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Rival Stars Horse Racing

Rival Stars Horse Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by PIKPOK located at Level 7 Willbank House 57 Willis Street Wellington New Zealand 6011. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Thank you for adding the colors! But now can we get it to where we can research with silver! It costs way to much for me to research all my horses and I want to research them all! Also can you make it so if you click on the color base and dilution it gives the actual colors! Its annoying because for bay its hard to tell man.... and a book about the possible dilutions and base colors in game. anyways love the game and seriously make a silver to gold feature!
Its. An. Awesome. Game. Star stable fans out there, get this game; it doesnt disappoint whatsoever. Brilliant game, amazing graphics, lovely functions and breathtaking scenery. Even small details like the loudspeaker talking about the race, it puts this game so well together. I dont know what else to say other than its amazing, one of the best games. And theres even more to come!
I'm still hoping foal petting would be removed, it makes the game memory larger, but doesn't add *anything*. If the foal petting action reduced care needed/race ready time, THAT would be worthwhile. I do like the newest update, Quick Ride and Skill purchase. Skills actually impact game play! Thank you!! I do hope for "interactive" training now. Then the cost and time would not seem so arbitrary!
Awesome I have always loved horse's and horse games and looked everywhere for a good racing game and found this!.. it's amazing you can breed your horses for new tiers and you can put saddles and saddlepads as well as blinkers its a awesome game and recommend it for those who love horse's!!. EDIT: I wish this was on tablet I absolutely love this game and was disappointed that I couldn't get it on my tablet..
It's amazing!although I don't like horse racing in real life,Rival Stars is the all-time BEST horse racing game!you get to win items and horses.plus,you can breed and name your own!I instantly fell in love with this game and i will happily rate it 5/5 stars!!!!!
I absolutely LOVE the game! Its got amazing graphics and beautiful horses! The only thing that would make it better is if they have drassage, jumping, barrel racing, free ride, but thats only in my opinoin! Otherwise i totally encurage you to download the game! - edit - im change my review a little bit because of the free ride, i really liked it but it was the most stupidest things ibe ever seen, i mean come on! Who makes somthing that is two munits long and wait for hours! And its limited
Fun to play? Super! But it stopped letting me watch videos for rewards and stuff like that. So I saved the info for the game (a long time ago actually) and deleted the app. Then reinstalled it hoping that it would let me use the videos again. But no! IT DELETED MY PROGRESS! I was on level seven. AND NO THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED! last time this happend I was on LEVEL 9! Oh and ALSO, it still doesn't let me use videos. I am gonna delete this game, Im sad cuz It was fun Fix it PLZ
This game is the best horse game I've ever played! First off it's so fun you get to race around the track breed or buy horses and do the story to get rewards it's amazing! Another thing I like is that the graphics are amazing like there the best mobile horse game graphics ever and it's pretty realistic. This game is my favorite game I don't think I can make anything wrong with it one recommendation would be more coat colors and maybe adding more things like taking care of your horses!
I'm completely addicted to this game. Great graphics and interface, challenging without feeling like it's impossible or dragging. Only thing more I would want would be more interactions with friends. I've gotten a few friends playing also and I wish I could visit and breed with their horses!
Edit: Before you move on, it got fixed, thank you! Ok, when I got this app I was hooked! I don't really support the raceing industry, but this is just a game so I let it slide. But there is this glitching problem with the new update. The screen speratically goes black, but the graphics are still there. It a weird glitch and bothers me a lot. Now I can't download it again!
In the pc game there is a betting function which allows you to get more coins, the mobile version should also have that to incorporate the full horse racing experience.
Hi Team, I have been playing Rival Stars Horse Racing for a couple of days now. I have not been getting the gold coins added to my game after having won them a few times which is really irritating and frustrating as well. I feel I am being cheated on purpose so that I could be forced to do in game purchase which is pathetic. I hope you guys fix this asap.
I love this game!! its so much fun to race the others and i have had no problems at all!i hope a ton of people get this game! C=
I really like rival stars! It is such a good game!!! There is one small thing though. I really want to get the desktop version, but I can't, because I don't have a PC or Mac. Please make it so that on mobile, you can custom create horses to, and breed with them! Keep up the good work! I'll change this review to five stars if you do this!
