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Rising Angels: Reborn

Rising Angels: Reborn for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by IDHAS Studios/Ithaqua Labs. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Strong Language) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I can bearly make out what is written on my Sony Xperia. Please fix the issue, its getting real annoying having to guess words. I love the game and I will be rating 5 stars if I where able to properly read it.
Great game. My only complaint is that it was short, finished in one day. And now I'm going to have to play again, because I'm hoping to get a different ending. I got ending #3.
I wanted to like this story I realy did. The concept of the story wasn't bad but how it all played out, wasn't just cliché but at times downright idiotic. The more moronic developments really start to pile on fast toward the end; suffice it to say this crew of individuals are not able to deal with known problems with any diligence. On a positive note dialogue was well written and you could empathize with many of the characters but even that got rocky.
I give 5star cause I missing like this game but In option you can set voice sound but why in game no voice sound?
Didn't expect to love it as much as I did, but it was truly fantastic and I absolutely adored the characters. I usually set ridiculously high standards when I read visual novels but this well exceeded my expectations by surpringing me with a story that had a good balance of romance, action and suspense while keeping me entertained.
It's one of the great OELVN that I've played, and it's even free! OMG. I really dig the style of art. The story is to the point and never too boring with pointless narrative. Although I'd like to get some "Music Gallery" because it's very cool!
I just wish there were more routes and romances you could have i really liked Natalie with sol they would have made a cute couple too. Eh i mean the yuri is alright but only one romantic intrest was kind of boring
It looks awesome but I can't open it. When I tap on the app it says loading but then goes back to the home page. Please fix it then I will positively love it I just know it.
I love this game! Last time I got ending 4 when I was 13. I uninstalled the game. But now I got ending 5! Ending 4 got me really confused. I was like, "Why does everything look so depressing right now?" I was so confused and disappointed with the ending. But now I was like "I want to play the game again". I just really missed the art and story. Near the end I chose a different option instead, and I loved it. Please, continue with the game! I really want to know what happens next!
I really like the whole storyline which is overwhelming, and the main character is being so characteristic despite the choices and the ending. All in all, it's amazing. Just one thing. I didn't know it was a Yuri till she confessed. Maybe a straight route might be open too? Some of the lines are suggestive about Sol's crush, aren't they? I'm a straight girl, but I really enjoyed this, maybe just more enjoyable with a straight route? Hopefully I dont sound offensive?
I can't play it though because the words are so small on my screen that I can't read them... I'd really like to play it but there's no point if I don't know what's going on :(
This was good and mentally stressful at the same time. Every time I thought it was boring, something happened to bring me back in. And the ending where everyone came with Nat was the best one and I'm glad it was my first one. All the other sucked. Someone should have proof read this because there are a few typos. But I hope Faye is in the next one (it said to be continued) because she's my favorite character. Kika said she was going to see a real doctor "first" so I hope that means afterwards, Faye came :3
This was a really great experience! Though personally I found the music to be a little distracting, I really did like the game as a whole. The story and the characters were all very interesting, though not something I'm usually into.
Only one romantic interest? Kind of makes the length of the whole VN useless. I think I would have rather paid for a VN than play a free one with only one romantic interest that builds up a bunch of different characters for nothing.
I loved the story line. It was interesting. I enjoyed it. Thank you for the choices and multiple endings.
This is an amazing app I love how there is more than one ending and that it's interactive. I'm so sorry I can't help for funding the sequel but I hope it come out soon.
I loved this game it was great it has a good story if a bit short and linear the art is amazing a great game over all**SPOILER ALTER** although i wish i could do the right thing and be with zuri </3guess you can't have it all or make a route for al or mab even a male protagonist ^.^that would be awesome
I literally just finished my first run-through of the story and it is the best visual novel I've ever come across! The plot is great, everything seems so worked out and some of the scientific ideas are actually quite advanced and well-developed. My only wish is that there was an option to go back a panel since I was sometimes too tappy and missed some text. Other than that, though, great story, love it, will be finding the sequel if there is one.
I seriously need the next part to this! You can't just make it super awesome and then leave it at To Be Continued! Don't mess with mah feelings bro ;-;
I wish there was an option to pick another person. Like Sol, Al, ect. The art is okay, the story is fine, but wouldn't it be better to put “Yuri game” in the title instead of having some players play it over and over trying to get another route? That's what I did. Still, even if it is a Yuri game, the LAST girl I want to be with is Zuri, to be honest. Anyway, fine story, fine art but atleast put “Yuri” in the title. I'm not a homophobic person, I'm bisexual, but seriously...Please next time.
Light story, despite the fate of the universe being at stake. The plot is fairly straight forward (and makes you wish you could apply a clue bat to the main character), and the character races are unimaginative. However, the characters themselves are quite good, and it's their interactions that'll keep you going. Looking forward to part two.
