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Rise of Cultures

Rise of Cultures for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by InnoGames GmbH located at InnoGames GmbH Friesenstra├če 13 20097 Hamburg Germany. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
For some unknown reason the game just stopped working so I tried uninstall then reinstall the game in hopes that I would still have everything but I lost everything. I can't help but feel like I was robbed of the money I spent and what is now time that I've wasted. Don't get me wrong it is a fun game but now to add to my problems the game won't even start up.
Very fun so far. I found the wait times not bad...I just use the shorter ones during the day and the long ones at night. The errands are a great way to get resources and I like that you can get research points in other ways besides waiting. Also I love the history aspect of it!
Being an old guy, I actually played the original Sid Meier's Civilization game on the PC when it came out decades ago. This game is like a Civilization lite game in that you progress up the technology tree of each era but not nearly as complex of fighting or expanding your area. The game is fairly linear in that at the end of an era, every player must finish everything research option in the era before advancing to the next stage. The game would be better in later versions if player is to choose Tech tree A or B, but not both. This would create more of a challenge to map out what to research. Currently it's just a "lets wait for 10 hours to get 10 research vials to apply the next required tech item". Completely brainless work and at end of every era, the players all have same number of workers/warriors/buildings (unless you pay real world $$ to buy more). Frustrating in the game slows down the growth by limiting number of workers (houses) in any given era such that you have to micro manage your 15 or 18 workers to either farm or produce goods. You are a great civilization - for crying out loud - and you can't find more workers to do both farming or produce shirts? You have some weird ratio of 60 warriors troops protecting your civilization of 15 workers? Huh? But I guess if you don't micro manage what each work produces, there's not much else to do in the game when you are not conquering your neighbors. The fight scenarios is just total mess. You just line up your troops and they attack whomever they want with no control on your side. Currently I'm at the Minoan era and I'll plug along to see what the rest of the tech tree/game leads as the developers haven't issued anything passed the Roman Empire but I hope some adjustments can be made in allowing players to have more game workers than the game limitation or optional tech tree research that would make each player's world look different.
So far been enjoying the game a lot, the pace is nice along with the mix of city building, layout and fighting. I will say the gems are a bit slow to collect to buy anything building wise. One thing I do hope in the future we might be able to do is have city layouts that can be saved and loaded, so that way we could setup a layout to farm more gold culture building wise, and when needing food, can swap to another saved layout that has the farms buffed up. Looking forward to whatever comes next.
Would have given more but cost to much to upgrade to progress you need spend real money not enough options to get free money or gems
Can't fully grasp the concept of gold not requiring workers while food does. Many others including myself faced food shortages due to this. The exploration/battles in Egypt/China are fun but feels like it could use some tweaks when units are blocked by the barriers. Wish we can also get achievements/rewards as the only way to acquire free gems are by random treasure drops or quest rewards. Update files are huge for such minor changes imho but otherwise keep up the good work devs. Thanks
I've played many a Game like this one..But this one is different..I enjoy the Game play, how you have to build up from the stone age and it's pretty easy to save up your resources to upgrade..a very fun game
This is game is quite boring. Most of what you do is sit and wait for timers to expire. Extremely linear progression, a hallmark of a poorly designed game. No offline play.
Never have enough workers to make it flow smooth. You need at least enough to run all of one type of farm plus enough to keep one of each type of workshop running, but all you can get is enough to run all of one type of farm so when you are active and trying to make stuff at the workshops so you can do updates and research, you have to take away some workers from your farms. That slows the progress way down and causes a lot of frustration. Otherwise it's fun and relaxing but also keeps you busy
Gameplay is steady, gold and food are balanced, progression is slow but rewarding. It's not a game to play for hours at a time, but checking in every couple of hours. So far it's better than other innogames games I've played, combat is nice, but I wish there was better control of your troops after starting the battle.
