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Riddleside: Fading Legacy - Detective match 3 game

Riddleside: Fading Legacy - Detective match 3 game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by MYTONA located at Clementi Central Post Office, PO Box 041 Singapore 911202. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun. Plenty of opportunities toearn things you need! I find it relaxing even though it can get challenging!
Totally enjoyable. I've progressed fast and deep in the story with no (star) problems. Game play is smooth and no ads to bother you.
This is a good game keep up the good work and I hope their well be a upgrade soon so it would be easyer to beat the game other then that I'll give this game a 5 star I love it good game it has a good story line
I'm intrigued to see where this game will go. I really enjoy the story line and the puzzles are great. Little glitchy at times, but I'm obsessed. :)
Good...up until a point. Progress grinds to a crawl around level 109 and is dependent on boosters; an even more tedious affair if you don't pay for them
I have been playing this game now for a few weeks with no problem at all but not it won't let me back on the game it keeps booting me off
You all keep telling current users to clear the cache and make it seem like that will correct the issues that most of us are experiencing with the game crashing after the recent download but that doesn't do anything! We are losing lives and stars and I truly believe it is a ploy to get people to buy into your in app purchases!! I cant even start the next level in the storyline without the game always crashing and I agree with the other user that I am about to delete the entire game!
I just started playing. It's fun so far but I don't like that it takes a long awhile to load each time after you earn a star.
There are a few issues with this game that I don't like. When you give infnity, it starts immediately. Does not pause for in between games when you are reading the storyline. It cost too much to play games. Not enough rewards given out.
Level 504 is broken. In the remaining box after I have used all my moves the box is blank. But it still takes a life away and won't let me move on to the next level.
Entertaining and fun, love the different puzzles and story lines, keeps you engaged and not so frustrating, cant stop playing!
I like this game but it takes a while to load to the next part it's is to slow it needs to be a little bit faster than what it is
Excellent game!! Some parts do take a lot of stars but the levels aren't that hard until you get above 300. I still highly recommend it!!
So far I love the game. Love the way I can interact by putting the clues together. Great game. I don't like the fact that you have to go six games to move to next scene though, to much..
The art is great, just disappointed it's another match three game. Leaving it as a puzzle detective game would have been better 🤔
Love the game! Only one problem...Adding friends. There should be a better way to add other players even if they are not on your Facebook. This way we can send each other gifts and things to help in the game. It would be great if you can make this possible. Then I can give it 5 stars.
The game will be fun when all the bugs get fixed. It loads too often and much too slowly. I lose patience.
It's a interesting game, vary grindie and the rewards are smaller then I wish they are. But its a good distraction game
This game is good to play but sometimes it is a little bit lagy but out of all of that? It is a Good game! 😊
Customer service is amazing. They were able to find my game and reinstate it so I didn't have to start over. Story is fun and engaging, levels are fun and challenging as well
After update, it shuts down in the middle of the game, losing lives and money. Fix the problem or I delete it.
It's good game at first but if you pay attention it cheats you on moves. It consumes too much time for me to accept that.
I love detective games but I'm not a fan of match 3 games. Never have been. With that said, if you are and you like detective games (find clues/ solve mysteries) then you'll enjoy this game. My advice to developers is to award more stars if there are an excess of turns left on the match 3 mini games. One star isn't much of a reward if the user has done exceedingly well on the match 3. I'm uninstalling because it's not what I'm looking for in a game but it's still a well designed game.
I'm on level 445 for several days now. You have to knock out 50 cans which you have to hit twice. So thats 100 hits and you have to do it in 16 moves. It's impossible, can't be done. I'm uninstalling the game and I'm sad about it because I really liked it a lot up until this level. The developers need to play this level and if they can get it, wow, I'd like to know how they did it. I like a challenge but not an absolutely impossible game. Good bye.
By playing this game one becomes detailed orientated, one learns how to solve mysteries catch the bad guys etc, etc, etc thanks for a great game!
As pass levels challenge increases. Several ways to use logic and problem solving skills. I really enjoy this game and look forward to the next update.
i like playing the game but it got problems like loading super slow .it dont want to open like right now it dont want to open and i have tried for over and hour now so iam going to unstall till the bugs get fixed .i will check back later and hope its working .great game just need to fix it.
