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Rise of the Roman Empire: Build Your Kingdom

Rise of the Roman Empire: Build Your Kingdom for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Qumaron located at Cyprus, Nicosia, 41-43 Klimentos, Klimentos Tower, Flat/ Office 25. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I hope I am not going to be pestered all the time by this game to RATE the game?! I prefer this to FoE, granted it is not as hectic however sometimes relaxing with a game does wonders for life's stresses! The game itself is a real gem and there is plenty to do, so no rushing through this game. I just hope that PvP is kept separate from us PvE players!
Good game, way to expensive. I have spent $100 over 3 months and will have to pay more to buy diamonds to make any progress. Will soon delete game.
The game is generally good and entertaining, the only set back is that it hooks in the middle of playing. Please try to fix this glitches.
Surprisingly good city building game. Downsides are the constant and artificial scarcity in building space and the resulting impossibility in quest fulfillment. All oriented in making the user spend money of course...
this game is good but I hate give it 1 star because I currently experience hangs while playing the game from loading screen which took me atleast 5 mins. to open and the hangs up again from time to time during the game.... kindly fix this issue....
Simple game, not too complicated, The time line is acceptable. You can choose to look at it regularly, or just left in and back the next day. Inspired by Caesar III PC game make me also remember that good old time
Expanding territories where you build is sooo difficult and it gives such a tiny piece of land unable to place even two bulidings in it....not to mention the unimaginable amount of resources to build something, especially units ! Basically the space needed to maintain an active game with what the game offers is tooo smalll...You cannot do nothing expect to stall indefinitely your time with only 1 research upgrade or building a new ! And the production is sooo tiny and requires several hours
It's pretty good, not historically accurate but they weren't going for that so it's fine I wish there was a mode to move your city around like in Clash of Clans where you click a button and store everything and you move your buildings around. It's hard to get food and I wish the tax system could be idle and somewhat automatic and we could research different technologies and armor for your troops. I wish we could add colonies so you can use your territory better. I wish culture was more indepth.
It gives alot more time spending on this offline game it totally annoying.... It doesn't make any sense sorry but that is my observation... Did the game tester pass this game? You should less the time so that the game may enjoyable not irritatable
This is the game which I wanted. This game doesn't require internet i.e., it is an offline game. There is no need to expense much time. You can play this game whenever you are free. There is no need any player who attacks your empire. But I have only one request to the developer to enable view mode in 360 degree rotation so that the game will be more attractive and imagination will be perfect. Thanks for this game
Game starts well, like FOE. After a couple of ages (around the 3rd age, I am on age 5) it becomes very difficult to proceed further. There is always a need to obtain balance in resources. Problem is, higher level production limits production of other resources, putting you in a quandary on how to proceed. At present I am stuck and have been for a week waiting for gold. I still only have 30000. Not nearly enough to proceed. Game becomes very unbalanced unless you want to spend real money.
Cool game but every time i try to clear data in hopes of restarting the game it shows 35.33kb data. And it doesn't clear.
This game has serious sync problem. It's going back to login before 1/2 days. This game is very slow or you need to just pay a lot.
Nice game. Only problem is land expansion. But like some games, you in it for the long haul. Land expansion could be cheaper and faster.
3rd era now and it always freeze i don't know why..and the phone freeze too and it's like a horror i thought my phone would freeze forever good thing my brother reboot my phone..i don't want to play this game anymore glad i didn't spend any dime yet ..play first any game in a month before top up ..and one more thing I've checked this app storage and it goes to 1.1gb foreground 250mb without knowing it..and clickbait not a offline game this game just stole data from me when my connection was on
It's a good game that doesn't ask for much monetarily.The graphics may seem childish but in a good way and is actually worthwhile. So yeah I gave it 4 stars
the reason i gave this game a 5 star is because its looks good but if i try and play i cant actually it crashes please fix this :)
I love empire building games, and this one is a true gem! Very nice graphics, very simple controls, and intuitive interface, which gives a truly enjoyable gaming experience. But what I really appreciate is the game devs are highly responsive: the latest update rectified the problem on "updating" houses, and added more challenging content! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Thank you very much for making this wonderful game! Ave Caesar!
