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Rival Gears Racing

Rival Gears Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by ShortRound Games located at 118 Queens Road Brighton East Sussex BN1 3XG (UK) . The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It would be a 5 star game.. If the ad videos worked.. When u lose or need more fuel or just to double up on some funds here an there.. Not once since ive started playing this game about 3 days now.. Not once have i been able to evem after the game offers them up its always busy or nothing avaliable.. Please fix this issue an ill chamge my 4* to 5*!! Other than that nicely done well made great all around lane racer!! Now to see if customer service actually works an responds to its paying players!
Cool game love the traffic aspect and how the cars look. Different outlook on drag racing. Love the futuristic hover look of the cars. Haven't put any money into yet so that's a plus it's not a money grabber. Still getting the hang of the upgrade system if any flaw yet is that it's a little over complicated also would love this even more if it came with a story with in the campaign mode. Other then that so far so good
Downloaded the game expecting something more like Rebel Racing a Different Racing Game, but overall it plays smooth love the graphics and just wish the controls were more manual
Best racing game I've played, could be a lil bit more player friendly with giving us enough cash to get a class C car after beating the whole Class D story.. Leaves you having to grind out cash for a few days before deciding to go up a tier or upgrade your first car more.( or p2w of course.) And there's also a problem with there being no videos for players to watch so you can't get extra cash or fuel without spending gems which are far and few in between.. besides that keep up the great work!
The game is great! I love that it is based on a posible future. I do ask that you fix the Twitter sign in button, i tried to sign in with it but it never worked. Other then that the only other thing i would like is a setting for higher quality
Good game, interesting concept, very little of in-game purchases, good controls, although not too much gameplay ( not as many missions as in nfs) but Fun!
Cool game I would like to see more sci-fi elements maybe even weapons? Could be a slicker IMPROVEMENT over most car combat games. Like mostly defensive weaponry IE caltrops mines EMP
I have been playing this daily now for a month or two and actually love the game. BUT it has its flaws. Here are some of the things to expect. -Great game play (with some bugs) -I have noticed multiple times that my winnings do not show up at times in the prize events. I watch my score in the events in between each race and there are times that my score does not advance after winning a race. -Event scores appear to be rigged. As mentioned above I watch closely and there are certain racers who's scores appear to double during one race. I know because I race back to back to back and there is no way that another racer can win two races in the amount of time I win one. RIGGED! Not that big of a deal as the prizes are not that great anyway. -Zero support. I have tried to contact support but they don't care since this is an older game. No response. -Occasionally the steering bugs out and will either not work and/or will randomly steering into another lane. Usually these bugs cause a crash. Always seems to happen at the beginning of a race if and when it does happen. -In game purchases are pretty expensive. They do offer some sales but you really do not need them to advance as long as you progress as a racer. It may take more time to get to the top but you can eventually get there. -The race score boards and rankings in between races gets old quick. I wish there was a way to skip them all and just get to the next race. -My biggest gripe is not the game but some of the racers. There are racers out there that cannot win an honest race so they focus the entire race on trying to take you out. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Maybe learn how to race since you downloaded a racing game. Morons! Even with all these gripes, this is a very fun and exciting racing game. Actually the best one I have found on Android. Other than the few bugs here and there it works very well. I read somewhere someone said this game is to racing how Rock Band is to playing an instrument. I would agree with that statement. Tons of fun!
Sorry but this is not a good game to play. Boring! If you want a good car game then try Asphalt 9 or rebel racing or even Gear Club (that 1 is a pukka game). I'm not one for misleading other gamers so update your game speck & I'll come back in a few months to give it another review lol. Have fun!
Really good game. But a note to the developers...I have not been able to watch any adds for some reason. It would be nice to recieve some free chests for it. I never tbought I would want to see adds but please help me developers. I am signed in. So...I don't get it. Please fix this. 5 stars for the fix.
