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Rival Regions: world strategy of war and politics

Rival Regions: world strategy of war and politics for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Rival Regions Games located at Moscow. The game is suitable for Teen and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very confusing. Also I couldn't write papers anymore? I'm guessing it's because you have a journalist rating button. Unless there's swearing involved (which there wasn't) it should be allowed. Looking at the rest of the reviews here and it looks like you're biased towards Russians. Instead of saying "We're not biased towards any country" try LISTENING to your fans, otherwise you'll end up just like EA. I uninstalled last year (Before the Russian stuff) but I can see you're going downhill. GL.
I have been playing this game on and off for three years. The community is great and its super addictive, its complicated and some players are practically god because of either experience or the credit card they have but regardless with enough people and time you can do anything :)
Admin, end everyone's suffering and delete the server, since YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PLAYERS AT ALL!!!! Guys, really, this game has great potential.. IF you dont quit in the first 5 minutes, you'll learn more about the game and probably get addicted to it, but the game's administrators do not give a single f about its players, that's it, you will get interested in the game, spend money (it is obviously pay to win) and then you will realize the game is stagnated and developers dont care about u
Very fun, but there was a problem with coups as me and my friends all attempted to voup a country and fight to have it, but this was broken and did NOT allow me and them to take it over, and we were unable to engage in war. This is frustrating because it limits me and their ability to do anything such as the coup because it's broken.
Came for the politics, stayed for the community. I've been a part of said community for just over a year now and what a year it has been! In my time I have seen the rise and fall of multiple large empires, have taken part in warfare on every continent but Antarctica, and have even traveled to the moon. The community is welcoming to newcomers and are willing to help you learn and develop. I highly recommend it! Hope to see you in game.
Look, I think this game has some potential, but I'm really not sure what I'm doing and there isn't any tutorial to tell you what to do. So I'm just doing my thing trying to figure it out.
Very good game, glad I came back to it, it does have the potential to become a console game I'd they allow Google and Facebook accounts and that other one that I have no idea what the frick it is
it doesn't seem to be a good game. I've read recent reviews and I was pretty sure of it. and I have no idea why I installed this but they were right. games crew is terrible; interface is worse, it wasn't made to be playable; all guides were written by the community (btw the community is toxic and salty). 🚩🚩🚩 JUST DON'T 🚩🚩🚩
After seeing a developer response to my review saying my issue is fixed, i reinstalled the game. I can finally get into the game, the big preventing me from leaving the welcome screen is fixed, but on my Galaxy S10+ my home buttons wont leave the screen so I cant see the games menu buttons along the bottom, so I still cant play it. Glad to see developers are working to make improvements though.
Very complex at the start but very entertaining! It takes a bit of time to learn how things are but when you get the hang of it it is pretty cool.
Admin Could you, please, add more features? It would make me more addicted and willing to play this awesome game! You could make a seasonal update and hype us with sneak peaks! The features itself don't need to be great or huge: it just has to change (a little) the way how we see or play this game. Thanks in advance
Great concept, I rarely see such games on the store. It's best to practice some Socio-Political skills and interact with other people and share knowledge. All in all, it's very well done in terms of thinking. But, in terms of the overall gameplay, controlling and UI efficiency and friendliness, it does lack a bit of polishing. With some more contribution, it can surely reach ahead 4 point rating. I can also suggest making a Discord Server for the game so that the community can interact. Good.
I have problems with the rule that you can unly use two account for just one ip. Are you kidding me? my father and I, we are playing at home and our accounts always get banned. Solve that problem creating a verification system for each premium person. Because yes, we have the four accounts premium... Also i dont understand why i have my first account banned from first week and i try to contact with the adminitrators and they do nothing. Although the community in this game is greatful.
it's an ok game, i like it but it needs more. a greater diversity in government forms, the ability of nations to combine into one, and overall better graphics would be greatly appreciated.
Yeah just downloaded the game and not recommending. Seriously what is this game? Why isn't a basic tutorial available? Why can't I practice against AI? Why are the fifty states divided? Etc. This isn't a typical strategy game that most simpletons myself included can understand.
This game is very buggy, has awkward game mechanics and one player offers to little to the game entirely which makes it impossible to mould the game around how you want to play it, you really only just join a party led by more powerful players that barely notice you are there.
The game lacks proper tutorials and can be very confusing to learn. However, it is also extremely addictive and fun if you can find a good party to train you. Its all about community in this game and everyone can find a place where they fit in. Give it a try, find an established party, learn the ropes, have a great time.
Game basically is literally a nightmare when you get the main menu. It's literally a bunch of text literally cramped, couldn't even get through the game. Then again, the last update was months.. so....
