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Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Vector Unit located at 930 Irwin Street, Suite 209 San Rafael, CA 94901 USA. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Got this gem for free. Nice graphics. Best game of its type. But the texture of vehicles in Ruins and other areas are too low quality. Pls fix it.
Please increase quality of graphics more and more like play station4,if possible.Improve visuals and effects to high degrees.Make game fast and smooth for my graphics mode(ultra)and full resolution .Improve encounters,conflicts,actions,drifting,nitro,multiplayer mode,tournaments,events,crash,hit,skills,risks and speed,I want these all to be real,exciting and attractive.Add new environments with all conditions of weather.Give me new versions monthly with all improvements of game performance.
Probably my fav racing game on android. I just wish the tilt controls were better. How to better tilt controls u ask? Simple, just add a visual indicator of your analog control. That way you get used to the range of motion a lot easier.
Can't believe people pay actual money for this garbage. The controllers are stiffer than ol' Bert after his 50 year meat only diet, the music sounds like it is made by an 8 year old kid someone let play on the drums at a wedding, the price sounds like it was made by someone who doesn't know anything about mobile app development and owns a startup.
Good console quality graphics for the phone. The gameplay is very good with the character learning new tricks an three ability to buy jetskis.
its actually so fun i love it so much. also figuring out shortcuts is really fun and the story line is great also. thanks for creating a good game like this๐Ÿ‘
The game looks good but the controls are sloppy. Didn't bother spending much time with it due to the controls.
Overall a great Android game. The short loading times and the quick races mean that it is easy to kill short amounts of time without becoming too committed in the game. Brilliant fast paced racing. Gorgeous graphics. Great soundtrack (but see below). Good tilt steering. The lack of in game ads and purchases is bliss. Works well with my Xbox 360 controller (wired). Few flaws which can be worked on for their next game: music sounds excessively compressed and detracts from an otherwise enjoyable listen. Easier to play with a controller - you have control over the acceleration.
Awesome game exceedingly top of the line, cool tricks, and best of all you don't have to pay to advance in the game.
Great game i tried it on xbox amd pc a while a go and just got it for free due to sale, great game, but controls could use a bit of improvement
Amazing. I have no words. No bugs, no IAP, great optimization, lots of content. Great for replayability and speedrunning. 5/5.
Excellent. The gyroscope controls are horrible though! Better to enable touch controls or use a controller.
Holy.. This game is addictive. The simple plot, the graphics, the changing environments, the music etc everything is so fluid and no microtransactions. I bought this on a whim because was bored but man this is a hidden gem. Ended up getting the game also on pc on a steam sale and enjoying both without getting bored of either. Fyi: best way to play imo is to not use gyro but use auto accelerate with left right on-screen arrows to turn.
Overall a nice racing experience, the graphics still look fresh today for a mobile game , but there are problems , firstly you can't find many players in the multiplayer mode , second is that when you reach that Fyta level (the last boss fight of that level), you have a fully upgraded jet and still you can't beat them they move at a super sonic speed and the game also won't allow you to unlock any other jet better than that unless you complete that level !!!.
This is really a very good game on mobile. This game doesn't have those predative micro transaction in single player mode and unlocking new boats is fun. The stunts are great to pull off but while doing them the controls get a little clunky and difficult which needs to be addressed. All in all a really good game on mobile.
I buy this game for real money, now you give it free? Now, I recommend you to give us a previosly premium buyer any benefit. Not a refund, perhap a special free premium unlock for Beach buggy racing. Please
Super fun game! Controls are good, graphics are amazing and intricate! The scenery, obstacles, and the futuristic setting is imaginativ! Cool story line and characters! I highly recommend this game!
Brilliant game, well worth the money and works like a dream on the Tab S4 under Dex with bluetooth keyboard and mouse
Haven't played a lot yet, but there are some things I like right off the bat. It has a story, even if it's not super in depth. I like racing games to have a story. Second, once you buy it, you own it. No ads, no microtransactions, no unnecessary permissions so the developer can data mine you. I love that and wish more developers would return to paid Android games.