Nice game! But I want to see Top Global player base and not like solo play , I think make with multiplayer in game
I gave this game a good go, but this is just not for me. Forge of Empires are similar, just far better! You also have to invest hard cash to play longer stints, very annoying...
Kindly add time speed-ups for gold or production. At least a limited amount per day. And yeah, bank gives to little gold. And please please increase chances of finding blueprints in raids. They almost never drop. Also, animation of ships near the port would be great like in Anno. Waiting for those events that are in development, thanks for awesome game!
I finally got it! To make buildings level 1 you need to build pathways from your Senate to your buildings. The only 2 things I dislike is having to build the pathways because they take up space (you can't build on them, only around them) & resources don't generate automatically like other similar games do. Other than that this game is great! No PvP that I see as of now and I prefer it that way. PvP can be extremely challenging, this game is a slow and steady game, nice and fun for me!
Good game. However, high end military ALWAYS get slaughtered. ALWAYS. Are they needed 4 unknown reason? Why do we need to pay so much in DB points AND then have to pay exorbitant in game prices to actually use science? The price of land rapidly becomes stupid. Doesn't matter tho, lost all progress & $ spent. Got new phone, lost everything. Still good game. ๐Ÿ‘
Nice graphics, but gameplay is terrible. Wait. Wait more. Wait even more. And then wait still... Content is poor too, there is not much to do. Basically you play for 1 minute and then you have to wait anywhere form ten minutes to one day to be able to play 1 minute again. Or down huge amounts of real money on diamond so you can speed up things, buy missing resources etc.
Slow progress. I play for 2 minutes and wait for a day. I have so much gold I can't use. The 99% and 98% off packages are great, but seems like the game is based around having to spend RL money or waiting 24 hours for every 2 minutes of play.
Reminds me of Forge of Empires. No ads, unless you want to watch them. Play at your own pace. Easy to learn, fun to play. Recommended.
The game needs events badly. Its good for the style. Ive played games like this and f.o.e. and this holds up except this one has no events to keep you interested long enough. Idk how much longer ill play this without events
Nice game with clear navigation. Some little things could enhance gameplay..looking forward to further updates. Add: nice update gives nice addition to use of army during the beginning of the week however captured all available 37 provinces. There is more land available (still shrouded), unclear how to unlock or will this be for future updates?
Pretty good. Definitely could use more space early game tho. Makes production hard as there isn't much room for the buildings.
I took it positively as pretty much challenging gameplay. New building's cost are increasing in each update. Very slow pace, means it's need quiet long time to develop your Roman city unless you purchase diamonds using real money to speed it up. But that's exactly I avoid to.
More extension required, arranging the city is difficult since if there is no additional space you cant move anyting .... apart from this i liked the game
It's OK but like all games it starts getting expensive to move forward and expand, it takes forever to get dp's to do research
I play this at free time I have at work and it's a really good game. I have not donated any money and I am progressing. If you would like some donations make the prices cheaper. 45 euros or 26 are too much for the "special buildings"
I would like more yield from my product businesses. But, overall. Its a decent game. If it turns into a money grab. I'm gone.
Great city building game. I see comments about this being a money game, but what free to play game doesn't have in-app purchases? You just need some patience to build the city without spending. That it's slow to build and expand etc., is a part of the fun. My only critique would be that there should be an option to rotate the 3x2 grid buildings to aid city design and there should be a place where we can store the buildings as we reorganise the city due to expansion and new buildings. Good game!
-1โ˜† Turnbased game turned on itself' little ingame packs acceptable BUT Upgrade ยฟยฟ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Žoverpriced packs, dodgey battle controls are now immature as best ,time managment on producing anything before was bearable as too NOW what a waste of Great Inventive Talent you have as I Truthfully enjoyed your game ,,, sad too see $$$$ outwaying FUNGAMING ,SABOTAGE taken away in battles ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘only too SABOTAGE YoUr Own workยฟ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Žโ˜น๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ฅ BRING BACK FUN INGAMES ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘
It was a great filled with war build and trade. It takes brains courage and will to succeed in this game. It's just an astounding game
Its a fun game. People say it's slow, but I don't think thats a problem. These games are always slow.