I really like the game. But it takes so much time to make any progress!! What's the point in bonus pieces when they don't do anything?? Or not enough moves to win the level, or the wrong pieces so you can actually play. I love these games but I have to uninstall this one.
Love this game it's fun engaging and the graphics are good. There are many different things to do so less boredom. I could and do play it all day.
Sets randomly won't match up and default go only clearing 3 when 4 or more are aligned, forces you to play a candy crush rip off when the ads for the game showed me a puzzle game instead. Comepelte scam
Great one. No ads. Convoluted story line. Would like it more if there were more resolutions and more puzzles in the episodes.
You need too many stars to keep the game moving which is frustrating cause it's a good story line and the mini puzzles are fun. Also it shouldn't be so hard to pass levels especially when you use boosters!
Runs a little slow, not laggy just kind of slow. You have to wait for an item to highlight before you can click on it. I enjoy the interactive scenes and wish I could investigate an area more.
Love game. The puzzles are challenging but not TOO difficult. I can't think of anything i would change.
I love this game and everything about it except it takes way too long to load when it says loading, if it wasn't for that annoying issue, I would of gave this game a 5 star rating!
Luv it so far as new - 3rd Mytona game, I'm sure to play constantly as like the other two! Cooking Diary is a great game that is challenging especially as don't have extra funds to make purchases but can still advance with bonuses, strategy, and practice. Seekers Notes is also fun in a completely different way. Altogether, go Mytona! Ya'll doing a phenomenal job!
When the challenge is to remove a certain number of items the game withholds those items until you pay for additional chances to complete the level. If the number is 5 I have had the provide 3, then no more until I paid another 900 coins to continue playing. Then they gave me another item. After 2800 coins I was still waiting for the fifth item to come into the field of play. They wanted 2000 more coins to keep going. When I reported this to them they said they would investigate. No apology.
I really enjoy the graphics and story line. The cascade part is challenging. The mystery is easy though
The puzzle are fun but the "detective" part of the story is not challenging. The other characters, camera zoom ins, and highlighted objects give you the answers to most of the puzzles which defeats the challenge of figuring out for yourself.
Meh. Update: I played a bit more and once I got past being SO tired of the Match 3 again, I DO like this game in particular. The storyline is quirky and different...just something about it
It's a great game but something that has really annoyed me is that I tried to purchase the amateur pack to help complete a level and it got to the payment bit but it kept saying there were wifi problems and it was unsuccessful and I wouldn't be charged, however I've just checked my bank account and because I retried it four times and it's taken the money for all four times despite saying I wouldn't be charged!!
Plays a lot better, very challenging, I am really enjoying playing this game. However it does move a little slow.
I have played Seekers Notes and Cooking Diary so I was really surprised at how disappointing this game turned out to be. The scenes take forever to load which really kills the desire to play. Gameplay when you finally get to play is glitchy and slow. I played 10 levels before deciding enough is enough. Needs serious improvement.
I thought this was supposed to be better than Ravenhill! Not in my book this game is very slow moving not challenging at all graphics r kinda lame 😒
I like the game, I just wish the game play wasn't SO SLOW. It loses ly interest for that reason. It's also too guided. I want to be able to navigate freely and figure it out for myself
I uninstalled this game a while ago because it got too complicated...but now, there are better puzzles and very interesting storylines. Thanks for improving the game. Jodi Weiss 😍🥰
Fun but already on a level thats impossible without buying power ups. I barely started the game and am now stuck. Deleting the game after a few mire tries.
FRI 19.02.21 Got it yesterday fun at 1st stuck on hard lvl can't pass it 3 free hours after 2 x 30 mins still failed again jst now lost 2 lives it's impossible, boring + not relaxing bombs weak not useful uninstalled just after 08:25am. I'm a good player being doing it years. Mytona have got rid of another hidden object game I used to play not brilliant better than this one. Clearing cache etc no use server their end not working mine is takes up too much memory email them, should reply here.
