs people are encountering,I've never seen in the 2yrs of playing. Has some degree of challenge in higher ranks but overall the game is complete. They haven't updated in a while which feels like this is the final product. I have yet to reach the final rank too. The microtransactions are optional and won't affect gameplay.
I really like and enjoy the game.. You don't need to be vip/svip to beat vip/svip players, you don't need to pay to win.. I hope there is more event though, I have been playing for 7 months now and I only experienced one event, the christmas event.. The game has been abandoned by developer but I hope they come back and add events into the game to make the game more fun
This was easily my favourite mobile game of all time. But they've withdrawn support for it in Europe, and it hasn't really been touched in a long time. There's really not much point in downloading this now if you're in the EU, so I don't know why it's still on the store tbh. My review score reflects the current state of the game.
boring , the last update was last year , and this game sucks now , there are too many bugs specially the in the chat box
I rarely give a review but this is a Great Game. Addicting in a good way. This game does not require tremendous amount of time and In game purchase is optional rather than compulsory.
A pretty interesting idle game; as for starters I got confused on how the game works since there were not enough helpful tips for you on how you would play it but really got me hooked after playing for awhile. . . I have yet to grind some more in order to get stronger and hope for more interesting events in the future. Just please add more helpful tips.
Really shallow gameplay. Character builds and diversity are nonexistent since every class has the same progression and skills. Secondary stats do very little so the best build is just to dump everything in one primary stat for dmg. Might as well just give us one class and call it a day. Even the mages are as effective with a speed build as an assassin lmao. So much potential squandered due to lazy and uncreative design. After all, this game is just a reskin of another game called Idle Monster.
A lot happening here. I do like the minimalization of freemium content. Far less of it is in your face in this game compared to most but its there if you feel the itch.
Great game but there is a glitch where u try to play and get stuck at 80 percent and doesn't load so u have to uninstall and install to keep playing please fix
I have played this game for 3 days, and I have 2 characters that have a different job.. But I focused upgrade agility to increase evasion and attack speed.. But I NEVER see my character dogde any attack from the enemy except I using skill and I see no difference of attack speed that I upgrade from lv 1 to lv 43.. After all, I am tired of playing this game coz my upgraded ability have no effect at all.. Farewell
I really love this game. And i believe a lot of people out there, who re busy and don't have much time to play a non-stop grinding game will love this game too. But after ROM is up, why this game also (suddenly) STOP UPDATING??? No more events, no more updates.. It's like a dying game for now. Please, dev team.. Do your job. If it needs to be closed, then close it. But if this game still alive, please do something. Many ppl still playing this game.. Don't leave them. Just bcos there was any new RoM.. Thanks and waiting for the new updates!
One of the most well designed games in the store. But was abandoned a long time ago by the developers. Last game update 2018 :( Would be great to hear from the developers...
It's a really fun game but I cant recommend it to anyone ever because the developers wont reply or fix a few broken things in the game such as making a guild and there hasn't been an update in over 2 months. Sent emails to support as well as tickets and no answer for over a week now. If the developers come back to the game I would definitely recommend checking it out.
Game has clearly been abandoned, as others have also stated previously they have tried to contact support and were ignored like I was.
Strongly recommend Idle Poring to study Ulala:Idle Adventure game mode... Idle yet but interactive with party up system... 2 stars for being RO fans!
i like the part where you may leave the avatar playing by itself leveling up while you're going about your day. then coming back to see its progress. good for people who like to still play but have things to do.
Do you like games that play themselves - mostly? Well then you're not losing anything here, out of all the idle games out there, this one is by far the most unique and more fun ones to play
What the happened?? Can't log in for 2 days now my log in streaks has been cancelled?? I've been stuck at 80% loading screen??? Please help
Okay, lets go to the positive first.. Everything is working smoothy; the gameplay, characters, and such, but as i later dig in the game, the chat isnt working anymore. Its good that ive been part with good people, but when the chat got 'closed down', i cannot find a good way to communicate with someone in game.. Just a notice, since i found out this game is pretty much... independent..