I love this game was having loading issues i updated it and couldn't play it for like 2 weeks but now today after I email the people who made this game it finally loads up and let's me play again thank you
I like this game a lot! Has really kept me interest as I upgraded my community. I really enjoy all the upgrades and research that you work for to build your city. I recently got a new phone and had to start over though, so getting my first city back has been a bit of a hassle as the support replies have taken some time to respond and been sporadic. It's also not very easy to get your city recovered if you don't change your city number to an actual name, so I have now learned from that mistake.
it's great overall, and the game play alone would probably make it one of the best games in the store, but the requirement of an internet connection ruins it. no matter how great the game play is, if you require an internet connection to it it'll always make it bad, especially a game where it isn't needed basically at all, only for a very select few things.
Loving the single player aspect and the slow pacing of the game, but have a few minor problems. 1. Workers. Though you get more workers when you build new houses, every time you upgrade a resource building, the amount of workers goes up. That'd be fine, if it was handled well, but it's not. You still feel like you only ever have 5 workers. Just needs some fine tuning 2. Gems for resources. The amount of gems for resources is insane. 727 gems for 60,000 food? That's 100 food per gem. Way to high
good mechanics, not time or resource heavy for upgrades. no loading or game play issues. so far so good
Takes forever to accrue material goods once you reach Classical Greece. Some items arent available except through trade until much later and theres no way to build more workshops to speed up the process.
Cute but not much to it. You have 2 types of farms, 2 types of houses, 3 workshops, barracks, archer, calvery...that's it. You spend your game just upgrading those same buildings. You can add more of the same houses & farms. It has different time periods..that you upgrade those same buildings to look different. So after reaching the next time period..I'm bored just upgrading the same buildings.
Very fun, very enjoyable game, though it has several flaws. Namely, the worker system and food economy. Firstly, no matter how many workers you have, 1-4 wi always be taken up by incidents, and high-level buildings make you use more workers for the same thing, in essentiality. Next we get to food. You never have any, and that's mainly because of how farms work. They take too damn long to make barely a scratch on research or upgrades. The fix is to reduce worker needs and increase food generation
I also play Forge of Empires. Comparing FoE and this game is like night and day. RoC is definitely easier, straightforward and more enjoyable. FoE is ok but there are too many choices to make to achieve the same goals. The only reason I keep playing is because of my level and I don't want to stop supporting the alliance. RoC has really nice graphics, less complicated than FoE, not that the FOE graphics are bad. I also only play games that have horizontal - playing screens. Much better.
Update: I lowered to 1 star, because when I emailed them about the problem, they said its my internet (which is the same as when I started playing) when I emailed them in reply that my internet hasn't changed, but the game went from working to not, I have gotten no reply...and its been 5 days...nothing
This game is great! Tutorial helps you figure everything out and you are not left wondering what to do.
Game was great till I hit the Minoan Era. Game comes to a complete halt. You have to grind for Marble and Iron Pendents that you need to upgraded buildings and unlock research, but its locked at the end of the research tree. Only reason that that would make any form of logic is well trying to make people empty there wallets. If you read this... don't play the game, it turns into pay to progress.
After hitting the Minoan Age, the game just grinds to a complete and utter halt because you don't have enough workers to supply demand needs and you don't have enough plots of land to build the required buildings to proceed with the next bit on the technology tree. EVEN IF you save every single gem you get from the start of the game AND get every single gem incident. It's impossible to proceed. Darn shame too because after roughly 15 hours into the game, I really don't and didn't want to quit.
I have an issue with a quest. I've just researched Trade, and the tutorial ask me to perform an action that I cannot do. I was supposed to have been gifted Marble to trade, but I have none, thus I cannot complete the tutorial nor can I skip it. I am forever stuck
I love the general idea of the game. They are just getting started and so there are still some balance issues. There is, however, also one major systematic issue that I came across after early roman empire: it turns out there is a wonder cap! So you either have to stop building wonders, or you have to sell previous wonders in which you have invested hundreds of science points. For me, this is a deal breaker in the long run. Edit: they upped the wonder cap a bit, so I gave them an extra star :)
This game is very enjoyable. if i didnt have to wait so long for the development point to recharge i would play this for hrs
I'm not one to write reviews, but this game deserves it. I'm seeing reviews saying it grinds to a halt, or becomes pay to advance. I haven't spent a dime and I'm almost to the Early Rome age. Managing workers and resources isn't difficult. Log in a couple times a day to keep timers going. Also trade with other players helps a ton. Alliances just opened up, and I'm excited to see where they take it. I just wish I could see what alliances my frequent trade partners are in.
