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Rivals at War: 2084

Rivals at War: 2084 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Matchmaking is horrible. I consistently get matched up with teams that are 20+ higher overalls than me and I'm a 63 overall right now. It kills the fun when i lose 10 games in a row for a campaign and play teams that are 80 and higher consistently. I end up earning very little to try and improve my team. This game is pay to win.
Good but not enough players for campaigns, basically cant get past the second mission because you need to complete a campaign that's unavailable to play
Game is dead, spent 2 days trying to find a campaign and still nothing. aside from that the game is obviously pay to win which is probably why it died.
this game is died? last update in 2016, are the developers are die too? i played this game since 2015 until now update just in 2016? where the developers?
Game mechanics are terrible and if you switch devices and cant get team back and have to remember a 12 digit log code to recover your team and name
very fun game had lots of fond memories my main issue is that gives it 4 stars is this games Hants been updated in three years which is a shame for a game with much potential left...
in app puchases arent working for me. once purchase is confirmed the app closes and when reopened nothing changed.
In-game purchasing issue finally got fixed. Thanks to the active individuals in support team. I finally got my 1,000 bucks. Got the elite soldiers I wanted. God bless you all!!!
What the I never see this game is the world this is first time .I mean very very very very worst of shooting game
The game kept crashing for me and when I tried to by the bucks my game crashed as well both times and I never received the bucks either.
I didn't get my bucks when I paid!!! don't spend money on it!!!! they've now fixed the problem within an hour good customer support.
cash grab app where every mechanic is designed to make the player spend money on the game for some tacit sketchy benefit which doesn't last permanently
Can we please get a report feature as i get further into the game i keep getting more hackers and it makes the game really not fun to play since there is no possible way for me to win.
Sucks, it's just watching some lame video. No actual gameplay. Matchmaking is off, just like 4 years ago. But that's why it's pay to win.
Extremely enjoyable game, but the lack of bands is upsetting to say the least. I am at a loss how they think it's fair that I (with a team rating of 48) can face off to a player with a team rating of 130, 3 times in a row!!!
This game has the worse if not worst matchmaking system I've ever seen in any mobile game that I've played. The game doesnt even give you a chance its seriously annoying having to face an enemy 20-30 team points higher than yours. Unless they can fix it, this game is a dissapointment....it has sooo much potential to be a great game....but the RNG mechanics are afwul the luck win ratio is broken I still loose to team power lower than mine and like I've said the matchmaking is the worst Pls fix it
good but the match making is so broken i lost 8 times in a row even with tactics i don't even have enough coins to keep repairing or buy cards
id rate it higher but im at a standstill. i try to enlist in a campaign and i can't enlist in any of them please fix this problem so i can continue on!?!
I bought one of it's promotions but it just charged me and didn't give me anything. It wasn't much but I worked hard for that money :(
It's a really good game and I love it but I payed to get some bucks or whatever you call them in the game. I did this three times first time to get 400 and two more to get 1000. I still haven't got the 400 from a few days ago and haven't got the two 1000 ones from tonight
unbelievable, went to purchase the one time offer for ingame currency and as soon as the purchse went through game would crash and i get scammed out of the ingame currency i literally just purchased.
Hey guys, & those who potentially dropped this game for its issues, as of July 4, 2020, it's FINALLY, match making for Campaigns is working, well, more often, it is a grind , and yes , not All platinum gear & soldiers are the best 😁
Fun, being a "coach" point of view, cannot find enough teams for campaigns, *Note:if you receive Failure to find enough teams: Try re_enlisting.... And Maybe..... You'll find enough teams 🤔
Look I like war games..but this one I not so..simply because I just can look and buy a cards. Not control by myself
great game but I can't advance in the game cus there's no one playing the campaigns please help someone
Server can not load Regular and veteran campaigns. Is this game still supported? My previous comment were deleted. Developers does not respond to complaints. it would be better if you could participate in war instead of computer that decides outcome.
Seems like I'm having the same problem as some other players who have purchased bucks. Force closed the app and I didnt received my bucks. Hope that the developers can help me solve the issue.
Game sold me 100+100 bucks promo. After buying, the game restarted and I come back to Create Team no bucks.
Really good game but matchmaking is so unbalanced I was a 32 power and went against a 45 power team..... WHAT!!
Hello. I Bought the 1000bucks. But my game crashed. I got charged the money. But didn't get the 1000Bucks. Please help. Have already send a mail to the support team. If this didn't happen. I would give 5 stars
The game is good but you can easily get bored of it, and without being able to control your soldiers it just makes it meaningless to fight.
I like but i wish that there was a area that you can control them in. like a live pvp. why do people rate it bad because there is no controlling your team. even though it says it is a simulation.
It is a pretty good game. Very similar to the Big Win games, but I find the battles more interesting to watch. Only down side is a few glitches and errors here and there, like my sniper got stuck in a staircase and was rendered useless.
