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Rival Stars College Football

Rival Stars College Football for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by PIKPOK located at Level 7 Willbank House 57 Willis Street Wellington New Zealand 6011. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Gave the game a 2nd chance and I'm even more convinced its rigged. AI always predicts your defence/offence and counters it. AI never loses yardage while you do. AI always goes over the average yardage on plays while you always go under. AI always makes interceptions at vital points. Team rating has no effect on performance at all. Plays eat up an unrealistic amount of time in the game as well.
Have spent a good amount of money on the game. And trying to load it up into my new phone but when promoted to either use my old save or my new one, clicking my old save - doesn't load. It just shows the loading icon and stops. Very dissatisfied. I love the game but if I switch devices I lose everything??? Naaaa
This game would be so much better if it didn't have so much rng involved. Almost every mechanic was based on a spinner that could do an impossible play or fail a play that always works.
Great concept but.... is developed by a bunch of crooks. I had tested plenty of P2W games but I had never "embraced" the level of scam I had witness in this game. And don't tell me the lame excuse of " they need to make money some how" the make more than enough cash by selling your info to third parties. So unless you have personality issues and your only way to feel sucesfull is by buying your way....STAY AWAY!!!
Awesome top of the line game!!I still wish I was able to get gold a little faster.Great graphics,and epic online headers!👏👏👏👍
Best football Sim on mobile.... I haven't touched madden mobile since downloaded. Thank you developers loving your game. Vip little to pricy would purchase for $4.99 a month but not $9.99 other then that I'm loving your game thank you 😊
Really enjoying this game so far. After playing it I got an itch to play madden, so I bought a membership for ea play 👌😅 great game
I liked the game for a short period of time. I even spent some money on it. But it gets old. It's the same modes over and over. They should have a draft event where you can use other players in just that mode. I eventually uninstalled it, but I want to get it back. I won't though until they add more to it.
The game is fun but its impossible to get the gold you need or other important stuff. Make it a little easier to gain gold and the other stuff and it'll be fun. It'll take me forever to get 1000 gold for recruiting. Pay to play.
Awesome wat would make it better is play choosing in am automatic blitz play similar to techno super bowl football games of the past another small touch that shows great defense in gives lesser teams something to look fwd too if they pick the rite play love the game great job pik pok
This is one of the best game I've ever played in android. Then I decide to spend some money and become the VIP member. It was good until I renew my VIP subscription. After the renewal of my VIP membership, I only got daily gold and VIP uniform and logo but I didn't get full VIP experience. I didn't get 50% more players in recruitment and I didn't get the exclusive rival challenges when I play. So, I decided to cancel the VIP membership. I feel like I've been scammed by the game dev.
Half decent coaches sim, but really, very very basic. After a certain level you get a 3 lineup choices, but really, are you going to put anything out there but your best players? You also get to set up 3 different playbooks, of 8 plays. But you can't scout your opponent before the game so you dont know if it better to go run heavy or pass heavy or more short passes, or exploit the weak safety and have more long passes. This is a very basic sim, with little to no true stratgey involved.
Cant recover my acc. It says that I havr saved account, when I enter override current account it loads and nothing happens. fix pls
We need a season mode where there is like a conference u play in. Otherwise this game feels very linear
This is a great game a lot of fun. I have no problems with it. One of the the top 5 games that I like
I've had it barely 4hrs and the game is already crashing and won't even let me open it. Thank god i didn't spend money on this game. Please fix, i enjoy this game.
It is an amazing game overall, but if your looking for somewhat realistic gameplay this isnt for you. If you go for a kick blitz on a feild goal (not pat) there is a chance you make them more likely to make it, that isnt realistic. And secondly this abosultely irritates me. On a kickoff, 30 second goes by, and the dude has ran 17-20 yards. It's so unrealistic. No kick returner in college that starts is that slow. Like if it was a combine it took him a full minute to run the 40
**THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED. THX PIKPOK.** Game will randomly switch to a different menu tab (ex campus, alliance, play, manage, and recruit). This is bearable, until it happens when you spend gold (bought with real world currency) on new plays and players. This causes the gold to be spent, but no new players or plays to be earned. This has happened to me twice in the past 2 days. My 1 star rating will not change until I get either my $20 back, or the gold is refunded.
This is one of the best football simulation games ive ever played. Hope they continue to add to and support the game
Game is a good simulation game that allows you to build your own team and set your own playbook. The game has made adjustments for new players to advance their teams faster to compete with older teams.
Want you to spend money but not to your benefit. A lot of repetitive rewards therefore you waste money instead of improving. I have a roster full of players who have completed their growth. One player I have 100 duplicates eleven after playera development is maxed out.
First, this is the best football app I've played yet. Second, I just had an issue resolved promptly by the Customer Service team. Super impressed!
The screen freezes every time I open this app and it isnt my phone or wifi. I can close the game and load everything else but this game freezes. This is an in game error that hasnt been fixed since I first got the game
Its a good game, it just needs ALOT of fixes. Like the play calling pie chart for example. In most cases long passes are almost never in your favor and improbable to happen due to the chart. Also why not make the players level up on their own through their own gameplay instead of having to wait to get tokens for it. And the time needs to be fixed on it. Plays take up way too much time and its frustrating. And those are just the main problems. I hope the devs can make these changes.
Balling of foots be big fun time happy making. I am getting down to the touch with my ballerfootmen. Happy time!
