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Rise of Dragons

Rise of Dragons for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by LeyiGames located at Room C 2/F., Capital Trade Centre, 62 Tsun Yip Street, Kowloon East, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
AMAZING GAME! I love it Addicting, played for 3 hours straight. you should add multiplayer battles or team things that would make it better on my opinion. But the game is the best game I played in my life.
This game is literally Epic & Magic with different skins. Even the tool tips on loading screens are the same. Graphics for items are the same. Sound effects are the same. This is a terrible, unimaginative derivative game that isn't worth anyone's time.
I have fun playing Rise of Dragons. It is a great game but it is very challenging. I didn't know that I can gather resources from the world map. So, maybe a tutorial for beginner would be very helpful. Thanks.
this game is super fun ! I don't keep games on my phone for very long but I've been playing this one for a few weeks
for those saying you "need" to spend money to get very far, you dont. at lvl 32 on my tablet, and 25 on my phone and havent needed to spend any gems at all to get things done. dont want to wait 40 minutes for a building to upgrade? then find another game, but if you have other games or something else to do in the meantime, that little wait shouldnt be an issue. what im mad about is the castle on my phone wont stay in one place so i can no longer return to my alliance hive. please fix that.
There are still some bugs that need to be fixed but considering how new the game is that is to be expected. Overall really enjoying the game.
The dragons are so closly compared to How To Train Your Dragon it makes the game like a coffe. But the way its set up is nice. But it wasnt enough to keep the game itself.
I started out getting this game just for diamonds on another game or coins in exchange for playing this game the game does not really teach you how to play it it shows you a demo of how the game should go but once you get in a place you don't really know where to go on here you have to figure out things that you go don't like that part of it then there's on the levels there's a part 1 a b c everything has a part to it I just don't like this part of it interesting game would like to play
THIS IS COPYING! TOTAL COPYING OF HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON! THE SAYINGS ARE EXACTLY LIKE THE FIRST MOVIE, THE DRAGONS ARE THE SAME, BUT DIFFERENT NAMES, AND THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE TO BUILD YOUR OWN VILLAGE IS JUST LIKE RISE OF BERK! AND THE NAME, ALSO LIKE RISE OF BERK!on the good side, good graphics, just change the magic thing and the fact that you hurt dragons... But this is just COPYING! All the dragons, are the same! This game is fun and all But just, NO! Thank you for reading.. srry for cap
I think it's a great game and also I love dragons so much that this game is just right for me and my son. My son likes to play this game a lot that's why we rated it 5 stars
This game is a cheap knockoff of How To Train Your Dragon with a few different mechanics to keep copyright off their backs! Just look at the dragon designs! Utterly disgusting. No originality or creativity. 😡
game is fun and engaging, the cost of making levels and gems is why only two stars, these devs think everyone is rich, they even charge you to play hard mode need higher vip levels to play more to get upgrades..imo it is beyond greedy..also why are there no PVE servers for those who don't want to PVP?
new game and new map. some features not available yet but it is fun. ramp up seems odd but can still be worked out with updates. so far so good but please get blacksmith and other features unlocked and updated soon.
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! It is so fun so cool and the dragons are soooo cute! The only problem is that the building takes to long pls fix this. Other than that, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!
game is good concept however it takes to long to level up dragons, you need to wait an hour each time to gather food for dragons needs more than one way to gather food, the amount of time it takes to level up buildings end up be longer to the point you have to wait 2 or more hours and not awarded enough boosters to help out, i end up playing just long enough to do what little i can before i have to wait an hour just to do the same thing all over usually about 10 min end up have to pay to play
Really enjoy this game! Lots of projects, quests and battles to keep you involved! Love how jnteractive every aspect is and the guild connectivity! I like how the game plays and how each quest or project takes time but not impossible to obtain like many other games of this style. It's a keeper for sure!
