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Rise of the Kings

Rise of the Kings for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by ONEMT located at Unit 1701, 17th Floor Tower Two, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's fun to play, but it's clearly a big money grab. It's a good game to play to past the time. But if you want to keep up with the other players, you do need spend alot of money. The good heroes are expensive to get. If you want bige and Gideon (the best heroes in the game) you will have to spend thousands as the events don't allow you to get them. All the updates are a way for the developers to get more money. even KvK, throne war and overlords. You need to buy drops to play It?
Very awesome when first downloaded but became a pay to play game. Nonspenders can get a strong castle but take forever to get good heroes and when you get them new ones are out. The addition of beasts was nice until they were stuck at level 20 due to the fact that you had to to upgrade it by spending, even spenders are complaining about, dont bother about getting mulan and naia if you're non spender. It would be nice to have alliance speed ups for researching technology and constructing building
Reported several violations of game policies to feedback and help dept, the player reported should have been banned for soliciting sale of account, buying resources from scalpers, defamatory remarks and vugarity in kingdom chat, but instead they continued to let him play. I refuse to play in a game where developers do not enforce their policies, its makes it unfair to people who spend their money in the games. Therefore I will request refunds from Google.
I can't stress enough that this game uses illegal marketing tactics. They advertise that a pack of items " normally" costs $4,572, but is currently on sale for $100. I put normally in quotes because thw real cost is $100, there is no sale. That is illegal marketing in many countries, and morally wrong. Report the app, and make them stop breaking the law.
I emailed support for an issue with a $100 pack I bought and it has been two days now with no help. This is a deliberate and intentional act done by the GM Nicola to ignore my request. Respond to my email.
has many microtransactions, is pay to win. EDIT* the problem is not the microtransactions themselves. the peoblem os that the spenders are able to advance at a greater rate than non spenders. this basically make the game unfair and unbalanced. Pay To Win games are bound to fail and create a toxic gamin environment among many dofferent gaming platforms.
After binding my account lordcrown. I tried creating a new account and end out lossing my Lord account. I am also not receiving any help in retrieve my account. Good game but their is no support from the developer for customer queries
NOT A GAME TO BE RECOMMENDED. At first, when I play it, it was good. Even spent a lil money on it. It got day/night system based on real time and the weather system too! But then, suddenly there's an update WITHOUT any announcements being made. Got disconnected and when I reconnected back, it required for a small patch. Once done, I CANNOT EVEN LOGIN. Edit : Problem solved. But Dev team need to tackle this issues because it troubled the player. It's still under game that I won't even recommend
I have been playing for 3 whole years now... Really the game is interesting, but the developers are greedy. So many recent update have spoilt the game. Little rewards, making spenders so dominant. You need to work on existing heroes, common to non spenders, give them better buffs... Right now i have lost interest in playing this game...
Game is good but i will not prefer it. I have level 27 castle and a guy with castle level legendary level 3 attacked me. I mean what is this😑 i lost all of my troops and power and then suddenly 50persent of my troops are gone i don't know where they go. First you do work hard to updrade your castle and raise an army then someone with higher level then you come and attacked on you. What is this behavior 😑. Iam still facing loading issues 😞.
Beautiful visuals and sound, great blend of skill, strategy, and strength, and It's free. I don't have any complaints about this game.
FIVE STARS - I am VERY critical of castle builder games. This one is the best and the only one i have given more than two stars, and i have played dozens of castle builders. Not much bullying. They treat you to reward gems often. Alot of heros to buff your installations. Your lord can wear buff armor and many lords to choose from. Fair amount of resources gained to upgrade. Beautiful scenery in your city. Fair in game prices without being pushy. Good job guys! Hats off to you!
This game is a money Pitt They eliminated must free events All new heros only can be purchased And don't even ask about a new dragon And if you ever have in issue with the game don't expect support to ever respond Last there is absolutely no refunds and they will block your account if you complain to support πŸ˜‰ Boycott k423
This game should have a new button or place to kill dragon without go to Void. Its crazy lagging when attacking it. Its hard to touch "attack" button when many people do void too... I did zoom in but it is still useless...