Can't get more expansions! How are are supposed to move forward if you can't make your people happy cause you can't get more expansions. You should be able to get as many expansions as you want to move on. This is why I deleted the last game cause I couldn't get more expansions. I'm thinking about deleting this game.
The game keeps freezing. Please fix it. I really like this game so I'm willing to wait until its fixed.
Really enjoy the game except the update download is amazingly slow on the cellphone application. Outside of the update issue the graphics stomp rival games I've played, swaying trees, waterfall effect and even workers at the Hunters Hut that scratch their butts, (lmao!!!). I'm looking forward to enjoying this game for a long time!!! Oh one more thing, I'm not much on background noise but my birds love to chat with the bird audio, ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† Ok a month in and must say Thanks Folks great game!!!
Pretty good game, would be better if land was easier to acquire, as then you could adjust the layout to suit the developing city. Definitely one to dip into for 15 minutes or so 2/3 times a day..
Booooring Not able to skip intro so many of these games all play same many of us played similar don't need it
The game play is brilliant but it stalls all the time then I have to restart I got a Samsung s5 what could be wrong
A great game for a relaxing time. Been looking for a game likes and finally found it. Salute to the developer. Hope more contents soon like add day/night cycle.
Diamond and fruit production is very slow .Number of residents decrease by building the shops,barreks etc.Expension is very little as compared to buildings.
It was great at the start but got a lot dumb at the end I think I it's because u have to wait till the third era for raids an by that time I'm already bored another issue is the time u have to wait like bro nobody got that amount a time to play especially if u have a job other than that it was cool
Gameplay is near identical to Forge of empires, with a few shortcuts (battles are more simple, cannot skip missions). The ships are nice addition to generate some extra income, though poorly balanced. It is single player, so no trade, no competition, no motivation to spend $. Which is good, because prices are absurd.
Good game. But definitely a slow game. And can you please include an auto collect feature for the gold, so that at least the gold grows when we're offline. The current game needs us to be online all the time if we need the gold to be collected. That's very annoying!
This is a fun little game, that doesn't push its monetization too hard, which is always appreciated. The one really frustrating thing is a bug with battles where after selecting my troops and setting the order I want them in, some random number of my slingers will be replaced by spearmen, and they won't appear in the order I had set. It's very difficult to plan tactics for battles when I don't even know what I'll be attacking with until the battle starts.
The game is ok. I have one problem... can't sell lower level houses to make room for bigger/better ones
This game is 100% stupid becus, when u upgrade a building, it takes more time to produce ur supplies and it gives u less benefits. Also, everything takes too much time for no reason, so you actually don't play, you only wait. Because even if u got supplies to do anything it takes u less than 3 minutes, and them u r back to waiting for at least an hour. This is the worst game ever. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
Loving most elements of the game however it is a little slow as you seem to be constantly waiting for food. The one other thing that I don't like is the longer you put a product on for the more product you lose, I would like it to be more even or even higher the other way around having been patient enough to wait for it.
I have hit a road block, cannot conquer any more lands as the game does not allow me to. This occurred when the last update was installed. I have conquered about 36 provinces but now it will not allow me to go any further. The option to to buy and enter into the next province is no longer available. Any ideas
Its an awesome game๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ now please bring the unactive harbour to active mode and please improve the battle style it is not so good
The inability to skip the starting sequence is good enough reason to uninstall this game for me. Way TOO many games similar to this one to not have an option to skip.
Very slow game only get a few points to build which means pay to play the looks of it are pretty good but not enough to continuing playing
The new update is Great. Now i have more fun playing it because of new Battle mode. And regarding to my last issue about the loss progress when u play offline, i don't know if u already fix it because i always play it while online so i haven't really try it yet to play offline without losing any progress when u play it again online. But anyway. It's pretty interesting now and im waiting for the other features you may add. Good job.
The sea trading part of the game is way too harsh. Spend huge resources to buy 4 BIREME, choose 4 routes that say "safe" "chance of success 100%". Lost all 4 because of 1 pirate unireme. In a fight 1 BI VS 1 UNI the BI wins every time but 1 UNI sank my entire fleet?