For heaven's sake people, update your game, it looks like I'm playing a game from the emulator on the Galaxy Note 9. If anything I'm running over 60fps because there's barely anything changed. Upgrade the graphics or add some kind of graphics setting, everything looks so pixelated.
Good game but most of the time in the race, when i get to the end of the right or left lane, it gets stuck to the side and keeps on driving hit pushing the car to the wall for a few sec that gets me crashing to a car and i cant switch lanes and then when i keep pushing the button trying to switch the lanes a few times then after it stops getting stuck if i didnt crash it keeps switching the lanes depending how many times i clicked the button.
I usually get bored of these type of games but this 1 is keeping me hooked I last played in 2019 but lost everything so reinstalled and it's still as good
Great game, steady graphics, smooth gameplay, controls are good, although my only issue is, when prompted to use a video to gain some extra funds, there are no videos available!!...other than that, keep up the good work.
this game is cool and upgrade every area of your car it has the most coolest car and style and high unique speed racers and i cant explain there is person hate this🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Best experience ever playing this! Perfect for Racing Lovers! No Connection problem! Quick Race! Pro Teams! So many options! It's the best game you ever played, must try it!
Pretty good game and mechanics. Love, I guess old school now, but futuristic models of the cars like an old arcade game. But I don't like how ptw it is, if you pay "gems" in online and offline you can, as I said before, pay to win the race. But really even at that it's not too bad as you can earn everything you can buy from the looks of it, it's a good step for mobile games, not AS cash grabby.
My go-to game when I want to play for a while! Going up in car classes as you progress in career mode is fun as the speed increases, but online racing is the kicker, feels very high stakes and does really show youbto only bet what you can afford to lose. Maybe due for some new cars and tracks?
So far so good the tracks so far are short could be longer but provide a good quick fix i hope there are police chases unfortunately not enough tracks
I only write this review because of one thing and that is because I absolutely loved the game friendly fire but every time I log on it says servers are down so please let us play the game again because it was amazingly brilliant
Add the Honda Fit GK3 Look alike and more Honda NSX look alike then probably I'll rate it 5 Star still a very good game and how I wish you can play this offline too cause it's so much fun reminds me of Cyberpunk days! :)
Love this game! Graphics, sound, the online multiplayer experience, and best of all being able to play for free. The developers have done a really awesome job and created something fun and accessible. I urge you to at least try it. See you on the racetrack!!! 😁 (I don't usually spend any money on gaming, but for making this so playable for free, I may well do so on this one)
It was good but you need to buy gems for the fuel and painting im poor i just paying my internet bill so kindly make this game free to play in google play store just to enjoy life not wasting time and money thanks..
Pretty cool game, nice cars and graphics. But the problem is that there is no pause option! Other than that, I like this game.
I've changed my review. It WAS a fun game. It's broken now. Can't race other players only the bots. In fact look at the last update 2017? Owners don't even care about players they just want your money, because to get anything substantial you either wait a long time to earn it or pay to play. It's a free game but get out your wallet because it cost money to get ahead. So scroll on people its not worth the hassle.
This game is incredible man you better try it the best game of all time this is the best game ever and the games I have try are all trash you better try it man just try it and see for yourself this game is incredible you love it. The developer who made this game is incredible.
awesome gameplay, perfect soundtracks, no ads. it's a shame that I discovered this game late in 2020. it deserves more recognition. goodjob dev
Totally awesome & amazing racing game simple but intense racing also I absolutely love the whole concept of the game how personal cars have been outlawed and people that love the thrill of racing get old junker cars and then equip the latest tech in them making them badass futuristic hover hotrods I'm absolutely in love with this game and I re download this game everytime I get a new phone and have been for years keep up the great work guys this game is the absolute best racing game period ever
The frames are so good even if it is such a complex game,it surely shows the effort u guys put in this but it would nice if the cars had a breaking system 🙂
The is quite good and graphics are great too Inshort the is osmm the developer had done great job.. Wel done
I like the graphics and I like the way to game play And the way to cars Glide And the way you can challenge people for money And customize your car And power in tournament's The way you can beat bosses It's really amazing I like this game a lot the graphics everything this is one amazing game that I came out with I think is 2020 or 2019 it doesn't matter this game is a Mazing Really amazing Really really really really really the greatest game on mobile phones I have never seen a game
Best game and ever I have played Good Grafics, good sound and best chalanges. But there is one thing which bothers me is why is it not offline. If the creator make this game offline it would be better. Not only this version but all version of this game.