Just downloaded the game on my new mobile and can't even open the game, it will load and freeze at 99%
So far I had such great experience, the game is deeper than simple videos, pictures or rating commentaries. Sometimes you just have to try things. Also developers can you please add an Elder character to choose as roleplay, I feel that this is quite missing but overall 5/5 ***** keep the new content coming!
It was great before the update. yeah it lagged and all, but at least the old version didn't break my game. I have legion 1 and legion 2 researched meaning I can send out 3 troops. well now after update it tells me to go research and clearly I've already done so or become a vip which of course I already have and used!!!! this isn't fair. I spent hours lvling up and now you have bugs???!!! Fix this!!! please!!!!
Game is now pay to play there is no game balance anymore years of building for it to be undone with overpowered heroes if your not willing to spend Β£1000s DO NOT PLAY
Too many updates in a short period of time. Their servers can’t keep up, we all know this with the stupid β€œNetwork Error” messages every 20 minutes. They can’t even keep up themselves, let alone players who don’t drop 8k ASAP for new dragon.
Very detailed, it got better graphics. It's very amazing. Although it isn't fun. You can't teleport when you are higher then level 6 castle.
The game is becoming more expensive and the supporters are careless and don't hear our request only in need of money, the game is getting a lot of error and glitches,
Plenty of resource opportunities for free to play players. The game is very political, which makes alliances very important, especially when playing for free.
I have to say as an old war veteran with PTSD i find this game an excellent means of therapy and communication with people of all walks of life. I have tried many games over the years but found them too expensive for me to continue playing, however in this game i find that i can move forward slowly because it doesn't depend on how much you spend but rather how smart you use your resources and the low cost packages you offer are excellent. Well done guys, nice to see a game that is fair for all.
The graphic is good since I have already played a strategic game earlier this game didn't puzzled me although good guidance was available all the time.
Been playing this game for just over a week and finding it very good. It would be helpful however if players location is on the players information page, the one that shows the power, clothes and weapon. This has been a disadvantage, other then that, very good πŸ‘πŸ‘.
After the new update of mythical beasts everyone in my kingdom faced a huge power and troop lost. I know it must be a bug but it can be fixed. Otherwise the game is good and I will continue playing it but these kind of bugs are not good.
Played for 5 years . Someone hacked a L5 castles and killed all my troops. M0D said they will revive my troops and then went back on there word. Lost 4m troops played for 5 years spend over $3k on game and cause of one hack I lost all 5 years worth. Do not waist your time or money in the game. MOD is not honest. And it is not worth playing....
I just change review to 1 star, game was ok 2 years ago, now is just top up money, you get destroyed even if u are L5 by new l6, I don t recommend playing if you don t have to put 2.5k dollars a month to get all new stuff they add every month, new hero is 2.5k, new dragon 8.5k and so on.
Good game would have been better if that block puzzle section was rpg style instead of that block puzzle thing. Sooo hate those block buster candy crush type games.
The game is awesome, but i can only give 4* because you guys need to make it easier to get the gold heroes ive got all of the heroes accept for 6 or 7 gold heroes, you cant get them even if you buy them accept for a couple which are $99.00 not everyone can spend that much
Used to be a fair game for non spenders earlier. Now money have conquered ROK. The heroes takes thousands of dollars and now the dragons and day by day adding money stuff.
As a gamer i really liked it . As a nonspender i want it to give better rewards to players like us server #461 leader of SIR currently holding throne. I will like to add that hero shards are basically missing to give better rewards . Overall its a fun game to play .
I am enjoying it so far, lots of resources etc but I wish I could win more dragon souls lol for my baby lol, nice game and looking forward for more and better upgrades in the future. :) πŸ™‚
This game I'm addicted to. Been playing for almost 3 years. I hear alot of times how games go from good to bad, not this one. Gets better and better. Of course spending gives you the advantage in the game (any game) but this game is definitelt non-payers friendly. Just put in the work and you can get by well. Awesome game!
I have been playing for four years. This is the best game I have played and have met many good people. I have always found the support to be both rapid, efficent, and happy to resolve any issues.
I'm more looking forward for incoming update for it graphics.. And 3 star for now I just started playing.
This game was once fun. Recently this game has been money focused they seem to have become very greedy and dont care for non spenders , the GMs are lazy and are rude . Even spenders are fed up I dont know how much the rok community have to complain before rok realise that what they are doing dont benefit the players
Says free, but to compete, they offer great rewards to people that spend money. Regular players cannot compete with spenders.