Love this game, but as of right now I keep getting booted out of the game pls fix this issue, I AM UNABLE TO PLAY THIS GAME AT ALL PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM SO I CAN PLAY THE GAME, IM VERY IRRITATED WITH THE PROBLEM IT'S HAVING. THANK YOU.
This games trash. I'm so sick of these cash grab games that limit everything you do so that you buy coins /intangible nonsense. Their "random" play rolls aren't random at all. It's incredibly rigged against you. The other team can have a 25% chance to win and will win 3 times in a row. Don't waste your time on this garbage.
This game is a serious grind. And believe me, I enjoy games where you have to grind a little to make progress but this game is ridiculous. And it seems the game has pretty much been abandoned by the developer a long time ago so don't ever expect any updates of any kind
Still play the game.probably the best football game on the market. Get with a top alliance from rivals facebook page an learn how to create the best.
The game is fun, engaging, and fairly competitive. I feel like it could use a bit more depth, something big and not heavily reliant on RWM, rather it should all be acquirable by excelling and progression. Not the biggest fan of the whole collect cards of same to lvl up base when there is a huge pool of cards to select from. It makes it force RWM purchasing with a huge unequivalent bonus for chance to price.
Very fun.. this game a great.. it's more like being a OC or a DC . You call the plays the game simulates it.. great and fun.. one issue is wish you could call what ever play you want the game control what plays you can call..
Takes too long to collect players and graduate them to the next star. The gameclock is WAY TOO hasty. Tournament rewards are PATHETIC makes you disappointed for your labor. You can get better rewards from the season mode ALONE. The free agent listing... is at least TWICE the price it ought to be. Most player powerups are aJOKE. Dont even get me started about how playbook yardage improves One TENTH of a yard on upgrade! Give me half a yard at MINIMUM but actuallY, we'd appreciat WHOLE INTEGERS
I'm honestly surprised by how much fun I'm having playing this game. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I've given it some time and its grown on me quite a bit
Kinda cool! Just getting into it. Be cool if you at least had x' and o's on the field but I dig the overall concept.
I like this game a lot. No bugs that I've witnessed and good graphics. Pretty much nothing else but can get a little boring.
I had the game downloaded and I was a BEAST then it started to kick me out all the time. So I decided to give it another shot and now its telling me "yOU'rE AppLIcAtIoN IS ouT Of DaTE sO UpdAte NOW" I DONT KNOW HOW TO UPDATE PLEASE RESPOND PIKPOK PLEASE I WANT TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After you close when you first get the game, you will never be able to play it again. My game froze on the home screen 100% of the time. The game is good but it needs fixed
Going against a team that is higher than you is fine and all, until you find out the game is rigged to not allow you to make any plays. I played a team much higher than me and completed 1 pass, and my team isn't bad. I think everyone should have a fair chance to upset a higher team, not based off the predictionson the wheel, cause that wheel is ridiculous. Will not be changing my rating until this is fixed. Also, it takes way to long to get a player a star. Fix these issues so the game is fun
best football game ive ever seen its tied with retro bowl check it out but anyways its super fun to play if you play this game than you will have the best day of your life also if you play retro bowl
Will you plz plz plz fix this game!!!! I'm stuck it keeps saying server error in the recruiting section & i cant go any further!! I will change my review back to what i had it at when you fix your game.
I think the game is pretty great, more in depth stats would be pretty cool. Other than that I don't have any complaints.
The game is really basic and all the upgrades and everything cost way more than they're worth but it helps to pass the time occasionally
Amazing game! I recommend this game for people who are bored and need something to do! Just play the game don't take my word for it! Try it out and if you don't like well, sorry.
Nothing but ads. Literally. Reinstalled 3 times all 3 were just nonstop ads. Update. I've never played the game because everytime I went to play it the ads just started over. I sat through over 20 ads.
When I first started playing I thought "this is a neat take on a football game. After a hand full of games I upgraded my whole roster 1 level. Now I'm on game 10, cannot win no matter what. Not sure what to do but fork over money so I guess I will uninstall.
Very disappointed, played this game for a few months and now it either stalls or crashes every time I try to play... same thing happened with my friends phone as well trying to play this game.
Realy good time passer...... If they made it more practcle to recruit. The pqcks are too much to make it fun to recruit. I think the 1st pack is reasonable but the others that arnt op shouldnbenlowered suchxas the 1 thqt costs 1k shoud be lowered to maybe 500 or 750 max so people can het players more often and pass the time with good players but the gameplay is awsome to great graphics on the players after the game.
Honestly, the game itself is alright. But its just really boring. They don't give you enough stuff to upgrade your guys, the player packs are super expensive at 36 dollars for a 10 pull which is insane. You have silver coins which out side of making people legends I see no point for it. The training whistles are such a slow grind its hardly worth playing at all.
Good work just wish they had create a player and have them play and move them to a pro football version which you'll should make and have a relocation and player trading to other players but other than that it's a great game
Love the game but it often fails to give awards at game ending...cant collect nor 2x reward...thats what keeps me from posting 5 stars
Fun game that keeps my day going by having fun! Would be cooler if could change the players names to anything i wanted. Next idea for the best game ever would be if could trade players with others or computer even. Maybe last idea be make are own player and still be the coach but can train n help improve that player. Just still people this is a great fun cool game as it is now anyway! Thumbs way up!!! Ty.... N game on!