How is this not an editor's choice I mean it's so good. This is the best game I can think of in this trying time my device is not good so it lags a bit and IT'S THE BEST GAME for it's size (except for minecraft but it doesn't run well on my phone) and it took hours to download.
This was fun but i question the humanity of the player pool. I also suspect deception, i created a team "VEX" (check leader board) and took it to the top in over a week. Then there was team on top "bleckend" that wasn't even in top 5, it was gaining 1000 points after every race i ran. Within 20 minutes i watched the their total double mine. That point acumulation is impossible. This is too bad i enjoyed it but, I'm a gamer that won,t be cheated. Way to run off a good paying player
Amiging animation and background music. Graffic are also good . But in race also should be 4vs4 every time 2vs2 is not too good
Great game I like the graphics but needs a little tuning where it says to watch video for extra points. There is no video available I've been playing for two days and still the same thing, other than that Great Game.
Very cyberpunk inspired its a great game controls awesome its a online game tho cant juss grab n go so thats important what id improve nothin much no complains awesome kinda like trafic rider switch lanes upgrade ur car and the cars are great by the way the even look better than some of the original cars if the future is this I would to be apart of this.and its very unique the maps the roads the car the story line the online racing etc... its a great game tho
I've played it for 2 minutes and it's amazing keep it up but I would like you add the tilt control feature. From your game fan Mark😆
Very nice game, but I am confuse about all the different features. Other than I love this game, it is super awesome
Rly good graphics like good jod on that. Controls could be more interesting lile cool pattern formations. prtty expensive to change name but good and the huge shift in prices on the different types of cars os a little hard to keep up with. Make more maps like ones rhat are challenging by itself and you should be able to do time record like without using energy. So you race you best time and get better.
Wow this is really cool ugh nice graphics and easy to control and I wanted to buy class c car LOoOoOoOl
I love this game. I could play on and on. But the thing is, each race consumes energy and when energy runs out there is the option to watch an add or use gems. Now, the option for watching an add to gain energy or any other element of this game such as cash or perk cards doesn’t actually work. This option is only show. It would be great if you guys get it working.
Very good racing and good quality just wish they had an offline mode. Other than that its a cool game
I dont know the reason why thd game work with data is always online why,if i dont put on my data it will never connect,this should stop.I dont love that at all
A great future racing game, basically you race cars with anti gravity modules instead of wheels and the graphics, controls and gameplay is excellent and best of all they are no ads to speak of, looking forward for more cars, paint schemes and add-ons in the coming updates. A great racing game overall... 👍😎
Graphics are good . Controls are easy . There is multiplayer mode online mode ofline mode now what do you need it is the best game of all time
This is a fairly good game, needs a few fixes here and there, but it could be a pretty good game to go viral
I played this on the iPad so it ain't my first time. But it is what I remember of this game overall. I say this definitely has great potential and unique.
Game has good graphics however biggest problem is that it does not fit in the whole screen . I have smoled display phone . Game needs more customization menus
Game is good. Should have better music and something that keeps it interesting. My mind gives up on the game after only a short time.
