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Riptide GP2

Riptide GP2 for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Vector Unit located at 930 Irwin Street, Suite 209 San Rafael, CA 94901 USA. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a great racing game, and I'd have given it 5 stars if not for the limited number of seasons and series. To the developers, please extend the game, and add more seasons, series, races and racing vehicles...
This is a fun game to play on my LG Stylo 5x graphics are good and its easy to control I recommend it to all my friends
I love everything in the game its AWSOME the control's are the best and I love the graphics! If you the one reading my comment your going to LOVE it! But I finished the game in a week! Obviously because I play 24/7. It would be more fun to add more levels, more jets,more upgrades, and new levels. I played this when I was 6 and im now 10! It did not take for years to beat it but I was on a nabby and now I'm on a tablet.
No online players to play with when I click on matching it says waiting to match for other players but no buddy to match with for over 5 minutes. My Internet connection is good. 500 Mbps... I end up playing alone
This is my favourite mobile game EVER. Fantastic graphics, smooth gameplay, fun experience. I've finished the entire game now!
I LOVE THIS GAME! I have completed all levels with three stars. I have basically completed the game , i got all jetskis and ive upgraded them fully. So can you please update the game with a new jetski called the flashlightning and add a new stage of levels called the "Great Champions" cup and add 17 levels and 51 stars, please do that! Also add a track called deathrider and design the race in a volcano, and make some parts of the volcano out just like fire and ice!
Love this game! Great control killer stunts! The change up in challenges is awsome. All around great game! Wish there was more like it!
I haven't played much of it yet, that is why it gets 4 stars. It might get five soon though, because it is reLly fun and challenging so far.
Fun, and runs super smooth on highest resolution. Wish i had known it would have black bars on each side. Needs to be updated to fit a Stylo 4 screen.
i missed the story mode from Renegade... this game become boring when you know there's nothing you can do other than pile up some cash to get better vehicle...
Really enjoy the it has an addicting gameplay but please update we need it to fit completely in the screen that is a black bar on the side and it seems kinda annoying
Not full screen game 30% of mobile was not cover in game improper resolution adaptation not at all fun for me
Great game! I love it! But... I purchased 350,000 dollars ingame, I paid $9.99, AND I DIDNT GET IT. I am furious. HORRIBLY ANGERY. FIX THIS AND GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.
I don't know if you still repair problems, I'm on level 29 and it's not climbing to level 30.its won't change to new level 30. It's been on level 29 for 2 days!!!! I have a galaxy Tab S. The game is great but being stuck on level 29 each level when it completes it should move to next level.!!!!!!!!!!
So, they still sell it - despite friend play is not working. Here's what I received from CS. "Unfortunately, Google Play Games Services friend linking is broken, and we don't have an estimate of when it'll work again. Sorry about that. I'd also switch over to Riptide GP: Renegade since Riptide GP2 is one of our oldest games and we've pretty much sunset it."
I use to play this when i was younger. Its one of the best games i ever played. I encourage everyone to play this game. Its fun the controls are easy to work. Its a great game.
So far, so good. The menu interface is clear and understandable. Gameplay is easy to pick up and fun. Graphics could be sharper but that would require more from the phone; besides, you can always tweak that in the settings. I wish there was more given tools given in the start for players, otherwise they might lose interest in an otherwise enjoyable game.
usually staying away from mobile games until of recent due to new phone I didn't expect to like this so much. sure the water graphics and physics are not 100 % perfect but this is a fun game to play. the motion controls r optimized surprisingly well .. there is also controller support. surprised what a few bucks can get you
Please fix it!!! This game doesn't work on S6, S7, and S8!! It keeps kicking me out when I went it in. I haven't played it for a very long time because of that.
AMAZING. This is not a fake review. THIS IS THE BEST MOBILE GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED. If you never played before I will give you a rundown. You race, do stunts, and more! When you place 3rd or higher you get stars. The more stars, you move up ranks. The ranks get harder and harder so you have to prove yourself. You can also customize the color of the jet ski and player for free at any time! Although getting new boats does cost coins which is resonable. You can get coins just like you get stars.
Its a great game but crashes when I try to increase shader from medium or above others all run at high res even cpu and gpu usage in phone is less it keeps crashing in those moments
Abysmally unresponsive touch controls firmly entrenches this as a tilt racer: lacking the narrative angle and touch controls of its predecessor cuts into the replay value somewhat, and the aesthetics of the first game were somewhat more detailed. Its selling point - the PvP - at least promises better delivered action than the first, and the game does maintain a distinctly smoother frame rate and pace. Still something of a letdown compared to the first, but entertaining enough, I guess.
Multiplayer is not working. this means money is useless for this app. I am uninstall that game and take refund now.
Over all the game is great. The controls are good, but I got the "take that" trick and I do the right movement on the screen but it just does a table top. I wasted 2 skill points on a trick I can't do!