The only thing I would love to add to this game, is that we could be riding our horse/s around a paddock or meadow ourselves to train them. Rather than just wait for its time to finish. Other than that, I've had no problems at all. :)
I love the game it's the best horse game I have ever played. I play from mobile but I wash we had the chance to customize horses I know that's on pc but I wash it was on mobile to. I think if your looking for the best horse game you should get this game. And this game gets updated a lot. It's like the developers put a lot of care and effort into this game. And I think people should appreciate that a lot more than they do. And also for update suggestion you should add mane and tail options.
This game is amazing, the graphics, the details are just spot on. This is very enjoyable and I love the friendly and colorful community that it has. I hope that you will keep up this good work. For me, I wish to have a system for the costomization of your racing colors. I think it will be great to have a more complex costomization of the silks for other players to make their own unique and colorful silks. But all of that aside, I think that this is the best horse game that I have played.
I've been playing this game for over a year and before I deleted it it would load into the game properly, but now in this new update I can't get into the game without uninstalling it and reinstalling it, which causes to lose some of my progress. I would like if y'all can fix this bug in a new update.
Awesome, Mind Blowing, can't describe in words..but THERE are problems of building stalls.. And horse colours are not soo good.these needs to b upgraded. Ranche for star horses so they can be kept without selling and for colts and fillies r needed so that they can be kept there without their mother and can be select desired horses for horse stall and rest can b sold.
This game that so realistic I love it. Graphics are great! Would love to see free ride all of time. That's why I am giving four stars. After awhile of training and racing it would be nice sometime to ride and relax. I did a lot of showing and riding and for me I can pretend I am riding since I am not supposed to now. Regardless I love the game.
This is the most detailed game I have ever seen this is not like horse riding tails, this is the next level to anything you will see i have had no problems with this game me personally I am obsessed with this game. If your like me trying to find a right horse game well this is the one. One bad is the quick ride is only 3 minutes and after that's up you have to wait 4 HOURS but anyway this game is amazing over-all!
I love this game sooooo much! I really suggest you download it But I have some suggestions 1 Being able to take care of your horses and To train them in an empty racetrack 2 To have customizeation not so expensive Because Not many people can Not have so much time on the game so Maybe having that a little easier i Mean I totally have more time Then most people but still 3 Having more stables even tho I have not Reached lvl 20 That would be so much better Thank you for this awesome game!
This game is absolutely amazing! The horses graphics are wonderful, the storyline is simple yet awesome. Although, I'm not the best breeder, but I'd like to be able to breed unique breeds without paying for Star Club! Overall, the gameplay is fantastic!
Awesome game with awesome graphics.. I just wish we could have more option regarding horses and their growth and also the racing of horses need to have more options like watching a race or betting on it.. I request the developer to provide us more control over game like taking care of the foal by ourself and having more options just than feeding the foal.. Otherwise great concept
Graphics are awesome, love that you never know what you'll get during breeding, the game is super realistic and beautifully done. HOWEVER, while I get the developers need to make money, and games should have a certain degree of difficulty, I don't think the subscription is worth the price, and the fact that you need so many assests in addition to money to breed feels like overkill. Really wish the assests were for training and money for breeding. Probably won't play long because of this.
I was really enjoying the game but Ive noticed lately that when entering races, the game will freeze leaving me no choice but to get out and come back only to see my earnings, tickets and/or coins lost. This is unacceptable!! And I know its not my phone because Ive used this phone the entire time Ive played the game. If we lose all that then at least restore it. Do you honestly think I would pay anything when you take from me anyway???
Best horse racing game on mobile by a country mile. Would love it to stay a racing game because there's no other that's even close. They do need to fix the pending diamond skill problem BIGTIME it will destroy the game if you have to buy that skill at that crazy price to win because it is totally impossible to beat 7 extra sprint bars when gold skill is 4 extra sprint bars, I should be able to win the skill otherwise I'm wasting my time or I can hope I'm on a server without the diamond skill...
Back when the PS1 and PS2 were out, there was a game called Gallop Racer by the Tecmo company. It was a great game, most horse racing fans loved it. Since then there has not been a horse racing game available that comes close to Gallop Racer's quality... Until this app game, Rival Stars Horse Racing by PikPok. I am addicted to this game and recommend it to any Gallop Racer fans out there. This game is free, offers the same immersed experience horse/racing fans will like. So good!
