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Riptide GP

Riptide GP for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Vector Unit located at 930 Irwin Street, Suite 209 San Rafael, CA 94901 USA. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Full game with none of the in-app purchase nonsense. Awesome game. It's short but very addictive and fun to play. Also great for bumping up your XP stat. I'll probably buy the second installment of this series even though that one has the dreaded IAP
The game refuses to upgrade/install on my Samsung Galaxy SIIx Hercules. The only change from stock is an os bump, and it has upgraded since the push-out. Otherwise I think the game is stellar, playing it on my Motorola Xoom WiFi.
Pros:HD, No Micro-transactions, dope triks, smooth gameplay. Cons:music could use some more love, and optimize it so the bottom screen bar with the back, menu, and multitask buttons are hidden. My screen is amoled and i don't want it burning in plus more screen for the game is always good.
Unlike many “app” games, Riptide GP is a real joy to play (yes - #2 is even better). The graphics, gameplay, and overall interaction makes it one of the best games regardless of classification. It is a game I highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality app game.
Great game,highly addictive and runs like a dream on the hudl 2 with graphics maxed out. Controls are responsive (I use tilt) and no IAP's ...all this fun for less than a quid. Easy 5 stars.
My apologies for the previous rating I admit when I'm being stupid. Like the rest of the riptide games you can use a gamepad by going into settings and switching tilt to gamepad. also this runs like a dream on Android tv!
This is the best racing game I've played on a phone. Only 79p! Awesome gameplay, awesome graphics, unlockables in game but no stupid in app purchases. Perfect. Hope this company do more games!
This game is an amazing game and the people who made it did an extraordinary job doing it! I mostly play clash of clans, but when I get lo kicked off, this is my go to game.
It always crashes between races. Sometimes even right after I finish a race, but before I get to the results and I have to do the whole race over again. I had this game a long time ago, along with the second, but then I broke my device and didn't play for about a year, maybe two by now. Got it back on a new device, only to find that the crashes are so frequent that it isn't really worth playing. Sad, really. I enjoyed this game very much. EDIT: I also noticed some of the jets shown in the screenshots aren't seen AT ALL in the game.
There is one problem with the game you can't get first place on hard no matter witch jet ski you use if you do all other jet skis seem to get a boost and zoom right past you I also want to say so far this game has ran pretty smooth on my android and hasn't had any lag
Decent racing game with no in-app purchases. A few critiques: The core gameplay loop can get repetitive in long sessions. On hard, the AI is too rubber bandy; you can only stand a chance with the endgame vehicle. The trick/boost system is basic. There is no multiplayer.
This game blows me away. Best racing game ever. Beautiful graphics, music. Lots of fun. Worth every penny. Only $1!!!! Get it!
Originally bought this for the Tegra 3 Nexus 7, thought it was excellent. Just as good on the 2013 Nexus 7, if I could ask one thing it would be to update for use with Immersion Mode with Riptide GP2.
I bought riptide 2 and was never able to download it. The credit card was charged but I can't get the game..bullcrap
The graphics are awesome, the controls are easy, and it eats up time pretty well. The music is out of some d-bag soundtrack. Had to turn that off for sure. There could be more levels as well. Definitely some rock music would throw this game into 5 star territory.
Awesome game. I got all but secret achievement, it is possible in hard but photon is required, you need to hug corners and not use ramps, it'll take a while but patience is key. (You guys should lower the ai a lil on hard though kinda ridiculous that you need a photon just to be in 5th place)
This game has kept me busy for hours. It's easy to play and loads of fun. Unlike Riptide GP2, controller support on this one is excellent. I can use my F310 gamepad or simply just play using my keyboard. It's a pity that the other Riptide games lack keyboard support.
This game is fantastic. Normally I don't buy games on the play store using my money, only getting the free ones, but thanks to the google reward scheme I was able to get this and the game is fantastic. Definitely worth the 69p but feels like a £5 game.
Great just would be better if it didn't say gold medal for all of the different speed classes just because you got a gold medal in one class
Love it and know I will be playing for a Long Time and supports moga controllers worth The Dollar 🙂
Great game but I just got this game then the next version came out so now I need to get 2 and I wish there was more levels
First Tegra 3 game I got & I wasn't disappointed, grab it even if you don't have a Tegra device it works great on my Nexus 7 2013 too. Much better than the sequel simple because it's not pay to win XD
Nearly completed it just got opera plaza hot lap 1000cc left to do however it's impossible to do under 39 seconds yet dono how other people have done it but possibly hacked it
Smooth, challenging, awesome graphic, nice sounds. I'm so satisfied. So guys I recommend you to download it, it worth money
This game is entertaining enough to keep you playing. The graphics are as good as early Xbox 360 games. The controls are very lucid. IMO the Tilt control settings work the best.. My only complaints are, not enough content, and difficult settings. Easy is way to easy, normal is what easy should be, and hard is near impossible. That being said, I'd still recommend this game to any fan. of racing games.
awsome game but unfourtunately it's not free anymore. i would pay if i didnt get it for free. graphics are great. i just played this for about three hours and didnt even realise until i looked at the clock. definetly buy if you can afford it.
One of the most fun games I've played on the tablet. I'm definitely not a gamer, tablet or otherwise. Got tempted after seeing this and tried it - no regrets.
My sister and I always download this game on our tablets and race all the time! I got a little more happier when I saw that you didn't need to play it with WiFi!
Nexus 5 immersion mode problems (not full screen... Some of game like boost bar is hidden behind on screen soft buttons).. Please fix
asus infinity tab jb. a great game that works well. if you like and you will try gp2 hard to believe but it is even better. better play, awesome graphics. wish more games were done this well.
It is really addictive because when your racing you want to win and beat them and you won't stop until you do. This game is worth the money.
Great all round game, probably the best use of vector's engine. Its fluid and seems efficient, ran smooth even on my cheap knockoff tablet (don't buy a pendo pad, or if you do pick very carefully. Runs perfect on our htc sensation 4G and this LG G3.
Like the concept, version 2 is 10 times better. Will be looking forward to the next. Was a descent starting point. The game is very different then the second, lacks much comparitively.
Everything works fine on the Chromebook except there is no way to stear as the Chromebook does not have movement sensors. Tried this out on my Chromebook Pixel with touch screen. Workes great on my phone though.
Good game and great controls for a racing game on Android. Graphics are dated to today's standard. However, it's fun, so that doesn't matter too much. The races are short, but that's good since you don't need to worry about save points.
Awesome water stunt driving game. Lots of fun... Go Pro, Play and Support Fun Games! Works great with Moga Game Pad too...
Coolidea for a racing game. The water looks great and feels really physical, if you hit a wake it can slow you down as you'd expect. Jumps and tricks look good. AI is competitive at all levels and the more powerful jetskis are a lot of fun.