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Ritual for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by HEXAGE located at Hexage s.r.o. U koleji 1604 252 10 Mnisek pod Brdy Czech Republic. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I can not use active spell, evething else is fine but I cannot use active spell, I'm using samsung tablet , please fix
when the developers are Hexage, you know your gonna enjoy this RPG. Fan of Radiant defence and Robotek and also Reaper. And of course the music is amazing! Thanks Hexage for awesome games, like you!
Cool idea would have loved to keep playing but the controls really should just be a circle pad not a tap or whatever it is
Usually enjoy any game made by Hexage but this one has to be my least favorite. Very repetitive gameplay, slow paced with no interesting qualities to keep me engaged, besides the good graphics and soundtrack. Looking forward to their next game but will have to pass on this one.
All of the bad ratings are all just about the controls, and yeah they are a little jank, but after you play the game for a while you realize they're like that on purpose, it adds a fun challenge to this awesome game. I literally played it for like 4 hrs straight, beat it in two days (with school in-between) I would recommend this game to anyone, it's just as good if not better than Reaper
I like games with this perpective a proper mobile controls. Yet i found the gameplay limited, not bad, just wished it was way more dynamic and crazy, this is,the maps are severlly contricted.
Interesting and not without potential but the way you control your character is abysmal - it's unresponsive, floaty and hard to use. Just use a regular joystick control scheme, I can't imagine it's intentionally this bad but if it is - if the way you introduce challenge into your game is by making the basics someone needs to use hard and unreliable or in other half assed and superficial ways, just don't make the game.
This game is really good and unique. I had absolutely no problems with controls, I think it is better than a joystick (do others play with their feet or something? I got used to it really quickly). Game difficulty is alright as well, I died a few times, but I didn't get stuck on any level. Good job.
Another nice game from Hexage. Hardcore arcane mayhem and arcade fun, plus a nice story to boot. The control is a bit weird at first glance, but you get used to it very easily. Also, much appreciated that they let you try it out for free, before deciding if it is worth buying the full experience. Well done and hope to see more games from you
Couldn't get past the first level. Instructions make no sense. "Tap the screen to change direction", but then nothing happens when you tap, and the little guy just keeps bouncing around by himself.
Amazing. I was waiting for so long for a Riper similar! Love this game. This is the kind of games should be developed. Great job!
I like the the basic idea of this but it's done the worst way possible. Spells picked up are generally good but there's a few that almost guarantee death. Movement is horrendous and must be done in tiny swipes unless you want your finger to end up on the corner and get stuck moving the same direction for a split second where you could easily end up dead. Sometimes your level will be taken from you with no explanation. Dying will reset your level to 1 at which point you may as well restart becaus
It's fun but clunky controls if there's a rock in the way and I'm running between those rocks it just bounses back and forth
i like the neon colors. i have liked so much at reaper years ago like 5 years or something and this game has the same nice look to it. i like it.
So the controls aren't the problem, your character just moves to fast, in the small map, and with the number of enemies you go up against, you're just going to die from getting hit. You're limited to 3 attacks before you have to wait on Mana regeneration, or sometimes your character performs a melee when you getti close. Slow down characters speed, and you may have a good game.
This game is phenomenal all around. Great graphics, amazing combat, great story aswell. The game stutters alot, only when around large crowds of enemy's. And that's only one problem I could find. GREAT GAME.
Good concept and I like the mini style graphics but could have way better controls overall a okayish game.
I love Reaper and Radiant Defense. When I saw Ritual I was excited. Unfortunately, I just can't get into it due to the controls alone. I lowered the sensitivity, which did help somewhat, but the fact you're constantly moving and bouncing off everything just makes for constant deaths. When there's a lot on the screen I can't even tell where I respawn at which leads to more deaths. If they made it to where you could stop or even just slow down I would rate this higher and keep playing. 👍
Hard controls The gameplay controls are hard to use wished the controls were like that of nornal movement ones
As a long-time fan of Hexage's unique art style and game design, Ritual is a fun mobile experience for another take on the Action RPG genre. The gameplay is extremely enjoyable and allows for a lot of creativity with setting up your spells and passive abilities. Additionally, the art direction and sound design is top-notch. For a full-fledged experience with no micro-transactions, I certainly recommend that people at least try it out and see if the style suits you.
Good game, I liked it a lot, very well made with great graphics and well thought power-ups and mechanics. There is a story too... but the game speed is too fast and too crazy, which make some stages frustrating and unenjoyable... it is ok when the stage is wide a has many obstacles to hide behind but not in stages where enemies come from everywhere and they shoot and there is nothing we can do but to lose forcefully... needs devs attention.
give a a try it is good time fun i love it i dont normally like the pin ball style but its cool i mean ur busy enough using spells it might complicate things if you had to control where you go as well. i only wish i could afford the rest of the game because i was really enjoying it
A pretty solid mobile game, but I'm not a fan of the control scheme. A lot of the time I feel like I'm fighting to get him to go where I want rather than being in control. That being said, I enjoyed it enough to finish it, and I'm always happy to see hexage release a new game!