I really liked it when it still worked... But now I get stuck at 40% on the loading screen. Hope the developers get this game running again.
The quality is average , the game is fast pace in its way, and the great thing is it still go on while offline, best for a little pass time. So far the best rpg idle game.
please do some update lah dev. it's snowy in a spring? even you doesnt care about this game anymore,please care about a player still love this game. im one of them. please update this game
played it when it came out was fun back then stopped playing for awhile. Sad to see it died with the release of their other gsmes. played those but they just aren't nice minimalistic like this one.
Game is being neglected by the developers. Its actually good but the developers are on focus on their other p2w games.
Its a fun game to play maybe for a couple of weeks. But then its getting boring when all that you can see is a running character with a pet running all together in one direction.
I had a blast playing this, until reaching my second reborn, where the good features of the game fade away to make place to unfinished and disgusting ones. Game isn't updated since May 2018, which is pretty bad, as those type of games need a constant evolution.
Great game but when did the server come back online I downloaded it back on my device when I saw it was working again 😀
Seems like the devs have abandoned this game, as it's been a long time since they have updated it. Also many people are having issues contacting support.
very poor customer support . Have switched from Vip to SVIP dint get my balance 24 days diamonds and reachage diaminds have posted support section many times still no response. this is very discouraging.
Global version has not had an update since december 2018 at least, devs have probably moved on to RO mobile
i have not been able to log in for the past 2 month, never had a problem before and no change to my phone or isp
The game itself is great, but the support team make it a bit bad.. I asking fot retrive password, i give all they need.. And its already more than a week since last time they reply my message
I love the game and logging in everyday for my daily quest and exploration of pets. Developers kindly open events in the game and please be active in your game. You still have a lot of VIP SVIP players who are waiting for you to open up events. Maybe if you Developers will be active in RO:Idle Poring and give events. It will motivate more players to register and possibility to be VIP SVIP. Thanks.
what happened to this game? is this dead now? i mean the last update that they provide is been i year. This game is supposed to be good. Hope the devs look on to this game.
I love this game. One of the best idle games I've played. The UI is a little weird and doesn't have the best translation but I got used to it.
It's Progress Quest with pretty graphics and in-game microtransactions. (Or sometimes not so micro; keep a tight fist on your wallet!)
The is so unbalanced Cashers really are the strongest, Not even knowing the stats usage that much , no description on stats they increase, like crit chance or damage output, Evasion no such thing as evasion, Attack speed you have 3000 speed is still like 100, Crit of 4000 unknown if it's crit damage or chance cause if its chance well NO it doesnt crit, Thief class is so so weak and soft, they should depend on AGI but no, AND SKILLS ARE NOT UNIQUE, ALL OF THEM ARE THE SAME EACH CLASS
I was enjoying the game until the week of 7/8/19. Since then I have been unable to load anything past 80% no matter how long it sets.
Too sad. Why now? Everything is a mess. Yes u can still play. But the server, daily log in, and etc... last update on early 2018 the same year were i stop playing the game. And still now, theres no update anymore.
Hi i relly love this game hope u will see my comment i hope u will update more map i mean background map when we play so we dosent get bored when always see the same map every time we play and one more thing can u update so that we can see our char and gameplay more wider then now i like to see my char more then chat manu... Atleast we can hide the chat menu n our char animation more bigger i mean more wider in the screen... Or plz make so can we rotate our phone so that we can see full animation
always stuck in 40%... need to wait for more than 5mins to continue loading... same... reinstall it but the same, always stuck in 40%... now much longer waiting to continue to load....🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Great nostalgia game. Just remembering my junior high. Dear great developer, this week i cant login well, just running in loading screen and stuck in 80% of it. please check if the updates making something wrong. many thanks
Server Error without any answer back from my email and ingame questions from you. Haven't played and no notes what so ever causing this that might've be a maintenance. A life time maintenance perhaps? Answer back!