This game is great no big glitches and even when they have small ones they compensate you better than any game I play. It's worth the money also the packs are fair unlike other games. The loading time is awesome very fast! If your being attacked you can actually not get zeroed waiting on your game to load.
Game is fun, GM's are incompetent. They are partial to big money spenders and don't admit the impact their bugs have one the game. (And there are bugs with every!! update)
While I appreciate you have a business to run; spenders are getting all the benefits. Unless you are happy to spend big, prepare to grow slowly and never be able to compete with the big spenders.
I normally do not have complaints. Love the game, but, after this last update there seems to be A LOT OF BUGS! Outside castle will say how much time you have left on shield, but inside alliance will say a different time with 7 to 9hr difference. I never had lagging issues, but now, it is lagging a lot. It's a lot of little things, but, when added together makes the game frustrating. PLEASE FIX and I will go back to 5 star rating 😁
The game is a pay to play, it isn't even a pay to win. You are constantly having to spend money on power ups, new events, heros etc. Also for new players it is terrible there is no protection from higher level players raiding your castle killing all your troops and taking all of your supplies. And the GM's will say you can buy protection that last 24hrs to 8hrs but these get expensive and micro management of shielding evry day is a pain. Overall, find another time sink game..
I have a lot to say about the game. I just wish there were more free rewards to upgrade the best heroes and also less resources(medals) to upgrade the buildings.
Great strategy, city building game that is truly NOT a pay to play game. There are so many special events and bonus activities that you can play for hours or minutes everyday and still advance and have fun.
The void between paying and non paying players becomes so vast that the game becomes less enjoyable. Rewards from developers are a mere drop in the ocean compared to what they want for upgrades.
too many downloads for phone in my opinion, allow game for computer, bigger screen for some. might be inclined to spend money on in game purchases, but not worth spending on small screen
I recharge 3 times for one event, and i report it as a bug, but server don't respond, so what should i do now ??
The ads for this game show a totally different game! Edit - review updated, accidentally gave it 2 stars before. Dear Dev. I have no desire to "penetrate" this stupid clone of half the games in the store. Make the game your ad shows and I'll play it. Meanwhile, you are simply lying by showing ads for an unrelated type of game.
awesome. but now facing login timeout error. not able to play. i appreciate help from developer I have been playing this game more than w year. Its getting bore now since we can't able to move out of our kingdom. Playing with same set of people. Though we have kvk, it is not that much interested one. If there is no restrictions to jump over kingdom in any time, that will be more interesting. For say, now humans are looking for the alternate planet to live. The reason is that Earth is not a final
This game is similar to KOA. Not counting to many glitches that occurs during game play. This is a pay as you play game also. So don't be fooled. Most people don't stay because of this. You do get rewards but the payout isn't that great either. While KOA rewards are more ROK Only deserve 3 Stars.
You guys suck big time, checking updates every time and yet again you fail to satisfy me this game is nothing in comparison to the game I play every day but I struggle to open your game, I feel like deleting the game lucky for you I am playing with friends so fix your...... Asap
Too much money concerned. Never care on players needed. Difference between spender and non spender is too much. Medium players cant play this game for sure
Really good strategy mo, defiently not a pay to win type game. Takes some grinding to get the good stuff, but no game should be too easy. For the people who are worried about in-game purchases: People built this game and gave it to you for free. It took time and money to get this operation underway so try to appreciate an honest company trying to make a living. Even if its only a couple dollars it keeps the servers and updates running, so just keep it real peeps. Hardwork isn't free. Great job!
no. I enjoyed this game emensly. getting trown out moment I do dragon challenge or actually anything. tried to contact you in game. gets thrown out. have to log in again. E V E Ry 5 mins. wasnt like that before.
Getting too greedy now, like all companies. when they start off they care about their players/ customers. They are important to them. When they get succesful a change overcomes them. I've been playing this game for a couple of years. I've watched as the developers invented new ways to part you from your money. For alot of players this is the final straw. They dont care, theyve got new players lined up all ready for the nest wave of rip offs
RoK literally ruined that nice game lately with endless greediness. Every single events based on spending anymore. All new features for only spenders. No way to reach new stuff without spending a lot. The balance btw spenders and non spenders is getting huge after every update. Even if you spend a lot you can just become an ordinary castle after few updates unless you continue spending more and more! Recommend you to stay away from this pay to win game!