I wasn't expecting much coming into a mobile game, to be honest. It's... y'know... a mobile game. Those aren't exactly renowned for being *good*. However, Ritual surprised me. With a captivating story, unique gameplay, and legitimate quality... it really did surprise me. It's a rather short game, but it manages to pull you in, and it makes you really wonder whether or not the angel is doing the right thing... with a very satisfying conclusion to that question.
Most of the reviews talk about the controls being weird or difficult but I think that's what makes it so fun. This games controls keeps you on your toes! A little hint swipe don't tap. It's kinda like your continually flicking the character in the direction you want it to go so don't stop moving your left thumb!
Explain precisely the control. The Game, OK. The instructions, this made me mad. Cant you just tell to SWIPE TO CHANGE DIRECTIONS? How to attack? What to give your eyes on? Suddenly the ammo goes zero? What? Is this a Dark Soul like games? Okay I hate it. Lazy enough? Well I think I am lazy enough to give you at least 4stars.
Lovely. Graphics, Lore, Sounds and Gameplay. Love it. Sure it's pretty challenging to get used to the controls but it adds to the depth of the game since the enemies can do exactly what you can do. My only concern is that it kinda gets chaotic in the heat of the battle, it's hard to know where the character is. Might be good to add something like a highlight to know where you are all the time. Great game! Thanks devs! Hope you don't shelf this game, has a lot of potential!
great game, love playing it, but throughjng in a 3 dollar price tag half way through the game is a low move.
Amazing art work as always. The game is beatiful and intuitive with a intresting pinball concept. Still getting use to the controls but as always all Hexage games are well thought out. Its great to see Hexage back💯
The art is nice, and this developer team do know how to make a decent story, but the game definetly felt just a tad half-assed, but there are enough excuses to dismiss that. Shorter than I expected, but I really enjoyed it. (Also, hoping for more updates)
I love this game! The gameplay was nice, the graphics were superb. For some reason, people complaint about the controls. Yes, the controls are pretty much annoying, I died a lot while playing, but I think this is what makes the challenging, or even perhaps, unique. Anyway, I realy recommended downloading. If you have hours to put into a game, then play this game.
As always I'm impressed with these developers creativity. Great artwork, music and a really creative and fun gameplay concept. No it's not Reaper, I'm sure it wasn't intended to be. I'm very happy and glad to give the developer my hard earned as a show of support.
This is a wonderful game with unique, hard to manage controls. It does have some optimization issues which cause it to be hard to play on less powerful devices, but is a positive experience otherwise.
I really really want to like this game. Even as I write this I am considering downloading it again & giving it another chance. It was originally a pinball style game, but apparently enough people were turned off that it was changed to manual controls? That's the gist I'm getting at least. Perhaps that's why this game feels so... confused. Art style is very similar to Reaper. I think that's what keeps drawing me back in. I hope Hexage is at least planning a Reaper sequel.
About the control, yeah its hard to control BUT its supposed to be that way, its a bouncy control and its perfect for the game
Great game with unique mechanics and a decent amount of worldbuilding for a mobile game. It took me about 3 hours to beat for those of you wondering. I love how original it is and the art style especially. The only thing I found that lacked was the fact that I never once needed to change my spell layout and passives beyond upgrades and 1 or two personal switches. I think that with such a developed system there could be far more strategy to it. That would also give it more length.
This game is awesome, the mechanics are simple, and the story is interesting- but I couldent finish the story. You have to pay to continue the game. It would be better to just ask the players to pay before they play or make the game free. I was so hyped for the story, until i had to pay- I'd rather just buy the premium first before I played. I might go back to this game when I'm older.
Not buying this one. I really enjoyed Reaper, Redcon, Radiant, etc. but this feels like a step backwards in terms of game play and originality. I guess it's similar to some weird pinball game but it doesn't really seem to know what it's supposed to be either. No tutorial and feels overly simplistic. They should have named it Reaper Wannabe Pinball Clone or better yet have made a sequel to Reaper like every one wanted or made something else entirely. Disappointed to say the least...
Hexage games are usually top notch, and the gameplay was ok. The only problem with the game is that spells could not be used, no matter how much mana the player had. So then again, not great.
Don't know if it's as good as their Reaper game, which I love , but I'm not going to compare and I'll just say it definitely is as fun and interesting, gameplay and aesthetic wise! Really happy I found hexage, hope they soon make a new game similar to their Reaper graphics. Bought both of these games and they've never disappointed me yet. I advice you all to buy them too if you enjoy this kind of thing and support their work, you get such an experience for the price of like..2 beers!Kudos🖤
I couldn't get into the battle system at first, but after a few tries it gets addicting! I wish you can get at least another slot for active spell though since teleport is pretty much crucial in battle which leaves only one other spot for magic. Also, it can get confusing finding where your character teleports to when the screen gets busy.
