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Rivals at War: Firefight

Rivals at War: Firefight for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
PLEASE READ!! NEW UPDATED REVIEW!! I Wrote this review on Monday October 26th 2020 because I could not find and still cant find a way to access/view my cards. I had and still have too many and needed and still need to sell some but I dont know where they're at. There's no button or anything that I can click to view/sell them. So until this gets resolved (I'm not trying to be rude I would just like for it to be fixed) my review is going to be 3 stars. Hope it gets fixed๐Ÿ™‚. Thanks๐Ÿ™. -Kendal Myers
Awesome game....but can't use tour for Elite soldiers when they retire ...that's totally unfair..do something about it plz
Tapjoy doesnt work, graphics could be way better instead of looking like polished rat turd, however the game has great gameplay overall. This game has tons of potential but the devs only focus on bug fixes. They could add live events, a whole new campaign, or just more ways to play.
I've been playing this and the original Rivals at War games and they're fun but very repetitive. We need new maps, game modes, weapons, characters, and player customizations. The AI also isn't very good and the matchmaking could be improved. I always come back to play and restart but eventually it gets boring again. Please update!!!
I love this game I mean its good in all good gameplay good Graphics it's a good game just saying I should say I played a game like this it was called Revals at War but without the fire fight part it was as good as this one but they took out where you can control a player it's still good but I like where you can control a player this is why I like the game so much but good job on the gameplay the graphics and all that it is a good game thank you so much guys and have a nice day
Game is awsome played it on and off for a long time it has fee glitches and bugs but is super fun just wish they would add it to invite a freind in vs or co-op or something bring more life to this awsome game
Its ridiculous how pay to play this game is the game itself is fun but when i go in to a match and the enemy has explosive ammo with higher level characters and a higher level team i just get one shot all the time, and every match lasts like 3 min and theres energy but you only get 6 and a game takes 1 and its 20 before you get one back WHY. Its a game i have to wait to be annoyed at.
I've loved the game and how you control your own unit, my only wish is that we can control sniper and grenade launcher units.
That match making is really something else I've literally versed teams that are 10-20+ the overall ranking of mine and my sniper on my team doesn't exist. My teammates can't shoot straight and any team with a sniper on theirs is a God and literally can not be shot or miss a shot. Game is a cash grab with forced ads and unfair mechanics. Don't play.
Great game there is just a couple things I ask for 1: plz take out the energy so you can just play game with no limit 2:make this a multiplayer with a zombies and also make a normal crosshair that's all I ask for so thank you
This game has no real players,yeah,i mean it.It only has an AI players tryna fool u to believing they're real players.If ur makin a fully single player game,add an offline mode,this is stupid
Worst game because, 1. If you have team rating 50 so maximum times you will face 80 or above rating team in quick match. 2. Less equal team rating match. 3. Super Soldier comes when we complete special missions that's ok but it is of no use when tour is finish in Super Soldier card. 4. If you face high rating team, then you have 30% to 40% chances of wining it only, because snifer kills your teammate when he is hidden behind the wall which is impossible. 5. This game should not be played at all.
Great combat game good graphics and good controlles it's such a good game get it now you will enjoy it!
Gameplay is fun but the energy bar runs it all. It takes so long just to get a single bar and I can barely play unless I use bucks to refill it. I hope you reduce the time to regenerate energy.
I used to play this game all the time for years back then. I recently got back, and the experience is still exciting as the earlier days. Easily the most underrated shooting game ever. I also love the nostalgia. Thank you Hothead!
Fun concept if the matchmaking didn't either put me against squads with power rating more than 10 below me or more than 10 above me. Also, rework snipers. seriously, a sniper perch apparently acts like cover, which should not be the case. If you get close enough to shoot a sniper in his perch, than you should be rewarded for avoiding his infinite range and guarenteed headshots by allowing you to kill him in less than thirty shots.