Worth to Play & Sooner Worth to pay. This game is the best idle game ever. The game itself it has the concept, perspective & unique style. Very fairly for F2P & it doesn't give a big gap for P2P. Well done devs, I hope the game could be last & looking forward for the best & upcoming event. HAPPILY ENJOY THE GAME... 🙏🙌
its fun!. It is now stuck at 80% loading into the game and wont start anymore. Im gonna uninstall it tomorrow if it still doesnt work
Love the game. Support does not exist. Raised two tickets. One ticket about being deducted in game currency but no item received: the other about asking for help. Both times, support put "problem solved, please rate" without doing anything or even replying to me.. anyway, good game but don't count on support. They're completely useless.
Good game but lack of support from the developer. Also, it seems that the game is abandoned by the developers.
i want to give 4 star rating but the bug is horrible cant claim some of daily task rewards.. the count didnt go up even when i fullfiled its requirements.. sometimes also stuck at pvp, must restart the game everytime..
overall its a great game but i give low rates because i hate it..its a big grinding pitfall plus you cant even delete chars..i also suffered from my main chars cannot do the purchasing..however im glad not put money on this..have uninstall and reinstall, back and forth quite a few times but this time gonna be forever..!
I used to enjoy playing the game with no complications until I reached Lv80. After that point it would take an eternity for the game to load, or would just stop at a certain point of loading and I could never play. This is very upsetting. Please find a way to fix this.
I come from finding out auto battle is now a dead game, saddened by this I will check out this game, I have high hopes for the company that made a game that entertained me for so long, I hope this game is just as good as autobattle once was.
I have issues with pvp. Everytime i challenge it brings me to battle screen but it does not show the pvp battle instead it just continues fighting idle monsters. I would have to relog into the character then it would show if i have won or lost my pvp battle. It only happens with one of my characters. It is very frustrating as i can't challenge another pvp as it says i am already pvping so i am forced to relog in. I tried contacting support about a week ago and i have yet to receive a response. Please fix this matter or least have a proper game support to contact.
A totally rad game that takes a little time to understand and to warm up to. Once you get with the lingo and stat builds, it's a downhill battle and loads of fun.
Was fun for a time. Have 3/4 classes maxed. Game is dead now. Company has given up in NA. No more updates. Last actually update was 9+ months ago.
I love this game. Fun little idle MMORPG, with no ads and no paywall. I would definitely recommend it wholeheartedly!
I was playing the game, and I had to restart my phone. After restarting, I started the game up and my progress was gone. For an idle game, this is unacceptible.
Ive waited too long for assistance, if the gameplay wasnt as good as it is you would get one star. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON VIP. You cant create a guild even if you are paying for the membership, every time you try it says server error and boots you from the game. Ive waited 2 weeks for a response on this issue and have gotten nothing. I will not be paying for the VIP again and from this point forward will be telling everyone i know that plays the game they should put their money elsewhere
The game itself is really good. But can you add some cool stuff? Like glow effect on sets or something fancy? Thank you and God bless
This used to be a great idle timewaster. It could be way better if the devs would just take the time to FIX THE GAME. TOO MANY BUGS rob the player of their precious daily pvp tickets and diamonds.
Not so sure the devs are still maintaining this game. Sent a ticket havent heard from them yet. Also their website has 0 contact info or support tools.
hello, I really like this game and been playing it for a year now.. but I can't log in and it just stays in the loading screen for two days now.... please help
The overall game is good, I'd even pay for it. But it is not supported anymore. No updates. Support request hasn't been answered for 3 months already. Why would I pay or even play the dead game?
Devs abandoned this game like a year ago so dont play this game! It will be a huge waste of time!!! Obviously devs were so busy on other things than making their game alive isnt an option!