In this game there are good features and it is fun to play. There are bugs and glitches from time to time which is not so bad after you get used to it. On the other side watching my party being insulted from moderating team is concerning and alarming. Admin you should stop for a moment and think of the effect it is having on community who buys gold from you. Serbian community was much stronger with numbers and players year ago. Toxic moderator does not fix this, he is killing our community.Remo
Too complicated for my style, although I did not play for a long time. It seems the developers put a lot of thought into it (hence the complicated gameplay). It is not my taste but for peaople that prefer these kind of games I think this is a good choice
I find the idea of the game fun, but it doesn't work well. With a bad UI, and not much on the visual side, I don't find it entertaining.
The game needs a proper tutorial, optimization and a simpler interface... Can't really understand anything so I'm leaving the game for now, if there is no update soon that fixes at least one issue I will not look back to this game, gave this game 3 shots and never managed to understand it... Disappointed, looked like a really good game...
Actually, I would like if each country(state) has its own currency. The more the developed the region, the more is it's value in the international markets. You can also add stock exchange and make a watchdog body to oversee and ban accounts who misuse the features of the game, it will help a lot in making this game interesting.
In this game there is no new servers of Domin... As a new player you login and find people who have been playing and developing their accounts for 5 years before.. The difference in power is enormous and as you grow as a player they grow also whick make it impossible to catch up... It is redicilous.. New players have no way to matter in this game
I think its promising, and worth given a try. Definitely for those who seek politics, economy, and power in one. But also should be aware of some abuser.
Cant even play the game it's bugged you can't do jack. I was looking forward to playing but until this is fixed I cant. If they even do this game has been broken for a long time. They may have just given up
Bad Doesn't even let you play. I selected English as a language and it doesn't even work. I'm just stuck on a screen teaching me how to play (which I can't read cuz it's in a different language.) Anytime I try to get off the screen it either closes the app or just sends me straight back to said screen
Good concept, awful execution. I signed up for a game with a player base and a developer who actually cares for other players, where you could pass laws to make any state independent, where you could create your own political party from the ground up, but instead I got an unsupportive player base and an overall dull experience. Waste your time on something else.
the game desperately needs an update, and the admins in it are easy to crack, they'll crack if you say big wet donkey balls, and a few Geopolitical factors must be fixed as some may be inaccurate, and there has been multiple bugs in my experience in the game, the game needs to be tuned, put it in the oven on high for an hour because of all the bugs in the game, i'd love to see multiple fixes in the game because i have been enraged by the game and engaged into the game, because of its potential
I would just like to say that in unable to get past the screen that says the info of the game, and whenever I press the go back button, it just keeps me on the screen. Please fix this developers, so I can change my review to a honest one that is not 3 stars
its a good game. i just wish you can understand more of what you are doing. but all in all its a fun game. good job and keep it up. p.s. if the leader hasn't been on for a year could there be a way to get them off?
It is a game... One Star. It features somewhat Strategy... One Star. Can open up Factories and Newspapers... One Star. You cannot escape from it once you have joined... One Star. I know people who play RR will eventually see this Rating and I'm curious to see if they can identify me ;) ... One Star. That concludes my Rating.
Complete waste of time, to elaborate on this I'd like to say that if you get unlucky enough to start in a region that has no daily gold to mine you will be indefinitely screwed on money, for there is no way to make money easily until level 60. Which is a miserably slow level to get to. I've been playing for 3 weeks. And I'm looking at maybe -2 more months before I hit level 60, so until then I am stuck where I'm at with no cash to use to fly to a better region. The elite players ignore newbs.
I actually really like the game however i got this glitch when i tried to change my partys logo it doesn't work and causes words to overlap each other, this continued even after i reset my phone along with uninstalling & reinstalling the game, i also tried beginning a new party but the same problem arose
This is a very good game. But im going to give 1 star only because our Jerry (admin)is to lazy to advertise it properly all over the world. Wake up man it's time to let everyone know about this game ! Don't fell fulfilled with few euros.
The game is good but the mobile app is buggy. Bought premium to just have my profile button in the game disappear and reinstall didn't work. Can't use the website either as it pushes you off to the glitched out mobile version in the browser. Very disappointed 😠
Its bad enough that it costs $2100 or more just to max your stats and thats not including war of any sort. But this game is openly exploited by allowing the existence of mercs who will fight in your wars in exchange for cash. 90% Of all the Largest parties in this game are mercenary parties. This has gotten to the point where any single player can drop tons of real money on mercenaries and win the war no matter how many allies the other side has. Its so depressing. BAN MERCS
Cool concept, but I can't play the game. The tutorial screen has no option to close it and the back button only closes it for a few seconds before it reopens. I think this would be a cool game I would play often if I could. Please fix this bug and I will change my review.
I want to like this game, BUT, I feel like there is a certain number of high level people who just basically control everything. They move around creating dictatorships, trade each other regions (especially low population places where people dont play this game) and close their borders and just shut it off. If you actually live in a place where not a lot people play this game, then you are forced under this dictatorship or have move to another nation (which they normally don't accept you, for their self interest to keep power and the current status quo). These low population regions usually have new and low level players, so it is impossible for them to have any say in the politics. So you just end up working for their factories. You become their slave. There is no point to this game at this point. It is impossible to win revolutions for people in low population regions. I know this is a game, but this is based on real regions and countries, and from where you play in real life matters for some of the game features. I think it would really help if you gave some bonus to new and low level players (they have to cooperate) living in low population regions to fight against high level players.