Its a nice game to try.the controller seem difficult but youll be adopted with that(trust me).A good storyline in this game about mistake of gods.The real challenge is the controller not the enemy if they make it joystick then it will not be a challenge (trust me again).Will you accept the challenge?🤔🤔🤔 To the developers: Thanks you so much creating an awesome game.Please make another game like this😃😃😃.
very good, but extremely clunky controls. I don't mind not being able to stand still, but that's the design decision that seems to generate the problem. Doesn't seems worth it. Another problem that makes it worse is the fact my character doesn't standout enough, so trying to look at the bigger picture makes me lose track of my character location. I don't think that's the kind of confusion that adds to the fun
It would be easier it you can choose an option for the controls, whick i think a joystick would be a better choice, and please disable the character's wall bounce when we are manually controlling the character. Good game but still can be better
Beautiful game in every sense of the word, from the artwork to the music, etc. Beat it in a few hours total, and found nothing wrong with it whatsoever, save the fact that it's too short, perhaps.
Fun mechanics, but game is way to short. I finished in under 1 hour. For that brief amount of amusement, the $3 for the full version is a bit much. (With no replayability).
Just started and I love it! Great little game ever, I don't get the controls fully but it's ight, jeep up the great work!
This game is really entertaining but i have a suggestion, can you please add a sandbox mode or a random generated map/level so that it will be an infinite playable game...this is just my opinion and thank you for reading it😂
Great rpgesque bullet hell arena killer! The controls are unique, and the art style and music is absolutely gorgeous! Reminds me of ori. Its addicting in it's own right, would love to see this game updated and be on reccomended section. Supported by getting in app purchase., i reccomend putting ads so itll get monetized cuz theres a lot of f2p players. Anyways its A true hidden gem :)
This is awesome! hexage is back!!😊 i haven't tried it yet just excited that haxage finnaly released something😢 but ill be back with the review edit😉 EDIT:Okay this game qualifies as a great RPG and is visualy satifying just like all of haxage's games but i have to say that it has too much of a simple concept of gameplay for me. Sure letting the mechanics do its thing is cool but i like to be more hands on with my RPGs, so its a simple fun but tactical game cause u can still do customs
Hey Hexage, great game you've developed right here. I don't find any issue/bug and it's quite interesting for such simple game. But if you could include other way to control the movement like joystick, i'll give u 6 next time.
I'm going to be honest, I've maybe written 4 or 5 reviews in my lifetime but I just HAD to write one for this game. Art style? Perfect. Storyline? Compelling and drew me in instantly. Skill required? Pretty high. Hotel? Trivago. I see way too many people complaining about the controls, saying they couldnt pass the tutorial... Are you all handless or something? The controls, while requiring precision and skill, are very unique and require you to learn how to play and sink some time into it. 5/5
Who knew that using only two buttons could be so skill intensive and fun? Hexage is back with more intuition in controls, and an even more alien world to explore and spread colorful carnage on!
I thoroughly enjoyed the story and gameplay throughout the whole game, Hexage has made another masterpiece tying in lore from all across their games, I highly recommend this game for those who enjoy simple RPGs and are on the go (or a quick game). Amazing game Hexage, I'm enjoying the new game+.
Beautiful, on spot artstile, could spot it from a mile away. Love the gameplay and story. It smoothly gives you a story, bit by bit, but just on time not to bore, nor overflow you. It is exponentially getting harder, but it is balanced perfectly. Really, great job Hexage. 10/10, no doubt, would love to see sequel!
I love this game, Hexage rocks again! I'm waiting for this game since the Reaper. Keep up the good work! The controls best by using controller ;)
The control scheme felt very sticky and hard to navigate, definitely would prefer a joystick of some sort along with a more advanced enemy ai
Really I like this game and keep it up made games like this I really love them never give up the games you made are really great.
Gameplay, graphics, and story. All 3 of these are awesome. The only downside to this game is that there's no way to change the controller. Seriously I'd love to rate this ad a 5 star game, but you've gotta add some other types of controls besides sliding your finger to go in some random direction I never chose. Also a tutorial would be nice, but other then that, this game is definitely a good one.
I've read the reviews prior to downloading the app. Most of the one and two start rates the game due to controls. I was curious. I tried a few levels but I still can't understand what makes them say that it sucks. The controls are wonderful. You will not find this kind of game everyday. They are either brainless or they just prefer idle games, auto farm games, or tap tap games. I will do my best to support this game as well as the devs.