This game is very addictive and fun to play and best of all it has controller support and split screen features available so you can have an awesome time playing woth your mates and thanks to the controller support it feels like a console game more than a mobile game!!! Definitely recommend, Nice job Vector Unit๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘
great game but it doesn't go full display on Pixel 4a devices unfortunately. a fix would be most appreciated!
Thank you for not adding micro transactions! beautiful game!! And split screen multiplayer?! You guys are amazing!! Thank you for making this crazy racing game! please make a jet glider racing game next!! where you have to catch updrafts and manage speed/ lift!
Ive played all the games in the series and Renegade is by far the best. The cloud save feature allows for me to play on my phone and pick up on my Nvidia Shield Console on the big screen in Ultra. Both the graphics and gameplay are incredible. I've never had any issues in those departments. My biggest gripe is remembering all the tricks since they are essential for winning but I'll chalk that up to terrible short term memory. I really wish we had more "pay once" games these days. No micro trans.
The trick controls are very (ahem) tricky. I've just purchased the for my Samsung S10+. Great visuals Brings back awesome memories of wave race 64. However, I'm finding it very hard to get used to the trick system. Some tricks are simple. Others are saying to either swipe twice/double tap/two-finger swipe left or right are very tricky to get used too. A more lengthy tutorial would be handy. Or a better explanation in the trick guide
The visuals and graphics are epic, works flawlessly with a gamepad and also with a keyboard (Idk why, but very nice). I like how you can customise the Hydrojets' colours, but it would be nice if you can have an advanced option to create your own decals.
Absolutely worth the price and much better than almost everything on the market thats just money grabs. Pay a little upfront and get a legit game. Also the graphics are absolutely stunning and the game hardly takes up any space compared to some games taking up 5+ GB now. Its also very well optimized and can run on pretty much anything. It runs just fine on my $100 phone even on high settings. If you have a phone that can utilize the higher frame rate like my s20 plus then it will run so smooth.
One of the best racing games out there. This game takes racing to a whole different level, so now stunts give you a nitro boost. Best of all, there are no in app purchases, notifications, or adds. You wont regret buying this game.
Not much into racing games but this one is actually fun, my only real complaint is the slalom, it really breaks the fun part.
In one word: Quality. This is still one of the most impressive and polished games on the platform. Graphics/eye candy: check (looks gorgeous on TV). Nice water physics and vehicle handling: check. Fun gameplay: check. Choke full of content: check. Online multiplayer: check. SPLIT SCREEN LOCAL MULTIPLAYER WITH YOUR FRIENDS: check. Controller support: check. NO IAP. No BS. This game puts a smile on my face and should go for triple the price, if not more. Buy it. Now.
Everything is great in this game. But,pyta boss fight is too tough.I tried to use every possible way to get nitro.but,still, unable to win that level.
I downloaded this to play 2 player online private matches. There is no invite feature in create match. Quite frustrating...
Just a very polished and fun game. Great controls, good visuals (and good adjustments available for performance), and fun simple mechanics.
Well worth the purchase, I absolutely love it. You can almost smell the water, such an awesome feeling. No ads, no gouging with micrtransaction, just buy it and the game is yours to enjoy! I will probably try the second game at some point as well, top notch.
This is definitely one of the funnest racing games ever on mobile. The level creation and physics make it soo enjoyable. I tried playing the second version but aside from the fact that controller support and input of the controls r horrific, the second game is actually much more boring. The graphics are a little better but on Ultra it's not a very noticeable difference. There's actual voice acting in this one as well. Overall, a stellar title that has actually been updated and not abandoned.
Fun gameplay, nice graphics, 120 fps support, simple career progression with no microtransactions or anything like that. Definitely worth the money!
