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Rise of Heroes - RoH for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by WingJoy Limited located at 17/F, Winsan Tower, 98 Thomson Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I am enjoying the game and now into 3 weeks . A little bit of grinding for your heroes but it does feel good when they are awakened. I think Gems are abit expensive at the store. Hopefully there are more daily quests and gems rewards to earn 750gems. The only problem I had is I am always getting high ping rate in the game? I am not sure does anyone has the same problem or do I need to choose like a SEA server or something. Overall The best graphics game so far. Hope to see more content in tower.
Game's pretty awesome graphics are great , storyline is good and gameplay is that old school rpg style. Love it.
So far I don't have anything negative or critiques. With that being said keep up and do some crossovers maybe?? I wish you guys all the success in the world. I'm really enjoying myself with this beautifully made app. Thank you for all your hard & beautiful title you have blessed us with!
Really fun game but change i d smaller for when u r trying to log on but other than that great but try adding like other characters like melodis or something u can only not animated and he should be strongest character in the game when awakens he should have the darkness side or when he was part of the ten commonts if u don't know who melodis is search up seven deadly sins on Netflix if I was a anime I'd be him cause I have personality as him that's y I want plz and thank you love the game.
Great game. Graphics are great even for cartoonish characters. Gameplay is smooth and has a unique twist. for the summoners war rip off comment.... c2us ripped off pocket 3 kingdoms. it only became more popular because p3k was in Korean only. As far as the "copyright" concerns. Alladin and Jasmine from the disney movie are based off of the 1000 Arabian Nights folklore. Its like saying no game can use LuBu or any other character from Romance of the 3 kingdoms.
Very easy to jump into! Cool animation style, you will get plenty of heroes to mess with in a nice turn based rpg style game. Improving your heroes is simple and in my opinion its a cool and simple system! love this game!
NO IT WAS (it is) really great but i m first day so i cannot tell how quick it will turn pay to win - well I have changed from 5 starts o 1 star ! … last night it was hell, I wanted to install it on tablet (have it on phone), I have played the tutorial 4 times in my tries to add my google account and to sync the games , of course time lost for nothing, all failed , one star or no star at all is also for the support, cause nobody cares about the ticket at least to get a reply someone read it after a full day ! so maybe nice game but with NO SUPPORT TEAM and no way to play it cause of bugs? non -functional features?...
I logged in a day after they had fixed their server connection issue and now most of the heros I own just disappear. Most of my rewards are also gone too. Its like the game just erased my progression. I also payed for the daily rewards but I am yet to receive any. One star until they fix all this. I really want to play the game, but the game is making it so hard to do so.
i have tried almost all of the games in playstore with this kind of genre...this is the best one so far...i hope they dont screw this up like the other companies or games. keep up the good work.
Just started playing. So far so good. Graphics and battle mechanics look good. Story is ok. Gatcha rate needs work. It's pretty hard to get a top character without spending money.
This is a decent game. But i have to uninstall due to very stingy in giving 5 star heroes. I have open no less than 30 gold lamps but never get any 5 star heroes. Developer should take this matter seriously in order for everyone to enjoy the game.
Summon chances are bad. The special challenges must be done in exact order otherwise it does not count. I have spend few hours upgrading the level and stars of my heroes to discover that I have to do it again. Uninstalled the game, not gonna play again ever, too tedious.
Fun game at first. Really starting to get buggy and lag is becoming an issue. I have had a ticket in for almost a week now with no response. A shame to see a really great game go down hill fast.
this game is the best turn based i've ever experienced... one thing i like most is the gem system.. it's very unique and cool...
Currently the game has serious login issues. Unable to log in for nearly a whole day, probably due to ever increasing number of players. Needs a server upgrade to fix the lag issues too.
Love the game so far, it's like a slightly easier version of summoner wars. It can get a little bit tedious and you do hit a few level walls but it's a solid collection game with a good grind and very little so far in the pay to win department
great game i just love it but need to add clear ticket but awanken stone earning is too hard can you do something about this.
same mechanics as summoners wars i like the game style but it doesnt have skip battle feature which is the reason i uninstaled summoner wars, please add skip battle not all of us have infinite time to waste on waiting for battle to end
Really love this game. But today, I cannot log in anymore, always stuck in the loading screen. I've Uninstalled and re-installed the game, nothing works. My in-game name is "McLoviin". Hope you will fix this issue. Thank you.
This game is the Arabian themed lovechild of Summoners War and Onmyoji. It's literally just like playing a version of sw where everything is transmogged, but there's less heroes/monsters and worse pull rates, if you can believe. Very few useful unique units, and that's the main reason it loses a star, general laziness and lack of creativity. Most recent legendaries (nat 5s) are clones of Seara, Feng Yan, and one else
Was good at the beginning but now.... The game is literaly dead, no update or news from the devs since OCTOBER. They don't answer back to the support tickets we make. There is so many new bugs, HERO disapear after summonning them, server connection issue, Arena/Guild shop doesn't refresh. Some players lost thier account acces a couple of weeks ago and can't login anymore... and guess what ? we are just ignored. So my advice, don't play that game you will be disapointed.