Pleasant graphics and decent gameplay. Only first 10 levels are free. Different spells and effects keep the gameplay loop interesting (however the Meteor is overpowered). It would be interesting to see what future levels change because the levels/maps feel very repetitive.
Poor controls ruin what could have been an interesting game. Opening storyline is original enough to be intriguing, graphics are stylishly simplified but not annoyingly cutesy. But the awkwardness of the controls and the way mana, health, and attacking work make it ridiculously difficult from the beginning. Not worth the effort to move beyond the first level and see if the story really is any good.
[ FREE good game and no ads!! ] Gameplay is unique, some RPG and also story. Controls takes time to get used. If you like flicker games like Karambol, Chimera Recollect or Justice Monster V, this game is for you then. Protips: Heal, Chromium Orb, Stunning Blow and Divine Bounty are the keys to win easy. But if you want highest score, there are more tactics you need and different loadout for each stages.
Interesting game, creative combo of controls and weapons/spells. But the gameplay in general gets old pretty fast. I kinda wish I hadn't bothered to pay for the full game, which was easy finished really quickly. Generally speaking, there's very little overall content.
I really love the game as a whole, and it could be so much better if the controls allowed for you to stop moving. I'm fine with the way it's situated so that there's no joysticks and all that, but the way you can't physically stop moving for one singular moment to get your bearings is why I'm rating this 3 stars. The game could be so much better if you could at least stop.
A good concept for a game with a wide variety of spells and skills that is unfortunately hindered by short overall game length, repetitive gameplay and a clumsy movement system. Seal powerups have such a small chance of activating their effects that it renders their variety mostly meaningless. For me, the game was not much of a challenge, but some players may find the insta death upon touching a stronger enemy coupled with the controls frustrating and difficult.
Nice game but your games always need a full version thats what i dont like about your games. They were fun but you always need to pay for it.
All the comments about the controls and stuff is correct. The art,story, and everything else is good, except the controls. Wish the Devs can change the controls to joysticks or anything else.
Million things happen simultaneously and amusingly, I still able to respond everything thanks to the genius designe and a bit from the forgiving controls
It's a really fun game and has a great combat system, but not very long and there isn't anything to do after you beat it. Even if the devs don't want to make more levels, it would be nice if there was at least a higher difficulty or an infinite mode like Dark Harvest in Reaper. I'm glad I didn't buy any of the upgrades, because they wouldn't be worth it for such a short game.
Really fun so far! It's a pinball style game. Very well made and high quality, just like every other Hexage game :) There isn't a tutorial mode (that I saw, at least) so I'm still learning. So glad Hexage is back!!!
This game is amazing. It has challenging combat that progressively gets harder as you get more abilities. A lot of people don't like the controls but it's not that bad. Just swipe up and the guy will go up. Swipe down he goes down. It simple. The main complaint I have is that I always spawn in the same location with resurrection stones. This can often make me spawn right next to enemies. So either increase invincibility time or spawn in place away from enemies.
Very good game , hexage games are to good to play. Story makes hexage games interesting and suspensefull.
Games great I love these types of games where you unlock differ spells with passive and active spells etc. Though like many say the controls are weird and difficult but they are just in my opinion kinda hard to get the hang of . Also grind some xp for a revelation for more spells. Graphics are nice and I think fit with the game. not gonna be too explicit. Edit: I think active spells are broken they don't do anything when I tap on it with full Mana. Anyone else? May be my device
I loved reaper so much so I tried out this game I completed almost 50 percent of the game telling myself that it's just my skills that need polishing and the game is fine, but after so much playing I was like I don't want to.play this game anymore, because the player moves so fast in a small map and also blends in with the game making it impossible to see where the player is during chaos. The portals also blend in with the world and it is impossible to notice where the player went after teleport
well, this was fun the reason for what I put 4 stars is I'd have to pay for the full version so, I don't wanna pay for it, without the reason of pay for the full version and the free version that is short this game is very good.
Good game but tad bit too difficult if you don't get the right perks. The rng element makes it unfair, and you can cancel a part of the rng by paying, which is not a good idea for any game. The power, mana etc. systems are not explained neatly.
10/10 . Runs good,looks amazing, only thing I would want to be changed is an option to only control your player and not run off constantly since there are areas where there are traps and having the mechanic to move when you decide to is extremely useful
the lore cool, the way to play unique (i guess) although the control is not the best thing to have. the thing is, it doesnt show what is the purpose of the levels. ok, we need to beat the enemy. but for how long? or how many enemy we need to kill so the portal will appear? if it shows indicator on how much enemy to "clear" the level, i think it would be better game
Amazingly aesthetic masterpiece. Redcon got me hooked but this one instantly stole my heart. Bought the premium version and I intend also to release lots of videos of its gameplay on my YT channel namely Scarecrow #. Can't think of better ways to Support the devs and Kubatko music. Keep these artistic landmarks coming to the Store ❤️