This game is far more the best on the Google play. And I have tried all strategy games. Rewards are excellent packs are rich and for spenders is paradise as for free players to. Graphics, mini games and rich rewarding cycles buy able castle skins as well as free achieved through the events. In one word "Extraordinary". Excellent job to Developers.
I enjoyed this game up until the last few months. Issues I have, is the amount of in game ads pushing to buy more gems etc. I understand the developers need a wage, but the layers of ads can be annoying at times. Worth playing if you're prepared to wade through the ads/promo's. The other issue I have is that the game does not always give you the rewards you earn, eg: when you finish researching a particular skill, you're not given the daily points, as the game indicates.
Use to be a 4 start almost 5 star game to me but it's just continued to become more and more about money. You can play free and progress slowly. But you most likely won't be able to really participate in the war function effectively for a long time. I finally got my castle to legendary level 5 for them to make a legendary 6. My heros were almost up to par with the king in my kingdom then they added stronger heros And to get them to be useful. You need money. It's all money money money
like all games really good fun until you have to deal with customer services. All too happy to take your money but no interest in you as a player. Don't waste your time
A pay to win game which hides nothing. Freemium as expected but you can have a good time if you can put in the time!
Fun but must spend some money if want to keep up, look for new kingdom if just joining. if pick and older one not fun. but I'm in 2 kingdoms and enjoy it. some spend thousands to get ahead quickly, ruining game for other. but get in a kingdom that wants to beat other kingdoms and you are golden. I'm very happy
You still need to buy packages to be on top, however if you are active you compensate a lot...more than any other similar game. Finally a strategy game in which money are not everything ;)
Absolutely LOVE this game!!! The developers care about the players and are constantly asking for our feedback. Rise of the Kings has so many things we always wanted from Kingdoms of Middle Earth but never got!!! Thank You for listening to your gamers!!!
This is a good game at it's core, but as usual the development team is just looking to earn their bosses more money, so they keep pumping new updates and events which it's only purpose is to grab money, whether this is their work or not or if it's a business that's on the side, people should be able to not get completely crushed in the game for not spending money, yes money spenders should have an advantage over those that don't spend, but that doesn't mean you should make them gods.
The expensive updates never end. This is such a bad time for many; ROK has been a place of refuge especially now. Developers have extorted the supply and demand chain with constant new releases. Rather than improving server bugs and general game play they have initiated a battle of spending. A game that was built and supported by player streaming and player written development guides has lost it's way. Boycott#
Awesome but too many multi account CHEATERS. Whole game is full of castles with name like farm01, farm02, farm99 etc. They use so many farm castles to feed their main castle with resources & event points. Suggestion: lower resource requirement for building upgrade & research and enforce limit 1 castle each players per kingdom. Everyone happy. this free up alot of their time. can play in other new kingdom. more $$ for you.
Money hoovering developer..πŸ˜‘ I've been playing this game for over an year. it's definitely a Pay-to-Win game. There approximately less than 10 % of the kingdom players are crazy spenders whom Rok keep trying to come up new money-digging events frequently in order to take money from their pockets. Packs are getting expensive and players keep leaving due to it. If Rok still want to use the 90% of the players for entertaining the richs, then they got to do something. πŸ˜’πŸ™„
the game is great i really love it but theres one more thing can the next update be where we can attack other/enemys marching or camping troops that will make the game even more fun and better for everyone thank you.
love this game very entertaining and affordable at beginning but as your castle reaches legendary it gets more difficult but all in all I love the game very competitive and there's always different events your not doing same thing like you see in other app games
The only game that I would rate a zero. The players are experienced in most kingdom. Due to this there is false alliances and fake accounts everywhere. You can not play this game after week 6 of play without at least 6 accounts for farming no matter how much money you spend. I have one account and spend $400 a week and the cost to heal troops from just fighting monsters for events made so I could not progress in the game. Each kingdom has only about 200 members who play on average 9 account each
Great game but some things are expensive though though. There should be a shield to protect those taking a temporary break from the game
Good game strategy, not expensive for p2w player. But friendly for f2p players and many bonus as long as u active player, u even can beat stupid p2w players who dont know battle mecs lol
Been playing almost a year addictive and oddly fun good game five stars kudos to development team five stars
Still dig this game. Some ppl on here complaining because they spent alot of cash when I only spend .99 cents and I'm a lvl 28 and that was by myself no help. But that's my choice and a challenge. My thing is why spend all that money and you still have no clue how to play? πŸ˜‚
Before it was really fun but it became money hungry game, the gap between spenders and not spenders is just too wide, almost every event demands for money to complete it and get all rewards
Been playing for about two months now, never missed a day always playing. It is definitely the kind of game worth spending real money on.