I like it it is a very good game I like I just keep trying but by the way can you take away the energy thing cause it's taking to long to fill up so yeah but pretty much I like the game
Can you make the pvp system a little more balanced, please. Maybe with a higher chance of going against an equal opponent, instead of throwing me in a fight that is either too easy or is guaranteed to have me lose.
Been playing ever since Rivals At War came out, this game is my favourite since I can actually control the Team Commander but the matches are too short and I have to wait for a long time for the energy bar to refill. I suggest a best of 3 match so that it will be more competitive and fun to play with others. Also please fix the match making, I keep playing against power ratings which are 10 above from mine sometimes. But still a fun game to play when you are bored.
team so stupid dont capture the objective,they just move around then take cover,move around then take cover so,add command that i can use to tell them what to do,to defende or attacking,great hate it when im capturing the objective still far away taking their cover
The game is phenomenal please keep working on this game and please fix a bug that I've been encountering every time I sell more than 1 card I get an error saying I don't have the card already
I want the energy bar to increase to like two times or three of the one in the game, and I also want the developers to upgrade the game's graphics to higher level of stunning environment, and the soldiers and their guns to many update upgrades charaters with manny defrent campaign, even if all the upgrades will take up to 1or 2gb I will afford and download it 'cus' I've been playing this game for a very very long and I love.
Very good idea with direct unit control, why you abandoned project ''rivals at war''? i think you could develop the project in something bigger and better.
but I feel the first person shooting could be better , all the soldiers should be able to get to a 100 but they only get xp by playing and wins ,lastly some of the soldiers should be able to have the same gun and be a postion like forinstance explosive should have explosives as a secondary
You guys just made one of the best game in mobile, the game just needs update,Online Friendlists, Custom fight ( Vs friends ) and Ranks In fights,arcade Modes And so many things to add , Also pls slowdown the points when a side is in the mission area, THIS GAME IS GREAT IF THE DEVS ARE ACTIVE AND DOING THEIR BEST TO IT PLEASE HAVE A BIG UPDATE COZ I LOVE THIS GAME I HAVE PLAYED THIS GAME FOR YEARS AND I THINK IT IS GETTING BORING MY SOLDIERS ARE MAX RATINGS, PLEASE UPDAAAAAATE SORRYFORMYENGLISH
Awesome!!! Adrenaline rush with a sweet motivating angel voice sets the mood of action are simply awesome for a game. I rate this 4 stars for now because i know you can improve the graphics for more until then, the fight will go on...
Before ot wasnt updated i love the game i kept looking at this game for 7 months but till i found it i download it started playing it was fun but troops arent shooting good but the enemy can shoot very well pls fix this if not i will rate this one star unfair mechanics
I like the concept that medics are nit healing you when he is firing and you had a 21percent health and hell heal you 80percent and sometimes the sniper has a mind going for a charge i like the game its good ill give it 5 stars
This game is really good I must say. But my experience for this game tells me that you should add more hat types like military caps with many optional designs, baseball caps and more eye wear like sunglasses. I hope that my opinion is used in the next update. Keep up the good work.
Love it but I hate when players get angry about saying how they cant beat the enemies or whatever well 1 you need to get better soldiers use tactics and use skill perks and replace bad soldiers with new ones I can explain all day so stop complaining jeez
I ranked one in campaign and my 30 in game bucks were not issued to me. They say u get the reward but it doesnt happen. Game was decent but if u like not getting reimbursed for your effort and time, this game is great for u
No balance at all, the game creates teams that best you whenever it feels like it. For example i use my best tactics and get matchrd against a much lower team...then the next game im against someone whose only level 2 yet has a 80 rated team with one shot snipers? Total unbalanced BS. They dont update it so avoid!
Yet another great game I played the other ones that have since the first Raw and I've enjoyed them ever since I wish I could get back my account besides that keep it up you guys are awesome!
This is the only game where you can be the strongest of them all without even paying a dime. You can get rank one in all of the campaigns, have lots of elite and super soldiers without ever spending real money. This game is NOT PAY TO WIN! I loved it! Gameplay is great, controls are smooth. Fast paced lightning action with 60fps speed. The only thing missing is an update of the app itself but that wont even drop my ratings for this excellent game.
i love this game for its user UI and NPCs because even if you a dead and take tome to respond your team can win for you. I would love if rivals at war can have a campaign app or have this game playable offline.
