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Rival Stars Basketball

Rival Stars Basketball for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by PIKPOK located at Level 7 Willbank House 57 Willis Street Wellington New Zealand 6011. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is pretty cool but it could be a more play the game experience. Maby try and put some more of the play time that you play on your own and maby let you move the players it would be better and more people would get it. But great game.
Best basketball game on the play store you get to manage your team aswell you get to actually play the game of basketball and not just simulation their are a few ads but they are all skippable after 2 seconds and their arent many to begin with. 10/10
The game has potential but I played and it reached a at age that you can't beat anyone no matter what you I've given up after a fourth consecutive week please change this issue for it destroys my hope for this game
More than 1000 players to collect makes it very thrilling to hope what you will see in a pack you buy. Only problem is that earning coins is pretty tough no matter how much youre winning. Luckily you are given a free ticket daily. That allows your team to get better. Interactive plays is a nice touch that not all sim games have and i love it. The graphics could be slightly enhanced, but they arent dull. You can beat teams that look better than yours! 5 stars if i play another week and still lov
When I'm shoot the ball, it doesn't gol ,but i already try in real life then it was gol so this game is not really good and it's not like you playing basketball. You just touch the card and then there's a ring and the balls are go inside the ring and then play basketball but just passing , shooting , and dunk that's it. I don't really recommended this game...
Really love this game and Rival stars football, but I hate how grinding is really trash because you have to watch ads or grind 100 games to get the same amount of coins, and the grinds would be better if you didn't have such a little energy capacity. Good games, trash tactics.
love this game.. i would just like a daily challenge list. like win X amount of power plays, or anything like that. But i really do love this game, ive been looking for a simulation sports game like this. you are doing greatπŸ‘ŒπŸ€˜ keep it up.
Fun game, though I do wish I could play a bit more more than simulating more of the game. But overall its really fun
It's a good game and easy to learn. The luck by him self when he help you get a 4 star player like my and 8 players 3 stars in the fifth time I downloaded the game and past 3 days to get 3 golden players. (3 stars and 4 stars) . To be onest . Happy to play this game and thank you PIKPOK for this amazing game. (βŒ’oβŒ’)(βŒ’oβŒ’)^Ο‰^πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š
It's an Amazing game. I would enjoy it more if there was a trade market with online players to be able to exchange cards, gold coins for normal coins,etc. Also a online matchup where you can challenge people and play live with a chat option.
Good game but it is rather difficult to obtain gold without buying. Also why did you remove the friends code. Finally when will be the next update,the last one was more than a year ago.
Not worthy to play for superstar tournament. The rank 1 prize of mistery pack, you can get only gold player. Also for 1000 gold coin draw, only small chance you can get more than gold player. Meanwhile everybody cheating to get legendary player and train the player to max capability. You can search the cheat on youtube.
Don't give me the option to watch an ad for extra gold only to make me watch one anyway for nothing. Your college football game is great for that very reason. Also, I have three centers on my team. I would make it so you have to have all the different types of players instead of just equipping the players with the best stats. Sure, my team would be worse, but I think it just makes more sense.
You know your game campaign is few You must bring more campaign or bring leauge why this amazing game have so few misiion
This game has a lot more involvement than rival stars college football. I like the mini games and the energy used for games.
I love the game the online tournament is very engaging but I think the developer should add a chat feature to the tournament so players can meet each other
A brilliant game with a lot of things to do and pass your time... would be better if salary cap rule wasn't there.
This game is absolutely amazing and I really enjoy it. Not like other games where if you can't pay for items you can't play or win the game! It's so fun and I love how we get free premium packs and can enter into online tournaments for amazing prizes. I recommend this game to anyone who loves basketball and it's really great.
I love this game because you can get the full experience as a gm and a player witch is good for this game
Very addicting game. But the tournaments are very unfair. No way beating top 30. Unless you grind so hard πŸ˜†
This game is one of the best basketball games out there. However, to take this game to its next level I would recomend updates that included limited time events to earn special players. Kind of like a mini companion. This game has so much potentional yet its being held back on 4 stars because of very few game modes after you have completed the main companion.
The game is good and addictive, i loved it till i reached the end of area 3 and was shocked that the game has more areas for those who can pay to play, only that moment i hated the game and unistalled it from my mobile!!!
Overall, a great game, it has campaign and multiplayer modes; graphics are great, along with the card-type simulation battles(SO RNG). Although, one thing that annoys me is that you won't get higher tier cards or better rosters if you aren't willing to spend real cash. I'm not saying it's P2W but the grinding of XP cards and Gold just takes a lot of time. Morever, there are features that would help; a community trading system with restrictions and time-limited events that give player cards.
it was cool and a little boring first of all I'm not sure how my team scores points one came he scores 30 or more points then the next only 12 points this game needs to explain how they score more efficiently and there should be an easier way to obtain player's I only played the game for only a couple of days had fun but got bored
Game was interesting until I ran into a problem and could no longer access the tournament or the daily challenge. Their support just said uninstall and reinstall which didn't change a thing. Not much point in playing a game when half the features are missing.