I like that it will surprise you sometimes by watching a 30 sec video to get 2 more moves. That comes in handy when you literally needed one more move to complete a level. I do think you could get a little more money when you beat a level. That's legit the only thing that I would complain about. Great job! EDIT: I opened the app this morning and there was an update. I got 60 minutes free lives for the update. It crashed my phone and lost all the time. NOW it kicks me out and takes a life.
I wanted to like this game. I liked the bits of story I played through. I liked the way that you unlocked new portraits to use. The puzzle is just done badly. Beating a level is way too dependent on luck. I forget what they are called in this, but the upgrade that you get for a 2x2 square which home in on a goal has terrible logic. I manage to get some during a level, but then they go for the most idiotic thing to destroy, wasting valuable turns. I had to uninstall. Games should be fun.
Fantastic game, not just your average match 3 adventure, puzzles to solve everywhere and the story really captures you, thanks guys.
I really want to give it 5 stars but I am having some difficulty with levels not having enough pieces to match. I love the interactions with the game, the graphics and the storyline. Just when I start to enjoy a new app, here comes difficult levels that don't have enough moves, or you gotta pay to play. I really don't want to uninstall because I can't get pass easy levels. Update: Its ridiculous I am not getting pass level 44. Again, another good app I have to let go. Can't afford it.
This game has an interesting story and a genuinely creative cast of characters. And that makes it all the more sad when I have to say the game pushes them to the back for a tired, redone match 3 game that you've seen time and time again. But even that wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the handholding past the interesting parts that seem to be there entirely too fast track the player back to the repetitive match 3 reskin.
This game has been a lot of fun... until this "Reward Avenue" thing started. Now I'm no longer offered any discount packages (for coins/tools), some challenges you have to go through several rounds before you can complete (because there is no way to do the task with the current round), for which you receive absolutely nothing and now I just noticed today that I'm no longer receiving any of the little pieces to open treasure chests. It's turned into a big money grab. 😥😲😥
A very well thought out game. Full of surprises. Are there any more like it coming? It is the only game I am playing and I am fussy with my games.
Game should provide a method to gather the number of stars needed to explore an area without having to leave game play area and selecting star needed tab to return to match game play after collecting only one star.
It's a pretty fun game. The story line is kind of confusing at times but the game play is wonderful and relaxing.
Its a very fun game especially if yoy like murder mistery games and games like candy crush where you match tiles. It is a good game so far and a very good balance. I like solving the puzzles.
I am in my first story. Tons of puzzles, which usually annoy me, are the best examples of the "Match 3" genre I have ever played. If it takes me 20 times to complete one, I don't mind at all. I just wish the puzzle boards would stop giving move suggestions. I find it distracting. I look forward to the progression of this excellent app.
Really like this game. I have never bought anyting to play another game before yesterday, but your prices for boosters are fair. I won't make it a habit to buy, because I just can' t afford to. However, I will keep playing as long as I can. For anyone that likes this type of game, I highly recommend they try it. Ok, I think I get it now. It cost extra stars, but it seems like you get more info at a time.
Great game all around. I love the story line mix with the puzzles of the game. There should be more likebthisbone.
Needs work on the match 3, but the story line is really good. You'll just get a group or a few straight match 3 levels that will not give you anything but top row moves, or no more moves. And the shuffling is atrocious.
The game would be better if I didnt have clear my storage n cache after the game downloading an starting an being able to twice n having to do the clearing of storage an cache an sometimes having to unstall an reinstall the game an it does it with Ravenhill also an it not my settings or tablet it the game functions an does with different cleaner apps I have used an even tried opening from the game store so Mytona you need fix the problem an have Seekers Notes on my tablet an dont have a problem
It's a really cute and fun game. My only suggestion for improvement would be if you only have a few moves left, and you're out of actual moves, you should be able to watch a video ad for an addtional 3 to 5 moves. I had this option on another game I used to play. I finished the entire game. That's why I don't play it anymore.
I like this game.. would like to be able to read thru the past stories I've done... & would like it to not cost so many stars to advance the story...
Fun but too many stars for too little game time. Spend days trying to earn stars. 6 stars needed for 5 seconds of game time. Frustrating.
The game is so slow and becomes boring quickly. The pieces are hard to move (puzzles) and very akward. Not enjoyable at all!