The game is well good, I love it! Every fine little details on to the rising trot, riding positions and fine aspect details on the horse on the new update is out of this world, there's just one downfall for me, I'd love to pat, cuddle and give treats to my horses after races to reward them for winning, but un-tacked in the paddock, timed if needs! 😁😁
I absolutely love this game and would definitely recommend it to anyone! The graphics and designs are incredible and it feels like I'm actually racing the horses. The only thing I would add is steeple chasing so that we could jump the horses as well, and groom them too. And maybe trial riding too, that would be great. Other than that, absolutely love the game and can't wait to see what comes next!
I love this game! Of course there are things that we all might have be a little different. Like the clothes would be cooler if you could customize the colors. Or I wish we could breed with our friends horses. Or sell to them. And I hate when I have to sell a beautiful horse, to make room for one with good stats. Those are just personal objections. However this is the best, most addicting horse game I've ever played! I hope my suggestions are noted ;)
Only just started playing, but so far a very well detailed horse racing sim. The only minor tweak I would like to see is the choice to have.... (British) odds, decimal (European) odds, and American (moneyline) odds.....as this would benefit the game player that is used to each odds system....I myself live in Britain and am used to the decimal odds system.
It is an awesome game I just feel like the price of gold coins is high. I also think you should be able to buy gold coins with silver coins.
Such a fun game! I love horses, and love racing them too! Its not that hard to be coins, and there are so many horses to get! 5 star game!
I love horses and plus I love to ride them and it's so realistic and I love how they put it all together so all I have to say is it is one of the best horse games I ever played and I don't and I will rate this a thousand stars out of five so thank you for making this game it is so much fun for me 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎
Fantastic game! Just one issue, I'm constantly getting notifications of unlocking the same achievements over and over which is driving me nuts, I have no idea how to turn them off... However, the game itself is very much enjoyable and well worth subscribing to for the star club, 50 coins a day doesn't sound like much but it really adds up! I definitely wouldn't pay the individual prices for the horses though, they're a bit costly for what they are. All in all, very peasent and fun game.
It is the best game I have ever played. I am so addicted! But I would be alot better if It had a customisation component to that when you bred your horses that It would at least look like one of the parents because I have been trying to get a black horse for nearly a year now and still can't breed one. But otherwise it is a great game and would deffinatly recommend it!
Great gameplay, really good graphics (only complaint is that the horses have a ewe neck, which is a confirmation fault in horses). Four stars instead of five because the microtransaction advertisements/notifications that tell you about available offers are intrusive and excessive. I wouldn't mind having a single microtransaction suggestion per day but it's too much right now (talking about full-page popups, not just the buttons that show the option to "buy time" to speed up progress).
Ok, when I got this app I was hooked! I don't really support the raceing industry, but this is just a game so I let it slide. But there is this glitching problem with the new update. The screen speratically goes black, but the graphics are still there. It a weird glitch and bothers me a lot. Now I can't download it again!
Great sim but could definitely be better. I like that PikPok is continuing to update this game. One thing I feel this game is lacking is interaction with our horses. I haven't seen what the foal/colt update is like. I registered for this game before release. I've played it but it is way to repetitive. I suggest adding simulation elements. Feeding horses, brushing horses and cleaning stalls. That is what I feel is lacking in this game is interaction with 🐴
I love it, it's so fun but I'm stuck on ahorses colore I would love to get some new colors, but other than that,I Love the game Good job created!(and I've noticed for a While that every time I have to update I have to delete apps I'm not rilly....hyped about that)
Nice story, beautiful visuals and great gameplay. You will love it for sure! One thing I want to be added, is ability to see my friends' horses or stalls, his trophies and etc. Otherwise I'm just exploring the game and it's so well done! Keep it up!
I absolutely love this game. But it would be even better if you could train your horses on a track, run them against a track pony and feed/groom them. I was riding my Stallion, Sergeant Steel, and I keep running into stuff because I can't turn her well. I would like the quick ride to be longer. I know it's called QUICK ride, but I like to explore and I don't feel that 3 minutes is enough, please try to change it to 5. I love the Quick Ride feature and I want to use it more. But I hate waiting.
I love this game. However only one thing i would change. You can spend your gold to get silver. It should also let you exchange your silver for gold. Besides that, this game is addicting and very very fun.
The best horse game I have played, so far (and as a horse lover I've played quite a couple). The graphics and racing are amazing. The details of this game truly surpasses all the previous horse games I have played. What makes this game even better, is that you can choose when you watch an ad, and it is all worked into the game to benefit you. The ads don't just randomly pop up, while you are enjoying yourself. Thank you for creating a game that is truly exceptional. Blessings.