This game double charged my credit card for 6 months. I realize this is partially my fault, however, when lokka was finally confronted with what was happening they denied it and blamed Google play. Goodbye to a once fun gameπŸ–•.
Need some changes like when we finished attack can we switch target so it will be easier to save time .and yes can we have more ways to evolve dragon plzzz. Overall great game live it
I think you should allow castles to move to diff kingdom at least once after a lvl 6 castle. especially if a person is having issues! customer support needs to improve drastically...they can be so rude! but game itself is good. I'd give more stars if support was better.
Overall a really great game. 10/10 A lot of fun to play. I highly recommend it. If you're a fan of these types of games, You will definitely like this one. I play it for hours at a time. Two thumbs up!
Very happy with this, only downside is there are not enough freebies to help you grow. If you want to be a top contender you need to spend loads of moola. Would be nice to get some speed ups free everyday for reaching castle level 5 every day? Just my take on it. Dont get me wrong this is probably the best strategy game that I have played so far.
before, the game was very fun for me. Now it's a spender-only game. Each new update is new for money!!! I'm disappointed, players who don't spend money on horribly expensive packages can only look at others with envy! many of my friends left the game because they didn't want to spend big money on some news that appears at a dizzying pace!
Great game been playing for two months still havent figured out everything five of us have our oen community anf we can play together on different devices but in real time. Its a really cool game for strategy game dont wanna ruin all the neat suprises this game holds so i will say if your into strategy games this is a must you wont be disappointed
The game has recently turned to a spenders paradise only. We all understand that at the end of the day this is a business. But the rolling out of too many big updates within very short time span is making a huge gap between the spenders and the non spenders. Instead of fixing already existing bugs and events we just get more events with new bugs and just simply make you spend. In short the game is not fun anymore like it used to be.
All is good but theres not enough ways to revive army, when you get attacked you lose half of your army, should be more rewards or such to compensate loss or reduce damage taken other then that its ok.
I have only been playing this game for a few months now. There are more updates on this game than any other game I have played. The glitches are unreal. If you dont spend tons of money you basically get no where. The events do not benefit anyone but the spenders. You are merging kingdoms because they are dieing. And it is your own fault they are. Non spenders can not compete with spenders. They do not get to play the game as it was intended. People give you feedback and you ignore them.
i'd like to suggest to change or put more exciting game experience. like how they battle on the field. and while attaking castles. please make it happen . we spend lots of dollars in this game and i think we deserve to enjoy the game. i hope you understand what i mean. It will be rated 5 from us players and give positive feedback on this app.
I used too enjoy this game. Been playing for about a year now. In the past i was able too stay competitive as long as I did all events they had including gem consumption and wheel of fortune. But lately, they have been watering down the rewards from events its not even making it worth it anymore. They removed free codexes from wheel of fortune (which essentially forces you to buy them too upgrade) and deluxe optional chest from gem consumption (which forces you too pay more for a good hero).
outstanding game..not a typical pay to win game...graphics are good..gameplay is great..very little to no lag..very few bugs...customer support is the best ive seen in any game... definately worth a try!! thanks for not following in line with so many other games!!!
Great game. Nice detailed graphics. The thing that made me decide to stop playing is I couldn't bind my account. And when I got in touch with support about it, they told me if I give them my email AND PASSWORD they would bind the account for me. NOT HAPPENING!!! No one should trust any 3rd party company that asks for your password!! Any company that asks for your password for that matter
there are glitches but what game doesn't have them. it us great to play with people around the world and attempt to take a kingdom together.