Honestly one of the best CoC type games ive played. good graphics, you never feel like your grinding for too long to unlock new upgrades, and although the combat can be boring at times i would highly recommend this to anyone looking to kill some time! Plus the upgrate times are super short, ive been playing for maby 2-3weeks and i have had one upgrade that lasted a day or longer, but on average it is about 10-40 min for one upgrade. Just about finished the Greek age and I'm loving it even more
Awesome game! I'm loving it so far, but I do have one concern. If I were to switch devices and would like my progress saved onto that device how would I do that? There is no option to connect to google play, facebook, etc to link accounts that I am aware of. I have one suggestion to add a graphics setting that players can adjusy, for those that wanna improve the performance of the game a bit, would be great! (If possible)
I have only played for a few days, but this game sorely needs a balancing pass. Upgrading a building shouldn't make it worse. As an example, a level 5 farm produces 5000 goods while requiring 3 workers, but a level 6 produces 5800 while requiring 4. The goods produced per worker shouldn't go down when you upgrade.
Beautiful art style, didn't see ads while I played. Does not force iap on you. Timed projects take a while to finish by the 2nd age, enough that I was checking 2 or 3 times a day. Progress slowed because of this, I tapped out before finishing bronze age. Shame, had promise for me. Just couldn't feel like I was advancing anywhere in a 10 minute session, so felt it was time to leave.
Very nice game. Well done. I do have a problem with it needing to reload game every few minutes and loosing rewards.
Best of genre. There's a few things to set this apart. Houses generate coins for 6 whole hours, so you don't have to check every 5 minutes to collect. You don't have to build roads, so you have much greater freedom to design your city's layout. Combat is real time rather than turn based or automated/nonexistent. Only complaint is balance issues. Early on I have a severe shortage of gold. There is nothing to do but wait. Just need to upgrade military but waiting 2 days for gold to stack up.
This game is awesome from the combat although you have to be patient to get the right technologies to fight and the capital city building managing your citizens. although I can't play it anymore because of a "building sync error" please fix it but other than that it was awesome. Please fix the bugs
Originally had a 5 star review. Then the game got to the point where you can't progress and open technologies with out certain goods. Goods that you can't get until later in the game. Edit: I understand how trading works. There are 23 techs to unlock and before I an just make the item myself. 23 I have to trade items for. That is just ridiculous
I was enjoying the game in initial stone age but that stopped as soon as I got to the bronze age. Upgrading the farms meant they required twice the workers (but not double the output). Upgrading the houses did not provide any additional workers though. So now there aren't enough workers to operate even all the farms much less build or upgrade other buildings and now produce less food as reward for upgrade. But you can buy premium houses for real money for more workers...
A neat old school like building game, love the fact that it IS not pvp, as those games become a bore with so many p2w. The down fall is you cant play long, as never quite enough workers (and they dont seem to have kids), growth seems awful long. I'd give 5 stars if that was fixed. Otherwise, a fun game.
Honestly, this is a game I have been waiting for for quite some time. I can build my city without to worry about pvp and the competitiveness of today's mobile games
Pretty good so far. Kinda wish the battle phase was a little more developed. As others have said you just go max and when you hit unbeatable time to evolve your town. I kinda thought it would be rock(infantry), paper(archers) and scissors(calvary). I do find food shortage is taxing. 2min, 10min, then 1 hour. You set and forget. About 5 to 10 min play time then play something else. Of course I also set 1 animal farm with the lose of 3 workers at current lvl for 24 hours to get a great amount.