The game is awesome ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ but , I would recommend a few things , one is that I hate the matchmaking , I'm lvl 3 & I'm given lvl 12 and 15 to fight ? Two is the weapon place , I would want it like I select a sniper , the weapon place shows me different types of sniper rifles and I choose from them , three , the controls , I constantly lose control , four , why wouldn't the game let me be other players ? We should be able to be medics ,etc. Last , what is this defeats thing ? Plz remove it .
Not the best. Unbalanced matchmaking. Ive experienced multiple times where my rating would be 37-39 and i'd go agaisnt people/ai on 45-59. The weapons have unrealistic accuracy to the point where you might as well get rid of the crosshair. and also i have a slight suspicion of that this game isnt actually multiplayer but just needs you to have wifi on for the ads
It is a very intresting excellent game .It's graphics are also good .The are also exciting like save the hostages , destroy the truck , track the device and lot more . The soldiers weapons and helmets are so cool . Keep it up. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜
I love this game a lot there is nothing wrong with it. The creators know what they are doing. But my only problem is that it's not offline. And I move around a lot and most of the time I don't have wifi. Please make the game offline.
Wish we could add people as friends please. Very fun game. Oh and voice chat would be pretty cool to you. Hope to see some new updates soon. Big up come from the last one you made.
I used to play this game many years ago I am addicted to it. I really love this game back then. But now I am disappointed. Years have passed and nothing new were added to the game, still look the same. The graphics still dosn't look good, the enemies are still OP and literally nothing new to the game
It was awesome I love the game and its controls I love the weapons and the way the medics actually work
This game is so much fun however I accidentally uninstalled it however recorded the team code but not the team name which I forgot. If it's possible can you devs recover my account because I had a lot of progress on it.
Your AI squad mates are retarded and can't enter objective zone w/o u going inside first. Sniper AI can shoot through buildings. Pistol mag size (ammo amount) for assault rifles. Missing at point blank when the target is inside the aiming circle. Weapons have less range than a pistol. I get that you are trying to even things out but this is ridiculous. Every map has mesh problems and the 200 buck pack is not worth it. Overall the game runs incredibly smooth.
This game is ok, my only problem is why out of all the country's theirs no USA! I'm a US citizen and I would like to play as a US soldier!
Really fun game to play there should be more cosmetics and such to customize your team also my game is a little buggy and I am not sure why sometimes when I sell a soldier it says I don't own that card and I can't change my team patch without the card disappearing on me and sometimes when I get patches from a pack they don't show up in the selections
Short but high paced action game..I liked it..but I also think it should be a bit long game and there should be story mode..and more challenging levels and or grounds . Rest it's a good game.๐Ÿ‘โค
Only could stand five minutes of the forced tutorial before I considered uninstalling. You, the player do not get to make the choice to skip such. The game play is hardly engaging with the control scheme that was designed. Although neat graphics, a galaxy S5 can render at 60FPS "High Graphics". I miss rival fire...
Its for people who likes to play games for short time but still meet your expectations and thrill in a combat game.
Well it's lot of fun, and action in this game.! I recommend ๐Ÿ‘Œ this game ๐ŸŽฎ if like ๐Ÿ‘ war games ๐ŸŽฎ ๐Ÿ˜€
Great game hothead. This is really good except for one thing. I wish that in the next update you could let us control the sniper, radioman, breacher, saw gunner and medic. Otherwise, great game
its so good ive been searching a good action games and here it is come download this game!.ALSO Please add more game modes,campaigns,soldiers,weapons,clans,etc
i love this game because it is very smooth or it has strong violent , there is my own team and who play this game he is head of team ,so thanks for this game ๐Ÿ˜Ž
I would give it five stars but, the only thing is that I am carrying my team and winning without them. My team takes forever going to the mission area and by the time they get there me or the other team win. Edit: I also don't like the idea of showing the losses. Since again you are probably losing because of your team. I will rate this app a 5 if your actual team would help a bit with the mission area.