This game is not going smoothly as an idle game. And for 2 days i cant log in with google account and cant play. I have an alt account using facebook log in and it still works. I hate the developer of this game. More than a week of no sign ins since january 1st only got 300 diamonds, not a good compensation. And now this log in issue. My wifi is stable and yet this happens. Stupid developer
I like the game so much. It bring memories for first time i play ragnarok. Hope there will be new update. I give 5 stars for this awesome game.
I just downloaded this game yesterday and made my own account. But once the game is loading it was downloading content for a 150mb and the download always gets stuck on 39mb. This happens everytime, my wifi is fast and I download while I charge my phone. Tried clearing data and cache, uninstalling and reinstalling. Still getting stuck when it comes up to 39mb please help OmO
Very nostalgic. Easy to free-to-play and very generous with the premium currency. Not a shameless cash grab, I'm impressed!
Please make new update Change job to monk 3rd job champion and equip refine+1 to +4 success then +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 only lucky get success ,fail for not lucky.. and put monster card to equip ..just make like ro enternal love way story. ok sir hope u will male thats update . thanks
When i start second character, all my character can't chat anymore. Plus my avatar for second character can't change and it's keep log out when I'm try to change it
Need more to do an its honestly to much to unlock stuff takes days an you even get stuck to the point where u have to quit playing to let the game auto grind you till ur lvl 30 the next day only to have to wait again after playing like 5 mins
overall this game is good but i think we really need a moderator and english only in general chat..seriously there's too many people talking using tagalog on midgard1 & midgard2 and of course, we do need some updates
This is an amazing game except... evrey time i log in it with my charecter it always gets stuck on a percentage and it never goes past that. please fix this, and no it is not because of the storage, and i know this because that is one of the three games i have.
Dont play this game itll be a waste of time, obviously devs were so busy on other things than making their game alive isnt an option!
Even though it has very few things that actually resemble to the actual Ragnarok game, it is distractive, and does not require that you "play the game", and is still very interesting. The sad thing is that arent many classes, so you cant become a bard, nor rogue, also, skills and atributes are extremelly awkward. But whatever... Promissing project, that deserves improovement, text is too small to be read in small screened mobile phones, for example. Its worth downloading and playing; Have fun!
I really like the game, it is enjoyable but i have a suggestion for the game. If possible would the game developers add a delete function for the already made characters. Please!.
Its a pretty fun game though it gets quite repetitive. The monsters you fight repeat so theres only a handful 9f different ones. And im not sure how youre suppose to grind for pets because the game never explained. A big part of the draw is you can customize your character. But you cant unless you spend money. Theres no one a day free draw or weekly free draw. You need to spend gems which you will never have since you need to spend all of them on other things. Overall needs work
to slow when its in connecting.. this is the game that i have in my phone .please make it some faster connecting it comes in login .thanks
It's pretty cute, but ascending to a higher class is almost impossible if we don't spend real money, by the looks of it. I do wish you allowed us to change the hair style of our characters and that there is a delete option on the character screen.
I like this game a lot. But I hate developer for not develop this game again. And make me stuck on loading Poring (80%), I can't even get in to the game! Everyone, please join me to ask update this game by sending email to developer. I know we can do it. Thanks
2 stars for now. there are issues on this game, 1st is the chat system, specially in Philippines, I can assure you its 100% become Tinder, it also become the most erotic chat ever. No moderation at all. now with that said the 2nd one is there's no way to disable the chat. So if you see your kids playing this, be aware that they maybe engaging on such things I said.
Love the game and this idle game but having alot of bugs, like right now I haven't been able to get daily log in and can't report it.
After playing a whole year, it offers nothing more than repetitive stuff. Updates are dead, chat is getting emptier and emptier, and game is simply as fun as it used to be
Create Guild Function is dead, DO NOT WASTE money to create guild. Generally are awesome in gameplay, just guild are pretty dead. Not really need to spend time in game. Good collection type game.
