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Rise of Superheroes:  Zombies Age - Empires Mobile

Rise of Superheroes: Zombies Age - Empires Mobile for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Defense War Games located at 香港,香港岛,北角. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
nice and great game,but do it like coc training troops as one,very hastle to train troops to this game because u need to train every barracks one by one and if u raid the troops not die in a battle will add to the troops for the next train,thats not good because the troops u want to train cant train because the troops not die will add to the next train,to deploy troops make it not to continue let select first before deploy,but in this game if u press or hold one troops they are all deploy.
I am a big fan of this game please include all heroes fragments & all resources in daily packs, for free Please consider my request
Going to uninstall this game after I post this. Glad I declined the game wanting control of my phone for phone calls. Like other games there are beginners quests but, if you have all ready completed one before the quest is assigned you can not claim quest reward. I had all ready taken both of my food production buildings to level 2. A quest comes up wanting me to take a food production building to level 2. Wouldn't give me quest reward.
It’s a big time waster, i though it was going to be cheesy like most phones games but I was surprised. The game tells you about ancient leaders that you get to use and unlock. It's the best heroes battle game that I have played.
It is super fun you can make your own town and defend it but it has a twist you will have to see for yourself it's really fun and do not forget to rate it five stars
Played a ton of games like this, but where this one is better, is you don’t have to spend money like crazy to grow and be competitive. Hopefully it stays that way! In the Zombies Age, create your own empire, use strategy and battle with other kings.
Wow..so wow, i just did not play for days and when i got back my heroes and base has been remodel, low level heroes, low level skill, what tje heck is happen😬😬
Its great i looked through the reviews and most of the problems were about long loading but this did not happen to me
I change rate to 2 star the game is good but now install unstall what happen my internet trong 390mbps every time i open im stock in half. Please fixed bug thanks
Till date and time its good game easy to understand and easy to play... I m playing this game two weeks till awsome..
I used to be very overwhelmed with games like this but the tutorial to start out helps out a ton. now this game is very fun to play and i like all of the strategy involved in this game. 100% would recommend to my friends. Capture the other kingdoms, and be the king of the king.
Nice game I like this and it has a nice story zombie virus breaks out in 5079. The whole world descends into chaos. Commanders, the human being’s last hope is in your hands. Rebuild the base, resist zombie invasions, protect the survivors and keep an even sharper eye out for other greedy survivors. Recruit super heroes, protect the last civilization and become the king of the Apocalypse! Rise of Superheroes is a unique tower defense strategy game. In the Zombies Age, create your own empire
I hate “pay to win” games and this one is still that but offers those who choose not to pay a way to still enjoy the game and progress through. It’s very enjoyable and easy to play. Thanks for the great game! You can summon the Superheroes to defend the zombies and fight with global players.
I thought this game was gunna be another game where you just build a city and then get bored after a while. I was very wrong, it’s a really good game where you can keep yourself busy even if things are upgrading. There’s so much to do so I thinks it’s worth at least trying it. It's the best heroes battle game that I have played.
It's a good game but when we move anything it does not move and some time without intension of moving things move
It was great i loved it.You can have many superheroes like goku,spiderman,thor,madara etc...etc..etc.Earning money is not that tough while not easy either.
Game graphics are very low and there is no way to see how our troops are attacking. I think they have to improve the game graphics like clash of clans.
I love this game. But it has some technical difficulties. Like the hero shield ( captain America) has magical shield ability. But we can't see it's logo. Why❓ I don't know. 🧐🧐. Like that some heroes have the same thing. And if you speed up the battle records multiple times then it will give you did timing and results. Please please fix it. But most time I can't open it and even if it open then it crashes and tell to try again.
Cool game, liking 😎 it so far, I'm only level 13 but there is a lot going on in this game. Reminds me of castle clash
I played the game before and still is the same. Nothing new but still fully functional. Keep it up☺☺☺
I think it fun because it is very simple to get used to and u are able to get used to playing very easy and it's also fun because if people like superheroes then they will like this because it has something to do with superheroes. So I would get this game because it also helps u to know how u should have ur base and ur weapons and people in different places as well.
I really really love this game and I'm impressed of the graphics at first you will be irritated cause you don't know what to do but now I am so strong
It's amazing game good for pastime , challenging ,adventure . exciting.and lots off superheroes it's so fun.......
It might get a little overwhelming at the beginning because it has many elements but after a while the game just gets you. Rise of Superheroes is interesting. There are more strategies in it. Just download and have fun!
So I’ve been looking for a good civilization game to play and I finally found it. I love all the options for civilization and real life generals from history. The lay out is fantastic. It so easy to move things around and upgrade buildings and important resources. You can be the king in Rise of Superheroes.
I really enjoy playing this game. Amazing graphics and playability, and the fact that I could build my own city is great. Gather your superheroes team in the Zombie Apocalypse and save the last world! Use your strategy and build empire and kingdom.
It’s really good should get it lots of fun I give it a 5 star rating because the graphics are great and there are tons of stuff to do, I think you should get the game totally reckoned this game and read more suggestions for more information or just get the game. Are you ready for the challenge in Zombies Age? Download Rise of Superheroes now and join us!
Nice graphics but to get strong u need to spend but the story line is good nd i love tge heroes base on they are taken from our favourite anime characters if i would ask for hero to be added that would be vegeta and sasuke 😊 legue war is also great but they got some scary legue out there events are great also arena is my favourite thou i also love zombie challenge nd hero cause of the awards involved
Great game as always I seen this game ads on YouTube and always ignored them but this time I tried it and it was worth it although it is kinda weird how the game is not really like anything it advertised but still turned out to be a fun game. Rise of Superheroes is an amazing zombies war game. Enjoy the fantasy.