Good, but I cannot for the life of me workout how to boost start, I've bought all the upgrades but everytime I look up a boost start tutorial it gives me non phone controls. Please clarify
Great concept. Love the gameplay, and though I'd like better graphics, I also feel like it may slow down the game, so I appreciate the balance. I am a big fan of customising my stuff, and though I think the options are good, there is a lot of room for expanding those options. But yeah mate. So far, so good! Nice game :)
An improvement on GP 2 in many areas, but this game brings several problems of its own. Great visuals, meh audio, hit-or-miss controls that can fail to recognise inputs. The first few rounds felt similar to GP2, but the difficulty ramps up quickly, unfair AI, discriminatory police and any other in-game obstacles will do everything to hinder you while NPCs move about with impunity. And that's on normal difficulty, I got frustrated and went to rookie mode. Unfixed bug: Missing brake buttons
Fun game, impressive graphics! Gets progressively harder as you progress, but each level definitely can be beat. Higher levels and Boss levels might take multiple tries. Trailing in another players wake lets you draft off them for higher speed, and performing stunts powers you up for a short but intense speed boost. There are fun shortcuts and Easter eggs on each map, so don't hesitate to go exploring once in a while.
Worthy game at INR69. Online multiplayer, challenge mode, split screen multiplayer are awesome. This much graphics under 90mb, that's what which puts the game at the top.
Great game, no ads or IAP. Love the concept of water racing and dystopian world in the game. Really worth-buying game.
Good graphics and runs very well on chromebook. Only improvement would be ability to pick up or drop items.
This is the most beautiful racing game I have ever played... I even played Riptide GP 1 but it had nothing except racing but this has story quick race many maps multiplayer this is so awesome! And by looking at those graphics I am dumbstruck. I mean it takes so much less specifications for running smooth... i will never get bored of this I swear ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ and seriously hats off to vector unit for such a game and also putting it on sale on the last few days that made it much easier to download Thanks.
Great graphics, but at a point you'll never be able to progress. I've owned this game for over 4 years; still can't beat it nor even get close to beating it. Can't get past the race with the two people. I've gotten close, but then the game seems to just cheat. With or without a physical controller, this game gets way too frustrating. Grinding earlier levels for money to upgrade just stops, as a maxed out speeder is still nothing compared to the CPU. You can't just buy a new ride.
It's a joy to play, but it's actually worse with a controller or tilt. I recommend using tap. Amazing graphics from a mobile game. I was looking for a portable version of hydro thunder on the Xbox, and this is it!
Even tho I don't have this on my phone anymore, I do think it's a brilliant game and most probably one of the best games I've spent money on buying it in the past. If you like the racing games like the Asphalt/Need For Speed driving games then you will most definitely like this. I just wish this Play Pass thing would be added to their other games.
Good game but have to reload the game. Tilt screen does not work so jetsฤทi will only go straight very annoying
This game is good and 1 and 2 but one thing ineed is texture on rider its like nearest when i turn my graphics higher its give me good texture but to much lag my phone is snapdragon 425 but the game are awsome and good ilike its compatible in my controller
Got this for free on discount day. The controls are very good. It's a complete game with no micro transactions. All skill baby pocophone f1 60fps max settings
Really enjoyed the game but it'll be more fun if you add an offline multiplayer mode. Where you can play right beside your friends at home and anywhere without the internet connection.
Excellent is the only word. Gr8 production value for a game that is so small in size. Suggestion to Vector Unit. Add weapons or fighting in the next Riptide game. Something like a combination of Road Rash and Twisted Metal. That seems to be the logical direction the game should be moving in my opinion...
5 stars for the graphics, 3 for the game play. Crash once during the race and you lose. Too punishing. Freestyle mode sucks. Needs more tracks. Story is goofy and does not add or subtract from the experience. Good tech demo to show off the power of a smartphone.
The best racing game i have ever come across, its 110% worth the money. Levels are challenging and get your adrenaline pumping and your constantly engaged trying to improve. Theres no ads wich is lovely and even if your not a born racer you can still finf fun out of this game!