It's a great game, but everything is so expensive! Having to invest in gold currency to breed a horse that you need to probably spend more gold for training on gets pricey real fast. The silver+ items are pretty scarce and terribly over priced in the store. I used to play a lot but at only Prestige 8, I'm finding myself stuck unless I break the piggy bank.
One of the better modern horse games, gameplay wise. It's very management heavy and not so "interactive" with the actual horses, but it's a graphically beautiful and well polished game that gets frequent updates. The reason I knock it from a 5 to 4 is because the cost of the cash shop is outrageous, good example; they advertise unique horses upon game launch and these horses cost *$30 to $40*! You could buy a triple A DLC or an indie game for that price, I prefer the PC version for this reasonπŸ€‘
I am editing my review cause I have a few suggestions. I absolutely love this game. The graphics are amazing and the game is addicting. I just had a few suggestions to make the game even better. 1. Being able to customize how your horses look instead of it being random. I hear the desktop version has horse customization. I think the app would benefit from that 2. New options for silk patterns and colors 3. Being able to groom and feed your horses I think these would make the game even better
Love the game, but I wish we could design our own horses on mobile too, and not just on a PC or Mac. I also would like to not have to pay to get this game on PC through a third party game seller. I would be fine paying for this game on PC if it were available in the Windows app store.
Love the Game, but....when you have a issue with the game, support doesn't jump to help. My game stopped loading, reported it 2 days ago, no response. I have invested a lot of money into the in game purchases. I will most likely not get any of the purchased items back.
I just got this game, so I give it three stars for now. After I have played for three weeks or more, I'll give an updated review. Just one thing needed, an explanation for the controls during a race, I know about the slow, sprint, and moving side ways( left and right), but, it needs an explanation in how to get more speed before you use sprint towards the end of the race.
As an equestrian myself this Is very realistic and accurate its an absolutely amazing game amazing graphics and the first horse game to have commentary I've seen it's so addictive and doesn't require you to buy coins and stuff with real money to make progress you can play the game thoroughly for free and ads don't randomly pop up i despise the racing industry personally and that will never change but this is immaculate and nothing like how disgusting racing really is I def recommended
It is a fun game yes, but the breeding is annoying. You can breed 2 black horses together and get a cream horse. Or spend gold for fancy colors but no matter how much you spend you won't get the rare color. Another thing is you can speed up wait times by watching videos. But if you get to speed up to 44min it will only speed up 15 min. It is very frustrating. Please fix this issue! And make it a little easier to get some other colors beside chestnut and bay. πŸ™„
Amazing game! I love how realistic the horses are! Although I have only given you four stars because I would really like if the Quick Ride was forever. Like you could have unlimited time to ride around on your horse and you didn't have to wait four hours between rides. Other then that it's a great game but please consider my request. πŸ’žπŸ’ž
Ok. This game is great, but you cant tain the horses! It is just pushing the button. I wish you could actually ride and train them. And the "helper" people have too much control over what you do. It is also ve ry confusing to get around different pages. The game is great I love the racing, I just wish that you could do more with the horses outside of racing, that the people had less control, and the game pages weren't so confusing. Other than that, it is great! Sincerely Rose
It's challenging to breed for certain coloured horses, also certain things use a lot of coins and it's a challenge to collect enough to buy things needed to train and upgrade horses. But all things considered, it's an easy game to understand, the in-game tasks are my favourite. I really like the update! I really like seeing my horses genes, really cool.
Best mobile equine game I've been able to find! Only things I don't really like are how long the upgrades/training takes after the first few times and how much gold you have to use to skip it when gold is not as easily acquirable. Actually I find most things that require gold expense to be overpriced. Still a great game though!
I have a lot of love for this game and have played it nonstop since I got it, but it becomes almost impossibly hard once you're a higher rank, and that's where the pay to win aspect is shoved down your throat. I feel like I can't ever get anything done or have my horses stats trained to match their actual level anymore and it's exhausting. Everything needs gold now. Higher rank horses are too expensive to breed and raise from foals. Everything takes hours and eventually days to do. Frustrating.
Having been involved with horses most of my life as a trainer and professional competitor, I have to say that this is the absolute best equine-oriented game that I have come across. The graphics are solid, and the controls are very easy. The one thing that I wish to be added is a replay option where you could choose several different camera angles. Other than that, I commend the developer (s ) for a job well done.