Graphics is amazing as compared to 55MB. Seriously merciless graphics in this small size really good game love to play. 69 bucks is really worth it. Go for it, You'll really gonna enjoy this game.
Riptide GP sequel worth the time? Yes it is. It may be a few years old, but it still holds up. The game can be addictive both in offline single player, and online multiplayer. The trick/stunt mechanics are very awesome and engaging. Progression feels worth the grind as it pays off in the end. Rating: 9.3/10. Playable on the go, filled with content.
Definitely rigged. Most definitely pay to win. You have the starting hydro jet upgraded to its max and push it to its limits while saving for a much better unit with 2 levels of upgrades. While still using your starting hydro jet you get to a point where the most you can achieve is 5th place so you switch to your new better and already upgraded unit...and you still can't go pass 5th place! No matter how hard you try. So you win very little and the next level of upgrades are so *** expensive.
The game is graphically improved over the previous, but the difficulty has created a tension and pressure that is robbing the game of its fun.
Ohh how I enjoy offline racing games with good graphics, fun gameplay, controller support, upgrade systems, no stupid micro-transactions, and no ads for a reasonable price. This is how you get PC gamers to spend their money on mobile. Edit: Actually.. the right thumbstick for my Moto Gamepad doesn't work well with the game. It basically doesn't respond 80% of the time. Same with my Bluetooth controller. Gamepad support needs to be fixed.
It's an annoying control system and heavily geared to make you buy more coins after buying the game. You can't win if you don't have coins. I just spat it
In the past this game ran moderately well on the devices that I used to use, span from low into medium end. It's kind of funny and sad that apps people spend money on are not being updated for new devices. Some people are still dedicated love the games. Now on my new phone the Galaxy a 10 e it's always crashes and force closes. It happened to me with another app I spent money on, the company company no longer supported the app and took it off the Play Store. Please don't be like that company.
So there is a glitch that if you buy a well em one of these jet ski things that it says you dont have the exact amount you need even when you do
I got this game 6 years ago it,s a summer game for me i only play it during the summer months so it,s always fresh and exciting to play .So realistic the water splash cools you down how,s that for a great game!
love this game I'd suggest you use the default controls though the one i wanted to use kept making me do tricks when i didnt want too and kept me crashing and having to restart my race all in all fun game recommend it wish more people played it would like to race in multiplayer
It's great, I play this onmy Pixelbook as a time killer while traveling. Thoroughly enjoy it with my controller
The game is really fun and enjoyable. I mean when I play this game and when Im on the races I think damn! I really want to be a hydro jet racer. HOW CAN YOU RATE THIS 1 STAR! When you update the game Can you add a very powerful hydro jet called THE MAKO!!!!!!
Love this game I've been playing riptide since first androids love the franchise and the difference in playing new phone was excellent updating
I bought the video game for my TV. The graphics is amazing! Its like a better graphic and futuristic upgrade from Wave Race for Nintendo 64. Riptide GP2 graphics is much better than Asphalt 8 and surprisingly smoother like liquid. Its definitely worth $2 to $4.
A little bit Grindy for the cash needed to get another racer. much much easier with a gamepad. Playing with touch controls is a pain. The game does look good.
Nice and clean, got it for discount. Pls improve the shadows and implement new multiplayer like Riptide GP Renegade.
Won't play on the note20 ultra. I won't ask for a refund since I was warned there might be issues with compatability. Worked great on my note 8 and its a fun game.
I love the game itz so good like Soo many stunts and other stuff cool game nice keep it up, but why does it not show full screen
I remember playing this years ago. I still realise to this day, how amazing, and unique this game is. Great touch controls, well done multiplayer support too.
hello i use to have a samsung galaxy s7 and now i own a Note 9 . and the game keep on taking me out . so any problem in the app . i did save alot of stuff which i bought from my last mobile . but since i cant accesss all my purchase which i paid for is gone . any feed back on the matter pls
cool graphics, but any time you hit a wake and are turning (which is every few seconds), your rider crashes. rider didn't automatically recover, but instead you have to click to recover while in an active race. it crashing so many times, so easily ruins the game. uninstalled.
I remember playing this years ago. I still realise to this day, how amazing, and unique this game is. Great touch controls, well done multiplayer support too. Age Review 3+: Gambling and consumerism
Just finished this game in 6days and in level 25! Super interesting game. I have also started the VR challenge and I'm quite amazed at the time some other opponents have spent playing some levels. Would like to know tho... Shouldn't you guys work out a way so we can transfer our game money to actual money??
It's an amazing game just made on realistic race tracks with so many stunts as well as the graphics are so attractive that takes you to a new way!
Back in the day on the N64 we used to play "wave race".. when i ran into the riptide series it was an instant flashback plus improvements.. Renegade was dope too.. i have GP2 installed but when i searched it in the google play store only GP Renegade got shown as result and i had to find this page thru the my apps list..
This game is so fun i like and it's offline best racing game graphic are the best totally recommended buy this game
Nice and wonder ful game It was so good to play and to relax mind And it was though to play some level