Edited (Had an issue was my fault, developer and support helped me within the day) Heavily inspired by Summoners War with great additions of there own, just need more heroes and more events. All in all, so far so good! 10/01/19 Tried to come back to the game put in a ticket request with a question, no response for 3 days sent a follow up comment to try and get their attention, and they force closed the ticket without response. That's extremely rude, thanks and goodbye.
Constant crashes are miring an otherwise really fun game. I honestly hope this can be fixed because I want to put time in to the game, but when it doesnt finish a round after I defeat my opponents, and wont let me quit out it gets difficult. I dont want to keep having to close and reload the game.
Was a good game, totally and utterly now pay to win, ruined the game. Updates also ruined it, as constantly having issues logging in, an customer service is non-existant. If u have deep pockets u will enjoy it.
game had great potential. Returned after a few months and the game is worse, unstable bugged and unbalanced with nothing new events are poor. Game devs are ingame with all nat5s. Shifty and wrong for devs to be pulling it all with no evidence to certify real players. Stay out of the arena be warned. Guild war lol is a joke
I enjoy this game enough, but I have 2 minor concerns: 1. leveling up heroes can be difficult in comparison with completing missions and against opponents. 2. I have yet to receive a single hero from a summoning event? If I spent money on the game, would I be rewarded with one, then? Keep in mind, when these summoning events occur, I see countless people who have won one. At least according to the ever present news reel
The game was okay but the server time lag was way too long for combat and, as with a lot of games, the designer($) were adding their mods to attract more players to get more $ and as you gain levels it becomes much more of a money grab. Pay to win seems to be the order of the day with them. I won't be back.
A truly wonderful game so artistic and creatively put together, thank you so much developers for your time and effort :)
fun and very addictive. love the fact ya dont have to spend a ton of money to get amazing hero's. Thanks
Its based off the disney movie Alladin! Lol thats the only thing that turned me off to it however the game itself is good, well thought out, its turn based, summon, collect and enhance your heroes type of game. Good job though! But not for me lol
This is one of the best games I've ever played, almost free to play, someone said drop rate is poor I don't think so. You can have those shards if you play several times. So install this game and have fun
p2w scale is bad, Played more than a week saved all the diamond from events and first 7 days gift at last bought 15 golden lamp but not a single 5 star hero. If I start collecting diamond now without the first player rewards it might take 1 month to just get 10 G lamp and it's not sure you can even get a good hero after working so hard and there you can find players with 5 stars who just started who can keep breaking your defense.
Try to open the game and all I get is check your connection. Tried to to use the customer service butten and get no help what so ever
The game is well built however I what I would do is, maybe add a Respawn option for gems when you have been killed, and add Auto-Battle for Tower bosses, except for that, well done!
After 9 days of playing, i never get a single 5* legendary HERO,..very poor game to push any luck at all..
Arabic Summoners War re-skin. PRO - Farmable viable teams. Even 2* are usable. Excellent guidance questlines. Fast early progression. MEH - Passable stylised graphics. CON - Game quickly hits an energy starved gear grind wall. Very little online presence and developer activity. In-game support unresposive. Guild chat is spammed with war reports. Expensive monetisation.
As much as the game is fun, it's very buggy. For the last 3 days there are daily connection issues to their servers. So you have to wait hours before it connects and refreshes. Cant do daily missions and get the rewards. Cant fight in arena because the server doesnt refresh due to connection issues. Takes away from the experience. Thank goodness i wait a week or so before i put money in a game. This one isnt supported by the devs. No compensation offered for downtime due to their bugs.
I think its a balance game for nonspenders and spenders as well. The game has nice graphics and some interesting features that I liked.
200 lamps with no 5 star ... kind of sad. I bought all the monthly card . whenever the cards expired and without any 5 star I will quit game $250 donation for your nice art work. new players this is p2w game unless you feel you are incredible lucky.
Not bad so far. The art style and music is quite nice and I like the auto battles. My only problem is that I haven't been able to find a certain character I saw in the ad. They look like a fox or squirrel. I really want to find them but even buying diamonds hasn't helped.
The game plays very well. Nice textures. I do think that the drop rates are pretty terrible. But besides that the game plays really well.
Overall seems to be pretty easy to do okay without paying. Personally I believe there are mechanics off in the game OR the support crew is just lazy and does not review or investigate issues that are clearly not right or fair. I would give 5 star if not for the lazy, scripted responses i get when issues are reported. Why play a game when the support does not like it enough to even try to be helpful. Game itself can be fun.
If you want a new hero collecting game, it is a good one. However, few player would have problem stuck on the story and can't move forward to next chapter due to system bug. I can level up from the very early stage and looking the event count down with nth I can do. Some player had problem resolve by reinstalled the game, but not in my situation. Sigh.
Great game! I have been waiting for a game to come out that has the same mechanics as Summoners War! This is very similar to that game so I won't have a problem learning this one.