Wars are simple and childish, nothing strategic, ways of earning golds are limited, and after two weeks playing i have no motivation to continue the game, so i uninstall it now.
Really good chill game.but you need some money... Guys! I paid 15.99 did not get the item. Solve it please
Nice game that is a mirror image in most details to "Forge of Empires," the difference being relegated to Roman Empire era, and included military, buildings, products of the times. At this point, I'm curious to see game story expansion, as right now there's just "Rome." Maybe expand on era enemies like the Gauls, imho? Include some technologies from Rome like concrete, plumbing, etc. Introduce famous Romans of the era (Caesars, i.e.). I don't know, just throwing out ideas. But, nice game.
Jumper down to 2 stars ... Game progress is very very slow...after a time it starts getting boring.. servers bot army never lets you win any battle manipulating the game..
Good game. Shame you can't upgrade the houses anymore requiring a great deal of gems. I'm not sure how familiar you are with Rome but it's an interesting subject so keep researching to give it a uniquely Roman feel. More narrative would be good, perhaps with both internal events within the city and external events when expanding the territory. A good idea would be being able to improve/upgrade Roman territories on the map. Most importantly, it needs better models for upgrades and less PayToWin.
Graphics are good but actual game play is shocking. Have to wait for HOURS just to get a few resources and with all buildings requiring loads of resources you could be waiting for a week. Land expansions are scarce so you can't have all resource outlets that you need at one time. They basically make sure you need to buy gems in order to do a lot. The upgrade was rubbish, didn't really make any sense. What would be a GREAT upgrade is if you you change your city lay out all the time.
This is Forge of Empires with an other name. Which is not too bad, given that FoE is one of the best city building app, IMO. I am not sure if they changed any thing at all, exept for the graphics and theme.
Game is well constructed, but it annoys me that note I have to get diamonds to expand. It takes forever to gain any coins. Like other games it makes you spend your money and time is not proportionate to development. Without spending your own money it'll take years before you develop your city and expand it as you want. Sadly I'll have to uninstall.
I've been playing this amazing game for 3 months now no ads except you decide to watch videos , I've reached 5th Era, and love playing it, please let the developer create a way that we can earn diamonds. Thanks for the Amazing work.
The game must have a special storage for buildings so that we can edit the location of building if needed. Please support. Now I cannot do space management if the building are kept
Cool game but the development is so limited and slow it became boring in no time....especially the food is so slow to accumulate you have to wait for a day or two without doing anything to stock your food.....will uninstall soon cos it starting to get boring
It looks like they have adjusted the "need to purchase diamonds." Now, I can't conquer anymore territories. Other than that, a fun and entertaining game.
Production does not increase proportionally with time. There Is no benefit to upgrade any building as the production of the resource it produces does not increase proportionally. Unrealistic and silly game.
Please help cant open game for 3 days now. Its stuck at the opening screen. Can't reload, nothing. I did restart my phone, updated the game but if you open it: NOTHING happens...
What a stupid game! I can't press anything after placing the very first decoration of the game in the tutorial. It won't go through. What a waste๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿคฎ
There is no reliable way of acquiring ship upgrade materials. Common resources (gold/food) are generated really slow. Considering all the wait times for soldiers, build/upgrade times and scarcity of expansion slots this move is unnecessary.
Why bank building cost $40 and just give 1500 gold a day??? Really expensive.and your pack is lack information. I can get 20.000 gold a day by trade. If bank give 50 gems a day it will fair enough with $40
The war game ply is to worse cn u supply space to freely handle to soldier to move Game owner. There is no soldier detail Y??? After all game is good 1 last thing that game control n game graphic cn u all make the game more realistic in graphic, deatail of army size or personal, Game control & soldier's move in the map.... TQ hope game owner bring better version we all plyr aspects that from game Industry Plz consider... Sorry for lot's of problem..... I ply Rome Total war in PC....
The game is good but you have to wait so long for food and everything cost so much food I cant keep up. You wait for days to do any upgrades because of this. Not sure if I will continue to play if this doesn't change.
