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Ristar Classic

Ristar Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by SEGA located at Sega of America, Inc 6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It sounds good but when I get in the game I wait and wait and it doesn't load it just loads forever please fix
Slightly superfluous UI, and it is a real missed opportunity that I can't plug my Genesis mini controller into this to control it. I also believe that SEGA should sell expansion packs for the Genesis mini. For example, one that includes the other streets of rage, golden axe, shining force, Sonic, and fantasy star games, one that models the power base converter and includes MS games, and ones resembling the Sega CD and 32x.
It's an amazing Classic! After I found out how to adjust the controls, I began to like itπŸ˜…πŸ˜…! Can't believe I never heard of it! Hats off to SEGA!!
When I was trying to rewind the game by watching an ad, There is an ad based on the game company Playrix.
Platformers a videogame genre that has been popular for years now like mario,sonic,Alex kidd,vectorman but there is one sega platformer that never saw the light of day and that's ristar and I have played this game many time and I still enjoy it with its story and colorful creative worlds for ristar to travel on even the villain is great.what strange to me is about ristar mysterious father was he a hero so then sends ristar to help the inhabitants . I just love this game thank you sega
Awesome game. Easy to play. Loved sega in the day and they have the best phone games today. Quality full games, transferred to an easy play phone platform. I disagree what people are saying about the controls. Once you get used to how to play, it is quite easy. And since they put the controls on the screen, it is so much easier to play than your standard phone game. Ristar and Sonic are my favorite. Now they just need to add toejam and earl.
I mean, it's ok, BUT WHY WOULD YOU ALLOW CONTROLLER SUPPORT, BUT ONLY FOR BUTTONS. So basically, what that means, you can use the buttons in the game you play, but you can't move around! And the virtual onscreen d-pad sucks!
Impposible!!!!first time playing it cannot even beat it!!!?😬😬 Iwish i was playing sonic the hedgehog. But aom just kidding but still worst!!
The game is very good looking like the original, i quite like it, but the Touch Controls do not make it justice, please add proper controller support, my controller is detected, but only the face buttons work, my Directional buttons nor thumbsticks work in this game, this can be a good note to update the game and add full controller support.
Everything thing is great and just one problem it has start A B C button which fell more like playing on console than mobile. Just this is the problem rest Everything is fine
This game isn't as fluid as Sonic, but in its own right, it's quite good. It plays very well with an Xbox One X & S or PS4 Bluetooth capable controller. The controls are decent and the gameplay is fine! I would recommend this game to new and old gamers alike, although a few of us will remember this on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive, and it will bring back some good memories of our childhood, all in all. Its a great game for all the kids
Just installed the game and wanted to play and they put ad straight away...then after ad wanted to skip animation and again ad....so before you can play you have like 3 ads to watch....and then after missions all the time...I uninstall it
This game has a saving feature. You can still play it offline, but you can't use some features or can't save your game, and I love it!
I love this! It kinda socks its not full screen, but its still amazing. I've never played Ristar, or even heard of it, until saw it on the app store. Wasn't disappointed!!!! Definitely should try, old school fans!!!! -Smallberry
The game is absolutely the coolest SEGA game(other than the blue blur) ever. Why this is 3 stars is because every time I try to connect to the game servers for saving and stuff, it ALWAYS says error. Please help me SEGA!
It's a great game but, it sucks that you have to pay to get no ads I understand that the company needs money but it just turns a classic game into just another mobile game with microtransactions. Also to SAVE you need to sign into google play which sucks, overall this is a great game with some problems.
It's fun but the controls are a little slippery and you know what I keep seeing because of this the damn!! Game over screen I got to give it credit for no ads
Alright, first off I gotta say that I didn't download this just yet, but I already know it's a great game, because I've played it and loved it. But when I played Ristar I remember Ristar's sprites looking more happy and not so angry. I replayed Ristar a few weeks ago and wondered why this was how it is. I was thinking: "Maybe it's because it's the US version?", but I'm most likely incorrect. Great game overall, five star, keep going with your great work SEGA.
Ristar is one of the most underrated 2D platformers of ALL TIME! This game is AMAZING visually and gameplay wise. So fun to explore each and every level! If Alex Kidd can get a remake, hopefully Ristar will someday...