I love this game. The water physics are unique and pretty "realistic" in terms of handling. The racing is fun and fast, just great overall. However, some easter eggs are a serious pain to get, such as the one on Grindhouse. Also, in online races, only a few of the various jets available are viable when someone knows what they're doing. Anyways, this game is great, and I'm glad I snagged a free copy that I don't have to jump through hurdles to play!
This game has excellent graphics and enjoyable gameplay. I love the story mode and online battles. A unique racing game and high graphics will definitely hit the spot. I love it. Worth my money
Very good game experience. It'll be better if made the lobby online mode more understandable, cause sometimes I want to play with a friend but i cannot identify the right room.
Awesome game, but why are races where you try go as far as you can with a time limit impossible to come first. Even on easy with a completely maxed out jet ski and no mistakes in the track I can't come first. Even going back to the old ones where now I have a much faster jetski, it is still impossible.
It is clearly a way to unpopular game, I hope that more and more people start playing it. Trying to play in the multi-player mode is a bit difficult because there are not many and sometimes no lobbies to join, but overall this game is sick. The handling is easy to learn, graphics are really detailed and everything in this game, gives you this perfect racing experience. No hp, no annoying shields or special shooting abilities. Pure racing action.
The game itself is really good, the graphics, controls, story everything is on point.Except it's really hard to earn money and unlock thing and level up. 4 star from me.
Fun, but deeply flawed. Some categories are just tedious. The slalom events have the poles so close together you win by crawling through. Fun early on gives way to frustration, as everything moves at a speed just unplayable on a mobile device - you're left replaying the same race over and over until by chance you get a good score. Shame, because the early races are a lot of fun, but the slalom mode and the frenetic scramble later in the game just ruin it. Also, desperately needs a practice lake
Simply amazing!! Incredible graphics, fluid controls, career, multiplayer, challenges etc, currently the best racing game on Play store!
The big problem that I have can't progress in career mode stuck in race no.3 slalom level can't earn a star maybe google and android scans the game as a ROM game or an old android game due to its console like graphics and sends a bug so you can't get pass some levels and this is evident as I downloaded some old android game and won't install in new android devices
Whoa pretty fun racing game! Amazing graphics, benchmark your phone! Turn off tilt to steer and you'll have a much better time. Customize your jet ski, your racing outfit etc.
I love this game so much and it looks so good on a blackshark 3 Pro in 2K 90fps. I would happily pay more for games of this quality, well done to the Devs I can't wait to see your next premium game ๐Ÿ˜.
a pretty good game but it has a few glitches and i really wish they remake riptide gp 2 other than that its a good and funny game and i really recommend it to anyone who love racing games
Best racing game ever.... excellent job developers.... the graphics are realistic... the controls are easy to master but.... my only problem is when it comes to freestyle it is hard...
Good game with story, got it for free. No microtransactions. Doing fancy stunts on touchscreen triggers Android UI if not careful, ruining run, so use a controller for that. Steering is better on the screen though. Pick control scheme depending on race type - controller for freestyle, tap for everything else. Tilt control is painful, not precise enough.
It's a racing game, but on water. With lots of very impressive colour combinations for your character, and super speed boat. For example, I'm Irish, and the colour combinations of the Irish colours, green white and orange, with the Irish flag printed on your character and boat, looks really, seriously, awesome. Good graphics, light reflections on surfaces like your characters helmet visor, and body armour / racing suit, good track background animation and overall feel of the game.
The game is solid. The graphics and physics are outstanding. With the price point i don't see any other alternative to the riptide series when it comes to a racing game with zero ads and zero micro transactions. There are few things I'd like to say 1. The game uses cloud save but it's not mentioned in the description. It would be cool if you could add it 2. I am unable to play with my friends in a private match. 3. It would be nice if we could choose levels and police and not in random.
Came back to this game after some years, with a powerful phone it's running at a solid 90 frames per second on my 90hz screen. Console quality game on mobile, heaps to do, well worth the asking price.
Excellent. Game play is great, controls are tight and controller-ready. After years of playing free racing games, it's a breath of fresh air getting reasonable progression and no artificial limits. My only gripe is that the freestyle events are about 10% too difficult.