(THE GAME NEEDS A NEW UPDATE) im huge fan in this game, pls this game is boring imben playing this game for 2 years and half month , and ther's stil no update?. we need new map and new cool type of guns and cool military outfit add some good or epic stuf to make this game better pls make the game better and new. (Sorry for bad english)
Where's my money? Is this a scam? 32 hours now already after purchasing 1000 bucks still I did not receive it on my account. Careful!!!!
This is my favourate game and gameplay i have ever seen or played the game was very good and the gameplay was perfect. But only one thing that make me hate the game that its hard to get more rating and i always. Lose its very hard to win without a good. Team and now i always lose and don't know what can i do exept i uninistall the game
Please stop the hold timing of 5 seconds after reviving the soldiers it gives a lot of time to the enemies, improve the graphics and add tour renewals in super soldiers. Else the gameplay is awesome.
this is the worlds most best game based on shooying and terrosist attacks. i m very with login and daily rewards and the silver card that are given to us at cheap cost of ten bucks. there are very skilled commander,radioman,beacher,sniper,medic and saw gunners. my team name is indian fighters and my team rating is 62. thnks to hothead gaming inc. for giving a wonderful games to us and thanks from all our indian fighters team . jai hind,jai bharat.
it perfect exept for the fact that you have to play limitedly like the bar you have to wait like 20 minutes just to play one game once your out and the fact that your teamates dont do anything for you to help they are literally useless
To be clear enough, i hated this game alot but now since then, i really got a blast out of it. Apart from the Original RAW where it's random at all times, you can actually control a single soldier and really do whatever you want. The shots are very random even when you're shooting very near, the demolition are overpowered because of their weapons and snipers can literally eliminate you when you show up in the battlefield. Though i got a pattern and really enjoyed it. You just really need to be..
My phone enough storage I try to whatsapp facebook delete oll my app. Then install game very interesting. Thanks hothead games. Please new updated ago 2 year later no updates in
Unfair, I am always put against people that have a much higher ratting then me and I lose, so technically I just wasted energy on lossing. Fair isn't putting me against someone who has all the advantages while I have nothing. Until I am put with people very close to or at the same rating as me, I am not playing this game.
It is ok, but is cool that you have a squad of people and you pick their gun, skills and much more. You can also pick different mission in the game like capturing the place point more then the enemy.
disappointing. solid idea, poor execution. just won a match, and didn't receive any reward for it. Doesn't bind your account to Google play. why am I not rewarded for completing and winning matches? isn't that the entire premise of your game?
Very good game i love playing this game when i was 8 or 9 years old and this game is still, the best war game i hope theres more updates coming : )
I have been playing RAW since the beginning . This is what I been waiting for . Nice job ! flash-forward it's come a long way and I'd love the game play the smoothness of the action and graphics and gameplay . Five-star all the way .... This is extended review. I've been playing R.A.W. since it came out and they have totally rocked this game . And if you're good enough you don't need money to win . I really look forward to the time when we can klan up . Good job all y'all at Hot Head Games
it's very amazing game good graphics and good controls made .easy to use this game it's best online game. there is more maps and there should be multiplyer mode with 10vs 10.in next update fix it but this game should be ofline.
The gameplay is simple, yet fun. I've played this back in my childhood but now I'm coming back to it especially now that I have a better phone
There are 2 big problems from what i experienced: 1) MATCHMAKING, it is often unbalanced in matchmaking, team rating around 45s often matched with overpowered team rating 60s or more, it is ridiculously annoying and they often brought elite soldiers and full 3 gold strategies. 2) ADS SYSTEM, there is a problem for the free credits advertising, i usually mute the ads audio because i want to listen to music, but that results the ads pausing. So i cant listen to music Please fix this, thanks.