It's a shame that people would take others' ideas and sell them as their own. Literally. Here's a list of the copied dragons: Monstrous Nightmare, Gronckle, Hideous, Zippleback, Deadly Nadder, Hobblegrunt, Stormcutter, Smothering Smokebreath, Seashocker, Toothless and light fury (recent ad). Not to mention the first line of the story is literally the same...
This game is online and offline which is cool, and you get to join an alliance with your friends and family YA!!!!!
I don't like this type of game USUALLY...but I DO love dragons, and the combo of fighting styles in this game are enough for me to keep playing. TY 4 this game!
VERY FUN! extremely fun, and easy to play, I understand the controls of the game really quickly. The community is very polite and respectful and the graphics are amazing!
Fun new game. Always something to do. I love being able to be a part of an Alliance. You can always get help from your members. The dragons are cute too. I look forward to future updates and upgrades to the game.
Beyond awful. Literally every click you make in this game can be improved by spending more and more money. This isn't even a game, its psychological manipulation and exploitation. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on this game and still have nowhere near the best items. It costs about $20 worth of gems to replenish your stamina ONE TIME. Why make a game for kids if youre going to be THIS greedy? Everything you do in this game is money money and more money. 0/10
I normally don't play games that you have to upgrade anything. But when I startes to play Rise of Dragons I have had alot of fun.
game feels half built... limited purpose for growing and features missing... i. proving with some. new. features
Very exciting and fun game but this was based off of the How To Train Your Dragon franchise. If it weren't for that then 5 stars🌟
good blend of Summomers war and RTS. often app crashes. Don't go to K2 RAGE Killed the server. wait for K3 for a fresh start. (update) still no K3. still no hope for a playable game.
it's a nice way to spend what little "me" time i get. being a mom of a toddler that time is very little and far between but the game has good graphics and let's me go at my own pace. wish i could upgrade my dragons and dragon master easier but still... a good game.
the update u guys did messed up my game built the so called arena and now it freezes when it says great let's build our defense ( I liked this game until the update thanks for making it even more buggy to where I cant play hope others have this issue if not then i envy you.
I really Love the dragons, I love the arena, and dungeon. I just wish it as easier to get more dragons. I feel like I am at a sand still at 32. I can't pay money for the game to make my dragons better . The alliance chat rooms are just a little box. I'd like if the text box was bigger, for those of us who don't see as well. Then have it open up much bigger, like the whole page. with emojis etc. Thank you for listening.
Its fun and you get to battle and you get eggs alot faster. the only thing i would change is more food faster.
the main problem is performance is not optimized, game is laggy on a galaxy s9. other than that, many dragons and theme of the game is similar to how to train your dragon in artwork and you spend more time with a cluttered screen of info and building up buildings and speeding up completion because the automated quests tell you to. getting dragons and equipping them or leveling them and adventuring is overshadowed by the rest of the game. and the advertising commercial was misleading. not fun.:/
It's a ok game. The times to upgrade, research, and build times are ridiculous. But every other games are the same. They don't give you enough speed ups to do anything. 1 minute here, 1 minute there, and I am at level 21. Hate to see the times to upgrade anything when I am at level 50. For the gems, well, you don't get enough of them either. This is one game you NEED to spend money!! So if you don't spend money, you will be playing the game for 15 minutes and then put it down until the next day!
The gameplay is overall good, I only wish for more decorations to place and bring my village to life.
I've only been playing for a few days, & so far I think it's a pretty fun game. I like fighting with the dragons, & even though it's similar to a few other games where u have to build ur city or kingdom, this one is more "fantasy-like", which to me makes more enjoyable.
Everyone is forever changing things and you don't find out about it so can't be ***** with it anymore😤
there are a few things that is stopping me from giving this game a better review. first word of a personal opinion is: the ability to rotate the game . currently my charger is to the left ,u can only play it sideways with the charger to the right. when I put my phone down onto the table to walk away or to get some work done it is fallen many times. secondly: the game will give you quests to do. when it comes to troop or defenses it's made me make max amount. costing all ress i have.
Really enjoying this so far. I'll write more when I get a better understanding. Enjoying the inspired dragon characters.