I like the game but the problem is that there are no brakes in all steering modes besides the screen tilting (which is not my personal preference). How come you need brakes when screen tilting but not when using the screen press steering? I thought this was a bug and reinstalled the game again after a while but it's still not fixed! Is anything going to be done about this? :/
For the first time in a long time I found a game I can't stop playing. The controls are amazing, and the gameplay is addictingly fun. And even after I cranked up the graphics (galaxy s9 plus) it still runs perfectly. You guys did a great job with this game. Ok, I'm done... Back to playing the game.
To me this is one of the best racing games on the Play Store. Everything about it is top notch, AAA mobile experience. It works great with a controller and runs perfectly on my Pixelbook Go (a Chromebook). Visuals are stunning, gameplay is smooth and exciting, what more can I say? I guess there could be more tracks but considering how well crafted they are I can't really blame the devs for it, although a paid DLC with new tracks would be more than welcome โ™ฅ๏ธ
Good game console standard graphics But sometimes the player doesn't do stunts even if we slide our fingers
You should improve the textures and phisics...for me it's a really good game but its a little bit older so you must improve what preaviusly told you... ;)
Awesome game. I usually hate racing game but this is the most enjoyable racing games i have ever played. The graphic is good. The gameplay is smooth. And it is addictive. The best part is i got this for FREE. 10/10 Stars for incredible racing games.
Excellent game...plays like tony hawk on a jet ski.... just wish there was some more content coming.... online play is basically down...not enough traffic to even bother...
Developer is unprofessional towards customer care. If you contact him for refund, he will not relpy you. As my younger brother (9 yrs old) bought this game without my permission and he was not understanding how to play, so he uninstalled it. So i contacted google on the next day of purchase for refund they said funds have transferred to developer. He will provide refund. So i contacted developer for refund, but no reply from him till this date (24-9-20). I want refund.
Boost start isn't possible on mobile since mobile has auto acceleration. This is a huge flaw in the game in my opinion. Especially when the bots are able to use this skill. The controlls for stunts are a bit hard to get used to, I found you had to keep your finges far from each other to register well. I do love the rest of the gameplay and the levels and stories keep me hooked. The lower rating is purely because I think it would be a lot better when these things get fixed
This is a great game. Controls, stunt moves and graphics are awesome. Love the way they gave an option between high resolution and smoother framerate. Keep it up Vector Unit.
Awesome game, they need to work the AI for the police. I was 6th place and two of them attacked me only. They would slow down and wait for me just so they could hold me off...at 6th place. It's stupid and doesn't make sense. It's makes more sense if I am first. Edit: The police are 10 times worse than I thought.
Well optimized game with great graphics. Sad that multiplayer is dead, but otherwise a really solid racing game.
Nice and pretty but gets boring quickly. There are only so many tracks and after a short while the game gets repetitive and the game starts cheating (like giving opponents headstart at the start of the game). Worth playing for a short while though for the sheer visual beauty.
It's a great game. Skills, upgrades and a full campaign. There are a few downsides though. It is not explained how to get a boost start, very rubberbandy AI and the difference between hard and medium is immense. The controls might take a while to get used to but after that it is fine. Really nice graphics for a moblie game.
For my Tryouts 1 5.1: mixed events in the freestyle section, after I first played it and got 1650 from the freestyle results making me first, (also saw the three stars) and I finished the tryout 1, I came back to that section to check if my stars (3) where still there only four me to find a Star meaning number one and two beat me which was a big lie! So therefore, I had to go through a number of trial and errors just to get my three stars (first position) again. Not cool guys! ๐Ÿ˜ก
Excellent game. Very good graphics (ultra settings), good water physics, nice sense of speed, upgrades and customizations. Another console quality premium game with a single player campaign and multiplayer options. Definitely worth the price and some more. I'd have liked different camera views during racing and a replay feature. Update: Removed one star due to the awful design decision to put a freestyle event blocking further progression. The Fryta boss freestyle event killed the game for me.