The admins are some really odd people. I downloaded and played for a couple of hours and already I was placed in a watchlist. I'm so confused on why I was placed on a watchlist and I'm not given an explanation or anything.( what happens is you basically can interact with any other player) Beyond that there's a bunch of rules that you're supposed to follow and if you don't, you get banned which is always fun. This game is kinda shady for those who are concerned about cyber security.
Fun game! Took a bit but finally got past the instructions. Wish there was a little bit more of a tutorial but it's a fun game
I don't think i know any game with this amount of possibility in regards to size. Great idea I hope they keep updating!
This game is impossible to play. The login screen refuses to connect for multiple account types. Once inside, the welcome screen is impassable, as there's no navigation for it, and no gesture or tap will remove it. Back only removes it temporarily moves it, and once the home screen attempts to load, it pulls the welcome screen up again.
I have been playing this game on and off for three years. The community is cancer and its super addictive, its complicated and some players are practically god because of either experience or the credit card
I have been playing this game on and off for three years. The community is cancer and its super addictive, its complicated and some players are practically god because of either experience or the credit card. I love it.
I really enjoyed the game and sadly I didn't get to play it for a month because evey time I open the game I am stuck in a perpetual loading screen. The community is awesome and the game is great, I just wish I could play itπŸ˜•
So I logged on just to see one last time if it was going to be working and it is? And I am now in the game and really enjoying it. I don't know what happened but this is a great game.
would be a funner game if it wasnt so confusing, the tutorial doesnt even help at all it is confusing as well and WHAT TYPE OF NAME IS RETARDA
I have played this game for years and it seems to be dead now or development for it has slowed down to a stand still. The game is broken for almost all its players is my guess and they haven't fixed it in 10 days so it must not be a big enough issue if many players are having this problem.
Too bad, It doesn't even open, it just kept loading for over 2hours. I hope u fix this sooner, I downloaded it today 21st of May 2020, and I uninstalled it same day.
Money Sink Bad Staff to sum it up, been here for years have probably 800+ stats total and nothing has changed for the better. Wasted money in my eyes. Warring is won by who spends the most money STILL. Mods have personal bias that hand out mutes subjectively. Literally no set system to warn or mute people. Just however long they wish. Causes communication issues during wars, but that's the intent eh? TL:DR this is a game of literal oligarch whales competing to outspend eachother. Good luck.
I'm really liking the game so far, but i have a suggestion. The online map is very cool with other players, but i think a seperate offline mode would be very interesting. Where you could have your own private map, but still control one country while the others are controlled by cpu.
Amazing! We had many friends when I started to fit in however the EAU war removed half of our population. We are coming to a close of the truce and before it ends I want to see a new map so my party can become independent instead of the states that want to live long
I like this game, I have ever seen such a game, this the bet game, but I gave you 1star rating coz. I have been playing this game for a six months upto now I never saw an event conducted by admin, if he conducts any event for the people of RR then I would change my rating
I played this game between December 2017-April 2019 and came back for 3 months in May this year. I cannot say enough good things about most of the community, they kept it fun for me for so long, but the admin were so bad. Exploits, barely any updates or events and they would not respond to any concerns anyone had to the point where players had to spam articles to get a response. Playerbase at it's highest that i saw was around 40k, now it's stagnating around 15k which says it all really.
Honestly the game itself pretty much sucks. There are major glitches, and admins take no responsibility in fixing them. They have a definite Russian bias, and will not listen to what the playerbase asks of them. The community is the only reason why I still play this game. I started playing out of bordem, and quickly found friends that would help me to understand the game. The game is extremely difficult to learn, with complex functions. The game is addicting, but at the same time very stressful.
Developer doesn't update the game, only has one server making it hell for new players, and generally the game is dying with the only a few thousand actual players left and a lot of alts.
Was her in 2017-2018, just came back in 2019 to an better looking game, with less bugs. Thank you for working on this game.
This is a very good strategy game.I always wanted a game like this, and what I really respect is that I saw that you guys are listening to the players problems and reading the reviews.This is a very important thing for a company or a game creator.I really appreciate that and I love this game a lot! Good luck further!
Been playing this game for nearly two years now. How do I escape? If you're new, it'll take time to learn the game and the strategies existing in it. If you plan to play this game, give it time instead of quitting immediately because you can't understand it.
Very complex and I definitely like the game after installing 20 minutes ago. Just a couple suggestions and one complaint. 1st I wish there was an offline mode of this game where you can create your own simulations and such. Complete personalization. Second I think their should be a bigger tutorial, it's alot to take in and it kinda just throws you into the game. And also i created a party and every time I select a Picture for it it just goes back to the main screen of the game. Quite annoying.