It is so cool you start out with impressive cars the racing is easy teams and events provide me with the needed resources my hurricane vehicle is looking sweet also the elite upgrades can be tricky as a reminder to those who are new with the game it even has a tutorial and you get a team to chat with but one problem when I'm out of fuel or need free resources it requires an add but it won't let me watch the add it says it doesn't work so I hope they fix this problem if they do ill be happy
Amazing app! The grahcs are amazing, and everything about this game is cool! Instantly addicted! Please download!!!!!!! Thanks to ShortRound games for making this. Hope to see more games like this one out soon! By the way, for the people that didn't earn rewards from the adds, here is a tip: with the adds, just scroll your mouse to the top of the screen, and hit the back button on the top left corner when the add is finished, then you will get your reward.
There are NEVER any videos to watch to receive fuel or other items. Fix this. WOW I HAVE NOW PLAYED TIS GAME FOR 2 YEARS NOW AND HAVE STILL HAD NOT HAD A VIDEO AVAILABLE FOR PRIZES...!!!!!!!??? WHY IS THIS.???!!!!! You now have 2 stars!!!! SO NOW WE NO LONGER HAVE THE HONOR OF WINNING AN EVENT CAR???? THE LEAST YOU COULD LET US DO IS WIN A BOT CAR WITH SPECIAL ABILITIES ON PINKS.....???!!! DOWN ANOTHER ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ please get it together
This game does not contain advertisements to watch. Ever. So no free stuff. Ever. Offline included. [..I know, it sucks..] You cannot purchase specific items through the store or trade gems for cash. And the price for cash is really steep, so beware. Final thoughts, good game!
Its fun no doubt but i must be hitting a wall. Have a maxed d class car but cannot progress further, the computer beats me no matter what i do. Than when i win my money back the computer blows me away, i use the same car no way its that much faster than mine. So im deleting because im sure unless i pay, i wont progress. No point
This is the best sci fi racing game I've ever played i love the career mode and the online mode where you race other players and i love the fact that its not a pay to win game its about the drivers skill
You'll always lose in game it will never let you win,as you upgrade your car you'll lose a match after it..
I got an edit of my review, I am still giving it 4 stars since its a good game but when you ride an S type car, when you boost the car, it is hard to see what is in front of it and sometimes I end up crashing for not able to see a car right in front of the line even if the lights are flashing. I am basically on the ground seeing at the back of mine and not able seeing in front of it.
This game is really good and I like it and the most thing I like is the multiplayer and the graphics are also good and it's also realistic game.ok then bye!
This is definitely the most flawless racing game in history! The controls, gameplay, and graphics are insanely perfect! This game is completely ad free. I've been playing this game for a while, and it's the best game ever. I seriously can't ever stop playing it. It's so addictive! It's easy to play and it's not pay to win. You can easily earn gems in the game itself. Best flawless racing game in the app store ever! Get to the top to prove you're the best of the competition and rule the city now!
The game is boring and 98% of the players cheat, by teleporting, controlling boosts, controlling sensitivity of lane change., or hitting you into traffic or adding traffic.I'd like developers to get rid of cheaters and the race hangout/cheater hangout and just race AI's for Reputation.The car costs are 120k to 8 million, upgrade costs 3 to 10 miillion , but is really impossible to make any money in the game with rampant cheaters and developers charging you $20.00 for an A class car.
One of the most underrated racing games out there. Definitely NOT PAY TO WIN. Involves more skill compared to drag racers with the lane changing mechanic, it might look easy but you have to take into account your car's stability and anticipate in changing lanes in advance. LOVE the hover theme of the cars by the way.
This game is awesome and what y'all done with these cars is truly amazing got to go bigger and bring this game to game consoles PS4 PS5 Xbox PC... for real though I really enjoy playing this game you did an amazing job...
Fun game, so far no pay to play either... Wold give it 5⭐ but i cant watch ANY videos (for in game rewards, bonuses, ect...
This game is an absolute Blast! If there is a proboem with the vame i haven't come across it yet. Only unfortunate thing is socializing is kind of difficult and wish Ads would work properly for rewards. But otherwise this game is awesome!