The land expansion is a slow process either the expansion area should be increased for each level or it should be less costly, overall the game is very nice
Just downloaded this and it a good game and happily giving it 5 stars, only thing I would say is the battles seem complex and weird and how it turn based, and thought it may have been real time strategy which has put me off. Maybe change the battles up and improve it but nevertheless this is a good game keep it up the good work.
I love the game, even if some people think is slow. Remember that increase culture need space or higher points for each object. Factories, need people, and people need culture. Nevertheless, it is a great game!
We'll just before I said the game was great, you prove me wrong. When I go to destroy a pirate Fleet in the middle of the ocean I destroy two ships and they go into the water and sink I leave the third one half destroyed. I lose but mysteriously when I go back to that pirates all three ships are back to normal. This is unrealistic nobody can make ships reappear in the middle of the ocean without a harbor to build it. This is unrealistic in the same with a mercenary camp that invades your area.
Starts out ok, graphics are nice. Area given to start is a bit too small, so you have to know what you are doing from the start and those plus of land just get more and more expensive! By the time you get going a bit, it costs so much to research expansion and then you have to pay just to use the things you just spent so much time and resources researching! It is a great idea destroyed by the idea that you can only go so far without spending real money (and LOTS) to really continue. To bad!
The game is fun and doesn't depend on you throwing money at it or having established players smashing your hard work. You can speed up with cash, but can make all the achievements without. Brilliant game
Booooring!! This game is just another copy of the hundreds of other same ptp games out there.. as always.. either you dont pay and must wait 3 years to evolve.. or you must pay thousands of $$$. And whole map is tiny.. right from the start you must already pay to expand small small portions. This is just another greedy money game
I would give this game a 5 star rating if it wasn't so difficult to make progress in the game. To earn coins you can manage quickly, hut the coin and food ratio is rediculous. Seriously habe been playing this game for about a week and I haven't made any real progress unless you count waisting time as progress. If I could I would make the 1-star a 0-star.
Almost reached level 6, things just gets unnecessary expensive. For expansion I have to wait for 2 days after that I build just one thing and free space is gone and then again wait game starts. things just becomes unnecessary expensive, Garden cost is around 400 coins in level 2, bathhouse cost is around 250 coins in level 2, amphitheatre cost is 3000 coins in level 3 and funniest part is bench cost is around 5000 coin... how can bench be this expensive... In all not properly planned game.
Relaxing game play easy to follow. No-one ever has garam as a resource and the raids aren't worth reward, but, I'm having great fun playing nevertheless. Rating 4.9
Pretty much just bad game, the kind that you play for 10 minutes a day because it takes all day to get supplies and everything cost so much they offer great deals though if you want to waste some money... but still is just so bad. I hope these upcoming updates add something entertaining but who knows when that'll even be. Not sure why mobile developers always make games like this... if I were to make a game it would at least be somewhat good and somewhat different from any other game.
I sent a message to DEV few days ago about my paid item, Trojan horse, but DEV seems like to do nothing or they might be busy... btw the game takes time to upgrade things and honestly I enjoyed it for a couple days until I've got into this issue, bad exp. happens...
I like the game, but there's a few things I don't like about it. When you're collecting food, if you collect it more than 15 minutes, you get penalized by earning less. Why?! Also, when raiding, when you get to raiding a village, the computer has more soldiers than you. It's also a little difficult to earn Blue Crystals, but if you want to "Pay to Play", you can buy all you want for a price. Overall, I like the game over a PvP game, but feel like certain items need to be more balanced.
Great game except for some reason it won't allow me to spend any of the pottery resource. I have plenty in my storehouse but whenever I try to upgrade the research tree it says I have 0
Struggling to get enough gold to proceed. Good game but there should be other ways to make gold. I'm waiting and waiting to collect it from buildings. That's the only annoying thing I've found but it could end up in me giving up on the game unfortunately. Developers clearly not listening. Since writing the above I can't get enough gold to build anything that's waiting or to buy enough troops to win battles. Not playing until there's an update and if it doesn't fix this I'll delete the game.
It's great game... It will be perfect if we can rotate the building... Can we? I will purchase diamond if i can rotate buildings