Better than candy crush,you can do more with your power ups and you have a pretty good story to go along, don't get that in too many other games of this kind, Rock On!
Decent game with good side games but since the update it crashes ALOT. I've lost coins, time as well as other items. Pls fix quickly otherwise it's a waste of time. Had to restart 4 time in 30 minutes. Tried your cash clear and still the same. Crash after crash within minutes of each other. Done wasting my time, uninstalling
The match-3 aspect is good and nicely challenging but it has some minor annoyances: 1) Loading is slow compared to other games. 2) The detective story would be more engaging if they didn't direct you to every clue as this makes it very easy and kind of boring to have your hand held all the time. 3) The number of stars needed to.progress the story can feel high. Tap a flashlight and 2 bits of dialogue costs 2 stars and lasts 30 seconds.
Game is better than I first thought but I still have to spend $ to complete the hardest levels - but a small price to pay as the game is entertaining -
Why are the designers so stingy with the moves,if you going to have lives to lose the least they can do is have more moves!!
I am sorry to give you such a low rate, but it's impossible to play: my screen is always blinking with loading icon, so brightness is changing from low to normal with a high frequency. Its quite annoying. If you want me to record a video, fell free to contact me.
Great game,but why does it take so long to load between levels?6/01 I agree with another player 5 moves for 900 coins is too much!! Want a higher rating? Change this!!!! It you really care about my rating!!!!! I thought this game retained my progress with facebook. I don't like starting over!!!It's 6 months later no improvement Deleting!!!
I never play match three games. Started playing for the detective aspect of game, but now I find myself only wanting to do the matching! Everything has been going great until the last update. I'm on on level 885 so I don't know if it just got progressively harder to beat or the update makes it hard to earn anything anymore. I used to get unlimited time everyday, I always had resources at my disposal and at least 1500 coins at all times.. now I'm broke, with absolutely no life lines, no star
This is a fantastic game that combines my favourite things, match three and hidden object adventure games. Winning the stars gets you into the very interesting story which needs items to be found and used to solve the crime. It is far better than choosing furniture etc. The graphics are great as I like the 'chunky' feel to the objects and there are plenty of bombs etc. A really great game that is now my very favourite.
You get one star for beating a level??? WTH is that. All other games does it inset of 3s for each level. The story line is to slow and small plus 900 coins for 5 more moves is a very steep price. As other games it should cost about 200-300 you guys are just trying to make money fast. Plus you tell a customer that you won't fix what they state is wrong. You need to make fixes on what people say bc i really think if you don't I'll make sure no one plays this.
I find the game cool, yet having to play the same level for awhile because it gives you eight moves having to get a few things gotten away is a bit annoying really. Especially when you can't seem to get any more special items without buying which is annoying. But I guess I can't seem to find any special moves.
The game takes too long to load between levels. There is no reasonable excuse why it should take that long.
I really like the story line and although I like a challenge, some of these boards are really hard. It's overall really fun and interesting!
I love it I love the detective work and how quickly you can gather the evidence to solve the case I love the games so easy and fast to accumulate stars and coins. I personally play multiple games to build my stars up to keep going with the investigation
I find this game very, intrquing, interesting, and sometimes Challenging. The graphics are good. But I see this game as a hidden object Match 3 Game. With all the other levels in place. It's Fun!! But there are timing events that can get your Goat! If you can not keep up? But all in all this game is worth all stories it tells. And worth purchasing. Thank you for the opportunity in playing this game. Be safe..
I like that it will surprise you sometimes with a little help by watching a 30 sec video to get 2 more moves. That come sin handy when you literally needed one more move to complete the level. I do think you could get a little more money when you beat a level. That's legit the only thing that I would complain about. Great job!
The very first puzzle is broken. Its clear what to do, and says to tap the glowing object. However the piece is not in the area the tutorial is pointing to so you can not move on.
Loved this game until i reached level 326 which is impossible and game is more frustrating than fun now. Will uninstall.
The cut scenes are beautiful, the mini games entertaining, and this is overall an incredibly fun match game! My only problem is that now its my favorite and I can't stop!