Good game with great graphics. The only thing is, the power increases VERY SLOWLY. And i think u should keep THRONE wars alteast betwen the period of 10 days, 1month is too much. This app is PAY FRIENDLY, but it becomes boring after some days, no wars, no competitions. Other than that GREAT GAME. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
just awesome, best strat game available. if youre active then you can play without paying even. lots of activities and prizes.
Whatever you have done to the game it is unplayable today. Freezing and can't log in all day. Just happened twice in the last 5 minutes also. Please fix it. Can't play at all.
Different prices for specific company app users who benefit of huge discounts in selected countries. Lousy support. Awful translations. Useless censorship on vulgar words. Kitschy graphic. Lot of casino game events (rewards depend on pure luck). Useless holidays theme castle shards. No unbiding option, although email is personal data. Parallel "real estate" and rss offer/request practice which cannot be kept under control.
I'm in K438 and going to quit game for good. Don't recommend anyone to download this game and play it. Game cheaters don't get banned permanently and still able to play. No matter how much you spent or time you put into the game, it is just not worth it when you have cheaters/hackers in game.
The app just all of a sudden stopped letting me use it and said that the connection was timed out, my Wi-Fi was fine, I remastered it over 10 times, I changed networks, ugh!
Have played this game 3 years. It is no longer a strategy game but how much you can spend. The game errors are continuous and instead of fixing the errors they keep adding more to enhance the game experience which make them worse.
Latest up date took soldiers from a lot of players including me. The frequancy of the updates has doubled since i first started playing 4 years ago. I understand to improve the game however with the lost troops it takes longer in events as was high level troops that were lost. Maybe to many cooks in the kitchen
Avoid this game unless you enjoy spending thousands of dollars every week to keep up with the latest game event gimmicks. There are much better games available for a friendlier budget.
ITS GOING DOWNHILL.. I started to play this game over 4 years ago now and since the start I have watched as the game demands greater spending to compete. I'm from an old kingdom formed in the first 6 months but are now unable to compete due to too many updates that require big Β£ in fast succession. The game has lost its balance for moderate and non spenders leaving them miserable and with a lack of enjoyment. I implore you to fix this within the next 3 month's before more player quit and leave.
The game is quite good but makers will not listen. All maintenance is carried out at the same time of day every time, even during competitions. Server downtime is always 07:00 - 08:00 UTC , great if you're American updates are while you're asleep, not so helpful if you're in the UK - updates are at breakfast time when you have chance to play before work/ school.
This game has been phenomonal and addictive since I first started playing it, and you don't have to spend money to be competitive.
Ok guys, i have been saying this through the in-game customer care but not satitied with yoir responses... I hope thhle developers can hear me out here... Bring back troop conversion... Many of us need it... If it's possible make it an event that comes once in 3 months. Troop conversion is an event every or majority of members have been calling for. Added to it give common heroes like Rin, Dolen, Rafe, Oged, damage buffs and give Jassan and Eritra more damage buffs, for commoners sake.
I have found this game to be very absorbing and generous with rewards. The translator is marvelous, now I have friends all over the world. Alliances keep you involved with the game and the people. I like it very much. Graphics are pretty good. You CAN play for free. Many choose to. Ive met a lot of great people and spent over 400 hours on the game so far and I don't see that changing. If you do choose to spend there are many packs under a dollar. So far, this is my favourite game of this type
the game is broken but has alot of room for improvement here are the reason why i gave it 3 stars one chat is new but broken doesnt update when other lords post message in kingdom chat and alliance seige battle are to early and last but least even putting money in game there no real way to get to higher level fast or get your power to million
Game is starting to suck. Rok is so greedy, the release one thing after another. If your a spending you better have deep pockets. If you don't spend don't download. If you spend on a thousand a week don't download. I suggest no one download. I poured so much money into my castle and I was soloed last kvk with two good heroes on my wall. Don't download game.
Absolutely love this game. Pick the right group to join really makes a difference on gaming experience. So far I have no complaints
Yes its p2p, if you want to be a top rally lead, but you can still be competitive by just being active. It gives a lot more freebies out than any other game like this, just by being active on game. Great game. Customer support can be iffy, depends on which GM you get really.
I used to gave this 5 star but now 1 star. It becomes totally pay to win. You need to be heavy spender. If you stop or relax from spending, you will be left behind. They introduced a lot of updates, new hero, dragon and events like titan that you need to spend a lot of money.