I was personally super excited about this game until I realized how bad the controls were and I am so very disappointed because I was truly looking forward to this game :-( did anyone actuslly test this before releasing it to Google?? Clearly a terrible experience and many people have said the same thing about the controls. I really hope this issue is fixed because this game could be enjoyable for many.
Ristar is the best game ever. The music is delightful and so is the gameplay. The bosses are hard, which is like a challenge for me. But when will Sega make Ristar 2? I'd like a Ristar switch remake or Ristar in SSBU. But Ristar 2, could that happen?
The game is great for those who can't afford things to play it on. Even though there is small amounts of lag and I sometimes which it was 16:9, it's great.
It's stupid no way to shoot anything I thought people made games to be fun it would be if you could shoot the enemies like in mario
I love playing rister I use to play this game when I was three and I'm eight now so it's been a long while long time no see for me
Ristar is a good game. For people saying it's a Sonic rip-off, you're a dum-dum. Ristar is waaaay different from Sonic. It has hard levels, cool bosses, bopping music and a cool character. Ristar was the last Gen/MD game before Sega Saturn was released. So if you think Ristar is a bad game, you're really wrong. You have no taste of a good game. In fact, this character was based on the beta Sonic (The Rabbit). So it was remade but not a knock off. This game deserves a SEQUEL! I love it! 5 STARS!⭐
It lags alot and it crashed when i tryed saving i have discord and a lot of space but when you play music it is hell
This game is so fun to me.I like Ristar's design it is so awesome and it's so easy to draw at least for me.And I've been playing it since 2013 or 2014.
I love this game! Im an avid SEGA fan grew up on it and it primarily and Im proud of it! Thank you for giving our childhood such an amazing set of games!
I'm not really good at this game but what I really like is the art style is so beautiful and colorful and creates the feeling that you're in another new planet,I also like ristar's character design it's simple and can give many emotions....Even though I didn't like the gameplay that much it still a great game!
I would give it five stars because it was well and I liked the original but I gave 4 stars because it has way to many ads. For example, You pause the game, ad, when you unpause, ad, when you save the game, ad, and when you load the game ad. Other than the ads it is a good game to get people to like old sega games and new ones too.
Great game! It's just like the classic. I'm really disappointed that there's ads, but it's still a great game. You guys should really remake Cyborg Justice for mobile as well. I actually have the sega genesis so I have no idea why I'm installing these mobile versions, but thanks for making them!
An absolute evergreen and my favorite SEGA game ever. I'd like to have it on my devices and buy it, but unfortunately gamepad experience is terrible. There is noticeable delay between pushing a button on gamepad and taking action which makes this beautiful game pretty much unplayable on Android.
dear Sega This game reminds me of when the only video game I had was a Sega Genesis. This was a decent game I loved to play. it had good music,story was awesome, and I like the stages. And also, can you tell me about Christian whitehead(sorry if spelled wrong). I'm curious and I want to know and don't forget this, you do what Nintendo don't. thanks,landon
Why those if take long for it to connect?!?! And why is this based on a ripoff of sonic ? Sega are you trying to replace sonic with a star with black arms and legs ? Is this even a game from 1991 ? No its not it is made after sonic the hedgehog 2 was released and this ripoff is made in 1995 ? You did not even made a sequel why is this in the playstore it is a RIPOFF OF SONIC!!!
It's a real classic for sure, but my phone may not be able to support the app. I mean, downloaded it, but it nearly crashed my phone.
Ok so the ads are NOT positioned correctly because the start button was under an ad so I was FORCED to press the ad. I would give it 5 stars if the ads weren't on top of the buttons you play with.
Hello I love your Games I know why you made ristar so difficult because most of the Sega games are difficult and also I gave you 5 stars because I love tricky puzzles! So just want to give you 5 stars and I love your games And also can you please give me a few clues of that third planet that ristar goes to. Bye-bye!
Nothing short of a platforming classic. A great example of how an engaging moveset can go a long way for interesting and fresh level design. The vibrant and colorful graphics still hold up well, and the bouncy and memorable soundtrack is still a joy to the ears. Touch controls don't go super well with it, so I'd recommend picking up an Android compatible controller or playing it on one of the several SEGA Genesis collection titles it's been included on over the years, but still, this is great.