This game is a great game, and a lot of fun, the only thing I don't like is that my favourite characters are hard to get and/or cost money
This game is really good and fun and I can tell y’all actually put some time and effort into the game but the only thing I have to say is could u make the wait times a little shorter?? Other than that this game is great. Rise of Superheroes: Zombies Age - War Empire is great.
Great game but you should add more heroes like falcon, Dr strange, optimus prime , captain marvel, guardian of the galaxy and more. Then I will give this game 5 star
Interesting game very very very thrilling games and and heroes very amazing and zombies games very amazing bicycle kya game hello best game is zombie please download and play very system and look loading very interesting and Powerful
This game is my favourite game. But the events of free getting heroes fragment is very short please add new another hero fragment events and red hero fragment events can also add please because no one event of free getting red hero fragment in this game and create new updates of this game and add new things on the basis of my things and other players things.
I love this game, the company is always on top of fixing bugs and exploits always new kingdoms coming out. I’m in the army and have tons of free time and myself and other guys included play all the time with multiple cities. It’s tons of fun! You can summon the Superheroes to defend the zombies and fight with global players.
I give this game 1star because it's load don't finish. It only load half because of internet conection.Can you make this game like we can play it without internet.Please do that in it and also read it.
Great game confusing at first but addictive a lot of pay to play stuff but also has a lot of rewards for playing for free they reward there players a lot would recommend if you wanted to invest a lot of time into a game. Are you ready for the challenge in Zombies Age? Download Rise of Superheroes now and join us!
The best game ever I love it and i love the qulite of the game and the heros and the best thing about the game is that there are zombies that you can use to fight other clans. I'm inspired ny this game it's an copy of the clashof clans
Why the game is not loading .. any issue i cant play... Its loading 60% then it not going more plz fix my issue
Cool. I love this game. Pls add more Dc and Marvel heros with the Villians. And I tried paying for an in game purchase but my card was rejected. I'm a Nigerian and i don't know why naira is not accepted in the game. Pls i want the developers to do something about this.... But apart from this, this game is good. I Love This Game.
Good twist on a classic strategy game. I like the characters and the graphics and game play are smooth.
This game is great because unlike clash of clans you actually are in real time! I was picked up as a newbie by an experienced alliance and now I’m top alliance in my kingdom! The fact that you can gather resources is awesome! Also, you get a lot from only spending 5 to 10 dollars! Great game. Rise of Superheroes is an Epic War Strategy Game.
I will rate the game 4 and a half stars if there was something like that, the game and the graphics are good but the only problem is the loading time and I recommend the game for everyone.
Do not download. Great game at first and would have possible given this game a 4-5star. However after a few days of playing the game, it Will stop fully loading the game. There are not help options at this point to use and when you email the developers, they don't get back to you or acknowledge your email.
rise of superheroes and x war clash of zombies are the same game.for this i give it 3 stars. it pics are really fake.
Game are too good easy to understand and too fun to play ..i have two account in ser A abd Ser F. but i m giving 3 star beacuse always some issue on payement i cannot buy anything from online always error . Plz fix it i will give 5 star
What I like is that it’s not too hard to get right into the game and upgrading your civilization also it doesn’t take long for some of the upgrades and the first couple of them so you can easily get your city upgraded. Rise of Superheroes is awesome and I cannot stop. It's a Top War Battle Game.
the game is cool but it needs all the super hero's from the move's and the skin of iche-go is cool but I suggest changing it with a skin. one from the episode where he rescues ora-hima in the hallo world.0
Interesting Game. It is a combination of clash of clans and castle clash with incredible marvel, dc and many characters.
Super cool I like the graphics too thank you for making this. Other people I highly recommend you to play this game
Very angry,very bad,very poor internet,if u open this game u need to wait 24hours connecting before the game open,not like coc if u open the game very fast to conect,wanting to uninstall but my base almost high level,taday i saw updating but when my internet going to slow the updating was crushing until now the game conecting.
I love the game. Problem I am currently having is the game loads to about 60% and won't finish. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it works for a bit then goes back to loading issue. There is no way I can find to contact anyone about the issue to get it fixed...so here is my bad rating to be updated when this is fixed.
Honestly, this has got to be one of the best games I have ever played on a mobile device! Such stunning graphics, gameplay, people. I absolutely love the alliance feature it’s so unique to me because I have never seen this anywhere on a mobile game. Rise of Superheroes is awesome and I cannot stop. It's a Top War Battle Game.
Every time I attack other base, I would only win 5-9 stars even if I win 100%. If other players win against me I lose 35-40 stars!! That is so unfair !!
Latest update increased the energy to be consumed to upgrade your defense tower. Its already hard to upgrade before, now its even harder !!! How can we cope with top players now ..
I love this game but getting some bug lacking during multiplayer battles please check it out Thank you❤
I really love this game. But I gave just four stars because I feel this game is like Coc . But the most favourite fact is that this game ha too many heros .
About a month ago I got an ad for this game and I thought “ugh great another lords mobile copy” but then I downloaded it and it actually was kind of addicting and I liked it. You can summon the Superheroes to defend the zombies and fight with global players.
Amazing experience, the graphics are one of a kind, i just love the continual challenges that comes with the game,i also love the part where we get to challenge other players without them fighting back, and that there are other ways to earn coins and gems in the game other than daily challenges. Next please make gems easily accessible like in idle heroes you never run out of gems.thank you