Game is experiencing serious log in issues, lags, and parts of game are unplayable... customer service not responding... avatars not being changed or updated... now I can not even log in to play... very upset... be happy to change rating once game is playable again...
game is fun but the drop rate is way to poor. its hard enough to collect the blue gem and when you get to 750 and buy the 11 lamps all i get is trash...close to uninstalling. will give 1 more chance if pulls are poor ill be uninstalling. drop rates need to be fix this is just rediculious. fix the drop rate for a better rating or lose a player
Ive tried several times to download and play the game. Every time it says it cant connect to the server. Is there anything i can do to fix this?
good game play, drop rate could be better, hard to develop characters, takes long time to gather needed stone or gems, does take strategy to advance
I have been playing for a few months and so far I like the look and feel of this game. It is rewarding to get new characters from the lamps . Some tower battles are quite difficult and you will be forced to grind/farm to power up.
I'm enjoying the game. it's like summoners war but getting in early is always fun and trying to figure it out without all the YouTube videos. I believe it has a lot of potential in the animation is amazing! I can't wait until more people get on board and the game begins to offer a lot more.
Everything they try to get you to buy is way overpriced .Total grind of a game with limited content .
Best ever game. allround graphic, control is perfect. but the ping connection is to slow, the fps is very high, and didn't stable. and there is no reward for new player. please give reward for us, to help us growth with the new player reward login or whatever. but, still good game. just like S.W but this one is more cool for me 😎 Just try it guys.
Excellent idle RPG with a lot of options. The design is really fine tuned to the Persian legends theme and adapted to modern taste for those who like more japanese alike fashions. The overall construct leaves a lot of freedomof action. Apart from the daily check-in and goodies, no around the clock annoying appointments to get this or that. But rather a gameplay which you adapt for yourself whether you want to play hard or soft. To be tested at least for 10 days and then you likely get addicted.
Please bring this game back! This is by far the better turn-based game. SW is so plastic but this was so good! :(
its been days that the game is unstable, the devs or whoever is managing the game hasnt even posted a notice about the bug and the errors that occur. second thing is the event that is currently ongoing right now, its the same event back in june or july if im correct, they just reused a fckng event.
Drop rate are so terrible stuck up at 3 star. More events and diamonds to get.. Its kinda boring if all quest are completed..
Really frustrating that this game asks for so much money and then turns around and sees a combat accelerator where there is none and shuts down in the middle of a guild war fight. This issue has been ongoing and is as frustrating as it is stupid.
Don't listen to the user who said it's a Summoners War "ripoff." When a game has platforms you dont say its a Mario ripoff. This game does use systems from Summoners War, but that's fine. That game had a great flow, but it definitely needed fresh paint. Arabian fantasy visuals are fresh and executed well here. Translations are excellent. Character design makes you want to collect the heroes. But most of all, this game has the gambling rush feel of SW. That's why it's enjoyable.
a bad Summoners War rip off with an Arabic theme, in fact im pretty sure theres some copywrited stuff in here. Summon rates are as awful as people say, one set of heroes they literally tell you has a 0.006 rate.. ludicrious, the only reasons this doesnt get a 1 is the graphics are good and the fact that they are at least honest about the summon rates EDIT:. The automatic bot reply tells much, i wasnt even complaining about the rates, just verifing in my review other reviews were true about them
It was a decent game at first. However there are no forms of support for log in issues. I was going to use my Google play cards over the holidays to buy gems and I have not been able to log in. I have tried to contact support daily and was redirected to Facebook messenger which replied with a generic bot reply. I am very disappointed with the developers. One star is being generous.
I'm new, but I've played many of these type of games. My only issue thus far, is there is a relatively complex system of upgrading heroes, including exactly which to upgrade or level.
amazingly smooth and fast UI, charming graphic, unique characters, easy to learn mechanics, complex and interrelated hero skills. this game really met my expectation for a solid well made RPG. 5 🌟
I've been trying to contact you guys and still no response. I'm missing a hero after your update and it seems others are having the same issue as well. Customer service is quite unacceptable.. you have paying players that are just asking for things that was taken from them and all you guys do is ignore the issue
I'll be honest gotcha & hero collectors are not my type of games or apps and wingjoy you manage to reel in someone who is a hard pleaser and has short attention span ... This one is staying installed on my system i love it ! i love you can choose which ever route you please i love the arabian theme and also the music i love the combat and skills and their animations i know nothing more about gatcha as they're not my type but i LOVE THIS ONE ! and the multiple ways of summoning is awesome
i like it ,Realy good game, nice graphics ,smooth game play. enjoyed. you'll like it give a try... 5 star from me.
things that need to be done in this game. -re-roll after tutorial x10 summon -Auto when done a battle in a level, pain in the ass it's not auto. -quest rewards to progress the game, get set of runes for a tank and a dps, skill ups, gold, evolution pieces -be more giving to new players because people are use to their old rpg games with maxed nat 5s -