Its amazing so much fun plus you get to destroy your enemys. I also like to build my castal be the most powerful and be nice dont attack little players but thats my opinion also i like that now its level 9 castal till the begginer proection is off
Now a pay to play game. Started out fun, lots to do, entertaining. Now if you dont put money into it, you fall behind to asian players who dump money into the game and you become obsolete. They need to fix that. My interest has dwindled.
The game become just about money money money If you are not a proper spender you can't enjoy the game. No matter how much effort and time you put you will never be even close to those you spend hundreds. New Hero, new hero, new updates That all cost way too much to be fun game !!! New Free orange hero πŸ˜‚ You want to make people happy with leftovers ? Make game fair and make events affordable to attract people to spend money on it !
This game is not worth paying for. Late to realized spending almost 238k points ( 1 usd for every 100 points)for nothing. Events are sucks and all about money. I will not recommend this game anymore. I wish i could give zero rating.😑
I do not recommend this game at all. Customer service is less than zero level, they don't help at all. They just want more money, which makes you lose time and money without real fun. Also, the game is not considered as strategy at all In the past month they did a lot of update bad update they did not fix anything the only thing they did is adding more expensive things, without spending money you cant play this game Expencive and boring ROK thief and Exploiters #boycott
My players get banned randomly because useless loser attacking my players(report lies fake) and technical team works useless because they dont check anything and they dont give you proof they directly ban from the game. DONT DOWNLOAD AND DONT PLAY THIS GAME BECAUSE WORKERS USELESS. Thank you Gm and Technical team for your useless work. REGARDS.
Tbis is a five star pay to win with currently 436 servers. How many in each server is unknown. I would have given five stars except for the recent upgrades, two in as many weeks. Now whereas the upgrades are new features to make game more interesting it also distants consumers with limited space such as a burner smartphone. Google play wont download if there is not enough space. The more developers feel these donloads are necessary, the more likly those who have limited access will quit.
I loved the game at first. Been playing for 3 years just about. Spent thousands. Doesnt matter dont listen to anyone saying you can catch up without spending. Its a lie. Most events they release you need to spend to complete for the good rewards. Debating on asking Google play for refund and biting the bullet. Google play offered 1/3rd what ive donated and $2000 would look nice now. They need to close the MASSIVE spending gap.
Actual game is good though it's very biased towards infantry. It's possible to get a decent way on very little or no money given time. Problem is the credit card warriors. Always one alliance and one player that thinks they are entitled to everything, everyone else can either suck up or burn because they just don't care. Good game if you have plenty of time. Made some new friends but left because you can't move your castle from a dying kindgom why waste time or money.
Good game. I like the upgrades and once you succeed to pass levels its rewarding very fun game for me but everyone has their own style!
The game is ok and you need to spend a lot of time upgrading and improving your stats or spend a lot of money.
it's a great app, i wish they wouldn't limit the resources that you can send from your farms to your main account. other than that its a great game!
I've been playing this game 1 year in march. This game really making money every time they release new events. The ongoing event candy thing is a disaster. All rewards are not worth the money and effort you give. I hope I can give you a ZERO rating for this ROK.
This game is one of the best I have seen. But the programmers are too centered on money. You hardly receive gems or other materials that would help you grow without paying heavy.
I had the wors experience i have never had in a game. Because of a bug during maintenance of servers i lost major part of the troops because i had sent them in super tiles before maintenance. After maintenance i had 1M power less of high level troops. After that i was attacked and lost the rest of the trooos. Strangely the troops i lost because of the bug was returned right after i was attacked and i lost them again. Now i am at the power i was before but that costed me 2 weeks of training.
This game is only for money users. Without money no matter how much you try you are weak. Really low hospital capacity you can't save more than 200k troops. Troops training takes too much time. Without money you can't get too many speedups. And you can't upgrade Castle to L3 if you are not spender. No best hero in hero summon. Then how can we complete with rich people? Please also plan things for non spenders too.
Not nice game i installed and playing but when you go offline players will attack your castle and you will lose your power they will not let you grow.. Because they have to take throne..
