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River Crossing IQ - IQ Test

River Crossing IQ - IQ Test for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by zlMobile Studio located at Minh Khai - Ha Noi -Viet Nam. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoy problem solving and while I knew the answers to some of these already, some were of course new to me. I eventually deleted the app out of frustration on chapter 11 after struggling to find the solution. After using the show answer button, it turns out you do not need to get everything across the river. This was not made clear in the instructions.
It's very challenging at some levels and is quite fun to play. It gets boring at some point, but a good, challenging game!
This games has many chapters and each chapter needs its own intelligence, If stuck somewhere you can also get the solution but the fun is in having patience and solving it on our own.
Really mind boggling and interesting game.... Puzzles were good enough to make me really concentrate.
Worst You can't clear a level at 1st attempt. Difficult levels take days to be solved or sometimes, extreme levels take months or weeks. So hard to crack. If you're hard thing's lover then its not for you.
Level four is impossible to complete..and without completing u can't be able to go to further level..and for completion of 4th level u have to pay some amount.. without that they cant even help u ... really really disappointed
On the 3 chapter is the boat supposed to travel just once, cause no matter how many times I pressed the 'let's go' button, it won't move? Plz tell me if it's a mistake on my part...
Very good app!! If you do manage to solve a puzzle first time, you should do it again to make sure it was not a fluke
Such a confusing game .......for people who had a great mind should play this ..or...the people's who think it so .. .but for me I should say it is such a great ..loving...amazing...fabulous...rememberable...funny...and...mind testing ... moment.....I ever had .......I enjoyed it a lot to play......KEEP IT UP
my experience is very nice. It is really a hard game but I enjoy it very much. It is a fantastic game. I like this app very much. I recommend that you also download this marvelous game. It is the best game forever I have ever seen in my life. This is also a type of mind game.
Brain games. I can't play this game. Because it is a difficult , hard levels. I reached upto 20 level by seeing in YouTube.
Excellent game . really it helpful for brain reasoning and improve the iq keep doing apps. Problem with clear explanation and solutions in understable and logical manner . good .i think one of the best app with no remarks . good app and thank you 😍
very interesting game.It feel like a test for mind.I really enjoyed playing this game especially few levels are very hard. Infact it is true challenge for intelligent people....
The app is great. But at the very second level, the instructions are framed so stupidly that you don't understand them at all. What in the world is this supposed to mean - When the mother is absent ONE YEAR OLD OLDER OR YOUNGER KIDS WILL GO HOME. What is one year old older or younger kids? Am I supposed to solve a riddle to know what the instructions mean?
Too mind boggling. When it is too hard... It destroy the fun. Level 1 already so difficult..people will quit the game easily
few i knew fromy childhood, but there are enough to make you want to solve on your own, and also get annoyed enough to google answers πŸ˜‚. solving on own will give that awesome fell of accomplishment. and this made me love this app ❀️
Seemed ok. Got to a level I couldn't beat. Used a disproportionate amount of coins to unlock answer. Took the coins, got a success pop up, but then no answer and not allowed to move on. Dafuq?
This game is so fun! You have to think a lot or you'll lose, so every level is always a challenge. The part with the men&wives is really funny.
Brilliant, but the English help/objective description is so bad, I had to figure out & realize the logic in each stage my own self from errors made at Chapter 1 itself - Thereafter, it was Genius
I like this logical game. but you know, I think that your game have some human right problem. Like, "husband would not allow their wives ..blah blah.." that sentences, and circumstances are very ridiculous and leg farrrr behind. I know that you just wanna make unique, funny game. But I want you to make some different idea for the circumstances in the game. Like boss and employee.. or something. You're game is great. So i believe you can make better in that part.
The developers listened and corrected problems with an earlier version. The screen now flips when the phone is rotated and the instructions for each level are much more clear. Kudos to the developers for taking feedback.