Beautiful graphics, interesting story line. The match-3 games are fun, but occasionally one will require way too many lucky breaks to complete. Good game!
so far it's okay same as match 3 in any other game Don't like the way your purchase menu do eay or maybe I hit the wrong button
The game play is excellent, a very enjoyable and fair match 3 game. Unfortunately, the challenges are at a 5th grade level. Also, I am on episode 11 and the story has become incomprehensible. It makes no sense and is very, very, very confusing and has no logical flow. But ignore the plot and this is a fun game.
It really keeps your brain working! I really love this game. And it's really Addictive and fun to play! Thanks
I gave it a four because it is like every match 3, you lose by one move most games. It is different from most and has many stories to complete, side games to help with booster but is harder then most. I have issues with crashing but could be my device, not for sure. Anyone who like match 3 would love this game. Be advised, will take a long time to finish because it takes awhile to get through one stage but that is great if you enjoy playing. Support is hard to talk with.
Love this game playing it for a while now.there a tons of these type of games on the play store and i lose interest pretty quick this one stands out for me because of the storyline en looking for the clues! I also love that you collect items to make some serie and completed you get a reward. These items also have interesting stories with them. Next all the characters with there own personality! Much love for this game!
Difficult but rewarding. Almost level 200 and haven't spent a penny yet and still enjoying the story and the puzzles.
I love this game but I have been trying to get past level 33 for almost 1 day or 2 and haven't been able to get past it.
Ok. I really like this game! And it would have gotten 5 stars, but I am guessing it ran out of episodes? I am ok with that, but nothing was said about it in the game. No last episode or conclusion, just playing the same boards over and over to earn purple tokens to earn rewards. But coins can no longer be won when I beat a level, so the only way to get coins now is to purchase them. Will there be any more episodes made or is this the end of the storyline for this game? I hope it isn't.
Good graphics. Game has potential. Problems: one time I selected all 3 Boost aide items & even though 3/4 of the board had no chains the game set 2 of my Boosts under chains making them useless - I lost that game & wasted those Boosts. The game does not allow you to exit & reset if no move is made on the board - you lose life & Boosts. This morning I logged on & my lives did not refill while I was asleep. I had zero lives & over 13 min to wait for +1 life. 30 min is too long for 1 life refill.
Honestly the amount of stars needed to progress each level and sometimes twice is annoying. Spending more time doing match 3 than actually doing puzzles that are pretty much pointed out to me. So close to deleting coz most of the match 3 arent easy to pass as not enough moves when I don't have power ups and sometimes they're not helpful.
Still early but so far really like it. Easy to kick back and work on. The match 3 does get challenging, or did for me by about the 20th game. But the detective work is almost too easy. They tell you every little thing to do. I wish that was more of a challenge, and I wish you could look around for clues yourself. There are collections to collect also, kinda reminds me of secret society in that aspect. But otherwise so far, it's good to just kick back and play something easy.
Ok New update:** Passed all the levels so its just old levels but no new stars.. I'm just going to use my stars then delete the game.. **Hate the new update. Now it uses way more stars while winning a game only provides one measly star. Nice visual update but the update also knocked me back a few levels in the storyline that I had already cleared. So what took 3 stars before the update now needed 6. I was ok with spending at first but once I run through the rest of these stars, I'm uninstalling.
I genuinely like this game, however it's a cash cow. On average you'll get 50-65 coins for beating a level, however if you need more moves the starting price is 900. It also takes a lot of levels to beat to unlock a little dialogue then up me more stars to continue with the story. Overall it's not bad but I'm not going to pay to continue to play.
Great variation on the usual cookie cutter match 3 games. Mini games are very simple but they do make you feel more a part of the story and I appreciate the work that went into them. Nice sized text - it's amazing how many games I uninstall only because I find it impossible to read the tiny text - and lovely bright bold graphics.
The only thing I don't like is the loading between plays. Maybe u can try to lessen the wait time a little.
Love this game now I can't wait till the new episodes are available cause as of right now I have finished all the episodes
This game was fun in the beginning, but when I got to level 276 it became too difficult. The game went from fun to frustrating.
Been waiting a month now for an update so i can continue on,i complete one episode and i have to wait till the game updates,if i dont get an update soon im gonna have to change my review!!