Most expensive game ever REDICULOUSLY Expensive. I just worked out, to upgrade one of the gold heroes fully, using money, it will cost you in the region of $3300 or R45000. HTF is that even remotely acceptable? Yes, you can play for free and in 8 decades you will be able to upgrade some gold heroes fully, but by then they would have brought out newer Heroes, with better abilities, meaning that the heroes you worked on so long and hard will be useless. What a joke.
I wish they can take reports more seriously... many people can be a pain, rude or racist that cannot be eliminated and people leaves the game for that reason! Good but expensive, will take long time to grow if you dont plan to spend money
The game is good at the beginning but now it stuck on loading screen at 99% And then after like 4 to 5 mins it shows check your Internet connection. Please fix it as soon as possible.
Awesome game! Really impressed with the attention to detail. I would appreciate it if the developers actually responded to reported issues though.
Hi. Your last patch you issues make the game lag extremely. Please sort it out asap. Been very happy until now. Takes forever to load from 99%. Once in game, still lags loading reward items etc.
Hello readers, Your right once the developers see improvement there app fails. This review hasn't even been reviewed, but it's ok you all now know I'm right, they hate responding to comments that are true and real, they don't know what to say, they have nothing to say, but I'll keep true to my word you app will be crushed you had time but you deined facts, your app is falling and crumbling, I can help with that but it's going to happen one way or another. Thank you for reading.
Refuse to play, sadly... This app looks super interesting, but requires full and complete access to my phone, including controlling calls? No other game I've played has needed THAT much access/control. Storage and contacts, etc, sure. But this particular game's request seems unreasonable. Rated 2 stars instead of 1 only because I hope it will be adjusted, I see the developers replying to a lot of people, plus I hate people who give 1star and drag down the rating without even playing the game.
don't do new update on older device you lose accounts can't log back in this game is not designed for Americans and unless you are RoK rep or prepared to spend twice what the rep in kingdom does you will not get heroes, etc easily at all nothing but lying crooks in this game be prepared to follow one only now i cannot log into my Google account....
The game is boring. Most content I cannot access cuz this game is pay to win. The only reason I play it is for the points on Mistplay. Stop with the pay to win. Do what warframe did, everything is accessible, you just have to grind in order to get it. I'm not paying into a free app. There are no apps out there that are worth money.
I live the game. But dam you all got to fix a lot of problems with it. Way to many updates for certain people's phone. I have 9 friends stop playing because of the issues on the game.
This game is cool but the purchase not good why pay a game for 10000 thousand the castle decorations i dont know how to get it only tells people limited time why?
First off, great game. Love it! I was hooked. I've been playing for almost 2 months, and haven't gone a day wothout playing it. Most of the animations are very smooth and it's a great place to make new friends. However, it can get a little tense at tomes, nut you can join alliances to help you and protect you. I really enjoyed the game and highly recommend it.
It is a fun game the only downside is some things take too long to upgrade if your team doesn't help you.
The best translator. Can talk easily with Russian, Chinese and European friends and enemies. Game is fun but be warned pay to win. Addictive!
Another update in 2 days, whit jet again new mysterious hero... that like 3 one in the last 3 months... and don't even get me started on dragons.. stop advertising this as a strategy battel game when it pay to play game...total waste of time and money on my part last 3 years... πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
People giving negative remarks obviously don't know how to play. I spend very little as being on SSI. I have only played 2-3 months and I'm lvl 27 castle . You need a good alliance and good direction. I have gold heros too and shards I'm gaining from doing free events. Get off your butts and work for it. Nothing comes free without work done. I have 20 plus heros and about 6-7 gold heros I got from doing events and shards and scrolls they give you. ROK best game out there. Ignore lazy people.🀣🀣
It used to be a good game. But now i only can recall the times and efforts spent to " put on shield" and "rebuild the troops". Nothing else but painful memories. Have to spent money all the times in order to get better rewards. The rewards given FOC does not help much. Will not recommend this game to third party.
WARNING: all Oment Ltd games need alot of money to become stronger, dont play this game if you are not rich. and you cannot remove the game once you bind the game to your account..I want to put bind and unbind.
Its A spenders game. The keep coming out with new updates more and more faster and faster. Hard to keep up. They don't upgrade heroes the same so which ever one that they do dominates for a month or 2 then they do infantry again and they stay on top. There new battle logic doesn't work because they don't upgrade 4 heroes one for each troop type