Great Game all over. I would like an update where you can play as the different classes. I mean I think it'd be epic to play as the saw gunner and stuff. Just a thought but please take this into consideration.
Fantabulous game but power bar should be removed from the game so that the game should be more exiting
This game is absolutely pay to win. First off your soldiers have a number of tours they can do once that's gone you have to pay real money or cross your fingers you get a tour card which doesn't drop often. Second if you don't have the money to buy the packs the players who do have way stronger soldiers than you get access to naturally. Third matchmaking sets you up against enemies nearly 30 points higher than your self.
Played It When It Came Out ,Regardless Of Minor Issues And Not Being A Crybaby I Still Play It And It Is A Damn Fun Game . Hope You All Continue Updating It !
Matchmaking is the only thing that don't give you enjoy the game. I'm 33 rank against 37...40...39. Hole damn day i try to go futher than 3 stage from 5 in daily missions to earn cheap card set. Terrible experience with this game. To garbage.
This game is really suck need to fix i wasted money to buy soldier to get team commander and i got same thing again! And even the P.O.W rescue team to get super soldier team commander and 2 TIMES! GET THE SAME SUPER STUPID BREACHER!!!! OH THIS GAME IS SUCK I PLAY P.O.W RESCUE UNTIL COMPLETE AND I GOT THE SAME BREACHER 3 TIMES THE SAME BREACHER THIS GAME IS MOST BROKEN AND SUCK!!
Awesome game. Looking forward to the update. Keep up the good job. developer's still waiting for the latest updates.................
This could be so much better. Here are the problems. There is energy. 6 battles before I have to wait for energy to replenish. Each soldier can only fight a certain amount of times before their rating drops. You have to buy more tours for them. Progress is stopped after a while because you have to spend more than you make. It's all pay to win after 10 hours pf playing for free. Here's how to make the game good. Remove the energy system. Remove the tours. Do that, and I might spend some money.
This is a fun strategic game with tactics and more it's the graphics that are the only problem apart from that it is great
It is bit difficult but I like it I get angry when I am defeated 5 times because I have to start from the first mission again. I like it very much!
The game is awesome the team has very precise and well thought-out attacks based on which skills you apply not to metion the cover shooting parts are just remarkable...the game is awesome but you could add a couple more of maps though to make the game more entertaining cause playing on the same maps gets boring sometimes
It is an awesome game ๐Ÿ‘ and I want to thank the makers a lot because it has tactics and u can control ur own character.But I wish that in future update there is an crouch button but besides this , everything is awesome ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜
Good effort. The game is more beautiful, easy, interesting and amazing than the first version. Mostly I liked the controlling of player in the game. Graphics are no doubt good. No it's a good game for those who like shooting games, and I am one of them. Willingly waiting for the next update.
this game suck... they said squad play but if u play..this game want you carry the whole your squad, other squad is joke, only know how to moving, if they fire, like 10 accuracy, even rank is over 85.... silver, elite, and super soldier is no different, so dont waste your money on this game..
i think its time to update since 2016 don't u think .omg such a great game and nothing new always the same places roumd and round. what a shame for me this was the best game on google play ever.
i really like this game but it doesnt give me my daily reward, also i downloaded two games thatll give me extra bucks if i complete some challenges witch i did (only one tho still working with the other) but i didnt get my 67 bucks
Is this game dead? because a far a I concern their is no update ever since If thinking your playing thinking playing this go ahead play it is fun but dont buy packs or boost from this because your money will be wasted since their is no a good update. Please devs a good update and i will change my rating and tell this game to all of my friends
WARNING: DO NOT DOWNLOAD! The absolute worst attempt at a PVP game EVER! Worst AIMING system ever! I continue to shoot bots(cause that's what they are)in the head, nothing. Bot snipers are overpowered. My snipers NEVER get to a viewpoint! Card distribution system is lame. Developers need to delete this from GP. Worst game ever. NO STARS FOR ME! Guns are weak and takes years of actual work without paying to develop a half decent squad.TRASH.