It is a good IQ Game to enjoy.Whoever are sharp in thinking process,they will complete the game in quicktime
I really like this game, it's challenging and the puzzles are well thought out... simple controls and graphics make this fantastic. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, it's better
Well a good game !!!! Suggest to play this for time pass...best brain twister game according to me only the graphics are not up to the level...
This game quite fun, but the pop up about get answer by 10 zcoint is blocking "lets go" button in chapter 4 and making me unintentionally press the "answer" button istead of "lets go". I lost 10 zcoint just for easy chapter. And I tried to watch add to get zcoint but no video available and it is feel like I was forced to buy zcoint. I just install this game today and think to uninstall this game now.
Your game is like library of all of the ads present in the world sucks games. I can't understand why you are wasting your time to develop this type of game. Plz don't install the game. It is a waste of time and the ads are sucks your life😑😑😑😑😑
River IQ was finally turned as maze or tic tac nor as the water map. Otherwise 5stars (an old requirement of the computer games actually got fulfilled).
It was fun I cracked he whole game but last stage is not open yet do fast. Other wise we will uninstall it it waste now.
A very very good app for brain training. Everything is cool with this game including its controls and graphics.
egg not properly move in egg step some times. tiger Will not eat bufflow it is not clear in the chapter. otherwise funful and intresting puzzle without 4men-women chapter.
Chapter 11 - "Eat first !" ... and I realised, I need to first eat my meal rather than to waste time collecting coins to understand its meaning. So, one doesn't need much IQ to solve riddles but definitely coins for unclear instructions.
this game is not so bad, but in my opinion you can give better description because there are just some pictures without explanation.... you can just guess the answers .......
It's very good simple game format. Really liked the logical problems. Very good for adults as well as kids.
Very nice and challenging game for gamers who they think they are finish all games challage you can not complete this game without help . If you done this so man you are a born genius .
This game is very challenging but fun! I managed to complete all the chapters and was very satisfied. I also managed to complete the full version (36chapters) that is more challenging. I suggest to provide undo button so that we don't need to try all over again everytime as it is quite frustrating. Good game!
Quite fun and entertaining. Gets really hard after the first few level. Also you have to watch alot of ads to get hints.
Challenging but so fun! I hate mindless games so, while on lockdown I discovered this app by accident... it makes me think and keeps my brain from becoming oatmeal... im super addicted...
I love this game...it's driving me crazy...it's super difficult and has me using parts of my brain I never knew I had. Lol
one of the best game with a very simple architecture. primary focus is on problem solving abilities which is much appreciated. i personally it for all age groups to try this game. graphics is not flashy (and it is good) because the purpose here is to solve problem not distract you with the graphics.
Great game! Your brain will get a full workout. I love that you can earn coins and use them to pass an impossible level. This game is a lot of fun!
Terrible game.. Just about managed to put up with the first two levels. When the third level popped up depicting black people as cannibals, it was time to uninstall.
Now the biggest issue is that the in the levels with limited number of moves when I'm so close to solve it there is no option to reverse a move if you did it by mistake and so I need to play the whole level again remembering what I did last time. Please add this feature and I'll remove this rating. Otherwise great game.
Really fun and enjoyable, makes u think a lot in the right way. I got hooked on to the game right away. Definitely recommend this game to those who would want a good work out to their brain. However, There are some basic flaws to the game regarding ads,control and restart. Either way, It's a berry good one time game.
The sound is like too loud my phone (not only this) always does like a static sound. That's not all, if you people are like me 1 IQ then don't install this game. You will not be able to do anything. But if you are smart, go ahead. It will test your IQ. Overall, I give this a 1.
No doubt superb game , icoic for a science student. It's not only a game , but also a brain opener other hand. And the matter to remember i.e. it is for children to adult .
I love this game so much its really helped me focus on something and I can go back another time and try again. Sruck on level 15
Very annoying background music, very bad graphics . Maybe my opinion will be an incentive for you to improve the quality of your product.
This game is frustrating πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. But if you are patient and willing to learn from mistake and change the way you look at things..it will help you grow a lot β™₯️