Somehow this game has less ads than the Retro Engine Sonic games. However they are placed in the most terrible place possible. WHY DO I NEED TO WATCH A AD TO SAVE AND LOAD MY PROGRESS OR REWIND TIME FOR 15 SECONDS!? Other than that, it's just ordinary Ristar but with sorta unresponsive controls.
I love this game. I started playing it on my Sega Genesis handheld, and my audio stopped working so i stopped playing on it. Now that this is on mobile i can play no problem!
Though the controls are hard and there's no way you can tell whether you're actually hurting the enemy or not, this will be my second favourite choice for a SEGA game from the 90's since Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
It feels.like a game koncole and C kood be a atack and B kood be for grabing stuff not for grabing and killing enemys
I put three stars because i like the things that they put and all of that but theres one problem i save my game so i dont go to the begining of the game and even if i save it i still go to the first level of the whole game
the game has some great graphics and it controls very well but it does have some lagging problems but still this is a great way to play Ristar on the go.
Seriously, Sega? Shoddy emulation at its finest with an unresponsive VirtPad. The AtGames version of this was somehow better.
A bad port of an awesome game. Now, I absolutely love Ristar. I have it on my Mega Drive and it ranks up amongst my favourite games of all time. And when I found out I could (legally) get it on mobile, I was, obviously, excited. The title screen looks promising, but then I actually play the game. The controls. Awful. Ristar's platforming often relies on diagonal grabbing and flinging. But the controls make that so hard to do! This makes several parts of the game unplayable, so please fix this.
It does recognize a handheld controller, but the moment you start the game itself, it recognizes button inputs like a, b , and c. Not the d-pad, or control stick. I like the feed back a controller provides rather than the flat lifeless surface of a touch screen button. Other than that. It's Ristar. What's more to enjoy than good platforming?
Good old Ristar. This game is a classic and should get more praise. This version is pretty good. The graphics are just like the sega genisis one and the gameplay is just like the original. However the controls fall a little flat as even with remappable buttons I still see it is kinda hard to maneuver them with a touch screen. Everyrhing but the controls are spot on. 4/5
I like this game even though I can't get through level one I still like the game I just do love the star guy too and it's stretchy hands thanks for making this game
I hate this game because the hell fire zone is just super hard i cant get use to the controller s because b button is attack it would be easier if a was attack botton.
Ristar is a really great Sega game but here's my problem with it on mobile. The controls are way to small. I'll be trying to move and Its so hard to go left and right on a small d-pad. I understand they are tryna keep it nostalgic and that's why the added the Sega d-pad but they should make like swipe controls to move. Of course it shouldn't be default controls but at least give a player the option to use swipe controls. Also A, B, and C are kinda small too. They should make those a bit bigger.
I like the game so far, Ristar is cute and cool. The controls can be unresponsive and the enemy placement can be a little cheap, but all -in-all this is a good game. Artstyle reminds me of a mix between Sonic and NiGHTS.
This game is good although I have it in SEGA Genesis Planet Scorch has become too hard please add boss rush back 😒
You have to pay for local saves? is this a thing anymore, I thought it was gone forever. This is the only problem with the game otherwise it's perfect. I wish you could somehow revive this game once again cuz I think it's community is still alive and I suppose it could be a success if you make a sequel to it.
Ristar is really a underrated Classic, Masterpiece. This game needs a sequel to this day, it's been along time Sega!!
i think my big bro let me play this game on his console when i was younger i was so excited to see that it was available on mobil sadly my excitement was replaced with salt thanks to the long loading screen but it did eventuallu load i played it and it was fun except maybe adjust the save options so that it will automatically save your game at the begining of each level i was on a boss level and it didnt save properly so i had to restart all over again sadly i just gave up and uninstalled it
As i start up the game, i noticed something. No matter how much i press the start button nothing happens.
I absolutely adored this guy when I was more younger man sega why hasn't ristar had his next game yet the only problem I have is that the controls aren't to great as I don't know if it's just me but I feel there's some input lag when trying to grab on to stuff as I always found myself dying because of it either way it's still great
I love your games Sega especially sonic the hedgehog, and iv'e been a sega fan for 4 years i love playing your games it feels like i time travelled in my dad's childhood i love it. For sega fans like me quick tip on this game when your at the planet undertown the the water rises up change your controls to arcade its a lot esier to controll. And thank you Sega for making the best games! You make my 4 years of being Sega fan happy!