I love this game but my team is so stupid they just go and take cover. well sometimes they go to the mission area I just always go to the mission area because is easy to win I love this this game it let's you play as a Commander that awesome i wish that we can play as a the other class like a medic so I Can heal my solider. but this game is a lot of bad I don't like it that much I will end it....
SUGGESTION FOR THE GAME Try putting on LAN/CUSTOM game. Like we can customize the game such as maps, mission areas and etc and have a battle between 2 teams. It would be so much fun playing with someone near you
It is the best and coolest action game. I am a gamer loves these kind of game. It is also easy to play.
This is LITERALLY the BEST GAME EVER because it is so fun and it can control your kids screen time by using energy bars and once all bars are gone (which are used per battle) you cannot play anymore, so you must have a eye break
Its quite well polished if you asked me. Id consider it addicting if there were no energy things. but, all in all, interesting game.
Can you please make a more even match? I'm only level four and i just got putted up with a level 10 player. Can you make that even?
I played this since I was junior high and I came back again. I notice that it was still the same update since I played last time. Please update this game, this game has a lot of potential if you did make a lot of updates.
Best shooting game ever, but if you could add tanks as well or maybe fighting vehicles,and a bazooka or grenade.
This game is very nice to play during leisure time, it has only some problem...unbalanced matchmaking and bugs. Hoping that these are gonna be fixed soon
is a money making game for players around the world enjoy player-versus-player do tournaments around the world
How in the HELL am I suppose to win if the opposite team is stronger than me by a long percentage, Can there atleast be a balanced match up system for it to be fair? Like a 40 vs 40. Gameplay is alright though
This game is fun, it really is. But what annoys me though is the energy system and the tours system. Matchmaking is sometimes unfair, 1 rating above your level is enough to beat you which sucks. Please fix the matchmaking and please add more weapons, soldier customizations, more maps and game modes, also please add a custom match that allows you to choose what modes and maps and difficult levels, the reward is depending how high the difficulty level is.
This game was great back in the day and it is still a great third person shooter. Honestly if this was a console game that would be dope as hell
This is very much nice and interesting gam e and this game has very high graphics really it's good game I will give 5 stars to this game.
I used to play this game a long time ago, but then I uninstalled it because I was getting bored. And now I'm playing it again. And I'm glad I am. There's been a lot of improvements since I last played it. So I will definitely keep playing this game for a long time. But I do have one recommendation. Could you make the graphics better on everything? The guns, soldiers, and the environment. That would be great. But other than that, GREAT GAME team hothead๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘.
The game is really fun and they make it easy for you to move up without buying items so I'd recommend it to anyone who loves shooter games on their phone
The Game Is Great Since I was A Kid This Game Was one of My Favorite GAME And It's Still Great Today 2021. It's still playable A lot Of People still play this game. The Reason why I rated 4 Is that Theres not really That much Change on The Game The Graphics Could Be Better Like the Graphics in this new Innovation And a little Bit Of Bug fixes I'm not a Dev so I don't know what Is the process of patching The game But This Game Has Potential I will Rate It 5 When It's Patch. OVERALL GREAT GAME ๐ŸŽฎ
It's fun, but the energy bar to do stuff is an outdated mechanic. It limits game time. Come on guys why? Why do you want to make a good game suck with a dang energy bar? I was having a good time and then outta no where you can't play. Deleting because of this.
Thanks for fixing the problem. Loving playing again. It would no longer open about a year ago. But without any updates it is working fine again. Great but still seems to lack something. Maybe a change in location. This is a very good game idea. Just needs some polishing to make it GREAT.
Cool game, cool graphics. But i think if we could have access to all other soldiers like snipers, saw gunners e.t.c just a matter of choice, it could be much more great.
The game sucks AI sucks literally my sniper is being useless literally sometimes my troops get stuck in spawn I have to keep buying hostages and lives because of this stupid AI my team even barely do anything my sniper will go to close range where enemies are my medic sometimes doesn't heal me even he's so close and doing nothing. I played this game for a long time and I quitted for a year and came back and it'd still be the same FIX THIS..