I think rival stars horse racing is an amazing game, however despite the awesomeness, I think either you should not have so many things that cost money in the game or in real life, or lower the prices because sometimes I want to buy a horse and I'm like, "are you kidding me!?!? this horse is 900 gold!? I only have 250!"
Great game, fun to play. easy to reach next level without spending real money. some small grafic problems sometimes but nothing that bothers me. wish the desktop version was better than it is, little more like the phoneverison and more interacting with the horses, and also that you hadthe oppertunety to earn skills or feed,tack and other things in the quick ride mode. its just pointless to ride around there now. its great but wish that u gained something of if.
I think when they get another update on this game they should let you design your own horse the way you want it. I really like this game but I get's really frustrating sometimes. This game is really addicting and really fun but it is frustrating sometimes because you find a horse you really like when you breed then you have to sell one that you really like.
This game is so fun and allows me so have fun with horses even when I can't. I absolutely love the quick ride feature I hope they keep it. Also I hope they changed the amount of time you have to wait to quick ride again
This game is great but I really hope the free ride would stay for forever because it makes this game more realistic and people look for realistic games like this so I hope it stays. There is one thing though you get around 4 minuets on the free ride and then you have to wait 3 hours I think it should be at least 5 minuets at the most because that will be the cause for people to stop playing this game.
I love this game, haven't put it down since I installed it! Great graphics and racing mechanics. I just wish there were more social options between players. I'd pay good money to have trading and breeding with my friends in game!
This is a great game but it is expensive in my opinion. I think the monthly $9.99 price should include much more than it does. The gold should be given more freely at that price and the horses offered to those who pay should be easier to obtain.
I love this game. The graphics are fabulous and so is the sound quality. I love the Quick Ride mode, but it would be awesome if it was a bit longer than 3 mins, and if I didn't have to wait as long between rides as well. It would also be cool if I could groom and care for my horses. Overall an amazing game, but it would definitely be better if Quick Rides were longer, and grooming and caring for horses was added as well.
The game is awesome! The graphics are great, the controls are good, what is not to love about this game! The game is really easy to learn. You learn how to take care of your own foals. Many horse games can not compare to this. Rival Star definitely gets 5 stars.
Super fun and realistic and as a equestrian i find this game hyper realistic compared to all the other horse games and i have been playing sence the game came out and ive NEVER had a problem with it . so grate app and i do wish that in the next update that i get to costomize my horses like on desk top and if you see this thank you for putting soo much detale in this game 😊😊
Level 5 and still has my interests that's a good thing. Edited: I have uninstalled and reinstalled this game several times on purpose just so I can get a new start because I wasn't happy with some of my (and I do mean MY own) choices. I also have viewed and played most of the other choices of horseracing games but my all time favorite and the only one I kept is this one. I just wanted ya'll to know... Awesome job to all the developers. Maybe just one thing... a little more energy for racing.
Absolutely time consuming, this game has good graphics, no ads unless its for a reward, suspenseful racing, and the quests just keep coming so you don't have to wait, absolutely best horse racing game of them all.
This app is absolutely amazing, I recommend playing it if you like realistic horse games. I would like for custom horses to be added to mobile, I've played this game for almost a year and have enjoyed every minute. I really hope custom horses can be added to mobile in the future, as I have lost many of my favorite horses that I would like to bring back.
Wish subscription had more in the package like energy. Prices are outrageous for a game. Gold is too expensive and hard to obtain other than paying rl money
If you appreciate horse racing in anyway you will enjoy this game. Most of the complaints you see on here are from lack of patience. Graphics are great. In gameplay sometimes leaving the starting gate and control of the horse is off. You get used to it. Fun game to just sim (or watch), breed and train horses as well. No real life money neccessary if you have patience and use resources wisely.
This game is amazing but there are a few thing that could be fixed. First, it is REALLY hard to get gold, which you need for a lot of things, such as buying, breeding, and skipping time on upgrades and training. It is hard to get any gold or cool horses and good stats unless you are in star club, which is an insane amount of money to pay for something not worth half that much. Still, an all around good game and would recommend to others.
This game has amazing graphics,fun races,horse breeding and more! You can buy horses in the market, breed 2 of your horses, or hire a stud. When you first get the game it gives you a preview and a back story. Then it gives you very clear instructions. you can edit your character. Ideas: When shopping we can heart horses so we can have more time to save up for them. We can put in prefences that we want in the shop. We could have races with jumps! We could see are horses train. Hope this helped!