This is one of the most awesome race games and that's saying something coming from me I love racing games ones that are pretty close to the real thing and this one cuts it although it would be nice to bring down the cost of upgrades and lose the gas one of the most annoying things of the game but I play this game every day I hope there is an update coming soon don't mess with the cars thank you sincerely happy losing
Juat two controls, left n right, Boring game.. 2 star coz graphics are good.. Also due to which game size increased
This game is so cool... love graphics and the game has futuristic moderns and stuff like that And a love it
Too much private information needed for a racing game, its totally a pay to win, online only makes me feel like it plagued with ads and microtransactions, you have to pay to change your paint, not to buy them, every time you change paint you have to pay even if you already had the colour. Scummy to say the least
I was having a blast until I realized most almost all players are AI. I created a team with my friends and took it to the top and held for 3days . Then a team appeared on top that wasn't even in the top 5 the night before. They were Gaining 1000 points between my races as I was tiring to catch up. This is impossible, it took quite some time to get that much. This is fun to kill time but don't pay into it or take a run at leader board. I was a fool and bought the starter pack, wasn't worth it
Very nice game With nice controls and graphics , there must an easier way to earn cash so that we can upgrade the cars in the game
This game is really awesome. The graphics are mind blowing and look futuristic. Now I am a big fan of this game. I find the game worth 5 stars. And all must try it. But it has an additional 450mb file and another 200mb file after the first race if you want to play ahead. ITs WORTH IT.
Easy but challenging game. Nice Graphics cool driving experience . Joy of racing . Thanks for the app developer to creating this nice game. I also suggested to Developers to make some stunts in the racing track
Game is great.graphics are awesome.but no control options.no tilt,no aurto acceleration,no brake control.
Fun game no freebies though... you gotta PAY for everything. Says there's videos but there's not so you PAY to play.
Now this is what I call racing but there isn't any Videos to play for yet free components...not sure y...would be nice if there wus...the game offers them so y aren't there any?
This game awesome graphics the cars very nice and controls easy and the sounds. very very very good game had played and pro team so helpfull i give this game 5 star
Ninety-nine percent of players cheat,by teleporting, controlling boosts, controlling sensitivity of lane change,or hitting you into traffic or adding traffic,slowing your car,and increasing the speed of their car. The stupid idea of drag race with traffic and cheaters is pointless.The car costs are 120k to 8 million, upgrade costs 3 to 10 miillion, but is really impossible to make any money in the game with rampant cheaters and developers charging you $20.00 for an A class car and an S for $50.
DO NOT INSTALL. Game is mainly bots with very few actual human players. What little community there is, is highly toxic. 0 maintenance by developers. 0 updates 0 chat monitoring to keep chat clean. 3 race tracks and each one lasts about 45 sec. (or lower). Limited vehicles and 1 vehicle is the best per Class. We need an international video game agency to monitor these small time companies. If the company refuses to support the game in all aspects then neither should GooglePlay. REMOVE THIS GAME
Most people might not like this game. But it is pretty good game in my opinion 🙂. If any one is saying that this game is a bot game or only bots play the game. It not true. The problem is they are the bots😐
This game is with it'ss awesome graphics! The model of cars are very futuristic, I love to play this game. Just the think I didn't liked is this game's cars can only be rided following paths and I'm not free in the road to move around. Please stop the game following paths and make the cars move around the road freely.
The "Watch Video" feature for rewards does not work at all. 1 star for being an irresponsible gaming company by not maintaining your game
It's a fun game, but when you try to get free stuff by watching ads, it times out and you have to toggle in and out of game to keep playing, yet you get no prize, and error message saying no ads at this time try again later.
Poor cars poor graphics, horrible controls and for all those notifications thats claim that the game is futuristic and the vehicles are gravity defying, honestly, it's plain simple boring. Nothing special, actually nothing even interesting about the game. Waste of download data and then time. But if you dont believe me, go ahead. 2 stars because it's not as bad as a one star