The writing was kinda cheesy but still pretty decent and well done. This is quite good of a visual novel even though it may not be the most "official" ones out there. I hope I can play the part two when it comes out (^_^)d
Two words: download this. You don't need to know anything else XD. Please add more options in the next one though (Rising Angels: Fates). I want to know what happens to them for the ending where they all become rogue! Edit: I accidentally rated 2 stars earlier, sorry ;_;
The perfect blend of scifi, mystery, and heartwarming yuri romance. The story will keep you on your seat, provide heartfelt "Aww" moments, and amaze you at how well fleshed out this galaxy is. Truly amazing VN, and I continue to expect greatness from IDHAS. It is not often I rate anything a 5, reserving that for absolute masterpieces. Rising Angels Reborn has absolutely earned it.
Love it..love it..love it! I love this novel story game whatever it is! I wouldn't mind a bit more of options that's it but either way I love it! Finished in one whole day even cryed a tiny bit. Hope to see amazing stuff like this In the future.
Although the text was a little slow (to lazy to fix :p ) amazing VN. Great if you wanna stay up all night lol. I can't wait for the second one! Hurry pls! Also you guys need more juice between Sol and Faye..... O///O
It really was the one of the best visual novels that I've gotten for free and truly enjoyed. I loved it's length, usually visual novels you get for free are so short and don't have much of a plot. The art was well done, characters felt slightly one dementional but that's fine, I don't expect100% perfection from a free game. This really was fun.
It has a really nice storyline which can keep you glued onto the screen. Art is great as well. Though I feel like there should be more choices. Anyways, a very good novel. Would love a sequel to see what happened to Zuri, Natalie, Sol, etc.
This. This is why I read. This is why I spend countless hours looking at words. This is f****n* perfect. Loved it. Best interactive fiction artpiece ever. Its friken art. There were multiple times when I was in tears because of this. Im still not sure weather thats good or bad.... wait, definitly good. I loved this, this, this perfect blend of epic storyline, realism, life impacting choices, romance, mystery, intrique, betrayel,....*wpies tears from eyes. Keep them coming. I wana see the sequel to ending 5 asap. But dont u dare skimp on the quality. Ive got my eye on you. Thank you for such a memerable journey. Thanx.
Best game ever. Great graphics, lovable characters, interesting plot. Cliché and tropey events and characters do feature here- but they are pulled off smoothly. Five possible endings exist, but because of the small amount of choices you make the replay value isn't incredibly high. (For those people who just really want to get those endings- the skip mode option works great.) All in all, a solid game. Fun, heartfealt, and the ~ 4 hours I spent on it were certainly not a waste.
This is hands down the best game on mobile. It may not compare to Katawa Shoujo but this is just Beautiful in another way. I absolutely love this game!
I never do this and this game deserves to be recognized. I've gotten three endings so far, but I don't know how many there are. I'll just keep going until I get them all!
Is there a sequel? If there is I'm going to find it.---Upon rereading, I noticed a few grammatical errors, and a few instances where the names "Kika" and "Kylie" are mistakenly interchanged. Just thought I'd share. It's still one of my favorite visual novel of all time. Thanks for all the hard work :)
This is the best VS I have seen in a while. I love it so much I'm literally in tears, and Nat and Zuri's relationship is so cute! They remind me of me and my girlfriend sometimes. This VS has great art style, an amazing plot, and have you HEARD the music? I think I'm in love.
I loved the storyline. When I downloaded it I thought it was a game but it is really like an interactive story. The only things I didn't like was that there was no romance storyline for any of the guys (preferably Sol) and that there wasn't a lot of choices you could make, so you were mostly reading the scripts. ( Then again it IS an interactive NOVEL) I REEEEEEEALLY want to read a sequel! T^T
Although I'm not liking much the GxG relationship, but overall this game is super awesome!! Yes, I spend 6 hours nonstop everyday to play this!!! It was worth it and I like the endings.. I love Sol Hackett the most, he's so cool <3333 although my partner was Zuri.. But it's okay, I love all of the characters. It's well detailed and nice^ to be honest, I never play game this long, I've never play game for hours.. So, this game just changed my basic life hehe.. Awesome graphics, detailed and moving storyline, of course, the music all through this gameplay are all superb. I like the intro and the flute one so much<33 this is one of my best memorable moments in my life as a VNs huge fan^^ I wish you will be more successful and making more great game afterwards. I fallen for this game so hard❤❤❤❤ -Sincerely, Natalie Puccile Ok just kidding. Thank you❤ lots of love from Malaysia, -Nur
Great interactive story but it should have a gender select option and customiser but I like it all the same.😀👍
Engaging and very well-written story, and beautiful anime-style artwork. The light touches of romance warms the heart and adds to the plot, instead of serving as a cheap excuse to throw in random sexual content. The lack of that content in this game keeps it classy, and shows the level of skill and maturity that the developers used when making this game. The lack of influence on the overall storyline is a small issue, but the developers seem to understand that already, and will rectify it for the sequel. Personally, though, it didn't bother me, as I was too absorbed into the story to care much. I can't wait for the sequel.
WHY TF IS THIS SO PERFECT?! Believe me, I'm a PICKY reader and I finished this in a day! I really want the sequel! Can I be informed when it's out? It has probably been two years, yes? I am so sorry! But it's tooooooooooo good! God bless the artist and author!