The one REALLY REALLY BIG thing that I hate is that on mobile you get paid silver instead of gold and EVERETHING costs gold but on mobile you either have to get gold by leveling up or completing challenges. I do like the game it's just really hard to afford stuff. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this game if on mobile you got gold instead of silver for stuff like getting 1st place or collecting income.
Absolutely love the game and as you play the story it takes longer to do the tasks but you can gain plenty of money from racing to try and get what you need to progress. Only drama i have is when you go to watch a ad it sometimes don't work but always rectifies itself a little while after.
First off, graphics are AMAZING and this is before I found out my graphics were set to low quality automatically, I changed it to high. Oh my god. It really feels like I own and race these horse. Like I really manage jockeys, or am one! Manage so much more. The horses are beautiful. Please add more little details! As I've read from another review, to breed with people's posted studs would be cool! Ready for a big update! Keep it up! I love it!
Just started. Already love it. I dislike horse racing in the real life. The graphics are astonishing. It is well made and I love the controls. Thank you for a well made game. Continue to update and add new features. UPDATE: I have been on and off this beloved app game for 1yr 2days and I just want to say Thank you for such a beautiful and engaging game! The graphics are still phenomenal. The horse coat colors and patterns are beautiful and amazing! Keep up the amazing updates.
Great gameplay, great graphics, great overall controls. I really like that the first few Horse Training levels are basically free with no waiting time. However, the last update made my game crash. Even with a great WiFi connection the Update content just couldn't download anything. I just a complete black screen after the logo popped up. I had to reinstall which meant I lost every bit of my progress.
This game is really good over all every thing about this game is perfect I would not want a thing to change except creation hub I wish they would add that on Mobile but it is on steam so go check it out!!! Second I really want the creators of this game to make a grey hound racing game that would be just amazing!! I cant find a grey hound game that I like and the creators of this game could make it happen ik they could with thier great creativity skills!!! ADD A GREY HOUND RACEING GAME PLEASE!!
Really fun, of course there are things that could use improvement as with all games. Race playback would be awesome. Also, genetics are in need of refining. I have studied horse genetics a great deal and I find it unfortunate that crossing a black horse with a black horse and you get a chestnut, which is possible but slim. But if you cross a chestnut with a chestnut, you would have to get a chestnut. Would love to help with getting it more realistic😁
This game has amazing graphics and horse colors/variants. Simple and easy to learn controls, too! I really do like this game a lot, but I have a few issues. We have WAY too little energy. 10 energy when every race worth running is 2 energy each? I can only race 5 times and then I'm basically off the game for a good 5 hours. Plus, requiring the food to breed is ridiculous. Winning what I need is hard enough without having to give it up for breeding instead of training...
Its a good game but im furious about coming in 2nd n branded 4th.. Thats terrible.. It happened befor thought it was a glitch but now it is happening more on live events
This game has become a pay to win game. Everything has become super over priced once you get out of the earliest levels. I have chosen to cancel my long standing membership and hardly ever play this game anymore. I have found better options where the game developers are not so greedy. The graphics are still great. The racing gets extremely repetitive and boring. Also breeding isn't as fun once you get up in levels. To many items required that are super hard to actually get.
I love this game!But if u have friends in game I wish to play with them,like just me and my friends.It would be really fun!Keep up it's an amazing game!
Great game! Super addictive..graphics are amazing! I just wish you could trade stud service or sell horses with your friends.. also, i always forget who my foals' dad is so i wish there was an option to see who you bred the mare to while you are foaling.. Other than that, fantastic! If only there was a game like this with dogs, i would never stop playing πŸ˜ƒ
The game is excellent the only thing I want to change is when you sell your horses, if you could sell them to your friends and to breed to your friends horses. I think the app should also have the horse customization for like a certain amount of silver. And the genetics of the horses needs to be worked on because I bred two white horses and got a brown.
I am already addicted to this game. 1. You are not "forced" to watch adds. You can decide so and get rewards or skip. 2. You can still win or advance without having to buy ungodly amounts of items. 3. You can breed your horses to get better ones. Only flaw I have seen so far is when you hit the bar for take off speed, it does not listen to you so you are either to slow or too fast. Fix this pleasr and I will advance it to 5*
I just instaled this and its AMAZING!! I Love Horses!! Especialy When I Breed Them!! So I'd Love To Play This And The People Who Play This And Have Good Connection Congrats! It Must Be Really Fun With Good Connection Right Now Im Useing blue stacks to play this game so yea i hope this game becomes better and Better! So i rated it 5 stars because I love HORSES!!!!! and i love breeding them so i hope you like this rating So i like doing races too! i wish i can in real life tho but have a good day.