I played this game for almost 5 years then suddenly half of the games is not working anymore the tournaments doesnt work as well as the daily cups and evertime I log in there is a error 5005 which is annoying
Interesting idea, but not nearly good enough to warrant the grind. That plus their mini game is a waste of time and pretty annoying. There just isn't any reason to have to do that many passes to get to a decent shot or especially a dunk, which only registers half the time. Dont waste your time or money unless they fix some major mechanical issues.
Ad inside the game affects the game. Matching with competitor is not at par with your team's strength. Some defense is impossible to penetrate giving the fate of loosing. Data lost results to game not credited but lost of energy is still in effect.
This is a brilliant game. I absolutely recommend it. The gameplay is great. Very addictive. Only negative thing is that you have to pay real cash for a lot of things so grinding for coins is tedious and the game is littered with ads.
I linked with google but there is no friendlist so I wanna switch or link it with Fb as well but there is no such function. Please fix it and I'll 5 star it back thx u
Nice one, will it be for another sports. Hopefully will be develope for american football, bowling, tennis or another dimension. Great work, I'm already your fan since flick shot
I like the game so much but the stupid deck limit system is gross, i have no problem if you stop me from getting exp cards from games if my deck is full, but stopping me from using energy if the deck is full is nonsense and so stupid and made me uninstall the game, very stupid system.
The experience was like playing minecraft and defeating the wither. What im trting to say is that the game is awesome,would recommend. The reason why im not rating it 5 stars is because of one thing, and that thing is the control. I tried to swipe right to pass than it went top right. Everything else is great.
The game is so nice i like the achievements and graphics add some logo and character making cause its almost like basketball manager add some court editing thats all.
be warned they force you to loose almost right off making you play big time without leveling up they got to know your going to loose there llowest level was over a thousand and my highest was not even 500 yet so right off you know its an unfair game so any good review is lies
This is a very fun game even you need more players and gold coins,you just need to connect your friends giving energy and bonus points.It's so really hard to unlock a VIPs,but i still love this game.Can somebody unlock first a Gold or a Superstar player? -_-
Why the game stop updating i fell in love with this game back in 2015 why do you need to stop please tell us till now im still playing the game this game is a piece of art you couldn't just leave the players like this i felt broken when it stopped updating please update the game still waiting :(
I was really into this game. But then I reached the endo of the campaign (which is only 3 areas) and couldn't continue because I needed a currency you have to pay for to unlock the next area. I have never played a game that has done this before and it's extremely disappointing.
At first I liked this game. But later every time I go for a match i get only defensive rival clash. But my team is good in attack. Eventually i get lost and waste of energy and my ranking is not increasing and I lose my position in top 100. If u fix this I would rate 5 star
I'd gladly give higher rate, but i dont like cheating AI. My player has 1000+ points in both skills, enemy player has 600 and 800, and still wins. Disappointed.
Its so cool but if we can only go go in games and actually play but here is the cards fight but you can go play at the crowd at some time
very addictive and the interactions are great. if you can add more scenes or moves than I would be happier but this game is good enough for the time being. I like the art work and set up. I think it's a great game to pass time.
This game is so cool is has amazing graphics amazing characters and so many more it is one of the best games I've ever played if you see this please Dan load it 😊 oh my gosh you guys responded back this is awesome this has never happened in truly love your game I just got three more golds guys they responded!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU GUYS ARE SEEING THIS PLAY THE GAME THIS IS SO AWESOME you guys keep doing what your doing it hope to get more golds characters this game will always be the best game thanks
This game is very good and I've played it for over a year but getting good players is a bit difficult because when I buy premium drafts I always get silver players gold players are hard to get and super golds are impossible because I've bought many premium drafts but I've never gotten any super golds please make the chance of getting strong cards easier. I hope for the developers to find this review useful. Thank you!
love this game, I download so many and then uninstall after a week or so but this has me hooked, hardly any ads and doesn't cost much to get rid of them either. Well done!
My expierience on this game was amazing. The gameplay, the players you could get. It's just fantastic! And the controls are really easy as well
Good game but it fails because its not real time 1v1 versus, its challenge only, such a shame πŸ˜” that is not called multiplayer, oh and one more thing why have a max of 17 energy if ur only allowed to play like 4 games at the cost of 4-6 energy, who came up with that idea, if u want us to play a max of 5 games, just gives 5 energy at the cost of 1 energy per game, its not rocket science, for that I'm reducing my rating from 2 stars to 1
Best basketball rpg game ever, this the game that I want since I didn't found this until it arrives at the recommended. Thanks playstore for recommending this game to me, it means a lot.
Only downfall in my opinion is that you can accidentally press to buy a pack, like today i accidentally pressed onto buying the 250 pack while i was saving for the 1k pack. Now its not that hard to add the feature of saying "are u sure u want to buy this pack" it would of saved me 250 hard earned coins
The game is good. But as you progress through the game you understand that their is a imbalance between the silver and cost to level up. Lot of imbalances.