Great coaching style game, players have different attributes, keep the ones that suit your play style, sucks when you get matched with players way above your level, But it feels so good when you win against them, lol, unfortunately.... Horrible can't get into ANY...! Of The Campaigns, for months! And when I contact them, say something about try later because of my time zone,,,,, what a shame
The game is good but every time i get in a battle it kicks me out of the game and im not able to watch the battle i have to keep logging back in its annoying please fix the bug Id appreiciatte it
This game is soooooooo much fun, the graphics are not as good as the 2019-2020 games but the concept of the game is good. So to sum it up, this game is really fun I recomend getting it!
The game is fun but the please fix the matchmaking system.my team rating is 52 and that matchmaker just gives me enemies with a rating of 70 above,that ain't fair.
I made a purchase and sent an email out asking for to have the content i paid for to be put in my account or at least refunded but have yet to get a response. it's been 3days
The games awsome i loves it I have a suggtion if you can create a game or add a mode in rivals at war that its rivals at war firefight but in space that be cool
this game is ....so good i cant say it on the comments but its the best game i have ever played.:)))))))))))))))))(.also get rid off the fu****kilp reward plz:)
The game is good and nice but the problem is that it takes a lot of data and it's so nearly hard for someone to continue his her mission why don't it be freely play am so sorry pls forgive me for my word I think it's more better to take term and conditions when downloading the app not when play with the game Thanks for understanding me
This game is fabulous but the amount of coin spent healing and repairing gear is atrocious I like the concept but it's too expensive for the amount of coin you actually make but all in all the art style and graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is beyond perfect but I cant give it five stars until they fix the heal and repair aspect of the game but all in all great experience would recommend to my friends
What happened to the original RaW? I used to play it on my old Ipod. I played all 3 versions, I forgot about this game until recently and wondered what had happened to it.
10/10 would get rigged rng, get matched with teams 15 ratings higher, no soldiers in the ten packs I opened, beaten by teams 20 ratings lower
This game sucks there is no gameplay you just spectate your team die over and over then you just win miraculously, I don't recommend it and customisation is so lame and kinda useless graphics are PS2 level of bad and that's all this game is about
100% pay to win . . . This game is a absolute joke . . . Dont bother playing this garbage trash cuz youll get put up against ppl who waste money on the game and have no soul in their body and youll just lose every match cuz of Pathetic money spenders so dont bother installing this pathetic excuse for a mobile game
In game store is buggy I tried purchasing $10 worth of bucks and the purchase was confirmed then the game crashed, which resulted in no bucks be credited to my account. I tried two more times and ended up with the same result. To make matters worse I was actually charged the $30 but still NO BUCKS!!! This happened over a week ago and I've sent emails to their support email and still haven't heard back..
game would be much better if it was fps and if you actually could controll the characters like for example like hero hunters but not an exact copy.
I played you at the beginning lost my progress went on and you still didnt change that much... But, you were close in my childhood of games, thank you... Now I find myself back replaying old games. Nvm you mad it worse than before, graphics droped maybe some games should have stayed the same and not updated.
I played back in 2013... spent some money in that account. I came back and spent $20. it didnt seem to register but my money was just taken out of my account... I think I'm going to avoid your games if your just stealing money.
i didnt get my 400 bucks when i bbn purchased them... but i git a receipt on my gmail saying that it was confirmed & had went through to my account. PLEASE HELP! when i ordered the 400 buck pack... my app crashed & my 400 bucks didnt go through. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME?! i see everyone else payments going through but not mine... PLEASE HELP ME!
I use to play this game years ago but quit because of one big issue and that's the fact that you spend more coins on healing your soldiers and fixing equipment then you can actually win playing the game. And yet years later the same problem exist. I don't know how they haven't fixed this still to this day.
The only problem about this game is how I got scammed because I bought this 1.42 thing or something like that and I was supposed to get 200 bucks but my game closed and didn't get anything please fix this and please if u can give me a refund or my bucks 🤔
Its good but when i tried to get 400 bucks on the afk arena reward on free bucks i got nothing it was a new account and i got nothing plz fix this
A very nice game with no problems. But I wish that it had a way you can control the squad leader like the other RAW.
I love your games but why all is online that's why I will give 3 star because of the performance but can you pls add offline mode to all of your games its kinda hard when your out of load your game is not good
I bout the 5 dollar pack, game closed out with an error so i did it for a 2nd time and it did the same thing. My bank got charged 10 dollars but i did not get either pack...
for some reason when i enlist,it always seems to last forever and never really does enlist me in a campaign
it's game was so amazing best online game i love this game so much and also fantastic great graphics . but one problem is that this game should be ofline.
You made 3 games! 3 damn games about rivals and none of them was successful. Firefighter was almost, but match making ruins all your games. I see you don't read comments, so be it.
I keep finding myself coming back to this game... what I wish that you could do is give your team orders [ like to focus fire there ] or [ move here ] just that simple change would make this game even better.... (edit) I had given this a five star but after playing for 2 weeks I am giving it a one star not because the game is trash but no-one is playing it or At least not on my server and when I shot support a email asking if I could change to a more active server they said in short. No can do
Give me back my 2 dollars or give me 200 bucks on the game you cant take 2 dollars for nothing you scum. 5 stars if I get the bucks or my money back.