I've been playing over a year, fyi. Anyways, I'm writing to clarify some things. You can control your horse during a race, you have to clear other horses on the inside before you can get to the rail, use your left hand to push then drag in or out. Also, this game is not meant to be done in a short amount of time. You do not need to feed or buy coins to breed your horses, there is that option, but it is not required. Just be patient and wait, that's what I did and my horses are what I like.
I love this game, I love to ride horses and this game just is sooooo much fun to play, its just so much fun, the graphics are AMAZING!! But the only thing that I would change about it is, I don't know if I am the only one that this happens to but like my gold runs out like *snap* and it's gone, but I love the game I just wish that you didn't run out of gold so fast, who know maybe it's just me. :)
It is wonderful!!! No bad words! Plus you can breed your horses and see the foals. Race against other horses and riders. Just the very horse game I wanted!!!! You can also skip foaling with videos, but they are slow loading, they use to NOT be like that. Bummer. Hope you all voted for Trump!!!
I was really liking the game. It relieves my stress much to my surprise. At least it used to. Breeding was enjoyable to see the foals and the unique colors they would come in. But then when you go to meet your new horse what a disappointment it is when the horse would be completely different colors than born with. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Especially when you are trying to kkep those markings in your lineage.
I really like this game. The only thing I dislike is the lack of customization for putting tack on the horse. All of the bridles/saddles/saddle pads are very expensive. It's cheaper to buy a horse in-game than to buy a saddle pad... It doesn't make a lot of sense. I just think it would be more fun with more options for customization, including even mane and tail length, braids, etc.
This is such an amazing game! I have been playing it for a few months. It doesn't have to many ads. One thing I do hate is that in real life it is not smart to cross breed (to crossbreed in to breed an animal to it's parent.). Otherwise it is a good strong app.
I LOVE this game!!! I am so addicted, but there is one thing you could do to make it better. Make it easier to get rare horse patterns, like, applasola. I have been trying to breed one forever, and I have had no luck. Also, maybe make is easier to get black horses too. Other than that, I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! Thank you so much for making it, and keep up the good work!!!
This is by far one of the best games I have ever played. There are so many different horses to breed and buy and the racing is so much fun. I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves horses.
awesome! Very well put together game. One thing i would like to see added/changed is the amount of good or high grade items need for breeding higher grade horses. As it is difficult to collect the amount you need to keep breeding new horses to race and train. Other than that everything about the game is great
Love this game, along with its frequent updates, always excited to see what is added next. I have a couple suggestions though, I would really like to be able to see an option to trade silver for gold as sometimes you can get stuck with little gold but really need it so that you can progress in the game. As well as a way to play with friends without having to go through facebook.
This game reminds me a lot of Gallop Racer which I used to play for HOURS on my PS2 years ago. I LOVE it! One thing that I wish would be added is the ability to customize your horse's coat color as well as pattern. The reason I gave it 4/5 is because the wait time for training gets a little ridiculous the higher level your horses are. Other than that I really enjoy it!
Could be more interactive. Instead of timed training, make it a game or actually have another thing to do to contribute instead of just a plain timer (also with breeding, foaling, caring for horses and foals, etc) Also, too much pushing to buy horses and content with real money, which the prices are crazy in themselves.
This so good but there some small improvements which are required. Like 1. We can gift horses to our friends . 2.Trade of horse between friends and all rival players . 3. all rival stars player could vist each other's stables but they would not able to make any changes in stables . And last one is 4. Chart of top global players and ranks.
Great game! Graphics are amazing! I will say this though, Gold is hard to come by and once you're in so far into the game, you need a lot of gold for things. I would like to be able to customize my own horses and have the option to feed/groom/and even ride them freely for fun in a field and/or just have fun non-committal races where it just you against a clock to have another option of winning additional prizes!
Game is kinda confusing and it's kinda impossible to win that one rave cause I can't even get a good enough horse without spending real money on the game.
This last update has a glitch on it 😏 Also, why dont you allow us to breed our own horses at a coins expense since gold is a little harder to be obtained? It would be such a great step if we could breed our own champion, since everyone just wants to win and win more. Game is super great tho!