All new players to the game stop spending your money notice that this game hasnt received an update for a year now who knows itll go down soon
i Enjoy Playing Ragnarok idle poring, i recommend to other player who are looking for easy leveling try this game, and #NOVIP since i started to play and my characters are really great, i love adventures game. Keep up the good work.
So far the game is fun. It is very much an idle game, most of progress happens on down time, but their are things to do each time you play to advance and progress in the game. So far no paywall, but I just started. Cool to have memories of RO.
I absolutely love this game, it's so fun and probably one of my favorites. A problem I find though is that there is a glitch were I choose my character, and it stops loading the game, stuck at 80%. I dont know how to fix this but if I find out how I'll update.
It's a great game, but I've been having some issues with logging in. It just gets stuck on 80% for all eternity.
The game keeps on crashing but i really like to play its great.please fix some bugs and please give us new updates.
Game is literally unplayable. Tried to play. Kept getting stuck at 80% on the loading screen and wouldnt go any further.
It crashes to the point that it is unplayable. Already reinstalled it and still same problem, you play for 3 minutes and the game just stops moving.
Can't believe they banned EU players. If they didn't like the GDPR, then they're probably up to something shady. I'd definitely stay away from this.
Can't create a guild (system error) and game crashes. Contacted support and got ignored. Paid for VIP so I could create a guild and it doesn't work. Going to request a refund so hopefully that will work. Been playing over 500 days and not too happy about this. Might have to find a new game to play.
this game is frustraing, I like it but it takes forever to improve your charwcter after the 3rd rebirth. i have bern stuck in the same map since june 2018 abd i cannot reach level 525 also the game doesnt load , its stuck om 80%
This game is awesome and I would happily give it 5 stars if you would fix the many bugs that are in this game. My pet skills aren't getting unlocked even though I've completed the requirements. And my pvp challenges keep getting stuck and I have to constantly close and reopen the game for every subsequent challenge... Please fix all these bugs because I can't get customer support to respond to any of those issues. Please fix them cause I love this game.
Tried this after the LabofRanarok and wow It is a IDLE game, but now it progress to slow that you need to use diamonds, ever other things used diamonds and diamonds are limited, even gifting uses 50 diamonds that you only get 5-10 diamonds per finished quest where quest is also limited, so you will hit that paywall, and too toxic in chat specially PH players, sure i can block them but don't know what it blocks, it's already above 3 years and still not updated the GUI with lots of bugs
If certain class build stats dont work in early stages why put the option to set own stats? Might ad well just put the recommand button only since if user's own stats build don't work while A.I recommanded build is the only way in order to progress.
Was fun way at the beginning when it was released, but lack of update and variability makes most big spender leaves. For example, all classes has the same skill effect with different names.
Most enjoyable! i've played this game since september 2017, before ROM. im super excited, and also, recommend it to my other Ragnarok player, bcs i've played this game since 2005/6 in PC *Thx for the memories. But now, there is no update or anything new from this game. My fellow player stop playing since 2018, and im the one who stay. So much memories, day and night, 2 years of grinding, pushing map, gathering pet, MVP, gems etc, so sad 😭 (sorry, if my english wasn't really good 😂)
The game has flourised even if the devs haven't updated it for two years. That in itself speaks volumes about the game. That being said, I'd love to sew updates.
They manage to do it: Ruin Iddle game, Every progression is gated with real money currency, You are can't even grind it with time, it's just quick money grab
WTH, I reinstalled ‘coz I was having issues logging in, I was stuck on 80% then did Support suggestion in-game and now I CAN‘T ACCESS my account. As I‘m doing Str4 Top 5% on PvP. FU man.
why sometimes, after selected character, it takes too long for loading. i need to reinstall to solve it. can u fix this problem????
to be honest i am back in the game..good to be back in idle poring RO, i thought this app is closed but suddenly i choose to check on it and it work.. good job GM or makers keep up the good work never give up were here to support your game. merry christmas everyone. godbless all players and staffs.